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Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise may only be 3 years old but she sure is growing up fast!

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen wearing a pair of silver high heels while walking along Newbury Street with mom on Monday (September 21) in Boston, Mass.

Suri also carried around a handbag and a stuffed animal of Queen Celeste (from the Babar the Elephant book and TV series). So cute!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise stepping out in a pair of silver peep-toe d’orsay pumps…

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# 1
AreTheySerious?? @ 09/21/2009 at 5:29 pm

wtf? shes a little kid

# 2
Annika Hansen @ 09/21/2009 at 5:31 pm

3 Katie Holmes posts in 1 day. This is a good day!

# 3

She is just as beautiful and taleted as her mother !!!!!

# 4
phil mckrackin @ 09/21/2009 at 5:32 pm

So inappropriate. Not cute and kinda creepy.

# 5

the kids mom is crazy…..why don’t they put a push up bra on her……hollywood is horrible

# 6

LMAO, wth is she wearing heels for? Hahahahahhahah this made my day.

# 7

@#1, #3, and #4.

I totally agree that sticking Suri in heels is inappropriate and creepy. What exactly is the reasoning behind the heels? Children that young should be in sandals and tennis shoes for the structure. Do three-year- olds get bunions?? Lots of bad training for Suri.

# 8

incredibly sad, let her grow appropriately or else it’ll damage her when she grows up even more.

# 9

I think it’s very cute!!

Realme2008 @ 09/21/2009 at 5:43 pm

Little girls wear heels all the time. It’s clearly not a every day thing for Suri. Just relax, because it’s honestly not that serious. lol

Hugo Hurley @ 09/21/2009 at 5:43 pm

hmmm…those aren’t that high, come on…they aren’t stiletto’s or anything. I’ve seen little girls wear higher heels when playing dress-up.

Hugo Hurley @ 09/21/2009 at 5:43 pm

hmmm…those aren’t that high, come on…they aren’t stiletto’s or anything. I’ve seen little girls wear higher heels when playing dress-up.

OMG… that ‘s ridiculous. Oh well just like any good Sciento knows the children are really adults in childrens bodies and they make all of their own decisions. Yeah Right…. weirdo family. Koo Koo…Koo Koo…

I will say it again…..Put a push up bra on the kid plus her heels…..what the heck is up with hollywierd??????????????????

What’s wrong with you people, little girls love wearing heels; I’m sure it was Suri’s idea because she seems to be having fun, she is even smiling at the paps.

PIPE DOWN PPL …they are kid’s heels….for PLAY…geez i had heels like that when i was 3 and they were just for fun. They sell em at toys r us

Creepy but not unusual… girls love heels… so they put them on for fun… I don’t agree with teh going outside with them… but suri must be a very spoil baby… so they let her do whatever she wants…
I only hope that she feels that heels hurt so she wants put it again until she’s 20!

Lol, so true, so true.

Oh sure, because kids’ shoes like that exist, it should become normal for a 3 year old to wear them???
I think Katie and Tom need parental advice.
Their child is not a mini version of an adult and should not be handled or dressed like one either.
They’re weird people.
The only positif thing I see is that katie gained weight again. She looks healthier, at last!

Hm..the high heel thing is whatever, little girls love to wear them. But the fact that it’s obvious Katie enjoys whoring out Suri is not whatever; she needs to raise her girl better.

Seriously people chill.. My friend’s niece wears her grandmas heels (she’s 50 and looks like her mother tho) all the time.. there all 3/4 inch heels and shes also three.. one of their friends got her cinderella themed shoes with the same type of heel as Suri.. but she still loves to wear her moms and grandmas shoes.. Really not a big deal, im my opinion… Soo its not just hollywood.

Relax…..they are obviously dress up shoes. You can buy them at any toy store or sometimes even at the drug store. Haven’t you ever seen the little kid that wears her fairy costume to the grocery store? That’s what kids that age do…’s not creepy or crazy! It is kinda creepy that it has to be posted on the internet and gawked at – but that’s another story!!!

Suri always has hair in her eyes. and the heels are over the top. I think Suri has her way, far too much. Katie, your child can’t see!


Two Words @ 09/21/2009 at 6:05 pm

Paris Hilton

Wow. Three year old in heels but the forty-three year old has on flats. Where are the photos of Suri with all that red lip gloss on, can anybody say Jon Benet.

Let kids be kids. Her day to look like a **** are coming soon enough. Sad. I’m glad I never had any of these little creatures.

where is cousin Bill? @ 09/21/2009 at 6:06 pm

I can’t explain how much I am laughing my **** off right now. ahahaha! So damn hilarious! William Mapother’s mini me is wearing high heels. ahahah!

That is RIDICULOUS, look at this shoe!!!! this child is three years old only.

PLEASE!!!! that is insane!!! BIZARRE! SICK!

Three Words @ 09/21/2009 at 6:08 pm

Child Protective Services

where is cousin Bill? @ 09/21/2009 at 6:08 pm

@Lady: yeah, but that’s at home playing around . I doubt that your friends niece is wearing Grandma’s heels out and about

@ One Word #24 — Oh, so true.

Yes, it is normal for little girls to want to play dress up and wear Mom’s high heels. I teetered around in my Mom’s for a few mins. and that was that. A kid her age is just developing her arch, etc. in her feet. She should not be wearing them for any length of time. Pathetic. Obviously Katie thought it’d bring more attention and that, to her, is worth more than the well being of her kids body parts. She’s even colored this kid’s hair already.

It’s one thing for a child to try mommy’s high heels while playing dress up and totally other to walk around town on high heels. She will turn to Paris Hilton soon. And I agree that this is creepy

you brangelina fans are just jealous that suri is a girly gir who takes care of herself while your precious shiloh’s a big ole tom boy who probably wont wear a dress in her life time. Chastity Bono 2.0 anyone?

Four Words @ 09/21/2009 at 6:15 pm

Suri’s still in diapers!

Suri is a lil Girl…Lil Girls like dresses and heels and purses. My daughter was and is the same way. Only around the house tho, but I get it.
Its cute

God blesses Nahla Aubry, Sunday Rose Urban, Harlow Madden, Honor Warren, Violet Affleck, true children.

God has mercy of this little Paris Hilton.

it's fair game now! @ 09/21/2009 at 6:19 pm

Suri has CANKLES. High heels didn’t hide her mom’s and high heels won’t hide hers.

Get Over it Katie! @ 09/21/2009 at 6:26 pm

You didn’t get nominated for an Emmy. We know! You’re not in. Have a funeral for your career. Move on and leave the kid out of it. Potty train Suri and take her to the doctor for her Jett Travolta hands

Suri- Girly-Girl princess


Violet-The Girl Next Door

Kingston-the rebel rockstar

Matilda ledger-the indie hipster

Krazy Katie! @ 09/21/2009 at 6:31 pm

Can’t blame Tom for this one. He and Nic let Bella be a kid.

Christianne @ 09/21/2009 at 6:32 pm

OH. MY. GOD. I can’t believe Katie let her daughter wear high heels. That’s sick!! I’ve seen kids play dress up with them, but to wear them walking the streets and shopping!?!?!?! She’s a piss poor Mother. Totally incapable!! She shouldn’t be raising a child.

She’s objectifying her child!! Lipstick and high heels at 3!! As someone else said, why not put a push up bra on her!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Reminds me of Jon Benet Ramsey and all those kids wh*red out in beauty pagents at an early age. It’s just sick.

I wish somebody would slap Katie Holmes upside the head and knock some sense into her. She disgusts me and so does her obnoxious husband.

@Susie#1: i’m with your team

hahaha.. so cute!!! love suri~

suri is so cute I love katie holmes hater’s back off

Chil guys, they’re “dress up” shoes a la Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty! You can get them at a Disney store.

@phil mckrackin: Co-sign you’re entire comment.

lovely girl~~~~~~~~~♥

First it was inappropriate Clothing for NYC cold weather with diapers and still, then BEYONCÉ concert,lipstick and now High Heels

And the Award for Worst mom goes to the miserable and the Epic Fashion failure Katie Holmes.

airheadKatie @ 09/21/2009 at 6:44 pm

Gosh! The brat is only 3 years old. What’s next……push up bra….mascara….etc…..that gives me the creeps. Remember JonBenet?

Now, Katie has bangs in her eyes.

# 21..u don’t get it. It’s one thing to play dress up at HOME…but, to wear high heels (on a 3 year old)… for walking outdoors,etc….is not too smart

to christianne @ 09/21/2009 at 6:46 pm

first of all, if you look carefully they are play shoes. so what if the child chose to wear them on the street. Get a grip. it’s not the end of the world as we know it; although it obviously is for you. secondly how does allowing suri to wear these shoes suddenly progress into putting a push up bra on her? what planet are you living on?? as for you opinion of katie as a mother; well that’s just too bad. suri is not your child; you have no say in how she is raised. deal with it.


I totally agree, little Paris Hilton.

piperwest @ 09/21/2009 at 6:49 pm

Most little girls have those they are dress up play clothes you can get them at Toys r’ Us. I bet most of you here would buy those for your little girl to play with, so stop talking sh*t.

From the line of people outside…it looks like the whole store was closed so they could shop? Geez…unbelievable

Oh my GOD! what is this? SO BIZARRE!!!!!


Young children shouldn’t wear heels: it can hurt the arches in their feet while their feet are still growing.

Scientology must not teach that.

Not impressed by JA @ 09/21/2009 at 6:56 pm

LOL., it’s like Carrie Bradshow mini me in “Sex In the City”

kn @ 09/21/2009 at 6:11 pm you brangelina fans are just jealous that suri is a girly gir who takes care of herself while your precious shiloh’s a big ole tom boy who probably wont wear a dress in her life time. Chastity Bono 2.0 anyone?

wow! you are a psychic. you already know what shiloh future by just seeing her wore pants. well, what did you she when she was wearing dresses. did you see her as a girly girl when she wore dresses. probably not because you are blind and don’t care. that’s fine with me. btw, a 3 year old can take care of herself. that was funny.

So inappropriate. Not cute and kinda creepy.
agree with you # 4

It'just a costume... @ 09/21/2009 at 6:57 pm

Suri is going to be a lady of the evening for halloween. Too cute!

Those are not dress up shoes. Dress up shoes are usually pink and/or frilly. These shoes also look like they fit exactly right. WTF is wrong with these people? This kid goes out on public, where they know they’ll be photographed, wearing heels, makeup etc.. All of it goes beyond a small child playing grown-up, in my opinion.

piperwest @ 09/21/2009 at 6:49 pm

Most little girls have those they are dress up play clothes you can get them at Toys r’ Us. I bet most of you here would buy those for your little girl to play with, so stop talking sh*t.
@reply | Flag This

piperwest – I would never buy heels for my three year old daughter to walk the streets of Boston in. Dress up in her room is one thing, but, when you wear them outside as part of an outfit it is no longer dress up it is called a wardrobe. There is no words for the stupidity of this and sell out Katie Holmes.

this is weird the lilttle girls always want to dress like their momys even i try it more that once but this is too much !!! she is only 3 years old and have a designed heels for her !!!! my mom would never allow me to wear those in public its really inappropriate she should keep playing in a sandbox or something

Dress up is fine AT HOME. But not on the streets. Just because Suri want to do it does not mean she should do it.

The one thing complimentary that I can say about Katie is she is smart enough not to take her eyes off Suri. She knows that Tom’s sister is waiting in the shadows to take over the parenting role and raise her the “right” way… Scientology all the way – including the cleansings without sleep, etc etc.

Too damn cute for words. BFD.

Originally posted Friday January 11, 2008

They sure do grow up fast in Hollywood! Little Suri Cruise is not even 2 yet, but already mom Katie Holmes says, “She’s a very strong woman.”

“I’m very proud of her,” the 29-year-old actress added to PEOPLE at Thursday’s Glamour magazine kickoff event for V-Day’s 10th Anniversary. “She’s actually teaching me a lot – probably more than I’m teaching her.”,,20170670,00.html

angel hair @ 09/21/2009 at 7:15 pm

omg, heels for toddlers, really?!!!

Pic of Katie angry at Suri @ 09/21/2009 at 7:20 pm

the two days ago because she wouldn’t go along with the fashion show:

Yes people these are dress up heels, but for those of you defending this ludicrous indulgence of Katie Holmes–well maybe you should consult pediatricians and podiatrists before you defend Katie. A child’s bones at this age are still forming and fluid. One of the most important things a parent can do for a child in order to prevent life long knee, hip, ankle and foot problems is appropriate footwear. It is one thing for a child to play in these, another for them to walk around Boston in them.

Seriously WTF? @ 09/21/2009 at 7:21 pm

That is soooo wrong on every concevable level. I wonder if this little girl has ever been to a pedi. If they wanted a doll, then they should have bought a doll not subject a little girl to this kind of farce, prancing and preening. Poor little thing! Where are Suri’s limits? It’s quite obvious she has NONE what-so-ever. What a spoiled, entitled nightmare she is going to be as she gets older.

what a pretty little girl! shes so cute.

katie actually decided 2 dress up cleanly for once
some ppl seriously need 2 chill out, omg she’s wearing hi heels
shiz, have any if you guys seen toddlers and tiaras, that’s wrong,
they actually wear hi heels
u guys r making a big deal out of nothing

More importantly, do you see Katie’s big fat ankles????

@lakers fan in Boston
Yes most little girls do wear the heels,b ut most of the parents have the good sense not to let them walk around in them like Katie appears to be allowing Suri to do so. If this is a one off, then that is one thing, but since Suri gets what Suri wants–if they allow her to do this constantly, the child could end up having severe foot problems or knee or hip issues.

However, she is not my child. Like many other parents who had to say “no” to ridiculous behavior like this–we put the child’s physical health first and their toddler tantrums second.

whats the big deal??let the kid have some one is getting hurt here so what!!!!!

Nothing cute about that at all, what the hell is wrong w/ Katie… Idiot

a three year old should not own a pair of her own heels. it is one thing to play in mommy’s closet but to actually go out wearing a pair of heels.. sad.

@mary: it is obviously not a scientology policy to make your children wear high heels dumbass.

GoldenEye @ 09/21/2009 at 7:39 pm

I like Suri’s shoes better than the blah ballerina flats Katie’s wearing. But Suri shouldn’t be in heels, give me a break.

Too cute! Theres nothing wrong with wearing heels…I wore heels when I was two, and I was definitely not spoiled. Suri is just a girly girl…she reminds me so much of myself. Nothing wrong with that.Lots of little girls love heels, and makeup too. I find it to be very ADORABLE. Stop making it such a big deal.Suri is Tom and Katie’s child NOT yours, so RELAX!

I bet she’s a rotten little brat you never see her with a nanny she prob, can’t keep one

she’s the cutest girl ever! now suri for sure will know how to enjoy her father’s millions in the fashion n style world!

Does that child have any play clothes at all? Just wondering.

I don’t see nothing cute… It’s creepy. Poor Suri.

Suri appears to be white trash.

Suri is adorable , those aren’t heels she acts so proud to wear them cute..

Look at all the idiots in the background with cameras. Their expressions are priceless….they’re trying to figure out who they’re taking a photo of.

One person probably noticed Tom Cruise and took a photo and the others followed suit. Katie is such a joke. Look at everyone trying to figure out who she is. LMAO Katie is so stupid she doesn’t even realize nobody knows who she is.

Geez those are just dress up heels! I used to wear them when I was a kid. It’s not a big deal.

christieann # 50

lol…don’t get your panties in a bunch! Are you the offspring of Mr Orange/ Mr Horse??

better go run to the head dr stat!

bimbojessica @ 09/21/2009 at 8:17 pm

# 83- Jessica…

grow up! Get educated……and don’t be so stupid as to “support” these weirdos.

You must be a teen or young adult…or perhaps uneducated and a celebrity nut. lol


They are wonderful parents always was and always will be..Suri looks adorable with her little heels, nothing wrong about that..

Suri looks like a midget…just like her dad.

Suri looks like a midget…just like her dad.

I really don’t see what the big deal is. Suri was wearing jeans and flats yesterday so it’s not like she’s always dressed up. If she wants to play dress up once in a while, let her. It’s part of being a kid.

Awe Suri is just toooooo cute for words.


I think she looks a bit like Tom Cruise. Her face, not her shoes.

i’m so sick of seeing Suri hair in the way of her gorgeous face. It must be annoying for her to walk around like that. Katie please clip your childs hair up or tie it into a pony tail

Katie really should wear a long tunic to cover up those thunder thighs.

The cankles are covered….thank goodness.

Gee. I didn’t know Suri could walk.
Who knew?

Suri – crazy antisocial kid

shiloh – happy sweet playful child

kingston – rebel

violet – rat child

matilda- future best friend with shiloh

kingston & shiloh are the future couple! prom king & prom queen !!!!!!

Suri is still wearing a 10 gallon crap-filled diaper and she’s 3.5 years old.

If Katie wasn’t such a lazy golddigger, she would change her daughter’s diaper. No chance that Katie will potty train Suri as long as Katie doesn’t change the diapers.

She should be placed in a foster home ASAP!


Shiloh knows how to play with other kids and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty! Shiloh is an active happy playful kid! of course she plays rough, she has two older brothers! she’s the most beautiful kid in the world! suri needs a playdate with shiloh so she can play with children insread of hanging out with adults!

I think it’s kinda cute. Besides why would they make heels in a kid’s size if they can’t wear them?! lol

@janett: how can you tell she’s still in diapers? i knew i saw them awhile back! just wondering because that’s awful!

suri needs her hair comb! she needs some friends too! katie give your child a playdate with someone her own age! Dial Angie’s number! Shiloh & Zahara will love to play dress up with Suri! cutess playdate ever!

well- they never let Suri walk more than a few steps – so her choice of footwear really doesn’t matter

You all act so high and mighty…Bet most of you are epic failures as parents…Come on here b***ing about other people and their kids, pathethic…And to the ones who aren’t parents, I think that says it all, YOUR NOT PARENTS, STFU!!!…Quit kidding yourselves, you just want to b**** about Katie, she will never be a good mom in your eyes no matter what she does…Glad to see doesn’t give a sh** what you guys think…And to the ones who think she should be turned into child services….What are you f***ing retarded?….I guess you had a real sh**y childhood….Apparently your parents never left you have any fun…So now you feel you need to project your lost pathetic childhood on this child (Omg she is eating candy, wearing play shoes, got her hair in her eyes, wearing mismatched closed, etc)…no wonder you all sound like you have a board stuck up your a***, you were never allowed to be a kid.

This kid is beginning to resemble a young Tarzan, despite all the expensive clothes.

But yes, this definitely screams of JonBenet

Suri and Shiloh must leave in different parts of hollywood. one for normal kids and one for the rich and famous

who do you all think will win in a kid fight? SHILOH OR SURI

I say Shiloh will open a can of whoop ass on suri


um can you people stop? What gutter did you crawl out of?

We know who @ 09/21/2009 at 10:21 pm

“Which celebrity mom is a secret smoker? She puffs away in private and then hides the smell by applying lots of Purell and perfume. Plus, she chews gum after lighting up to mask her breath.”

hmm…which celebrity mom has teeth the color of dog poo and is aging prematurely?

her hands look painful. this pic is in boston the other night

big ball of fluff @ 09/21/2009 at 10:28 pm


Suri is in training…..wearing high heels at the teeny age of 3?

BUT- she is still in diapers?

What a load of poo!

Where are your priorities dumb Katie?

Neither TomKat or Brangelina are role model parents. All these kids are going to be majorly F’up in the future.

Aussie Girl @ 09/21/2009 at 10:34 pm

Yeah-Dumbos,she should be turned over to Child Services. That would be much better than living in luxury,never hungry,getting a first class education and having 2 loving parents. I am no fan of Tom&Katie but I DO NOT doubt that they love their child!!!!!

Also, to the MORON who claimed that b/c Shiloh dresses as a tomboy some-times she will turn into a Chastity Bono,thats the nearly the stupidest thing I’ve read. I think Shi will turn into a world-class stunning woman who will look back and laugh at her tomboy years.And don’t forget,we only see SMALL snippets of these kid;s lives and there are pics of Shi in dresses anyway!! DUMBA**!!

they're not play shoes! @ 09/21/2009 at 10:38 pm

they are custom made $425 shoes! classy, unlike you trash.

Aussie Girl @ 09/21/2009 at 10:40 pm

Hey Guys- If you really want to get your knickers in a twist about this,check out this site.It is High Heels for BABIES-I am not joking-little babies with heels on. Check it out!!!

bebe @ 09/21/2009 at 10:08 pm who do you all think will win in a kid fight? SHILOH OR SURI

I say Shiloh will open a can of whoop ass on suri
true and funny. also, i think shiloh probably will not grow up to be a spoil brat because Angie will make sure her kids are well aware about social issues and other important things. on the other hand, katie make sure suri has the best designer dresses and shoes. god for bid katie puts suri in a crocs clog or in normal clothes like T-shirt, cargo pants or any clothes that normal regular kids would wear.

wow, you all people have never seen little girls wearing heels ? OMG you all fail! of course they do! I have seen little girls wearing them everyday for years and they always do! DUHHHHHH!

it’s NOT sick or creepy so get over it! its called CUTE! DUH! That is because you don’t even remember when you were a little girl and wearing heels…… I think you better go look at your old photo album and see for yourself! My sister’s daughter wears them to ! its called ” Like Mother, Like Daughter ” ever heard of that ?

wow , epic fail ….

what idiot will buy their child $425 shoes at age 3?

I don’t care if a person has money or not….it is still stupid.

Stupid is the commenter # 125 as if $425 shoes for a 3 year old is normal.


ummm who said child shoes for $425? You just fail ******! Kids shoes and heels are at least $20 bucks! DUH! I dare you go to shoes store and see for yourself! dang… what a sad loser…..

Aussie Girl @ 09/21/2009 at 10:53 pm

#127 Great post about Shi. But, these same people will post “Why does Shi only wear pants” “Why is her hair scruffy” Answer-she’s being brought up as regular as possible,even wearing hand-me-downs from siblings. These people complain that Suri is always wearing dresses and complain that Shi only wears pants(not true)
As I posted earlier-we only see a SMALL portion of what these kid’s wear and NEVER what they actually wear when hanging around in the privacy of their home!!!!

two things make it weird to me:
1. high heels + diapers = mother and daughter need to focus on suri becoming a big girl instead of dressing like one. that includes bright lipstick.
2. wearing them out in the city, especially boston road. abit dangerous plusi know they are custom made but they can’t be great for suri’s feet

#126 OMG-High Heels made for babies aged 0-6months. Now that’s sick and twisted and I wonder how many pairs have actually been ordered from that site. YUCK and disturbing

they're not play shoes! @ 09/21/2009 at 11:02 pm

the shoes are roger vivier. you don’t know about such good taste.

So Mrs. Crazy… stops and sits on some steps on a sidewalk, with her child… with paps shooting away?! Would she do that if she was surrounded by paps? Or was it only Crazy’s single hired photographer taking the pics?

Suri is just too cute, in other pictures she ‘s wearing a string of pearls pearly rings, so girly and so full of character,and the older she gets the cuter her personality will become. Katie Holmes is a gorgeous looking woman and a hell of a good mom.
Love,Love, the closeness between mother and daughter. Can look at photos of this family all day , including Dad.

suri freak out @ 09/21/2009 at 11:32 pm

look at’s gallry of the same outing

^No one spends $425 on play shoes you f*cking blind bat.

Can his looney Scientology fans stop f*cking around?

im 13 years old, and i dont wear heels just to walk around in town!!!!! my mother wouldnt let me, anyways… :/

People are mixing up “dress up” with f*cking custom made heels made to wear in REAL LIFE.

I believe that Katie Holmes is a famewhore using her daughter to get attention from the press. Why would she have her wear heels and risk twisting Suri’s ankle walking in the streets with them. It’s alright to play at home with your mom or grandma’s heels but that is just borderline crazy. Katie have you gone out of your freakin’mind? I don’t think Tom is the weirdo one as Nicole never had this stupid stuff with their adopted kids. I think Katie is the “Xenu” of the scientologist world!

Ew, Kate-bot’s hair is so greasy in these picks, especially the sitting one.

Hell, I guess if Katie’s kid grows up not to be the best looking, she’ll be the best dressed, right? That’s all that matters since all she’s teaching her to do is shop til she drops and look act like a manikin.

Spare The Rod Spoil The Child @ 09/22/2009 at 12:15 am

Katie should know better she is the parent not the child. Those words shoud not have to be said as well as it’s the parent(s) who run the show not the child. Suri will not thank her mother for this when she grows up when her visits to a podiatrist become necessary and frequent due to suffering with a foot disease that could have been prevented and this happens every day to children who have done far less than what Suri is doing here playing with high heels. But to have special high heels made for a 3 yr.old child to walk in the streets for cameras to take her picture . It’s obvious that’s more for the mother than it is for the child. Yes katie dear we think Suri is adorable but don’t you think this is devoid of good sense in fact if anything it is absurd in judjement . Many years ago my first job in training was fitting babies and children up to 12 yrs old with proper fitting shoes and or devices in hopes of future walking steps. How those parents yearned to have children with healthy limbs and feet like Suries compared to this ridiculous picture. Playing at home in Mommy’s shoes is one thing
but this is totally inviting ridicule towards the child and that’s not fair mom.
Suri would have forgiven you for not getting her own way.

Katie’s ludicrous parental care is to spoil the child as that has been proven in many pictures since she was born. Suri already shows sign’s of a privileged spoiled brat as well it’s doubtful this child is seldom being subjected to consequences for any unruly behavior. (sitting in the corner) etc
Suri if not already will eventually be a pampered spolied brat who will believe that she is above others around her because the parent’s systematically failed to teach socially acceptable behavior and disapline.
What Suri wants Suri gets.

Good Luck
to the parents they are going to need it.

The PROBLEM with a three year old wearing heels of any kind is anatomical and physiological. It is BAD for the toes, arch and growing bones in the childs legs. It is also dangerous for the ankle, as it can turn and she will badly sprain it and have to live with that scar tissue the rest of her life.

The list goes on…but these parents are actors, which means they are usually less educated by modern standards in this country.. And they are just plain dumb judging by this choice.

aw suri is playing dress up, sometimes you just gotta let your kid indulge in their fantasies and if suri’s involves wearing a full skirt (adorable btw) and heels, let her! years from now who knows, she might end up being the next anna wintour.

@bebe: of course Shiloh! she has 3 older siblings who probably beat her up so she is use to scrapping! lol. A lot of girls are tomboys, i was & it wa so much fun too! Playful active girls is so healthy & normal! as soon as you notice boys in preteen yrs. you become more feminine! HAVE FUN SHILOH WITH YOUR BROTHERS & SHOW THEM WHOSE BOSS! LOL TOMBOYS RULE THE ROOST!

Those that speak ill of this family esp a baby only has bad karma on its six.

Learn how to write. Your post made no sense.

Stop telling other people how to raise their kids and quit assuming you know them, #19. It’s never been proven that that tabloid report about them treating their child like an adult is true.

They’re simply shopping in broad daylight, #20. Not exactly ‘whoring out.’ Quit telling other people how to raise their kids. Especially with people you don’t even know.

Why would Holmes be crazy or stupid enough to invite NEGATIVE attention, #31? It makes no sense. You’re overreacting.

You guys really want her to end up like Paris Hilton just so you can further bash her parents with the ‘spoiled child-bad parenting’ arguments. #32.

While I do agree that many (though not all) critics here are Jolie-Pitt fans, it’s not fair to bash their little girl to defend another one, #33.

God, you’re stupid, #38.

Exactly, #50.

They didn’t want to get harassed inside and the owners were well-imbursed, #53. Leave them alone.

It’s not fair that you Brangelina fans say silly things like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will become a Nobel-prize winning humanitarian while Suri Cruise will end up becoming a shallow, hard-partying idiot but get mad when the reverse happens, #59. That person was wrong but you people are hypocrites.

Where do you get this stuff, #66?

No one’s angry there, #70.

Quit playing doctor and picking apart every single thing these two do with their daughter, #71.

You got all that from a few paparazzi snapshots, #72.

Stop dissing other people’s height, #96.

You’re twisted, #105.

And you know that Suri Cruise has no friends and can’t play how exactly, #108 and #111? Mind your own kids.

That’s nonsense, #112.

There are no normal celebrity kids, #116.

Correct, #124.

You can’t predict the future and you have no idea how either parent is raising their kids, #127.

It’s silly for a little girl to be wearing hand-me downs and yet lives in a glorious mansion and travels everywhere, #131. It’s a pretty backwards way to try to teach humility. If her parents wanted her to be raised like a regular child, she’s be raised in a modest home with parents that have a modest income. Her parents can do whatever but I’m just noting it’s silly.

How do you get attention from the press with a baby that doesn’t do anything when she’s famous enough, #142. Oh come on! Now you’re claiming serious, immediate harm? Get real.

Quit acting like you know how she’s being raised, #144!

Whatever you’re selling, they;re not buying, #146.

I try not to comment on what a parent does with/for their kids,unless
it looks like abuse, and then I call the Cops!
IMO – Suri is a beautiful, happy little girl..

To Know-it-All @ 09/22/2009 at 2:21 am

#152 Well are’nt you just a perfect know-it-all. Most people are just expressing there opinions-right or wrong! And WHY are people who make negative judgements about the Cruise family automatically assumed to be Jolie-Pitt fans??
Most people posting have no real idea about what goes on in the privacy of celebs homes,and neither do you!!!!!!!!!
And your response to #131 is silly-obviously Shiloh’s parents are’nt on a regular income,so why would they live in a modest home? At least they are teaching sharing and the education from traveling will be great in the future as the kid’s get to see how others live in poverty countries,unlike Suri who will only see approved scientology friends.

Katie has put on some weight.

Hurray Hurray yipee, thank you ONE, you just said what I have been thinking for ages. Multi million dollar holmes, all over the world millions of dollars worth of paintings , most expensive motor cycles out, 6 nannies, 6 security people and the kids wear hand me downs, NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT, THATS THE BIGGEST JOKE OUT.
THANK YOU thank you, thank you, you made my day!!!

They just want us talking. They want attention for tommy’s movie. It is sad it comes to this being waccko is costing him.

Jokergurl @ 09/22/2009 at 3:35 am

What’s the big deal they’re heels folks, what does she need a feather boa and a tiara to make it more play like, quit picking on this kid!


It looks like it is time for another desginer baby. good luck tomkat

KRISPY CREME @ 09/22/2009 at 3:48 am

WTF! why is hair always in Suri’s face? everyone giving Shiloh a problem with her hair! This kid hair is never combed! Suri has such an ugly face, what’s so unique about her? her freaky parents! lol.

what is shiloh doing here? why not compare suri with the beckhams or smiths ect with her parents hollywod cliques? Shi is not in this league. She is being raised in whole lot different atmospher.

why not compare suri with the beckhams or smiths children. will smith once said his daughter is like Paris hilton. Shiloh is being raise differently. She shouldn’t be mentioned here.

I’m a preschool teacher and we always discourage children from wearing heels! They are likely to trip while walking, not to mention their legs are still developing! Heels will definitely NOT help Suri. Plus she would be much cuter in age-appropriate mary janes!

btw suri looks cute I am not for going out wearing hills in the street at her age . Little girls try their mom hills all the time.

I saw some more photos that were taken on the same day and Suri was wearing pink sneakers. She was probably just wearing the heels for a short amount of time. Little girls love to play dress-up in heels. It’s not a big deal. The photos are at

I Agree with You 115% #154 @ 09/22/2009 at 4:30 am

Who the hellll does this KnowItAll think she is ?? Afterall this is a thread to give our opinions about the pictures and info above. I am shocked i am not on her list of who all she disproved of and mine was lengthy too.
Not that i care or oops possibly she has a few more of these to post after she sorts thru more. ha
Yeah the strict attention paid to each post which is replied to individually
like as if only she or he knows exactly what is right or wrong like saying ..correct # blah blah blah well i see not many were correct in her eyes .
I think MsKnow It All wrote the silliest post of all AND most judgemental of all.
Maybe she doesn’t realize what these threads are all who knows.
The poster has a name we call people like her at the school where the parents and g’parents congregate when waiting for the little ones to come running out. Because she /it thinks she has all the answers even tho doesn’t know anybody. She /It thinks she is an **expert**** but in reality is just~~ A Walking Encyclopedia Of Useless
Knowledge….Nothing more..
Just a nice way of saying she is a blabbermouth without a clue.

It can say what or who is silly but nobody else can..Get real!

it’s inappropriate for a little girl to wear heels outside of her house while playing dress up. i agree it was probably suri’s idea, but her mother should know better. you think it looks cute? maybe it even does on a 3yr old, but how cute will she look at say eleven or twelve in heels and wearing makeup? fairy costume dress up heels: cute. walking about in heels: disturbing.

that’s just stupid!

Playing dressup means wearing mommy’s shoes. This child should be in overalls or jeans and playing with other kids getting dirty instead of getting dragged around adult environments. I’ll bet when she’s 14 she looks 20. She’s only 3 – way too much interest in her appearance. Still think she’s Chris Klein’s kid. No doubt about it. Katie should have had another child so Suri has someone to play with at home. Can Tom father kids???


I’m sure shiloh gets as many expensive toys as Suri but she’s raised more to be grateful for what she has! visiting less fortunate kids etc. Suri is going to be a brat while Shiloh will be like her mom Angie and help the world!

Katie's Alien Symbol @ 09/22/2009 at 7:11 am

what’s up with the alen symbols and pins kaie wea? is it a scientology thing? her design logo?

Her mother needs a psychologist

Is she wearing a bra?????????????????????????????/

Don’t you think it is very cute! Suri is really lovely!!! OMG, I love her so much!

I loved dressing up in heels when I was her age. It’s all part of being a little girl, dressing up, looking pretty, being a princess. Use to go around with my mom’s heels on even though they were wwwwaaay too big for my feet.

No matter what Katie’s defenders are saying about her , this is all very wrong and will not change anything.

Yes, children are experiencing high heels at home with mommy big Shoes but not like this .High heels is harmful for adult women ,How could she make her daughter wear it even if itn’t that high.

same thing with Lipstick they trying at home but not all over their faces

How could she make her daughter see A Beyonce Concert with all her sexual Movements It’s disgusting.

There are limits and a kid is a kid

I know it’s freaky for a 3 year old to be wearing high heels but Suri seems to handle them much better than some grown up women

Nobody should judge. I bet most of the girls/woman who make comments, are not even mothers yet. When you a little princess like hers, all you wanna do is give her as much as you can. I team Katie, keep being a good mother as you are. I wish I had all the money she has so I can give my daughter everythings she wants. Why not?

well, if the parents can’t make headlines, they pimp the kid.

yes, little girls wear heels, only at home when playing dress up.

katie holmes do what she does best – being a gold digger and spend tom’s money and pimps her daughter for media attention.

Isn’t this going to ruin her little spine?

She is so cute-an adorable little child and it is nice to see that all of the photos are always with Katie-
People may not like them and disagree with what they say and do-however-Katie is certainly a hands on mother and I have not seen a nanny or sitter around.

You’re expressing your opinion as facts, #154. I don’t think all TomKat critics are Brangelina fans.

Exactly. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s parents are rich and famous actors who don’t live modestly so it’s pointless to dress hr up so raggedy simply to teach her humility. Do you think Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is visiting slums and war-tirn areas to learn things or just hanging out in hotels? Quit acting like you know what’ll happen to Suri Cruise during her upbringing.

You’re so paranoid, #157.

Quit bashing and comparing, #161!

Quit telling other people how to raise their kids, #164.

I’m a guy, #168.

Stop telling other people how to raise their kids and assuming that she doesn’t play in fun age-apropriate environments, #171. Tom Cruise is the father and he can have kids.

It’s things like what #172 is saying that’ what I’m talking about. Brangelina fans are idiots.You don’t know how Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is being raised so how can you say she’s learning to be grateful? And I don’t remember her ever visiting a hospital for sick kids. And none of you can predict so you have no idea who’s going to become a brat or the opposite.’

You’re ridiculous, #179.

They CAN make headlines and don’t need a little baby that can’t do anything, #182.

You’re expressing your opinion as facts, #154. I don’t think all TomKat critics are Brangelina fans.

Exactly. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s parents are rich and famous actors who don’t live modestly so it’s pointless to dress hr up so raggedy simply to teach her humility. Do you think Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is visiting slums and war-tirn areas to learn things or just hanging out in hotels? Quit acting like you know what’ll happen to Suri Cruise during her upbringing.

You’re so paranoid, #157.

Quit bashing and comparing, #161!

Quit telling other people how to raise their kids, #164.

I’m a guy, #168.

Stop telling other people how to raise their kids and assuming that she doesn’t play in fun age-apropriate environments, #171. Tom Cruise is the father and he can have kids.

It’s things like what #172 is saying that’ what I’m talking about. Brangelina fans are idiots.You don’t know how Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is being raised so how can you say she’s learning to be grateful? And I don’t remember her ever visiting a hospital for sick kids. And none of you can predict so you have no idea who’s going to become a brat or the opposite.’

You’re ridiculous, #179.

They CAN make headlines and don’t need a little baby that can’t do anything, #182.

IGNORE # 152 (ONE)

HE is a freak case. He probably has a shrine of TomKat and brat.

He actually believes himself! LOL

I can just see him tolling away …copying people’s comments and matching them with his answers (he thinks). Poor pitiful soul…..I am guessing he needs his TomKat “fix” because it’s been months JJ has not posted about these weirdos.

He must be happy as a clam now……lol

jen @ 09/21/2009 at 5:34 pm

the kids mom is crazy…..why don’t they put a push up bra on her……hollywood is horrible
LOL…she doesn’t have anything to push up.

Poster “ONE” is hilarious!

In his eyes…..Tom, Katie and Suri are perfect and live the perfect life.

He does not know idiots or brats if it hit him in the face. Probably have to be an idiot to know an idiot. Ha !

If there was to be a vote in the U.S asking if TomKat and brat were freakoids…..I am pretty sure the vote would be 95 % or more.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this couple is NOT normal and their child is obviously gonna be another Paris Hilton that is autistic in some way. Time will tell and I bet TomKat would not accept or believe she is when there is proof.

Heels are dangerous for small children to wear. They are wobbly at that age, and can injure their ankle.

So let them grow up first, before you put heels on them.

They are not little adults, they are children, and they do not have the strength in the ankles, or the coordination to handle heels.

It’s not the kids shoes I’m worried about it that’s long azz hair getting in her eyes and blinding the poor kid. Haven’t they heard of barettes or bangs?!? is the place for the latest psychic predictions on your favorite celebrities.

twpumpkin @ 09/22/2009 at 1:29 pm

Katie always looks so unhappy and sloppy. Tom should have stayed with Nicole. At least she always looked nice.

# 113 You said it all best comment on this site

So what if Suri isn’t potty trained. Katie will start the process when she thinks Suri is mature enough. There is nothing wrong with wearing high heels, bright lipstick and diapers at 3 1/2 years old.

It’s probably her only chance to wear high heels – as when she gets a couple of years older – she won’t be able to as she’ll be taller than TC.

As a physical therapist, I can tell you we are seeing more and more teenagers and younger ones at that with issues that relate to high heels. Whether it is tripping or weight distribution that has harmed the growth of their bones and muscles.
If Suri is wearing heels occasionally that is one scenerio. If Katie allows her to wear them constantly, than Suri will be at more risk than other children who don’t wear heels for foot problems, hip problems, and more.
You blindly defend TomKat no matter what they do. Katie is the parent and sometimes she just needs to step up and say NO to something that has potential health ramifications down the line. Perhaps in your blind defense you might for once think logically and use your brain to think about the totality of the issue instead of assuming (and there is an as*s in assuming) that everyone who is crabbing about Katie letting Suri wear heels is just bashing to bash.
This is a horrible trend. But why should us PT’s care? More business and more money for us trying to rehab kids who were in too much of a hurry to grow up.

White love @ 09/22/2009 at 2:28 pm

This is just SO wrong..

Lipstick, a Beyonce concert, and high heels at the age of 3?. Katie Holmes SUCKS as a mom!!! And so does squirrely, crazy Cruise ( As a mom as well ha-ha) WTF are they thinking? Apparently they are not thinking at all. How completely inappropriate.

@@one: Considering this is the only time we have seen this child wear “heels”, she probably doesn’t wear them much…and people do come on here to bash for the sake of bashing katie…don’t try to make it look like anything else…bet none of you would walk up and tell someone, anyone, on the street that they are bad parents or should be turned into child service, if the child was wearing “heels”…it’s always so easy to sit behind a keyboard and b***…it always comes down to that.

She might be wearing a cute sexy little bra too. How cute. Not. It’s creepy, mommy’s little barbie doll. Been there done that at 3.

twistedculture @ 09/22/2009 at 3:34 pm

F***** up family, one f***** up kid. All celebrities should be forcibly sterilized to avoid the s*** they put their kids through.

Oh, for f*ck sakes…

Ihatekatieholmes @ 09/22/2009 at 4:00 pm

I’m speachless O___O I hate Katie Holmes, she is a STUPID and CRAZY mother. Those high heels, that hair (that baby is going to be blind!!), the red nail-polish that she usually wears. I have no words!!

Katie, look at Ava Jackman, Matilda Ledger… those are cuter kids because they dress and act normal!! Your baby, Surie, looks terrible and she looks like a little bitc*!!

As several posters have said–if this is a one off with the heels, fine. BUT if this is the norm, the kid increases the potential for knee, back, hip and foot problems.

One @ 09/22/2009 at 1:52 am

Haha, stop, to quote you, “telling people how to raise their kids” fa**ot

God there’s too much hypocrisy in this entire post

And One/ #1 Scientology loon, how the f*ck do you know how Shiloh is being raised either? Why are you SUCH a HYPOCRIT?

that’s so f***ing creepy! oh, yeah, sure, no big deal…bullshit – it will be a big one when she’ll have spine problems and deformed walking at 10 years old!! narrowminded people!! and for God’s sake, does kate EVER pull that hair off the kid’s eyes? or is she into the emo kid look. God she’s clueless…

Wow, I would hate to babysit this kid. Sorry but she clearly seems like a diva. No mother in there right mind would let there daughter wear heels at that age, unless she screamed the damn house down if she couldn’t.

Suri Hilton @ 09/22/2009 at 6:38 pm

oh yes…she DID scream the house down and stomped her feet as well.

She gets whatever she wants.

Suri, the newest diva brat of Hollywood,


victoria #1 @ 09/22/2009 at 8:47 pm

Oh My Lord!!!!!!!!!! LOL..LOL..LOL..

Jon Benet? LOL..LOL.. Are you people for real? ” Suri will develop arch
problems and toe problems and back problems. She wobbles. She
wears $425.00 shoes. ( LOL ) How the hell do YOU know that? ) ”

This has to be the sillliest and most ‘ desperate one to find a complaint post ‘
I have ever seen. Since this is the first time we have seen Suri wear
heels out in public, other than her ballet looking flats, I seriously doubt
she will be grossly deformed. Her shoes look like children’s play
heels and little girls that age LOVE to wear them.

My two grand-daughters, ages 2.5 and 4.5 love to wear their Disney
heels ( Bella and Jasmine and Cinderella ), and sometimes their
mother will let them wear a pair to the store. People will stop them
to remark how cute they are. What is everyone’s problem?

Don’t you all have enough to worry about ?
Suri is at the age to be interested in play make-up and lip gloss ( Hello
Kitty ) and little camisoles and play shoes. All stores that sell girls
clothing her size sell these things, even tiny undergarments. I have seen them.


As @ONE says, ” let Katie worry about her hair and her potty training.”
I don’t know about you guys, but those things are the least of my
problems. She isn’t mine, and it is not my worry.

And the poster who suggested foster care, is an idiot. I can just see
a social worker showing up on the street or at their front door
to ” observe ” after a fan filed a complaint. LOL.LOL. Can we say
” LAWSUIT.”? or, ” MY, Scientology people will pay YOUR people
a lengthy visit real soon.” Most people would not tangle with Tom
Cruise over a stupid thing like that. Suri is not abused.

#152 ….has too much time on their hands to make such long posts. You go screw yourself.

ladygagaisschizophrenia @ 09/22/2009 at 10:36 pm

Suri Cruise Vs Violet Affleck

SOME PEOPlE... @ 09/22/2009 at 10:40 pm

Really? you all complain about how inappropriate this is? children LOVE dressing up! What is wrong with you people, she’s just a child! And Katie isnt a bad mother either, she’s allowing her kid to have fun by dressing up. and plus, suri isn’t your kid, maybe you all need turn around and pay more attention to your own life instead of others. Children explore themselves by dressing up, dont you ever dress up? this doesn’t happen only in hollywood, go check out your local childcare centers, they have heels for the 2-5 year olds.


before commenting about how they raise little suri check all the sites and see that suri changed her shoes.and besides she is not the only little girl who wears high heels shoes..many ordinary kids do that..all of you are just morons or maybe from another planet you don’t see the real world.suri is a really normal kid from head to toe…you just envy her style,her beauty and her money…lol

@Realme2008: Excuse me? I really don’t want to know where you live because I have NEVER seen little girls wearing high heels like that. Not once! Clearly by your immature lol, you think its all a joke and ‘not serious’. Clearly you are too immature and careless to know that yes it IS VERY SERIOUS! Especially at that age when girls skeletal system isn’t fully formed it can cause ENORMOUS damage. Its a form of child abuse to me. Why do ‘mothers’ like that what to sexualise their child and want to allow them to grow up far too quickly? This is a habit with Katie as when she was in Australia recently she let Suri see a mature show meant only for adults. Katie is a pathetic excuse for a mother and I cannot believe there are some immoral people on here even daring to defend this!!

@GET A LIFE: What is wrong with YOU, you ignorant inbred trash? Parents are there to be PARENTS, and not give in to a child just because they ‘want’ something. Parents are supposed to know right from wrong and to say NO! Little girls might like to play dress-up and wear mummy’s high heels for 2 minutes at home – that is a world of difference to BUYIONG a CHILD a pair of high heels and allowing them to spend a day walking around in them, ruining the bones in their feet. How can you be so blaze and so careless, thoughtless and ignorant? I hope you never have children. You sound like the type who would allow your daughter to have a nose piercing at age 5! Trash, is what your type is called.

@kn: What on earth does Angelina or Shiloh have to do wth anything? Why is it that Angelina’s jealous haters are so OBSESSED and EATEN UP WITH HATE, that Angelina and her family is on their minds 24/7 and they cannot go for ONE HOUR without bringing up Angelina! Can you say OBSESSED PSYCHO? You Angelina deranged obsessed haters have SERIOUS issues. I have no doubt at all that you talk about Angelina in your sleep!
Oh, and it is far far FAR more normal and socially acceptable to just be a child dressed casually than a Jon Benet Ramsey who isn’t allowed to be dirty or to be a NORMAL CHILD! At least Angelina isn’t guilty of child abuse like Katie is. Shiloh is indicative of a healthy and stable upbringing. Suri is an example of an abused child who has no childhood.


LMAO, you’re right! Next time, Suri will be on the cover of FHM or Maxim.

my god what horeur, always badly dressed coifee ill and die on his shoes for a woman 40 years it’s better you occupyinga your child and put him in place corresponding to their age what horeur as ugly as her mother

I remember I was 4 years old and my mom brought me a pair of high heels from Las Vegas I was so happy, the second time I wore High Heels was when I was a teenager so I don’t think it is bad! Every little girl wants to trie mama’s shoes…

Suri * The Child Katie the Mom @ 09/23/2009 at 9:10 am

Katie needs to smarten up! I am sure Surie would have been cool with MaMA SAYING YOU CAN WEAR YOUR PLAY SHOES AT HOME IN YOUR ROOM FOR PLAYING HOUSE IN.

Spolied Brats are not enjoyable kids. It’s more difficult as they get older
to let them know who is boss.

Give Suri time. She has lots of time to grow up.

Yes she is a clear case of Jon Benet Ramsey…Enough already!

GOOD LUCK! trying to ever discipline this kid or give her boundaries.

Ok Katie has crossed the line with putting heels on her TODDLER–very inappropriate. Heels have a sexy genre about them and putting such on a kid makes the kid “too grown” for her age and snatches her childhood from her, and she’s going to start thinking that she is at Katie’s level. It is probably already too late—the toddler is already carrying a purse and wearing high skirts.

I love Katie Holmes’ style!! I would buy her label. Suri is so adorable! I wish we could hear what she’s talking to her mom about. To me, Katie is totally normal. She’s all-american to me and i totally dig that about her!!
People, don’t u remember tom cruise’s interview with oprah when he said that they basically give suri whatevr the heck she wants partly because that’s scientology way, etc., yeah, she’ll probably grow up to be a spoiled brat but most hollywood kids are!!!

Bad parenting in hollywood is better than child services anyday

-She is wearing heels and its not a playdate at her house , its outside in the street

-They left in the US with a friend while they were jogging in the park in australia..nothing wrong with that, but what happened to the grandparents etc???…

-creepy as always..

wow.. this is so normal for a 3 year old little girl and they are barely heels. Are you people seriously offended by this. My daughter loves to play dress up and she loves girly shoes. Get a grip. Suri is adorable and no she’s not being “whored” out by her parents, what are they supposed to do stay inside all of the time and not let their daughter enjoy life a little bit. This is nothing like Jon Benet or Paris Hilton.

thanks jj @ 09/23/2009 at 6:11 pm

they are beauuuutifuul

HEY JJ , why don;t you show us photos of Suri with sneakers on from the same set of photos, I’m sure you have got them.

babar’s in a dress lol ahaahaha that made my day.

To everyone who seems to think this is crazy or creepy….what r u IDIOTS?!!! no one says its creepy for 3yr olds or even babies! to be “dressed up” for halloween in THE craziest AND creepiest of costumes…and you make comments about an innocent little girl who obviously like most little girls love to play dress up and be girly?! …SO WHAT if she’s outside in her toy heels!!! little kids are out in their pajamas and slippers!! this has NOOOOO REFLECTION on parenting whatsoever! Get lives! you crazy, creepy weirdos

@menna: menna: grow up appropriately? she’s going to be damaged by wearing toy heels?…

A toddler in heels??? It’s creepy! With the amount of pedophiles in America now Katie should be wising up and protect her child’s image. I felt sick looking at a toddler in heels. What’s next? Make-up? Wake up Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Heather: I concur Heather: I think its the PUBLIC that gawk and make mindless comments that are the weird, crazy and creepy!

re: shoes @ 09/23/2009 at 7:39 pm

Apparently Katie and Toms’ PR peeps have stated they were “dance shoes”.

Go figure.

I think the issue is not the heels, but Suri’s overexposure in the media. I am number 237 to comment about what she’s wearing and how her parents are raising her. It cannot be healthy for a child to be in the public eye this much, no matter what shoes she is wearing.

They are Pageant Shoes! @ 09/24/2009 at 12:36 am

in the suri pics, you can see where katie cut off the straps

suri? normal dress up. shiloh? @ 09/24/2009 at 7:57 am

Oh please! she’s playing dress up-like we all did as small girls. Barbie makes heels much higher, not like these..we all did that. see her purse? get a life! Well, how about your hero Angies’ little Shiloh?? Dressing like a boy? Black horrid shoes/sneakers, boy clothes, fake tattoos, when I saw her last I that I would worry about. Damn, she’s 3, and yet her mom thinks this is fine..haven’t seen her look like a little girl not ONCE! But that’s all cute and fine, correct?? HA imagine if Katie had Suri looking like that??? I mean, Shi’s shoes last pic were so ugh, fug, and black..I said..what the hell is her mother thinking? Shi looks like a young Chasity Bono… but that’s their business..I can see Angie liking that dress on her daughter.
Suri is a little doll, hands down, the cutest, little girl in this HW.
But, so funny, to read these postings, yet ZIP on the way, the other 3 yr old dresses…like a real, little BOY. I’ll take the little girl playing dress up, ANYDAY..over a 3 yr old girl in black boys items! Not normal!

birtanemcici @ 09/24/2009 at 8:58 am

omg i`m shocked how could this be that a 3 years young girl wear high heels? if i wouldn`t see this i wouldn`t belive that`s absourd and not good for healthy growing

does ANYONE else think Suri is a gigantic 3yr old?!?!? she looks 4 or 5 years old, she definatly doesn’t have baby features she looks like she should be in school.

What a shiity mother. That poor kid doesnt have any idea what she’s in for. CRAZY FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really, #175.

When did I ever say that they’re perfect and live a perfect life, #189. Define normal. An autistic Paris Hilton? The things you people come up with…

I don’t blindly defend TomKat no matter what they do, #196. That’s not true at all. Well then lets just hope that this is an occasional thing. In the mean time, stop telling other people how to raise their kids and quit assuming you know how Holmes is raising her kid and how her kid behaves. YOU’RE the blind if you don’t think many here aren’t just playing concerned citizen and just want to bash TomKat.

Are there any pics of her at that concert, #198? Are you sure that was lipstick?

Right, #199.

Stop comparing, #203. Also, there are no such thing as normal celebrity families.

Their problem, #204. Not yours.

What hypocrisy, #205? I’m not a Scientologist and I don’t know how Brangelina raises their kid. I was responding to a comment a fan brought up and told that person my opinion that matter.

How does one ‘seem’ like a diva, #208?

You overestimate how much time and energy I spend here, #211.

Child abuse, #216? You people use that very serious term far too often in TomKat threads. It’s so inaccurate.

There are no normal celebrity kids and I don’t where you’re getting that Suri Cruise doesn’t have a happy upbringing and leads a strict lifestyle where she doesn’t have fun and doesn’t have a happy and stable upbringing. I’d sooner say that Suri Cruise has a better life than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt since she’s never dressed so raggedy and isn’t flying to a bunch of different parts of the globe every few days. I don’t know how these two are being raised and how content they are but it’s my observation and reasoning.

That’s nonsense, #224. Stick with the health issue argument but cut it out with this sexualizing crap.

I’m pretty sure Tom Cruise never and would never say such a thing, #225.

What about the grandparents, #226? They’re not parents.

We know already, #227. Those people should really mind their own business.

Link me, #236.

Overexposure, #237? We haven’t seen her in over a month!

shes a girly girl, get over it @ 09/24/2009 at 5:41 pm

Like it’s more normal she should be in combat pants, ugh boy boots and holding a sword, LMAO! THIS is what little girls WANT to DO. Not what that little cute pirate is doing, no doubt with help from her odd mom in black.
Suri is adorable, and hands down, the most beautiful child in celeb land.

I don’t see anything wrong with girls playing dress-up… my only concern is that she might slip and break her ankle. It’s one thing to dress up at home and wear heels {I know I did that!} it’s another to wear them out and about whilst walking in cities. It just seems dangerous and inappropriate.

@Hugo Hurley:
Yeah. Dres–up. Wearing high heels at 3 years in public is different. 3-year-olds already have bad balance, and wearing heels NEVER helps with balance.

People: Suri isn’t playing dress-up. She’s walking around in public. On a street. With her mother. That’s not dress-up. That’s clothes for the day.

Next person to say kids (not only girls play dress-up, FYI) always wear heels when playing dress-up, and I will literally headdesk.

Dangerous, #245? Please…

Go right ahead, #247. But she’s not your kid so mind your own and quit telling other people how to raise their own kids.

Shannon Sultan @ 09/25/2009 at 2:36 am

I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all. Just because she’s wearing heels does not mean anything. I have a 6 year old daughter and from the moment she could comprehend any kind of movies, she’s loved the Disney Princesses and Barbie. I never pushed any of it on her, just as I didn’t push anything on my 4 year old son who loves Disney Cars. For a time, he liked his sister’s Barbies and for a while, his sister liked to play with his cars. I never pushed it on either. She’s always liked playing dress up, and I’d get her those play heels from Dollar Tree. She also likes having a purse because Mommy does and she always carried around her doll. Believe it when I say I tried to get her to leave those things at home because it was one less thing I’d have to be looking for in the car, but it was her own choice. I refuse to teach her she’s weaker than a male because she’s female, because let’s face it, she’s built like mama and has mama’s deadly weapons of strong legs. That girl isn’t weak in any way. And I refuse to teach her that. Same with my son. Even though he has strength, I teach him that it’s not a good idea to use it out of anger.

@suri? normal dress up. shiloh?: What on earth does Angelina or Shiloh have to do wth anything? Why is it that Angelina’s jealous haters are so OBSESSED and EATEN UP WITH HATE, that Angelina and her family is on their minds 24/7 and they cannot go for ONE HOUR without bringing up Angelina! Can you say OBSESSED PSYCHO? You Angelina deranged obsessed haters have SERIOUS issues. I have no doubt at all that you talk about Angelina in your sleep!
Oh, and it is far far FAR more normal and socially acceptable to just be a child dressed casually than a Jon Benet Ramsey who isn’t allowed to be dirty or to be a NORMAL CHILD! At least Angelina isn’t guilty of child abuse like Katie is. Shiloh is indicative of a healthy and stable upbringing. Suri is an example of an abused child who has no childhood.

@domino: The shoes are ‘barely heels’?!?? Wtf? get your eyes checked! They are steep heels for a child. You forget shes a child and think in terms of small, for a woman. Those heels are bloody huge. No, it is NOT normal for girls to go OUT (not just playing inside) wearing steep heel shoes like THAT. If you think thats normal, I pity your poor daughter. It is wrong, no matter how you spin and certainly not, and never will be, normal. No normal parent would even think of dressing a 3 year old toddler in steep heels like that. That is just plain clueless and stupid. Oh, and newsflash, this IS like Jon Benet Ramsey, minus the pageants. Katie is well-known to dress Suri in very very expensive designer dresses to just go for a walk.

It is irresponsible ‘parenting’.

You have no idea how either kid is raised, #250.

Where are you getting the crazy idea that Suri Cruise isn’t allowed to get dirty and be a normal child? Child abuse? Are you insane? Howcan you claim one has a healthy and stable upbringingand the other doesn’t? Because of the quality of their clothes?

Now not only do you want her to be autistic but being mentally abused? You’re sick…


@Christianne: I couldnt agree with you more!! Its sickening to see how they dess and treat her. I dont understand the way Katie talks about her calling her “a strong woman”??? Seriously?? She is a homely, plain kid and not Royalty!! They act like she is so mature yet she is still in diapers and drinks from a bottle!

Honestly, Suri looks like she’s having fun in those. They aren’t /that/ high at all. When I was little my mother let me go to the grocery store in my dress up shoes just for fun. I liked to pretend I was all grown up and shopping.

and @ lr: Children always have their hair in their faces, it’s not unusual at all.

Omfg, people she is 3 its just like dress up. I had heels to wear when i was little and Im fine, christ you are building a montain out of a mole hill, let the child have fun, she isn’t yours, im sure Katy knows how to raise her own daughter so but out.

I have seen her with lipstick, nailpolish, all types of frilly dresses and now high heels. Every pedophile’s poster girl!!

Jeez, all you people who are criticizing are ridiculous! She’s a little girl, of course she’ll want to wear heels! They’re not even that high, and she does NOT wear them all the time! Everyone keeps saying “they’re making her into a little adult! Robbing her of her childhood! blah blah..” Umm.. am I the only one who sees her carrying a stuffed elephant?

When I was little I used to go to the grocery store with my mom in a full cinderella costume – high heels and all. Nobody stopped to tell my mom how horrible she was..

And people, please be considerate – your constant criticizing is probably far more damaging to her development than her wearing heels for a day.

Besides the shoes, Suri is SCARY, she doesn’t seem normal, probably because her family is not.

Rosie Jones @ 11/19/2009 at 1:56 pm

why shouldnt she wear them, its just like dressing up for kids and if shes happy wearing them then why not, i could understnad if it looked like the wasnt comfy but she looks happy and not walking weird so its clearly doing no damage… annnnnd its completely up to katie how she dresses her daughter.. shes a little cutie anyway :)

she is way tooooo cute. i love her little poses. omg.

Anonymous1 @ 12/02/2009 at 10:57 am

I disagree…….I think it IS that serious when you dress a CHILD as an adult. Where do you think Pedofiles get their inspiration to do harm and rape children?

Anonymous1 @ 12/02/2009 at 11:00 am

This is NOT cool, nor is it cute. Parents need to let their children be CHILDREN for heaven’s sake! Where do you think pedofiles get their inspiration? From pretty little girls wearing adult clothing, makeup, high heels, etc. GET A GRIP and stop perpetuating adulthood in children.

They’re little girl inch heels. Everyone is fckn hyper ventilating %$$% over inch heels..Get a damn life.

These pictures remind me so much of my daughter at that age. Some little girls love to dress up when they go out. My daughter was a dress-wearing tomboy just like myself. These are so sweet and bring back such precious memories.

@Hugo Hurley:

ya.. when playing “dress up!” i don’t think she is though. Would you let your kid wear heels out on an everyday basis?

People are pathetic!

Suri is not wearing high heels; she is only wearing a low heel on a childs shoe.

Please get a life “Haters.”

Maybe Suri is wearing high heels because she is an AUTISTIC TOE-WALKER! I’m totally serious about this!

Suri = Demonic

relax peeps, she’s not even your daughter. when it comes to your own, do what you like. don’t criticize people just because they’re celebrities. you have your own family to look after, after all…

She wears heels often which is weird. Shes like 5! Shes probably the most spoiled kid ever never even wears the same thing twice. I wonder what she’ll be like older :(

I wonder who’s idea it was to wear heels…….omg

How can you guys say that Suri is “just as talented as her mother”? We don’t know how talented Suri is…she’s a baby. I haven’t heard her say ONE word yet, except when she is screaming at her mom about something. Unless, you mean that Katie is NOT talented–or that Katie is only as talented as a baby–in which case, I concur. Anyway, these pictures are cute as hell. I think Suri is having the best day ever in these heels, and I think she thinks she looks pretty, pretty cool. :)

This child is going to grow up and be an overindulged, spoiled rotten brat who is going to expect everything to be handed to her. Honestly, there are people in this country who are struggling, homeless, can’t feed themselves or their children, and have to resort to goodwill or salvation army for clothing. They’re all around us. And then you have ******** like Tom and Katie who spend obnoxious and unnecessary amounts of money on clothing and who knows what else for Suri. Seriously, what values are you teaching to your daughter? Teaching her to be a selfish, self-centered, materialistic person it seems to be…

OMG, how can this be? I dont like when little girls wear high heels, kinda not ok to me.

I’m so happy that your blog widened my horizons. Thanks for your sharing.Good luck with you.

Katarinah @ 09/04/2010 at 6:12 pm

I think Katie is awsome, but really?? Who would think that having thier child wear high heels is ok??? It’s like having your child wear mini skirts and tube tops while walking down sunset blv

@fede: Don’t make the statement “Girls love heels.” Not all of us do and by the way a 3 year old in heels in insane. Yes for play or dress up fine, but these two are out shopping or whatever together. A child needs to be a child. What is wrong with you people?

I keep reading all these comments telling people to relax about the heels and that you can buy them at any toy store. My response to that is, SO WHAT. They’re for dress up, that’s great, dress up at home. Coming from a medical stand point, children at that age shouldn’t be wearing heels anyway, it’s bad for the developement of their spine. You wore them when you were little? How special are you. Was your Mother also trying to introduce you to the world as an adult at the age of 3? Everyone gives Suri too much credit, she isn’t a “genius” and she hasn’t shown any “talent” that I’ve seen thus far. She’s just a little girl.

Quite helpful write-up. I merely stumbled upon your website and wished to say that I’ve extremely favored studying your blog posts. Any means I’ll be subscribing inside your feed and I hope you publish after more soon.

cute, but looks expensive

Suri is one lovely girl, dont you think folks? I bet Tom is proud of her.

Those are children’s dancing shoes. Big deal. I personally think that they look out of place for a child. As would long fingernails.
And the straps are cut off, I can’t imagine how a child could keep them on but that’s for her to decide.
When I was younger than she I would choose my own clothing and today I have fantastic taste. I attribute it to that.
Suri should develop her tastes as young as possible.
I doubt that my mother, in the fifties, would let me wear “heels” but that was a different era.
Let her be.

LolitaLempika @ 02/21/2011 at 4:48 pm

What the hell is this for?
Are kids not allowed to be kids any longer?
Is Family Holmes not aware of their role model funtion in society?
Will all three year olds eventually end up wearing high heels and eventually become cripples (both physically and menthally , the can’t play around, run out their energy etc?) Is this the world we live in?
And why consider some people this to be cute?

It is cruelty and I am sure that some of the scientology ideology (although I am not quite familiar with it) has something to do with Suri not being allowed to lead a kid’s life but copyind her mothers life style…

That is not very nice ,especially at such a young age. She will probably have problems with her feet when she gets older. Her bones are not formed properly, so they can get affected. :(

Pretty cute, isn’t it?

It is true that at such a young age these are not the correct shoes. Her mother is making a mistake here.

just thought I’d lend my pitchfork to the mob…

high heels are bad for adults, and children’s feet are even more delicate. Heels for kids are maybe for dress-up, but not for going out and walking/standing for any length of time. Kids need shoes that support their feet and don’t damage them.

Whatever happened to Stride Rite velcro tennies with Sesame Street characters on them?

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@Realme2008: Exactly!!! I had a little pair of plastic heel shoes that I wore around my house. People are just being ridicoulous in making a big deal out of this!!

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