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Suri Cruise: Hello Kitty Cutie

Suri Cruise: Hello Kitty Cutie

Katie Holmes carries around a cute Hello Kitty bag while taking daughter Suri Cruise, 3, out for some afternoon shopping on Sunday (September 20) in Boston, Mass.

Tom Cruise was later seen taking Katie, Suri and son Connor Cruise out for another shopping spree. One of their bodyguards were seen carrying out all of their shopping bags!

Tom is currently shooting his latest film Wichita costarring Cameron Diaz and Maggie Grace. Synopsis: Unaware that her blind date is a federal agent, a woman is subsequently pulled into a globe-spanning attempt to protect the key element to a infinite power source.

20+ pictures inside of Hello Kitty cutie Suri Cruise

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89 Responses to “Suri Cruise: Hello Kitty Cutie”

  1. 1
    alex Says:

    why is this in the middle of all the emmy stuff
    random much?

  2. 2
    Bubbaloo Says:

    Suri is so cute :))

  3. 3
    ??? Says:

    Awww she’s a doll! I’m lovin the pink shoes.

  4. 4
    Larry Says:

    she seems short for her age. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is a gazalle next to her.
    Barley juice? hmmm

  5. 5
    LuckyL Says:

    Where the f*ck is Tom’s daughter? I can’t even remember her name anymore.

    Suri is going to grow up only valuing clothes, make-up, and attention–sort of like Paris Hilton.

  6. 6
    Sarah Says:

    I love tom wow connor has grown up so much

  7. 7
    Poor Katie Says:

    she looks awful. worst we’ve seen. what’s up?

  8. 8
    thanks jj Says:


    maybe she is with her mom,while conner with dadwho knows!

    I read some where that Katie took her three years old daughter to a Beyonce concert.

    I don’t want to be mean nor anything but doesn’t Katie have friends with who to go to concerts? it might have been better to attend without her and i wish Katie would think a bit before she does things like that
    since she seems to be really enjoying ‘hanging out’ with Suri.

  9. 9
    Dotty Says:

    I love u Tom Cruise
    My favorite actor of all time.

  10. 10
    LuckyL Says:

    ^I know, I heard that too. How hilarious, terrible parenting. Apparently Suri was screaming again with her hands over her ears. They had to leave and she returned with those giant child headphones.

    But we all know Tommyknocker has isolated her completely from family and friends. I like how she pretends she had a choice, “Omg Tom and Suri are my life;” Lol, hunny, they’re all you have.

  11. 11
    All the world loves a clown. Says:

    Suri chose another odd outfit.
    Katie is as dull as ever.

  12. 12
    yak yak yak Says:

    sick, taking a 3YO to a concert???? Where are your friends^^ doesnt have any, get rid of midget Tom and get a life Katie!!!! RUN!

  13. 13
    style Says:

    well at least everyone has stopped calling her a style icon, now baggie-rolled-jeans icon, ok.

  14. 14
    OMG Says:

    If Katie wants to Convince people to buy her clothes,she have to wear much better than that.

  15. 15
    Katie's depressed Says:

    It’s her first time in the USA since her dancing disaster. Someone on the street yelled at her saying she sucked

  16. 16
    Susie#1 Says:

    Why doesn’t someone with common sense put a barrette in Suri’s hair to keep it out of her eyes. The Holmes/Cruises are slow to learn.

  17. 17
    One Guess Says:

    Which celebrity mom is a secret smoker? She puffs away in private and then hides the smell by applying lots of Purell and perfume. Plus, she chews gum after lighting up to mask her breath.

  18. 18
    LuckyL Says:

    ^Omg, LOL

  19. 19
    cute Says:

    They look cute and human for once :) They shouldn’t go with JG clumsy route with Suri’s cloths ,neither they should dress her all xenu too much for the kid.

  20. 20
    Slob Says:

    She looks mentally ill

  21. 21
    Busy bee Says:


    Well Tom is a smidgen of a man in height, maybe 5’6″ or so if that tall so odds are Suri will not be very tall, while Shiloh has tall parents and other tall relatives. But as they are both just 3 years old who knows how tall they will get to be in the future.

    I imagine Tom wil be standing on a box in his “love” scenes with Cameron. LOL

  22. 22
    g!na Says:

    Suri is not that cute anymore! why doesn’t Katie comb suri’s hair? it’s messy, everyone is on Angie about shiloh’s hair! lol. i have to admit Shiloh pitt is cuter !

  23. 23
    *** JAMIE *** Says:

    awww i missed katie, tom and suri photos

    great family

  24. 24
    cari Says:

    Tom Cruise? Cameron Diaz? Espionage?

    This has waste of time written ALL over it….

  25. 25
    haley Says:

    suri looks like a mess! her hair needs to be combed! Shiloh is far cuter than her! I love that Shiloh plays with her older brothers rough! she’s the cutest tomboy ever!

  26. 26
    Katie's Emmy Says:

    Should have won for dancing on Eli Stone

  27. 27
    mika Says:

    everyone needs to leave them alone.. you guys are all making up crap from info of “sources”.

    leave them alone!!!!!!

  28. 28
    Gina Says:

    I generally don’t like haters especially on childs… Still I must say there’s something that creeps me out about that kid, she looks like an adult and it’s weird…….

  29. 29
    I hope not Says:

    Is Suri having a herpes break out? Look at her lips.

  30. 30
    dabu Says:

    I love how the majority of the passer-bys are paying absolutely NO attention to them. And the few that are looking seem to be saying “Who the F–K are these people?”

  31. 31
    Moi Says:

    Lol, nice shoes, Tom. You can practically see the built-in lifts. Why does Tom’s shoes always look brand new? It’s like he wears them only once.

    His movie with Cameron sounds awful. I guess we will all be treated to Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise. Again. I predict Tom will clench his jaw a lot. There will also be lots of scenes where’s he’s running.

  32. 32
    piper Says:

    beautiful and happy family

  33. 33
    bigben Says:


  34. 34
    dabu Says:

    Tom looks dreadful. Sun glasses are all wrong for his face-makes his nose look huge. Sweater is, I’m sure, meant to show off his abs and pecs, but makes him look geeky and he is almost 50 years old and he is wearing untied shoes in an effort to be cool? Puh-leez. Katie looks her usual awful style self.

  35. 35
    fall Says:

    I cant wait to see Tom’s movie and also Katie’s thriller movie.

  36. 36
    nameless Says:

    The creepy woman obsessed with Katie is back with her hundred of aliases and posts … #26 32 33 35 She’s a stalker!

  37. 37
    Scott Summers Says:

    He just posts the big new stories in the order that he gets them, #1.

    You can’t predict the future and you shouldn’t be telling others how to raise their kids, #5.

    You’re so gullible. Holmes isn’t isolated from anyone at all.

    What’s odd about her outfit, #11?

    He’s actually 5’7, #21.

    Why make a competition between these two babies, #22 and #25?

    What is your obsession with his height and his thoughts on his own height, #31? Worry about your own.

    You’re silly, #34.

  38. 38
    Diapers & Lipstick Says:

    Not a herpes outbreak. I think it is hot pink lip gloss. Most don’t wear that kind until they’re a tween. Maybe they should potty train her first.

  39. 39
    Scott Summers Says:

    I am Tom’s sister.

  40. 40
    jenna Says:

    I like that Katie is growing her hair. Suri does need her hair up too or anything to keep it off her face. It must be annoying to the kid since she needs to see.

  41. 41
    Pat Says:

    Suri is soooooo cute!
    Katie looks good =)

  42. 42
    emma#2 Says:

    Yay, waited so long to see the Cruise clan, prettiest mom and daughter around.

  43. 43
    emma#2 Says:

    Since some of you brought up Brangelina, let me say , that I would love to see your idol walk down the street one day , just being normal, but unfortunately that is a word so unbecoming to her. Quite frankly Idon’t give a tish about Shilo, if I did Iwould go to a Brangelina site. Suri Cruise has more character and cuteness in 1 little finger than Shilo has in her whole being.

  44. 44
    la Says:

    so cute

  45. 45
    annika Hansen Says:

    I can’t look at the pics to closely because I’m at work but I notice Katie is wearing loose fitting clothes. Possible baby bump?

  46. 46
    susie#1 Says:

    Back again. Looked more closely at T.C.’s outfit. By wearing his booster shoes untied with the pants cuffs crumpled on the shoe tops makes him look shorter than he already is. Katie looks terrible and her face has frozen into a scowl. It’s been very rare to see Suri smile, relax her lips or her fists. And please, comb her hair and put it in a barrette or pony tail.

  47. 47
    john boy Says:

    For someone who has been gone a long time, Homely sure looks sad and depressed. Guess it’s hard to act like you’re not a beard when you’re a bad actress. What some females will do for money and fame….Homely sold her soul and her daughter’s soul to the boogie man.

    Poor kid (Suri)! She never had a chance.

  48. 48
    ava Says:

    @emma#2: omg! you need glasses! Shiloh beats that weird kid Suri any day!

  49. 49
    dani Says:

    Shiloh beats out Suri in the cute department ! Jolie pitts are beautiful!

  50. 50
    kelle Says:

    Suri is retarded and looks absolutely ridiculous with that stupid lipstick on. She put it on like a tired 75 year old hooker! Look at her lips! Its all the way around her mouth like the cross dresser/killer guy in Billy Madison.

    Katie is a drone. Suri is definetely not all there ok. She is autistic or just plain retarded. What a waste of money.

  51. 51
    alecia Says:


    you correct! suri has some kind of disability! poor thing! never plays with children etc. Maybe Suri should hang out with Shiloh so she can see how to play with normal kids! Shiloh can share her brothers & sisters with Suri for a real playdate!

  52. 52
    lara p. Says:

    Suri has lost her cutiness. Shiloh wins on prettiness!

  53. 53
    chase Says:

    @kelle: “Look at her lips! Its all the way around her mouth like the cross dresser/killer guy in Billy Madison”.

    omg! you’re so funny! Suri does have lipstick on like that cross dresser from billy madison! Suri is so fugly like her mom!

  54. 54
    dani Says:

    I think one of the baby blogs has a close up of Suri’s face. She looks like she has chapped lips with a herpes sore. Looks painful in the picture. Poor baby.

  55. 55
    tidbit Says:

    It has been over a month since JJ posted a TomKat thread and I see that Scott Summers is back to force his opinion down our throats and to police this thread. God forbid any of us have opinions that oppose his! Haha

  56. 56
    annika Hansen Says:

    Being a devoted Katie fan I quite like Scott Summers.

  57. 57
    Magpie Says:

    Wow, Tom looks like an aging movie star trying to desperately hold on to his youth.

  58. 58
    miapocca Says:

    They are back in the US to soak up the publicity they were starved off in aussie…pathetic…

    the daughter is isabelle and she and katie have nothing in common despite the shopping katie dragged her on…what katie likes to do is what katie does ………..

  59. 59
    annika Hansen Says:

    I don’t understand why people are comparing Suri to Shiloh. Firstly they are both still babies really so they are both adorable. But they’re also sooo different. Suri is a brunett and clearly a bit girly whereas Shiloh is blonde and a tomboy. Completely different looks and completely different sytles. I don’t think they should be compared.

  60. 60
    Great Says:

    The Crazy circus is back in town……I wish they would just go away.

  61. 61
    Suri Still in Diapers Says:

  62. 62
    annika Hansen Says:

    ^^ That’s an old pic^^

    Got anything recent?

  63. 63
    Tom Says:

  64. 64
    Annie Says:

    You are so right #57. He’s pathetic.

  65. 65
    Tom Applying Lipstick Says:

  66. 66
    annika Hansen Says:

    ^^ I’m really not sure what’s going on in that photo^^ It kinda looks like Tom is holding lip gloss in one hand but its not in the hand he’s touching Suri with so I really haven’t got a clue whats going on there. Odd.

  67. 67
    What's up with Suri's hands? Says:

  68. 68
    Suri & Tom's makeup kit Says:

  69. 69
    to #62 Says:

    that pic is from just a couple of weeks ago. they took suri in diapers to a photo op and then put make up on her in front of the paps.

  70. 70
    twpumpkin Says:


  71. 71
    Sam carter Says:

    Yeah 3 years old is a little young for make-up but Suri is a girly girl. She probably sees katie putting on make-up all the time and just wants to be like her mummy.

  72. 72
    One Says:

    Why paint them as competiting with one another, #49?
    You’re sick, #50.
    You have no idea how Suri Cruise is being raised, #51.
    Stop making fun of a little girl, #53.
    I don’t force my opinions down anyone’s throats and I don’t care of you dislike TomKat, #55. Just stop making fun of children and stick to the parents.
    He’s not no matter how much you want him to be insecure, #57.
    You don’t know either of them or what their relationship is like, #58. They received plenty of publicity in Australia and don’t have to go to any lengths to get it. They’re simply shopping in Boston like a family.
    Hell, they shouldn’t be compared simply because they’re two different kids that aren’t in competition with each other, #59.

  73. 73
    duh Says:

    Their CHILD looks just like cousin Bill Mapother. Suri is william Mapothers Bio child.

  74. 74
    Soaplover Says:

    I’m so glad to see Suri again!
    Stop comparing Suri and Shiloh, they’re both equally as cute, and they’re not in competition with each other! They’re both eqally as adorable.

  75. 75
    victoria #1 Says:

    Good Grief, Charlie Brown, let’s cut out the comparison’s between
    two little girls. Raised by two completely opposite families like most
    of us, why would anyone think they SHOULD be compared, and for what reason?
    They are who they are. After reading the US Daily Report, Bella was
    NOT with them in Boston. And Suri had been ” playing with little
    girl’s “lippy pink-gloss.” Being only 3 years old, I would not expect
    her to have Bobbie Brown make-up abilities. That is absurd.
    She probably has the ” Hello Kitty ” make-up play gloss, and put
    it on in the car herself without a mirror, as my 4 year old grand-daughter
    does. It only half-way goes on the lips, but they are proud of themselves.
    Why hurt their feelings and judge them and make-up Herpes stories?

    Both Bella and Connor HAVE been in Nashville, Tn. Last week on
    ”” they showed pictures of them getting a Starbucks with
    Bella pushing Sunday Rose in a stroller. Maybe Bella is still there.

    After looking at pictures of Tom and Katie jogging in Boston a couple of
    days ago, Katie was so thin, there is no way ” she looks like she has
    a baby bump. ”

    I had heard that Katie was a secret smoker, BUT, how does the poster
    who said that, know how she conceals it through great disguises. Like
    the ” Purell, and mints , etc. ” Do you work for Katie or DID you work
    for the Cruise family and see her do this?

  76. 76
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    katie doesnt look her usual boring as self
    but probably because i havent seen her ina while
    i think i no where they were, altho im not 100% sure

  77. 77
    sandy Says:

    Katie and Tom are the cutest and nicest couple. They are stylish and wear their clothes well. Suri is adorable, and seems independent. If Suri wanted barretts or clips in her hair, she surely would be wearing them. Also, they are friendly to their public. Funny, that someone should mention that Kate is a lonely person, only attended by her family. Didn’t I see her on Broadway, on TV, Movies, and several talk stations?
    Many families enjoy togetherness, as well as independent activities. Tom Cruise has work to do (He does it well, I must say) What a gorgeous man! He is aging perfectly, A Hunk-short, sexy, and sweet! Love the guy. Got a short hunk at home, try it… might like it!!! Sandy

  78. 78
    liam Says:

    Suri looks like a shrunken old 90 woman. What did they do to this child?
    I’m going to have to agree that she is retarded or worse. If she had all her marbles, she wouldn’t have those weird expressions on her face.

    At least they are not ashamed to take her out in public. Used to, people would hide their “odd” family members in an institution.

  79. 79
    Elvie Says:

    She has look some of her super cuteness but she is still a cute girl who looks alot like Tom in his early years in film.

  80. 80
    katie the smoker Says:

    Katie must have smoked when she was pregnant. Maybe that’s what happened to Suri?

  81. 81
    mi Says:

    Some of you people are so pathetic and don’t seem to be able to spell or form complete thoughts, much less complete sentences.
    You’re so jealous of Tom Cruise. It’s okay, really. There is plenty of room in Hollywood for both the Pitts and the Cruises.
    Tom Cruise has already secured his place in Hollywood history, as has Brad Pitt. They will both be, already are legends. As for their little innocent girls, what happens there remains to be seen. They both seem to be adored and loved by not only their families, but by millions. Still, I don’t hear the Cruise fans calling Shioh retarded and such. It’s not the Pitts or the Cruises faults though, it seems to be the uneducated fans of the Pitts. Do any of you have morals or values? You preach, but do you listen to what you’re saying? You have no business trying to give anyone adivce, much less Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes. They would laugh in your face, as I would given the chance, at the absurdity of your comments.

  82. 82
    oh, please Says:

    MI #81. YOUR WRONG. I read these threads and TomKat fans have indeed called Shi some rotten names in the past. Please educate yourself on the facts before you get on your soap box.

  83. 83
    Eww Says:

    Imo, Suri is getting kinda fugly.

  84. 84
    One Says:

    Right, #74.

    Great post, #75.

    There’s nothing physically or mentally wrong with her, #78.

    What a sick thing to write, #80.

    Really, #82? When? I don’t recall any.

    You’re sick too, #83.

  85. 85
    usa Says:

    classy All American

  86. 86
    katie the smoker Says:

    #84 SMOKING WHILE PREGNANT. is sick and so are YOU!!!


  87. 87
    Karen S. Says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  88. 88
    Mandee Says:

    Suri’s outfit is: AUSTRALIAN – tiddles & chich

    TOP – Jersey Bow Dress

    PANTS – Linen Culotte

  89. 89
    jordan Says:

    Shiloh is an effing ugly ******. Suri is so cute.

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