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Leonardo DiCaprio Ignites Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio Ignites Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio and the set of Inception take over the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Sunday (September 20).

The 34-year-old actor has been busy working with Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Christopher Nolan-directed film (he also did The Dark Knight).

Leo is reportedly on a diet and exercise routine in order to lose a significant amount of weight for his role in this film.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio igniting Inception

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leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 01
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 02
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 03
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 04
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 05
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 06
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 07
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 08
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 09
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 10
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 11
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 12
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 13
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 14
leonardo dicaprio ignites inception 15

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  • Mari

    Looking good, Leo!

  • Playgirl

    I hope he loses the fat otherwise he is in danger of losing his hawtness like Wentworth Miller did. Fattness is ugliness.

  • laura

    he is looking goooood!!!

  • Bubbey

    He looks like a midget with an oversized head. Pumpkinhead : 0

  • key oui

    He’s suppose to lose 30lbs for this movie – so far I think he’s lost about 7lbs.
    Keep going Leo, we know underneath the lard you are so hot!

  • Yay!

    So cute! Finally, a good looking, normal sized guy is getting flack for his weight. It’s not enough that he is hot and in relatively decent shape. They want him to be some perfect ideal. I thought this only happened to us women. Nice to see the other sex getting some pressure for once! Good Luck Leo. You always look good to me!

  • made

    ı loveeeeeeee himm soooooooooooo muccccccccccchhhhhhh….

  • K.G.

    Very excited for Inception.

  • vlarsony

    The man looks like 20 million bucks. I believe that’s his customary salary. Seriously, he still makes my mouth water. More so than ever in fact. He’s drop dead gorgeous.

  • newlove

    is this brunette in the back of ellen his new girlfriend?

  • paddisonluvr

    I also am SO excited for Inception. But we get 2012, Sherlock Holmes, Valentine’s Day (has a great cast, even if it’s bad), Alice in Wonderland, and IRON MAN 2 before July! Can’t wait!

  • Melissa

    He just keeps getting better.

  • Whip cream

    Leo is HOT…wanna pinch his Butt & Give many wet KISSES!!!

  • jennifer

    Leo so HOT and gorgeous, love you!

  • athena

    Leo’s always been a great actor….does he have a star on Hollywood walk of fame yet?

  • balla

    Leo is not losing weight – this story is bullsh*t. He looks perfect and very handsome just the way he is. This is a made-up story.

  • plez

    vlarsony @ 09/21/2009 at 1:45 pm

    The man looks like 20 million bucks. I believe that’s his customary salary.
    Leo does not get 20 million a movie.

  • anonymous

    @ athena:
    I don’t know..I hope he gets a star soon! Cause he deserves it!

    He looks absoutly gorgeous. He does not need to lose weight..he looks perfect! :)

  • Gaby

    Yeah baby, he gets 20 milion for movie, and deserves every single dollar he gets=)


  • kim

    Good Riddens Brad Pitt HELLO Leonardo you get better looking with age.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @newlove: maybe, shes allways around him, its not the first time!

  • Anonymous

    Not every girl around him is his girlfriend. lol. If it was his girlfriend we would have heard about it in the news.

  • jennifer

    Anonymous: I agree, since Leo’s single every woman around him is his new girlfriend… but @Lisa rose, where did you saw this brunette girl next to Leo before because I never seen her until today!

  • balla

    @Lisa rose: Shut up lisa rose. Don’t listen to lisa rose – she is still in therapy because Leo broke up with his last gf so she makes every woman Leo is seen with his new gf. Lisa rose – call your therapist and please take your meds.

  • cari

    May I suggest the Christian Bale diet.

    But DiCaprio would never be that disciplined…and CB scares him.

    It must be scary living in his shadow…

  • @cari

    Leo isn’t living in that as$-holes shadow… Christian Bale is a prick who thinks he can treat people like sh*t just cause he’s Christian Bale.. not even his family likes him., so stfu.

  • Jess

    YAY! More Sexy pics of Leo on the set of Inception <3 ;)

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Jennifer, she was also in Marroco with him. maybe she work with him or something.

  • liverwurst

    meathead always comes to mind.

  • Idiot

    @Lisa rose: no she wasnt you dumb a__ this is a completely different woman idiot!

  • newlove

    but she has this huge exotic eyebrows I’m sure i’ve seen her.. monaco?

  • anonymous

    seriously..that women looks totally different from the girl at the VIP in France and Morcocco. She’s probably a fan like the man behind her at the store. Don’t assume things until it’s heard in the news.

  • Idiot

    @anonymous: Now this is a smart woman. People listen to her!!

  • jennifer

    @Lisa rose: I don’t know but I don’t remember of have seen her, she could be there just seeing them shooting that scene… but I don’t know nothing to what’s happening or not happening is Leo’s love life. I really think he’s single but who knows…

  • Carolina

    Would like to know if you know a person with the screen name cheguevara (part of it) who went by Vidal? Or a screen name impact (part of it).

  • jennifer

    is Leo still in L.A?

  • stacy

    What is wrong with you people? If you think he needs to be thinner to be hotter you are messed up.

  • Leo Sighting(LA)
  • jennifer

    did anyone saw the new trailer of Shutter Island? it’s very nice!

  • Anonymous

    I have :) I can’t wait for this movie! I’m still pissed it was moved to Febuary 19th! I hate Paramount sometimes..It’s like they have no faith in Leonardo at all. :( I love this many adorable pictures to choose from of Leo. lmao. Very freaky movie. Don’t read the book..unless you want to be spoiled..that’s all I’m say.

  • Anonymous


  • lovey

    I’m pissed too anonymous… and then they come out with a new trailer to tease us even more… I mean why the hell can’t they just release it this month.?? This is the perfect time to release a thriller…they’re so effin stupid to wait till next year. Sorry, but they have no busness sense in my opinion…
    anyways, the trailer is good..Im just pissed right now now, cause i wanted to watch this movie SO badly and now I gotta wait another four months which is ridiculous imo :(

  • jennifer

    Anonymous, I just read the book and I hope the movie will be even better as we can see in the trailer, and I agree about Paramount, it’s shame to not open this movie in 2009, it was going to open today, october 2 and for me was in october 9 here in Brazil and now it’s march 2010! and agree about Leo too, he’s a great actor and push the movie to february it’s not a intelligence choice in my point of view, good buy Oscar for Leo again! it’s wait that Leo’s doing a great job in Inception and twist for him in Oscar 2011!

  • Anonymous

    both of you have good points of views like mine :) Come to think of it, I’m actually liking the switch cause in 2011, he might have two oscar movies. :) & he’ll be competeting with himself again. :) Yep, the movie would have come out yesterday..makes it a sad thought. But yesterday Leo was filming for Inception in it makes up for it. Hopefully some pictures come up on the web. :)

  • jennifer

    I hope we have more pics of Leo soon too. and I was also thinking about the two nominations in 2011, but do you remember what happened in 2007? Leo competes with himself and he lost the golden globe for withaker because his votes are divided for his two roles! anyway it’s a great honor be nominated two times in the same category, that means he made an amazing job in both films, but I don’t know if Shutter have changes in Oscar 2011 because february it’s two early until the next year, but now are 10 films, maybe…

  • anonymous

    Yea, I was thinking it was 2006 he had two nominations..but 2007 could be right. :) I know I hated withaker for awhile. but in 2005 Leo won a Golden Globe for The Avator, I was so mad I was away on vacation but I taped it :) I’m thinking SI could win in 2011 cause it looks magnificent! I love him as a soldier. ;) lmao. & Inception and the IMAX deal, & 200 million, I think it sounds like a wonderful film too! He with the greats of filmaking! I can’t wait! Yea, 10 films is going be crazy. I don’t think they need that many.

  • jennifer

    yeah, I agree! Leo looks SEXY as a soldier! I like that part on the trailer, i like all the trailer but particularly that scene, delicious!!!

  • jennifer

    yeah, I agree! Leo looks SEXY as a soldier! I like that part on the trailer, i like all the trailer but particularly that scene, delicious!!!