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Megan Fox Wears Paper Bag Over Head During Interview

Megan Fox Wears Paper Bag Over Head During Interview

Megan Fox and her Jennifer’s Body co-star Johnny Simmons get interviewed by comic Matt Zaller.

To play down the Megan Fox media saturation, in the video below, the 23-year-old actress gets ignored and playfully puts a paper bag on her head while Matt interviews Johnny.

Jennifer’s Body is in theaters NOW. It opened in 5th place this past weekend, pulling in $6.8 million. The animated flick Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs raked in a whopping $30.1 million. Matt Damon‘s The Informant! rang up $10.5 million.

Megan Fox Wears Paper Bag Over Head During Interview
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Credit: Crazy Critics
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  • na

    ROFL…..good for her, at least that will short her up for a while.

  • mehrnaz


  • asdfjkl;

    finally…she does something smart!

  • marissa

    Johnny simmons looks like the young zac efron before he got his gap closed.

    Now this is funny. im surprised Funny or die didnt mock this yet

  • jdub

    love megan…funny that she played along

  • Cammie

    Even with the paperbag over her head, she still will say stupid things

  • R-rating lefty movie exclusive

    it seemed like a very vindictive film for Diablo Cody

    ……..with very indy concepts

  • Megan movie

    2nd highest per theatre @ attendance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • S

    Haha this makes me like her a lot more than I did before.

  • mela

    what a loser this guy is. just because megan fox is beautiful and he knows a girl of her beauty would never go for a slob like him, he feels like he has to mock her to make himself feel better and “one up” her a la that stupid tucker max “i hope they serve beer in hell” type of guy.. i think he may have even wanted her to react negatively (he is obviously trying to push her buttons) so he could bash her as some “b*itch” to knock her off her pedastal. Thankfully, Megan Fox didn’t take the bait and humored him and played along. Not sure if I would have been able to do the same. Hate when guys mock you when they want to get down your pants but know they dont stand a chance.

  • henry

    my ni g-gas for real… so true blood. lol

  • jen

    She’s a pig

  • mela

    @jen: ahahaha i like megan fox but i totally understand why someone would make a comment like that. can totally see why people despise her, but I guess the reasons people hate her happen to be the reasons i like her. lol

  • dundies

    mela, calm the f u c k down, the whole interview was a joke

  • irene1234

    I love Megan! I respect her honesty.

  • exotic

    Honesty? Lmao
    Well done, Megan Fox, 1st time you did something smart, stay that way, luv

  • Natasha

    OMG she is so desperate for attention!

  • exotic


    err… not quite. Unlike what you probably are, I am not a fat, a nobody who walks the streets in pyjamas and yet, I still find Megan Fox a mediocre and an unprofessional and immature wanna- be ;)

  • Cristobal

    -shake my head- Unprofessional.

  • toby k

    I liked her thought she was hot until I found her older pics, shes so plastic! plus she loves biting hands that feed her… she needs to be more grateful to people that makes her famous. she is one hot entity, but she is sooo chanelling Angelina Jolie. want to like her, but she will never be Angie

  • Jezy


    Tell it sista!

    haha totally…there was an awkward element to the interview even though it’s supposed to be a joke. megan is classy but the interviewer just seems like a douche trying to be funny.

    guys who say she should keep her bag on—y’all just want to screw her so wish you didnt have to look at what you’ll never have.

    girls who say keep bag on—you’re jealous as hell!

    “love me hate me say what you want about me. but all of the girls and boys and girls are beggin to f-u-c-k me.”
    -britneys lyrics apply well to megan :)

  • puggie

    Her movie sucked like hell. I would be ashamed to promote that crap of a movie. Her fans should get a refund from a mediocre celebretard!

  • Messed up my bank

    BOMBS AWAY!!!!! hahaha!!!! I lost a whole lot of pretend money on a Box office site because of her. Thanks a lot Megan. I thought her movie would at least make 15 million.

  • SubSub

    Wow. Jennifer’s Body only pulled in $6.8M. All that hype for nada.

  • SubSub

    On a lighter note, that had to be the best Megan Fox interview to date.

  • m

    Terrible movie. Terrible actress :(

  • Mary Joe

    Gaaawd, look at that pose… That’s not her !!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    damn, this is like a week late. lmao

  • laurapalmer

    yeah, i saw this a while ago. i saw JB, it was good. it was funny in a twisted way, like “Heathers”. megan was good in it. the whole theater did laugh when the makeout scene came up b/c it was pretty out of the blue and stupid, but whatever.

  • carrie

    it’s as rude as kanye West eruption! and i dislike Fox and her talkative diarrhoea

  • ivanka


  • Ilia

    I saw this movie today (Jennifer’s Body, not the Hotel for Dogs), and it was friggin’ awesome. She is so beautiful, I am in love.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yah put a paper bag over ur head
    id be ashamed 2 if i was in that crap of a movie
    heard it tanked
    im glad megan didnt talk, didnt have 2 hear her dumbass

  • rc

    I think its hilarious! She is gorgeous and funny.

  • lily

    This just makes me like her more.

  • mickey

    People don’t care about seeing Megan act in a movie. She is a glorified adult film star, so just like other XXX stars, people can see what they need to see from the privacy of their homes. Why pay $10 when most just want to stare at her? She’ll have trouble if she doesn’t age well.

  • Elvie

    she does look so desperate for attention!

  • Consie

    this was the strangest most random off topic interview I have ever seen…

  • mslewis

    Since this piece of cr@p movie bombed, I’m hoping never to hear or see Megan Fox again!! She is dumb as a rock, can’t act and is no prettier than dozens of other girls in Hollywood. She is also an ungrateful b!tch. I really hope her “acting” days are over. Of course, the girly mags will continue to photograph her half naked and that’s okay. That’s all this woman is good for.

  • Bayhater

    The girl is a mess. Another Paris Hilton saturation coming on. 1 more flop and maybe she will stay away until the next Transformers film if she is even in it

  • LOL

    It’s hilarious the way Jen fans want to keep talking about how this movie bomb when Jennifer Aniston’s movie bomb as well. Tyler Perry’s movie bet hers. How long is JJ going to be on Jennifer Aniston’s payroll.

  • Hate Her*

    she’s sooooooo immature b*tch

  • I’ll beat megan fox’s ass !!

    she looks so hideous……………….evil and witch or something.

  • diva689

    Funny truth is, I SO want to really like this girl. I get the whole Hollywood thing – I used to work in the industry; I know all to well what a machine it is. They put out a product (an actor) and distribute it the same way Kellogg’s puts out a new cereal, or Coke puts out a new soda. Marketing. It’s not real. But then these “products”, the actors, once they have some fame behind them & they have a false sense of confidence, they begin speaking out. Case & point Megan Fox. Hot? Hell yes! Looks like Jolie, the hottest, fiercest woman alive, double bonus! Does 2 Transformer films. Then starts talking. Oops! Hold the presses! The real Megan (just like “the real Britney”) appears and turns out to be an uneducated girl from a trailer park, literally. Now what do we all do? She is so HOT. What do we do? Suddenly I think for a moment, this is what it must be like to be a man. Men SO want to date the hot girl. Then they finally get the hot girl & the sex & the attention that comes w/her. And oops! She is dumb. She is mean. He is miserable. He’s thinking “is all the attention from my friends and strangers worth all this misery & loneliness?” He wants desperately to dump her…but he likes the attention he gets. What does the man do? WE are the guy in this scenario. We have the option to dump her, permanently. Stay tuned. We’ll see in the next year what the public ultimately decides to do. As it is in fact OUR decision.

  • Jokergurl

    After all day press junkets there’s a lot worse she could do. She must be taking tips from Shia, he’s worn a paper bag over his head in public before. I wonder if she’ll take that act out into the street. The interviewer is a moron.

  • mela

    @exotic: well i can tell you I am not fat, far from it, but I do occasionally roll around in my pajamas. i guess when you don’t rely on your clothing to make you feel and look beautiful, you don’t care if you roll out in some sweats. it’s called self-confidence! get some!

  • http://myway Ms. Bitch

    This chick is a trip..she tries so (too) hard to be edgy and outspoken that she ends up sounding like a basketcase. The girl needs to chill. Save the acting for the movie camera.

  • http://myway Ms. Bitch

    Well said Diva689

  • Jenni

    ….i used to think she was hot. but now i kinda see a horse face….

  • Vinícius

    porra vocês são um bando de invejosas uhs ‘
    um Megan é muito linda, simpática e sempre faz um ótimo trabalho sou fã n º 1 dela ! sempre bem humorada coisa que vocês nunca serão caralhoo ! Ela não precisa chamar atenção ela já tem sem precisar pedir atenção aprendam .. a ser gente como ela pra depois falr algo de uma atriz suque vocêss vivem tentando e sonhando em ter. Ela é uma artista honesta e otimista e parem de ser um bando de babacas, sem noção e invejosas despeitadas !