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Rachel Bilson Kicks Off Coco Before Chanel

Rachel Bilson Kicks Off Coco Before Chanel

Rachel Bilson is decked out in Chanel at the premiere of Anne Fontaine‘s biopic Coco Before Chanel held at New York City’s Paris Theater on Tuesday (September 15).

The 28-year-old actress, who paired her Chanel top and accessories with a skirt by Isabel Murant, attended the premiere with her stylist BFF Nicole Chavez.

Rachel‘s been busy attending NY Fashion Week presentations and was named Fashion Icon of the Week by Look for her chic takes on fall fashion.

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  • Serena

    not the best look on her. don’t like the necklace

  • Serena

    don’ like. it looksd like chit

  • Nicolas

    She looks pretty, but I find it weird that she’s wearing that big green necklace around her neck.

  • Logic

    Good god this is like a week old that was from last week from NY fashion week. NO it’s not her best look she was missing the rest of the outfit and the green necklace was beyond god alwful.

  • Nance Rosen

    That’s a very poor use of Chanel. Rachel looks like she shopped in grandma’s closet. If you’re prettier than your clothes (and she is), your stylist deserves a time-out to sit in the thinking chair.

  • lexy

    Grandma’s closet – she looks like she borrowed that necklace from Flava Flav!

    JJ was on a roll – with real celebrities and working actresses. Now we’re back to this one! Ugh!!

    Shouldn’t she be out looking for a job or taking acting lessons?? Blake Lively is shooting a TV show, movie, had time to do Fashion Week and was invited to the Emmy’s.

    Rachel…she just shops…and tries to steal Flava Flav’s style. Guess it’s “fashion forward”

  • Twilight sucks

    she doesn’t even wear that nice clothes

  • Analysis

    That is right. The above pictures from the Coco Chanel event are already over a week old! Why so damn slow jj?

    It looks like she put her blouse on and forgot to wear her dress slacks or skirt and went out with her slip and blouse on. Oh! The necklace the gives the outfit that extraterrestrial look! Poor Coco Chanel probably was rolling in her grave!

  • Uh Oh

    Looks like a dark haired Kate Bosworth

  • liz

    Now I don’t have doubt that she paid for to post photos of it in this site, these photos were taken a week ago.

  • someone

    jared why do you not you posted pictures of Natalie Portman at the photocall of Love and Other Impossible Pursuits? She is more important than rachel and the photocall is more recent than these photos. I really like to know.

  • ana lucia

    That necklace looks soooooo stupid

  • chauncey

    Whoa can’t Rachel ZOOLANDER Bilson get any more “fASShion FOOTward” that this?!

  • juniper

    Chipmunk face.
    Zits Face.
    No talent.
    Fake style.
    Flat & Sagged tits.
    Closet famewhore, tips paps off.
    Egotistical moron.
    Dumb personality.
    Great publicist.
    Stoned Fiancee.
    …. – Who Am I???!!!

  • goodGirl

    Jared It’s Isabel MArant with a A…and not Isabel Murant! :D

  • Rachel sarah Bi]ilson


    Rachel Sarah Bilson/
    My finacee is in Canada and I am hidding to make people think we’re still a real couple.

  • trendsetter

    S not a necklace! It’s a pendulum. Isn’t that dangerous..if she swung round suddenly she could cause a serious crisis in an innocent bystander. Yeah, these pics are old news and she never looks good in black, black makes her look washed out n old. Know I’m nitpicking now but that’s two different colors of black she is wearing, not good, looks mismatched. More miss than hit. Weird pendulum…

  • @jj

    ‘Kicks off Coco’. Which one, the clown? Should be ‘Rachel kills Coco dead and drowns her in the Chanel’ : )

  • reedley

    The OC-Relic along w/ her fartshion costume are absolutely a “Fartabulous S-hit”!

  • chadwick

    The “lesser” (or “none” at all) the talent, acting job & (legit) popularity – the “outrageous” the clothes – Amen!

  • hmmm


  • naomi

    What’s her next project??
    Jared why do you insist to post about her? is she even a celebrity?

  • fitzroy

    NO! The likes of “Vannesa Slutgens, Eva Longwhoria or Khloe Kardassskank” are a lot & much accurately closer.

  • lexy

    Clearly you don’t like Eva or Vanessa but Eva’s got a successful TV show and Vanessa is a working actress – she’s probably done more than Rachel and she’s younger than her. Not to mention she’s got that endorsement deal from Neutrogena.

  • shadowy

    She is just a (dumb)proof of one thing… money & connections can’t buy enough class & style. If she wears an outfit that cost thousands, it still looks cheap & tacky on her.
    She makes Chanel look like Target brand. She so desperately wants to be a fashion icon if not a model.- when she clearly doesn’t even have the body, the poise, the look & the height to pull it off. Whatever marketing team is responsible for convincing HW that she still got what it takes to make it badly needs to get a grip; though it looks like that they had been receiving huge perks because they’ve been just continually hyping up one the “most talented trickster in the planet Hollyweird”.
    And seeing her regularly & nonsensically on JJ speaks much that she already reached the “peak” of her so-called hackting career.

  • Ragtime

    Ha ha that necklace looks like a stethoscope lol

  • maud from france.

    I think it’s Isabel MArant, not Murant. She’s a french stylist and I love her!

    PS: I don’t understand everybody’s hate for Rachel’s outfitt, ok it’s not stunning, but at least it’s original and always classy. Rachel always looks very chic…

  • jamie


  • sotrue

    Gorgeous! Love her.

  • sotruetoo

    Unemployed and ugly midget.

  • interesting

    Interesting outfit, she looks pretty, but her skirt is a little short, isn’t it? She pulls it off, though, named by Look magazine as Style Icon of the Week. I guess this proves she and Hayden fly in and out of airports without having paps take their pictures every time they are in an airport. They got in and out of LA, and in and out of New York, as well as to wherever they went (most likely Canada), without photos being taken. This is from last week because there have been no other photos since she said she was leaving New York. She never said she was going back to LA, just ” I have to leave tomorrow” in the last thread. Wherever they are, hope they are happy. It does not matter where they are anyway, eventually pictures of the two of them show up, whether you like them or not.

  • Ally

    It’s Isabelle MARANT, Jared! A French designer :

  • Ally

    Isabel (not Isabelle), my bad! But still “MARANT”

  • RB

    @maud from france.:

    Are you really Fench. I thought French People got taste actually!
    She is not classy at all even her stylist is better dressed than her.
    The dress is nothing fantastic and the necklace is too long for her height. She can’t be more than 5’1.
    Plus highlights don’t suit her.

    It’s not about hating RB, it’s about seeing her face everywhere anytime for no good reasons. She is not a good actress at all, she just like limelights.

    She should stick to her monthly column in Instyle that her father’s friend gave her.

    Look, people get bored with her , they don’t eevn post here anymore.
    Maybe I should do the same.

  • HC alone on his farm


    HC is alone on his farm, checking his barn and being happy without her.
    they are not dating anymore byt remain as if by contact.
    She is hidding to make you think that she is with him whhen she is not.

  • Crap addict

    Foetal faced, anencephalic midget with delusions of cognitive function.

  • Anakin

    Copying Flavor Flav’s look is never good Rachel

  • lakers fan in boston

    that stethoscope/necklace is horrible
    her outfit also is pretty boring, i like her style but she needs 2 switch it up once in a while
    2 much eyeliner as well

  • lexy

    LOL! Anakin we agree on something!!!

    Maybe Rachel is hoping Comedy Central will roast her or she’s finally ready to accept the fact that the best she’ll be offered is her own VH1 show. She wants to show the press she can be “down” like Flav.

    She’s probably in Canada – shopping…b/c that’s all she really does.

  • Anakin


    I have no problem with Rachel but there is no way anyone can defend that outfit, that thing around her neck was just unnecessary.

  • interesting

    @ 35 HC farm And you know this, how? Because you are “hidding” in one of the haystacks in his barn? lol You mean “hiding”, I think, check your spelling out before you post. You don’t know what they are doing, you don’t know them, neither do I. It doesn’t matter, anyway, lol!

  • searlus

    A microscopic version of Khloe KardASShian – icks!

  • @searlus

    No way! KK’s far more pretty…an a$$, for sure, but a pretty a$$. RB’s just a pudding face doofus, nothing sexy bout a mentally challenged pudding face.

  • Hank

    Dude’s whacked up if he rates this. Hey dude rein in you arm candy man, she not hot enough, keep her inside or get youself somthing better, man.

  • juliane – brazil

    Who is she? someone please answer me, I do not know why it appears every day on this site if she is not famous, and she never does nothing interesting, she is familiar of someone who works on this site?

  • juliane – brazil

    Who is she? Can someone answer me? I don’t see other sites talking about she every day, only this site. Jared, I understand that you publish pictures of celebrities, but Rachel is not famous. She don’t have a career or a show, if she was working or go into a restaurant once or twice in a week, I will understand, but is EVERY DAY. What are the pictures of tomorrow? Is ridiculous, she never does nothing, just go in restaurants. She is part of the family of someone who works on this site? Is the only explanation that I find for you post pictures of her every day.

  • suppress your appetite

    She is gorgeous