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Rihanna Sets Her Sights On 40/40

Rihanna Sets Her Sights On 40/40

Rihanna may have 20/20 vision but she hit up Jay-Z‘s 40/40 Club on Saturday night (September 19) in New York City.

The 21-year-old Bajan babe wore a sheer black buster underneath her oversized white buttondown shirt. Rihanna also wore a fun pair of leggings and grey suede booties!

P.S. If any of you wanted to buy Rihanna‘s Fleet Ilya armored-shoulder handbag, you can pick one up for $900 from Opening Ceremony.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Edward

    That’s right. I’m first

  • Dieter

    Jared, do you have a pic of the meaty pooper of her’s. I’d like to have a serious hot wank on that one !!!

  • LuckyL

    ^GOD, you’re disgusting. You sound like a grimy Brit.

    Anyway, she’s looking so much older than 21 these days.

  • gold

    ugly outfit!!!




    I didnt know the 40/40 club had a halloween party last nite.what is she suppose to be==)Cruella Deville?

  • Tiara

    LOL @#6! What a FUGLY outfit. Her hair looks a tad bit better here but she still has to find another hairstyle. I’ve always found Rihanna ugly, never saw the hype and never liked her nor consider her a proper “artist” since she has no vocal talent…….so yeah, I guess I’m a hater =)

  • Sean

    I cant stand this pathetic thing. Nothing special about this half bald headed freak. They only reason she is going there is to help pump up business for his club. This trip is no better than the one’s Paris Hilton make to clubs.

  • uh oh

    Ugly. She needs to set her sights on a new stylist.

  • Ice

    Does she ever stay the bitch home?
    Why is she out…every damn night?

  • lololol

    @Dieter: That’s a dude, idiot! No pooper there. All man meat!

  • farfalla

    uuuh… did you see her pictures with her tits hanging out??? did you guys see that?
    why on EARTH is she still on just jared?
    she is nothing special.. just an abused girl who lovesss the attention..
    misters kanye and jay-z are kissing her butt everyday..
    OFCOURSE everyone thinks she’s something.. because they MAKE her something…
    so go away rihanna OOO… i mean ROBYN
    go do your hair like a girl and don’t think you’re a trend setting girl… you’re nothing at all…. not anymore!

  • canuck

    Gray is not her colour and that outfit is hideous.

  • ANON

    I like her music, and I felt bad when she got whupped, but I am getting tired of this chic. It seems like all you show are pictures of her clubbing or shopping, or parading around in her “fashions.” I know. She is young. But even people in their early 20′s have stuff they do that has a purpose. I just think her “lifestyle” seems sort of empty.

  • jj fans

    NO way she’s 21. Let’s see a birth certificate!

  • Cassie

    Does anyone else find it odd that she’s always out shopping and partying? It does seem like an empty lifestyle. Is she doing this on purpose to keep her name in the papers?

  • HBO

    She looks like a badly dressed tranny.

  • vids

    Does this blog get paid to post about this girl? It’s almost daily — the photos of her parading around in ugly clothes. The label must pay well.

  • lovely

    Those leggings are ugly and the top makes her look like she has no waist. She has a great body but doesn’t seem to know how to show it off.

  • kfree

    Who’s dressing RiRi these days?
    Bobby Trendy?
    She looks a joke. Access to amazing clothes and stylists and this shit is all they come up with?





  • T

    Everything is ugly except for the shoes.

  • cute

    She’s a cute girl, but she needs a new look or stylist.
    It’s just not working.

  • asdf

    Those pants are awful, no one would look good in them.
    I think Rihanna just loves attention these days.

  • ann

    bad hair. bad clothes. but the shoes are cute.

  • infactuated

    Rihanna’s image is a promotion TOOL……for nearly everything.
    clubs, clothes, makeup, artists….. and whatever.
    Not much her personality at all. Just getting used.

    That’s her business…… so what.

  • http://jjj peace95

    another amazingly weird outfit.

  • Anita

    She looks like a bitch!! :S

  • Lara

    Why can’t she just wear normal clothes?

  • Sophia

    She is such a joke.

  • Lowest denominator


  • teri stoddard

    I remember her years ago, when she used to smile.

    Sure wish she would admit some responsibility for the dv incident. Also wish she’d come out against the judge’s 5-year restriction of her and Chris being together. She could help reform dv law, and it needs it desperately.

    Maybe then she could smile again.

  • missme

    Horrible outfit

  • missme

    Horrible outfit

  • Kimbel

    Rihanna is a pretty young lady,that is very stylish. Now sure why all the name calling. I think everyone has the own opinion so that is not a complaint of mine. Thanks for the pictures.

  • TrueSoul

    @ Teri Stoddard i agree.. she doesn’t seem happy now. I think she wants to admit some responsibility but that will not look good for her imagine right now. since the media has put all the blame on Chris.. I think thats why she’s remain so quiet. She cant say what everyone wants so she’s staying quiet.
    i do think she will ask for the judge to overturn the protective order.. but just waiting for the right time.
    I have to say it can’t be easy for her.

  • Wonder

    She is not attractive or stylish at all. Not sure what happened to her but she looks like she ripped off a lingerie store. This reminds me of those outfits Lil Kim wears; they’re ugly but get your attention.

  • tris

    LOL at ALL of you hating rihanna but commenting on every one of her posts. u know what u guys need?… a ‘rihanna anonymous’ cause u guys must have an obsession with her. lol. she’s the fuel to keep you going on in life.

  • ana

    I can’t believe how nasty these comments are. First of all Rihanna has a great sense of style. I love the outfit. It shows off her great body, and I love the black widow ring. I hope she’s able to move on from the Chris Brown scandal, and I hope these haters give the poor girl a break. Everyone has a lousy boyfriend in their past, and we all made bad choices in our 20s.

  • Tis True

    @tris: This blog constantly posts about her, so people will comment. She wears crazy outfits like Lady G, so she’s not going to get only positive comments. She’s putting herself out there to be seen, so good or bad, people will comment.

    @ana: An opinion is not a fact. You may feel she has great style, but someone else might disagree. Neither of you are right. You’re just expressing your opinions.

    I agree with the majority here, the outfit doesn’t work and based on what I’ve seen her wear over the past few months, she doesn’t seem to have a great sense of style, imo.

  • tab

    It’s a sad situation. Obviously, her people are calling the paps because there are days when you don’t see her. She has enough money to hide if she does not want to be seen. She is being used. She never smiles. If her camp truly cares for her, they would get her help. It is obvious she is turning extremely dark. If it’s Chris that she wants, then so be it. It’s her life. As long as they both get help, then they should have the right to live their life. It does not make since to be this unhappy and walk around frowning all the time.

  • Cammie

    Halle Berry needs to teach this chick about style, she tries so hard to be “edgy” yet she thinks she is a “fashion Icon”, but she looks desperate, empty and way older then 21

  • jim

    I love Rihanna… People need to back off and stop hatin’… Forget the haters!!!

  • Jean

    Fanatics need to back off and stop worshipping

    Too bad if you can’t accept the truth about RIBOT

  • alexis

    ewwww cant stand her….she needs to be with Jay-z…and Bey needs a new man…GO BACK to the island…

  • **Jamie**


    her outfit is cool as usual

  • suppress your appetite

    She looks really pretty in the first two photos