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Lindsay Price: Brooke Shields is Jealous of My Butt

Lindsay Price: Brooke Shields is Jealous of My Butt

Lindsay Price works her magic as a witch on the new ABC drama Eastwick but in real life, her power comes from her supercharged workout routine. Here’s what the 32-year-old actress tells the October 2009 issue of Fitness mag:

On Brooke Shields being jealous of her booty: “Brooke and [Lipstick Jungle costar] Kim Raver are fans of my butt. I had a frightening thing happen last year when we were filming in New York City: I had a bunch of spider bites—three on each, um, cheek. I developed an extreme allergic reaction that made me break out in hives. So I sent an e-mail with a photo of what happened to Brooke and Kim. Instead of saying, “Oh my God, I hope you’re okay,” they said, “Oh my God, I would do anything for that butt!” That made me feel better, I have to say.”

On identifying with her “nerdy” character on Eastwick: “She’s a witch who’s just coming into her magical powers, but she puts her foot in her mouth all the time. In a lot of ways I think she’s more like me than any of my other characters, because I try to repress that awkward, nerdy, fumbling girl.”

On not exercising with her boyfriend, How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor: “I think it’s great if you surf, hike or bike as a couple. Hitting the gym with a significant other is not my thing. I see it as work, and I wouldn’t take my boyfriend to the office with me.”

Last night, Lindsay and Josh hit the red carpet together at the 2009 Emmy Awards.

Eastwick premieres this Wednesday (September 23) @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

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Photos: Laura Doss/Fitness Magazine
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  • marissa

    what butt?

    i see nothing

  • ugly doll

    agree with you marissa!

  • ugly doll


  • -_-

    haha marissa I was about to say the saaaame thing!!!

  • ihavenolife

    bad nose job. looks like someone is pinching her by the nose.

  • TR

    Sorry but this chick will NEVER be famous. She’ll be lucky to get a supporting role here and there but come on, Eastwick will be cancelled within airing of 6 episodes. No one caress about her. Look how long it took for her to find a job after 90210. Big snooze.

  • nicole

    I know what butt. She has a flat a$$ to me.


    Damn if you have nothing nice to say ….dont say it at all. Wow !

  • Nahla

    HAHA. I don’t want to be rude but I have to agree with Marissa. She has no a$s….. And I’d rather see a girl with curves along with a big pair of “cheeks” as she calls them than THIS. =)

  • True to this

    Look at those knees o_o

  • yo

    she’s a bore. no one cares.

  • baaad nose job

    Who would ever notice this girl’s butt when he nose looks like so wierd. She looks like LaToya Jackson.

  • besttiffanynow

    Thank you very much,I have read it now.
    And welcome to my site,Tiffany

  • clay

    She’s pretty.

  • #1fan

    she only 32, wow she must of been 20 when she was on 90210

  • tizzful

    I think she has a great figure, and she does have curves.
    Seriously some of you people are deluded. If she were to gain more weight she’d be classified as chubby, and if she were to lose any, she’d be too thin.
    I think she looks great now, and she’s very beautiful.
    Cant wait for the show to start!

  • me

    That doesn’t sound like spider bites. It sounds like Herpes.

  • jen

    She’s come a long way since her days as Janet on 90210!

  • Charlie

    Lindsay is a friend of mine- She is one of the nicest people anyone could meet, she is a kind and considerate friend and a very talented actress- More importantly , her heart is so pure that in the years that I have known her she has never said anything negative about another person, in fact, she always looks for the best in everyone around her- if you notice the headline is not her quote, that was the writers-

  • tams

    And where exactly is this amazing butt?

  • she shall remain nameless

    I agree….so where is this butt??? Perhaps those “spider bites” made her cheeks flatter.

  • flatbatty

    She looks a bit like Kristin Kreuk in these shots. I said a bit. She has an a$$ alright… a non-existant one.

  • Tanya

    She seems so lovely and down to earth. Go Lindsay!

  • jrhjtgf

    yall r just jealous if u dont have any thing nice to say dont say anything at all if you dont like her than y r yall on this website

  • suppress your appetite

    She is so pretty