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Neil Patrick Harris: Emmys Ratings Bounce Back!

Neil Patrick Harris: Emmys Ratings Bounce Back!

Host Neil Patrick Harris keeps close to longtime love David Burtka held at the 2009 Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday (September 20).

The Emmy Awards averaged 13.3 million total viewers, up 1.1 million versus last year’s ratings (the least-watched Emmys ever). The LA Times even said the ceremony “should serve as a playbook for all award shows to come.” Seems like CBS will be asking NPH to host once more!

FYI: NPH is wearing Dolce&Gabbana suits in all the pics.

10+ pictures inside of Emmys couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

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Credit: Axelle, Nikki Nelson/WENN, Robyn Beck/AFP; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • mayo

    He’s perfect.

  • jake

    Why did he bring his boyfriend. He could’ve brought his mom or close relative. His boyfriend looks better. Two men standing beside each other looks awkward. Cute just doesn’t cut it . They have to be both goodlooking. When you are a man a goodlooking wife/girlfriend makes you look good.

  • H.

    Jake, that’s stupid.

    He did a GREAT job. Much better than any other host I’ve seen. They better ask him back.

  • the_boyfriend

    He did an awesome job!

    Jake is an idiot.

  • jake

    Dear. H.
    I didn’t mention anything about him as host, I don’t know why you would mention that. What I was talking about was why he would bring his boyfriend and take pictures with him. It makes him look like a cliche. He should’ve come solo knowing that he had nothing to prove by having his boyfriend beside him. As everyone knows to men standing beside each other doesn’t look good, esp when they are average. If they were hot it would be a different story. Why didn’t he bring his family/mom on the red carpet who gave him birth. Look at the pictures, your in denial if you think they look good. Cute maybe. But as we all know, no one wants to be cute,esp guys.

  • jake

    Look at the pictures guys. They are horrible (pictures, not them, I have nothing against them personally, they are probably sweet guys). And it pains me to write this, but as they say the truth will set you free. Fake Smiles. Fake Tans. Fake/Awkward Poses. Heavy Makeup. They are trying hard to be good-looking/pretty when clearly they are not. There pictures seemed forced and not natural or fluid. The fact that they are two men trying to master a couples pose (which works well for a man and a women in a relationship) makes it look fake. They could’ve just walked the red carpet separately and by themselves and they would’ve looked way better.

  • TR

    Jake: come out of the closet. You are obviously projecting your own misery. Bring your boyfriend to your next party and show him off. Embrace your own gayness.

  • gabs

    NPH is so cute and talented. Doesn’t matter what team he plays on.

  • H.

    He took his Mom to the after parties. He has every right to bring his boyfriend when all the guys and girls bring their significant others. Who cares if they don’t look perfect in a picture? The point is you bring your significant other to these things unless you don’t have a significant other, in which case it’s OK to bring Mom.

  • Paulie

    I think “Jake” has issues.

  • ellie’

    I thought you were a perfect funny host.. Good for you Patrick.
    Great job you did…

  • *****

    LOL gays are so nasty!!

  • jake


    Why are you guys obsessed with ‘showing off’ and proving something to people at every chance you get. Sad

  • guilty pleasures

    Jake, you. are. an. idiot. I am sorry for you on so many levels .

  • Rio

    HOT couple xD, lucky them

  • Cristobal

    I like NPH he is cute.

  • Tdj

    Methinks Jake’s jealous of David Burtka.

  • Cristobal

    @jake: Wow. You’re retarded and to feel sorry for you would take up too much of my time.

  • jake

    I guess one cannot have a democracy with gay people. It seems you cannot disagree with them. Or have a differing opinion. If someone disagrees with you guys make him/her as if though they are sick. Please don’t feel sorry for me. I am just exercising my first amendment right to free speech.

  • jake

    p.s, I think NPH did a great job last. So did all the people behind the scenes as well who made the show bode well in terms of organization and set design. Well done NPH and the Emmy producers and directors. A special well done has to go out to NPH though. See I can give respect where its due. You guys not so much. You guys are all one dimensional. Don’t paint me as a monster, I am not one.

  • missy_lee

    Jake, everyone has the right to free speech, but no one has the right to be as judgemental as you are!
    And the sad thing is that you keep posting comments to defend yourself- it just makes you look desperate.
    This post is about the awesome job he did as a host, not about what he looked like standing next to HIS boyfriend.
    How good they look together is not really any of your concern, considering you don’t even personally know them!

  • Blurgle


    Are you on glue or are you just dumb?

    One guy gorgeous: two guys more gorgeous.

    In other words, Jake, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  • westward ho

    jake — is it “showing off” when a heterosexual man brings his girlfriend or wife to this kind of show? is a woman trying to “prove” something when she brings her husband or boyfriend? my guess is that NPH brought his partner because this was a BIG, BIG deal for him, and he wanted to share it with the person he loved. if it’s not objectionable for hetero couples, why is so for gays? the attitude seems so chauvinistic.

  • Jon B

    @jake: So let me get this straight (no pun intended)… when Angelina and Brad walk down the carpet together, they are just a normal happy couple, and it’s totally cool and acceptible. But when Neil and David walk down the carpet together they are trying to hard and he should have brought his mom? Hmm… double standard much?

    Next time you are being celebrated in some way, you bring your mom or sister, and not your significant other. I’ll take Neil and David any day. They’re adorable together.

  • sean

    Jake you ARE a friggin idiot!!! “one cannot have a democracy with gay people”??? People are disagreeing with you because you are being a homophobic a-hole. You said “two men standing beside each other looks awkward”, and according to your logic anyone, straight or gay, that doesn’t have a “hot” significant other that makes them look better should bring their mother??? like i said your a friggin idiot

  • jake

    @Jon B:

    You forgot to mention brad and Ange are HOT and look good for their age. They also photograph really well. There pictures at Awards shows are always blasted across magazines around the world. NPH and his beau are OK. The are not beautiful or ugly. All of Hollywood knows NPH will never cut it as a movie star, he’ll have to settle for television. In all truth no audience women included will pay big bucks to go see NPH only to have him parade his bf at the premiere and everywhere he goes. Don’t hate me b/c the truth hurts.

  • not really

    I love him, but I didn’t think that was good – maybe i do’nt get his sense of humor

    think he tried too hard

  • jake


    Thanks for proving my point. keeping throwing that word (homophobic ) around and before you know it it will loose its meaning and significance.

  • TR

    Jake – post YOUR picture so we can see what you look like. I am sure you are below average, just like your intelligence level. You ARE homophobic, ignorant and obviously one dimensional. Grow up and stop posting already. You have done enough to embarrass yourself.

  • jake


    You would love that wouldn’t you. For me to not have a voice and be restricted from posting. You guys are attacking me personally for having a opinion that does not mesh with yours. I have not done the same or told you guys to be quite or have your opinions silence. Whats wrong with having a debate. Does everyone have to have your viewpoints so you guys can feel better about yourselfs. Its me against the mob. i love it. If you guys don’t like debate then stop posting and asking me and others to not have a view. Clearly this is a waste as this forum allows for democracy.

  • Ross

    Jake, just because you were dropped on your head as a child, doesn’t mean innocent online strangers like us need to suffer the consequences and have to read your word vomit.
    Please seek professional help or perhaps get a brain transplant and replace yours with the one of a slow monkey.
    That would already be a huge improvement from the walnut floating around the empty space in your head right now.

  • Ross

    Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are both gorgeous and look HOT together!
    Damn I wish I had your address so I could roll a red carpet right through your house and have Neil and David walk up and down the damn thing for eternity, hah!
    Then I’ll have you and your partner (i.e. your hand) photographed on the carpet, so other lifeless morons like yourself can judge who’s the hotter couple, Neil & David, or you and your KY covered hand.
    Gosh, what am I saying? I’m sorry, I’m being ridiculous.
    Your hand probably forced itself into a blender a long time ago, after having been sexually violated by you so many times.
    This while you were looking at pictures of ANGELINA & BRAD, the couple that “photographs really well”. LMAO!

  • Eric D. Midget

    Dang Neil snagged sucha hottie………he’s gorgeous….They look really cute together….good for them…..Luv NPH….and luving David even more :p

  • Thom

    whooooaaaaa, there. Jake is being given WAY too much attention, which is what he wants. STOP IT guys!….He’s wack. Let it go.
    ]ake, go away.

  • Marieme

    Awful, awlful. This was such a boorrrring show and I’m seriously stunned anyone is claiming there was a shred of entertainment to be found. We have clients who were there and they said people were dying to leave. I blame the producers and writers. I guess all some people require are celeb sightings to be “entertained.” Boy, have standards dropped.

  • David

    There used to (maybe still is) be a religious group called Aesthetic Harmony. Where they try to turn gays into straights. Jake you sound like you are into Aesthetic Harmony…..

  • LEO

    Agree 100% with #33. The way Neil talks about David in interviews makes my heart melt….

  • lakers fan in boston

    i thought it was alright
    i liked the format of how they put it by section
    last yr i watched it and it sucked
    i had a feeling nph would do good

  • katie n

    Jake: Not all people who disagreed with you are gay. Many of us hetero sexual people recognize gay people’s right to do what they feel like doing (in this case the right to decide whom to bring to a function). You are trying to hide your contempt toward gay people under many guises but it is so plain to see for insightful people. Get some help. homophobia is not a good thing.

  • yo

    Neil is FAB! He brought his BOYFRIEND because that is who he loves and wanted to bring!!! Don’t judge – and FYI, if you think men look good just because they bring their girlfriends/wives, take a look at a picture of Brad and Angie sometime – NOT GOOD!

  • Lenny

    Jake, you just learned a lesson about gays, they are very thin skin and if you don’t agree with that lifestyle it’s on. I Just think about the real men of the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s, they would must be rolling in their graves with all the craziness now.

  • LuckyL

    They’re such a cute couple

  • LuckyL

    Omg, Neil Patrick Harris looks so much more less boring than anyone else.

  • TR

    Hey Lenny, you just proved yourself as STUPID as Jake. The men of the 40s, 50s & 60s were just in the closet. Ever heard of Rock Hudson, Cary Grant? All gay and all unable to be public about who they loved. In the end, why is it your business or that other idiot’s place to judge someone for bringing their same sex partner to an event? How can that possibly affect either one of you in any way? it doesn’t. But what it does do is shine the light on how uninformed and ignorant you both are. Yes, you are entitled to your opinions but wake up – it’s 2009. Things are different. We have an amazing (Black) President, gay rights are improving and oh my gosh, women can vote!!! Those things alone must keep you two closet cases up all nite!! LOL!

    I can only imagine if you had a gay brother or nephew if your opinions would change. Your attitude of bigotry is pathetic.

  • JAime

    They are reaaaaaaaaally cute together! I love him in HIMYM. It just shows what a great actor NPH is! I had no idea he was gay, nor do I care!


    Jake sounds like he is really a 16-year old girl who can’t deal with gay men.

  • olddominiongirl

    I thought he was rather lame as an emcee. He tried hard, but all of his “jokes” fell flat as a pancake. The audience hardly reacted at all at the lame humor, except with a few nervous chuckles. All in all, I was not impressed.

  • olddominiongirl


    I agree with you 100%. I found the entire show one big bore. The only excitement was when Jon Hamm was on camera and when Simon Baker presented. The rest consisted of lame jokes and an embarassing turn by NPH. I can’t believe people are praising NPH.

  • diva689

    Jake, and all those arguing against him: what i find interesting is this is all about beauty. Ironically beauty is so subjective. Jake claims Neil and his boyfriend aren’t attractive enough to be on the red carpet. I am a straight woman, and those two boys are gorgeous! So you could spin this all day. Most people think Hugh Jackman’s wife is not nearly attractive enough to be married to him. So according to Jake’s logic, she should not be on the red carpet. This whole subject is ridiculous, primarily because looks are SOO subjective. What I think is hot is completely not hot to one of my friends. So Jake, if you are telling the truth, then just keep it to yourself. You cannot win a debate on who is good looking and who is not!!! Btw, many, many people think Angie is WAY too hot for Brad and his goat beard and grey hair. See my point? Still, I think you truly are homophobic. “Bring his mom, not his partner…” Hate = Ignorance

  • Lenny

    Who knows what they’ll call normal in the next 20 years, stay tuned only God knows for sure, oh by the way, God isn’t one of the things.