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Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise may only be 3 years old but she sure is growing up fast!

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen wearing a pair of silver high heels while walking along Newbury Street with mom on Monday (September 21) in Boston, Mass.

Suri also carried around a handbag and a stuffed animal of Queen Celeste (from the Babar the Elephant book and TV series). So cute!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise stepping out in a pair of silver peep-toe d’orsay pumps…

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  • AreTheySerious??

    wtf? shes a little kid

  • Annika Hansen

    3 Katie Holmes posts in 1 day. This is a good day!

  • Dieter

    She is just as beautiful and taleted as her mother !!!!!

  • phil mckrackin

    So inappropriate. Not cute and kinda creepy.

  • jen

    the kids mom is crazy…..why don’t they put a push up bra on her……hollywood is horrible

  • jr

    LMAO, wth is she wearing heels for? Hahahahahhahah this made my day.

  • Susie#1

    @#1, #3, and #4.

    I totally agree that sticking Suri in heels is inappropriate and creepy. What exactly is the reasoning behind the heels? Children that young should be in sandals and tennis shoes for the structure. Do three-year- olds get bunions?? Lots of bad training for Suri.

  • menna

    incredibly sad, let her grow appropriately or else it’ll damage her when she grows up even more.

  • Janet

    I think it’s very cute!!

  • Realme2008

    Little girls wear heels all the time. It’s clearly not a every day thing for Suri. Just relax, because it’s honestly not that serious. lol

  • Hugo Hurley

    hmmm…those aren’t that high, come on…they aren’t stiletto’s or anything. I’ve seen little girls wear higher heels when playing dress-up.

  • Hugo Hurley

    hmmm…those aren’t that high, come on…they aren’t stiletto’s or anything. I’ve seen little girls wear higher heels when playing dress-up.

  • mary

    OMG… that ‘s ridiculous. Oh well just like any good Sciento knows the children are really adults in childrens bodies and they make all of their own decisions. Yeah Right…. weirdo family. Koo Koo…Koo Koo…

  • jen

    I will say it again…..Put a push up bra on the kid plus her heels…..what the heck is up with hollywierd??????????????????

  • http://justjared GET A LIFE

    What’s wrong with you people, little girls love wearing heels; I’m sure it was Suri’s idea because she seems to be having fun, she is even smiling at the paps.

  • lily

    PIPE DOWN PPL …they are kid’s heels….for PLAY…geez i had heels like that when i was 3 and they were just for fun. They sell em at toys r us

  • fede

    Creepy but not unusual… girls love heels… so they put them on for fun… I don’t agree with teh going outside with them… but suri must be a very spoil baby… so they let her do whatever she wants…
    I only hope that she feels that heels hurt so she wants put it again until she’s 20!

  • meggyoh

    Lol, so true, so true.

  • Mousse

    Oh sure, because kids’ shoes like that exist, it should become normal for a 3 year old to wear them???
    I think Katie and Tom need parental advice.
    Their child is not a mini version of an adult and should not be handled or dressed like one either.
    They’re weird people.
    The only positif thing I see is that katie gained weight again. She looks healthier, at last!

  • Meepzy

    Hm..the high heel thing is whatever, little girls love to wear them. But the fact that it’s obvious Katie enjoys whoring out Suri is not whatever; she needs to raise her girl better.

  • Lady

    Seriously people chill.. My friend’s niece wears her grandmas heels (she’s 50 and looks like her mother tho) all the time.. there all 3/4 inch heels and shes also three.. one of their friends got her cinderella themed shoes with the same type of heel as Suri.. but she still loves to wear her moms and grandmas shoes.. Really not a big deal, im my opinion… Soo its not just hollywood.

  • Heather

    Relax…..they are obviously dress up shoes. You can buy them at any toy store or sometimes even at the drug store. Haven’t you ever seen the little kid that wears her fairy costume to the grocery store? That’s what kids that age do…’s not creepy or crazy! It is kinda creepy that it has to be posted on the internet and gawked at – but that’s another story!!!

  • lr

    Suri always has hair in her eyes. and the heels are over the top. I think Suri has her way, far too much. Katie, your child can’t see!

  • One Word


  • Two Words

    Paris Hilton

  • becky

    Wow. Three year old in heels but the forty-three year old has on flats. Where are the photos of Suri with all that red lip gloss on, can anybody say Jon Benet.

    Let kids be kids. Her day to look like a slut are coming soon enough. Sad. I’m glad I never had any of these little creatures.

  • where is cousin Bill?

    I can’t explain how much I am laughing my arse off right now. ahahaha! So damn hilarious! William Mapother’s mini me is wearing high heels. ahahah!


    That is RIDICULOUS, look at this shoe!!!! this child is three years old only.

    PLEASE!!!! that is insane!!! BIZARRE! SICK!

  • Three Words

    Child Protective Services

  • where is cousin Bill?

    @Lady: yeah, but that’s at home playing around . I doubt that your friends niece is wearing Grandma’s heels out and about

  • Pandora

    @ One Word #24 — Oh, so true.

    Yes, it is normal for little girls to want to play dress up and wear Mom’s high heels. I teetered around in my Mom’s for a few mins. and that was that. A kid her age is just developing her arch, etc. in her feet. She should not be wearing them for any length of time. Pathetic. Obviously Katie thought it’d bring more attention and that, to her, is worth more than the well being of her kids body parts. She’s even colored this kid’s hair already.

  • MAriap

    It’s one thing for a child to try mommy’s high heels while playing dress up and totally other to walk around town on high heels. She will turn to Paris Hilton soon. And I agree that this is creepy

  • kn

    you brangelina fans are just jealous that suri is a girly gir who takes care of herself while your precious shiloh’s a big ole tom boy who probably wont wear a dress in her life time. Chastity Bono 2.0 anyone?

  • Four Words

    Suri’s still in diapers!

  • IVory

    Suri is a lil Girl…Lil Girls like dresses and heels and purses. My daughter was and is the same way. Only around the house tho, but I get it.
    Its cute

  • fanny

    God blesses Nahla Aubry, Sunday Rose Urban, Harlow Madden, Honor Warren, Violet Affleck, true children.

    God has mercy of this little Paris Hilton.

  • it’s fair game now!

    Suri has CANKLES. High heels didn’t hide her mom’s and high heels won’t hide hers.

  • Get Over it Katie!

    You didn’t get nominated for an Emmy. We know! You’re not in. Have a funeral for your career. Move on and leave the kid out of it. Potty train Suri and take her to the doctor for her Jett Travolta hands

  • sahalaha

    Suri- Girly-Girl princess


    Violet-The Girl Next Door

    Kingston-the rebel rockstar

    Matilda ledger-the indie hipster

  • Krazy Katie!

    Can’t blame Tom for this one. He and Nic let Bella be a kid.

  • Christianne

    OH. MY. GOD. I can’t believe Katie let her daughter wear high heels. That’s sick!! I’ve seen kids play dress up with them, but to wear them walking the streets and shopping!?!?!?! She’s a piss poor Mother. Totally incapable!! She shouldn’t be raising a child.

    She’s objectifying her child!! Lipstick and high heels at 3!! As someone else said, why not put a push up bra on her!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Reminds me of Jon Benet Ramsey and all those kids wh*red out in beauty pagents at an early age. It’s just sick.

    I wish somebody would slap Katie Holmes upside the head and knock some sense into her. She disgusts me and so does her obnoxious husband.

  • carrie

    @Susie#1: i’m with your team

  • custard

    hahaha.. so cute!!! love suri~

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest no name

    suri is so cute I love katie holmes hater’s back off

  • daisy

    Chil guys, they’re “dress up” shoes a la Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty! You can get them at a Disney store.

  • Randy

    @phil mckrackin: Co-sign you’re entire comment.

  • bb

    lovely girl~~~~~~~~~♥

  • OOO

    First it was inappropriate Clothing for NYC cold weather with diapers and still, then BEYONCÉ concert,lipstick and now High Heels

    And the Award for Worst mom goes to the miserable and the Epic Fashion failure Katie Holmes.

  • airheadKatie

    Gosh! The brat is only 3 years old. What’s next……push up bra….mascara….etc…..that gives me the creeps. Remember JonBenet?

    Now, Katie has bangs in her eyes.

    # 21..u don’t get it. It’s one thing to play dress up at HOME…but, to wear high heels (on a 3 year old)… for walking outdoors,etc….is not too smart

  • to christianne

    first of all, if you look carefully they are play shoes. so what if the child chose to wear them on the street. Get a grip. it’s not the end of the world as we know it; although it obviously is for you. secondly how does allowing suri to wear these shoes suddenly progress into putting a push up bra on her? what planet are you living on?? as for you opinion of katie as a mother; well that’s just too bad. suri is not your child; you have no say in how she is raised. deal with it.