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Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise may only be 3 years old but she sure is growing up fast!

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen wearing a pair of silver high heels while walking along Newbury Street with mom on Monday (September 21) in Boston, Mass.

Suri also carried around a handbag and a stuffed animal of Queen Celeste (from the Babar the Elephant book and TV series). So cute!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise stepping out in a pair of silver peep-toe d’orsay pumps…

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297 Responses to “Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!”

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  1. 101
    Nance Rosen Says:

    I think she looks a bit like Tom Cruise. Her face, not her shoes.

  2. 102
    t Says:

    i’m so sick of seeing Suri hair in the way of her gorgeous face. It must be annoying for her to walk around like that. Katie please clip your childs hair up or tie it into a pony tail

  3. 103
    janett Says:

    Katie really should wear a long tunic to cover up those thunder thighs.

    The cankles are covered….thank goodness.

  4. 104
    my9cats Says:

    Gee. I didn’t know Suri could walk.
    Who knew?

  5. 105
    g!na Says:

    Suri – crazy antisocial kid

    shiloh – happy sweet playful child

    kingston – rebel

    violet – rat child

    matilda- future best friend with shiloh

  6. 106
    chase Says:

    kingston & shiloh are the future couple! prom king & prom queen !!!!!!

  7. 107
    janett Says:

    Suri is still wearing a 10 gallon crap-filled diaper and she’s 3.5 years old.

    If Katie wasn’t such a lazy golddigger, she would change her daughter’s diaper. No chance that Katie will potty train Suri as long as Katie doesn’t change the diapers.

    She should be placed in a foster home ASAP!

  8. 108
    cameron Says:


    Shiloh knows how to play with other kids and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty! Shiloh is an active happy playful kid! of course she plays rough, she has two older brothers! she’s the most beautiful kid in the world! suri needs a playdate with shiloh so she can play with children insread of hanging out with adults!

  9. 109
    Susan Says:

    I think it’s kinda cute. Besides why would they make heels in a kid’s size if they can’t wear them?! lol

  10. 110
    kate Says:

    @janett: how can you tell she’s still in diapers? i knew i saw them awhile back! just wondering because that’s awful!

  11. 111
    jade Says:

    suri needs her hair comb! she needs some friends too! katie give your child a playdate with someone her own age! Dial Angie’s number! Shiloh & Zahara will love to play dress up with Suri! cutess playdate ever!

  12. 112
    Amherst Says:

    well- they never let Suri walk more than a few steps – so her choice of footwear really doesn’t matter

  13. 113
    kj Says:

    You all act so high and mighty…Bet most of you are epic failures as parents…Come on here b***ing about other people and their kids, pathethic…And to the ones who aren’t parents, I think that says it all, YOUR NOT PARENTS, STFU!!!…Quit kidding yourselves, you just want to b**** about Katie, she will never be a good mom in your eyes no matter what she does…Glad to see doesn’t give a sh** what you guys think…And to the ones who think she should be turned into child services….What are you f***ing retarded?….I guess you had a real sh**y childhood….Apparently your parents never left you have any fun…So now you feel you need to project your lost pathetic childhood on this child (Omg she is eating candy, wearing play shoes, got her hair in her eyes, wearing mismatched closed, etc)…no wonder you all sound like you have a board stuck up your a***, you were never allowed to be a kid.

  14. 114
    LuckyL Says:

    This kid is beginning to resemble a young Tarzan, despite all the expensive clothes.

  15. 115
    LuckyL Says:

    But yes, this definitely screams of JonBenet

  16. 116
    bebe Says:

    Suri and Shiloh must leave in different parts of hollywood. one for normal kids and one for the rich and famous

  17. 117
    bebe Says:

    who do you all think will win in a kid fight? SHILOH OR SURI

    I say Shiloh will open a can of whoop ass on suri

  18. 118
    um Says:


    um can you people stop? What gutter did you crawl out of?

  19. 119
    We know who Says:

    “Which celebrity mom is a secret smoker? She puffs away in private and then hides the smell by applying lots of Purell and perfume. Plus, she chews gum after lighting up to mask her breath.”

    hmm…which celebrity mom has teeth the color of dog poo and is aging prematurely?

  20. 120
    poor suri Says:

    her hands look painful. this pic is in boston the other night

  21. 121
    big ball of fluff Says:


    Suri is in training…..wearing high heels at the teeny age of 3?

    BUT- she is still in diapers?

    What a load of poo!

    Where are your priorities dumb Katie?

  22. 122
    fORTUNE Says:

    Neither TomKat or Brangelina are role model parents. All these kids are going to be majorly F’up in the future.

  23. 123
    diapers in boston Says:

  24. 124
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Yeah-Dumbos,she should be turned over to Child Services. That would be much better than living in luxury,never hungry,getting a first class education and having 2 loving parents. I am no fan of Tom&Katie but I DO NOT doubt that they love their child!!!!!

    Also, to the MORON who claimed that b/c Shiloh dresses as a tomboy some-times she will turn into a Chastity Bono,thats the nearly the stupidest thing I’ve read. I think Shi will turn into a world-class stunning woman who will look back and laugh at her tomboy years.And don’t forget,we only see SMALL snippets of these kid;s lives and there are pics of Shi in dresses anyway!! DUMBA**!!

  25. 125
    they're not play shoes! Says:

    they are custom made $425 shoes! classy, unlike you trash.

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