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Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise may only be 3 years old but she sure is growing up fast!

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen wearing a pair of silver high heels while walking along Newbury Street with mom on Monday (September 21) in Boston, Mass.

Suri also carried around a handbag and a stuffed animal of Queen Celeste (from the Babar the Elephant book and TV series). So cute!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise stepping out in a pair of silver peep-toe d’orsay pumps…

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  • twistedculture

    F***** up family, one f***** up kid. All celebrities should be forcibly sterilized to avoid the s*** they put their kids through.

  • Frida

    Oh, for f*ck sakes…

  • Ihatekatieholmes

    I’m speachless O___O I hate Katie Holmes, she is a STUPID and CRAZY mother. Those high heels, that hair (that baby is going to be blind!!), the red nail-polish that she usually wears. I have no words!!

    Katie, look at Ava Jackman, Matilda Ledger… those are cuter kids because they dress and act normal!! Your baby, Surie, looks terrible and she looks like a little bitc*!!

  • @KJ

    As several posters have said–if this is a one off with the heels, fine. BUT if this is the norm, the kid increases the potential for knee, back, hip and foot problems.

  • LuckyL

    One @ 09/22/2009 at 1:52 am

    Haha, stop, to quote you, “telling people how to raise their kids” fa**ot

    God there’s too much hypocrisy in this entire post

  • LuckyL

    And One/ #1 Scientology loon, how the f*ck do you know how Shiloh is being raised either? Why are you SUCH a HYPOCRIT?

  • ankh

    that’s so f***ing creepy! oh, yeah, sure, no big deal…bullshit – it will be a big one when she’ll have spine problems and deformed walking at 10 years old!! narrowminded people!! and for God’s sake, does kate EVER pull that hair off the kid’s eyes? or is she into the emo kid look. God she’s clueless…

  • bella

    Wow, I would hate to babysit this kid. Sorry but she clearly seems like a diva. No mother in there right mind would let there daughter wear heels at that age, unless she screamed the damn house down if she couldn’t.

  • Suri Hilton

    oh yes…she DID scream the house down and stomped her feet as well.

    She gets whatever she wants.

    Suri, the newest diva brat of Hollywood,


  • victoria #1

    Oh My Lord!!!!!!!!!! LOL..LOL..LOL..

    Jon Benet? LOL..LOL.. Are you people for real? ” Suri will develop arch
    problems and toe problems and back problems. She wobbles. She
    wears $425.00 shoes. ( LOL ) How the hell do YOU know that? ) ”

    This has to be the sillliest and most ‘ desperate one to find a complaint post ‘
    I have ever seen. Since this is the first time we have seen Suri wear
    heels out in public, other than her ballet looking flats, I seriously doubt
    she will be grossly deformed. Her shoes look like children’s play
    heels and little girls that age LOVE to wear them.

    My two grand-daughters, ages 2.5 and 4.5 love to wear their Disney
    heels ( Bella and Jasmine and Cinderella ), and sometimes their
    mother will let them wear a pair to the store. People will stop them
    to remark how cute they are. What is everyone’s problem?

    Don’t you all have enough to worry about ?
    Suri is at the age to be interested in play make-up and lip gloss ( Hello
    Kitty ) and little camisoles and play shoes. All stores that sell girls
    clothing her size sell these things, even tiny undergarments. I have seen them.


    As @ONE says, ” let Katie worry about her hair and her potty training.”
    I don’t know about you guys, but those things are the least of my
    problems. She isn’t mine, and it is not my worry.

    And the poster who suggested foster care, is an idiot. I can just see
    a social worker showing up on the street or at their front door
    to ” observe ” after a fan filed a complaint. LOL.LOL. Can we say
    ” LAWSUIT.”? or, ” MY, Scientology people will pay YOUR people
    a lengthy visit real soon.” Most people would not tangle with Tom
    Cruise over a stupid thing like that. Suri is not abused.

  • annab

    #152 ….has too much time on their hands to make such long posts. You go screw yourself.

  • ladygagaisschizophrenia

    Suri Cruise Vs Violet Affleck


    Really? you all complain about how inappropriate this is? children LOVE dressing up! What is wrong with you people, she’s just a child! And Katie isnt a bad mother either, she’s allowing her kid to have fun by dressing up. and plus, suri isn’t your kid, maybe you all need turn around and pay more attention to your own life instead of others. Children explore themselves by dressing up, dont you ever dress up? this doesn’t happen only in hollywood, go check out your local childcare centers, they have heels for the 2-5 year olds.

  • emma#2


  • kuje18

    before commenting about how they raise little suri check all the sites and see that suri changed her shoes.and besides she is not the only little girl who wears high heels shoes..many ordinary kids do that..all of you are just morons or maybe from another planet you don’t see the real world.suri is a really normal kid from head to toe…you just envy her style,her beauty and her money…lol

  • Heather

    @Realme2008: Excuse me? I really don’t want to know where you live because I have NEVER seen little girls wearing high heels like that. Not once! Clearly by your immature lol, you think its all a joke and ‘not serious’. Clearly you are too immature and careless to know that yes it IS VERY SERIOUS! Especially at that age when girls skeletal system isn’t fully formed it can cause ENORMOUS damage. Its a form of child abuse to me. Why do ‘mothers’ like that what to sexualise their child and want to allow them to grow up far too quickly? This is a habit with Katie as when she was in Australia recently she let Suri see a mature show meant only for adults. Katie is a pathetic excuse for a mother and I cannot believe there are some immoral people on here even daring to defend this!!

  • Heather

    @GET A LIFE: What is wrong with YOU, you ignorant inbred trash? Parents are there to be PARENTS, and not give in to a child just because they ‘want’ something. Parents are supposed to know right from wrong and to say NO! Little girls might like to play dress-up and wear mummy’s high heels for 2 minutes at home – that is a world of difference to BUYIONG a CHILD a pair of high heels and allowing them to spend a day walking around in them, ruining the bones in their feet. How can you be so blaze and so careless, thoughtless and ignorant? I hope you never have children. You sound like the type who would allow your daughter to have a nose piercing at age 5! Trash, is what your type is called.

  • Heather

    @kn: What on earth does Angelina or Shiloh have to do wth anything? Why is it that Angelina’s jealous haters are so OBSESSED and EATEN UP WITH HATE, that Angelina and her family is on their minds 24/7 and they cannot go for ONE HOUR without bringing up Angelina! Can you say OBSESSED PSYCHO? You Angelina deranged obsessed haters have SERIOUS issues. I have no doubt at all that you talk about Angelina in your sleep!
    Oh, and it is far far FAR more normal and socially acceptable to just be a child dressed casually than a Jon Benet Ramsey who isn’t allowed to be dirty or to be a NORMAL CHILD! At least Angelina isn’t guilty of child abuse like Katie is. Shiloh is indicative of a healthy and stable upbringing. Suri is an example of an abused child who has no childhood.

  • joie


    LMAO, you’re right! Next time, Suri will be on the cover of FHM or Maxim.

  • tonton

    my god what horeur, always badly dressed coifee ill and die on his shoes for a woman 40 years it’s better you occupyinga your child and put him in place corresponding to their age what horeur as ugly as her mother

  • Julie

    I remember I was 4 years old and my mom brought me a pair of high heels from Las Vegas I was so happy, the second time I wore High Heels was when I was a teenager so I don’t think it is bad! Every little girl wants to trie mama’s shoes…

  • Suri * The Child Katie the Mom

    Katie needs to smarten up! I am sure Surie would have been cool with MaMA SAYING YOU CAN WEAR YOUR PLAY SHOES AT HOME IN YOUR ROOM FOR PLAYING HOUSE IN.

    Spolied Brats are not enjoyable kids. It’s more difficult as they get older
    to let them know who is boss.

    Give Suri time. She has lots of time to grow up.

    Yes she is a clear case of Jon Benet Ramsey…Enough already!


    GOOD LUCK! trying to ever discipline this kid or give her boundaries.

  • Danielle

    Ok Katie has crossed the line with putting heels on her TODDLER–very inappropriate. Heels have a sexy genre about them and putting such on a kid makes the kid “too grown” for her age and snatches her childhood from her, and she’s going to start thinking that she is at Katie’s level. It is probably already too late—the toddler is already carrying a purse and wearing high skirts.

  • mary

    I love Katie Holmes’ style!! I would buy her label. Suri is so adorable! I wish we could hear what she’s talking to her mom about. To me, Katie is totally normal. She’s all-american to me and i totally dig that about her!!
    People, don’t u remember tom cruise’s interview with oprah when he said that they basically give suri whatevr the heck she wants partly because that’s scientology way, etc., yeah, she’ll probably grow up to be a spoiled brat but most hollywood kids are!!!

  • miapocca

    Bad parenting in hollywood is better than child services anyday

    -She is wearing heels and its not a playdate at her house , its outside in the street

    -They left in the US with a friend while they were jogging in the park in australia..nothing wrong with that, but what happened to the grandparents etc???…

    -creepy as always..

  • Boston Globe SLAMS Katie!!!
  • domino

    wow.. this is so normal for a 3 year old little girl and they are barely heels. Are you people seriously offended by this. My daughter loves to play dress up and she loves girly shoes. Get a grip. Suri is adorable and no she’s not being “whored” out by her parents, what are they supposed to do stay inside all of the time and not let their daughter enjoy life a little bit. This is nothing like Jon Benet or Paris Hilton.

  • thanks jj

    they are beauuuutifuul

  • emma#2

    HEY JJ , why don;t you show us photos of Suri with sneakers on from the same set of photos, I’m sure you have got them.

  • dude

    babar’s in a dress lol ahaahaha that made my day.

  • sooocute

    To everyone who seems to think this is crazy or creepy….what r u IDIOTS?!!! no one says its creepy for 3yr olds or even babies! to be “dressed up” for halloween in THE craziest AND creepiest of costumes…and you make comments about an innocent little girl who obviously like most little girls love to play dress up and be girly?! …SO WHAT if she’s outside in her toy heels!!! little kids are out in their pajamas and slippers!! this has NOOOOO REFLECTION on parenting whatsoever! Get lives! you crazy, creepy weirdos

  • sooocute

    @menna: menna: grow up appropriately? she’s going to be damaged by wearing toy heels?…

  • Lwll

    A toddler in heels??? It’s creepy! With the amount of pedophiles in America now Katie should be wising up and protect her child’s image. I felt sick looking at a toddler in heels. What’s next? Make-up? Wake up Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sooocute

    @Heather: I concur Heather: I think its the PUBLIC that gawk and make mindless comments that are the weird, crazy and creepy!

  • re: shoes

    Apparently Katie and Toms’ PR peeps have stated they were “dance shoes”.

    Go figure.

  • bo bear

    I think the issue is not the heels, but Suri’s overexposure in the media. I am number 237 to comment about what she’s wearing and how her parents are raising her. It cannot be healthy for a child to be in the public eye this much, no matter what shoes she is wearing.

  • They are Pageant Shoes!
  • suri? normal dress up. shiloh?

    Oh please! she’s playing dress up-like we all did as small girls. Barbie makes heels much higher, not like these..we all did that. see her purse? get a life! Well, how about your hero Angies’ little Shiloh?? Dressing like a boy? Black horrid shoes/sneakers, boy clothes, fake tattoos, when I saw her last I that I would worry about. Damn, she’s 3, and yet her mom thinks this is fine..haven’t seen her look like a little girl not ONCE! But that’s all cute and fine, correct?? HA imagine if Katie had Suri looking like that??? I mean, Shi’s shoes last pic were so ugh, fug, and black..I said..what the hell is her mother thinking? Shi looks like a young Chasity Bono… but that’s their business..I can see Angie liking that dress on her daughter.
    Suri is a little doll, hands down, the cutest, little girl in this HW.
    But, so funny, to read these postings, yet ZIP on the way, the other 3 yr old dresses…like a real, little BOY. I’ll take the little girl playing dress up, ANYDAY..over a 3 yr old girl in black boys items! Not normal!

  • birtanemcici

    omg i`m shocked how could this be that a 3 years young girl wear high heels? if i wouldn`t see this i wouldn`t belive that`s absourd and not good for healthy growing

  • Sammie

    does ANYONE else think Suri is a gigantic 3yr old?!?!? she looks 4 or 5 years old, she definatly doesn’t have baby features she looks like she should be in school.

  • jenny

    What a shiity mother. That poor kid doesnt have any idea what she’s in for. CRAZY FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One

    Not really, #175.

    When did I ever say that they’re perfect and live a perfect life, #189. Define normal. An autistic Paris Hilton? The things you people come up with…

    I don’t blindly defend TomKat no matter what they do, #196. That’s not true at all. Well then lets just hope that this is an occasional thing. In the mean time, stop telling other people how to raise their kids and quit assuming you know how Holmes is raising her kid and how her kid behaves. YOU’RE the blind if you don’t think many here aren’t just playing concerned citizen and just want to bash TomKat.

    Are there any pics of her at that concert, #198? Are you sure that was lipstick?

    Right, #199.

    Stop comparing, #203. Also, there are no such thing as normal celebrity families.

    Their problem, #204. Not yours.

    What hypocrisy, #205? I’m not a Scientologist and I don’t know how Brangelina raises their kid. I was responding to a comment a fan brought up and told that person my opinion that matter.

    How does one ‘seem’ like a diva, #208?

    You overestimate how much time and energy I spend here, #211.

    Child abuse, #216? You people use that very serious term far too often in TomKat threads. It’s so inaccurate.

    There are no normal celebrity kids and I don’t where you’re getting that Suri Cruise doesn’t have a happy upbringing and leads a strict lifestyle where she doesn’t have fun and doesn’t have a happy and stable upbringing. I’d sooner say that Suri Cruise has a better life than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt since she’s never dressed so raggedy and isn’t flying to a bunch of different parts of the globe every few days. I don’t know how these two are being raised and how content they are but it’s my observation and reasoning.

    That’s nonsense, #224. Stick with the health issue argument but cut it out with this sexualizing crap.

    I’m pretty sure Tom Cruise never and would never say such a thing, #225.

    What about the grandparents, #226? They’re not parents.

    We know already, #227. Those people should really mind their own business.

    Link me, #236.

    Overexposure, #237? We haven’t seen her in over a month!

  • shes a girly girl, get over it

    Like it’s more normal she should be in combat pants, ugh boy boots and holding a sword, LMAO! THIS is what little girls WANT to DO. Not what that little cute pirate is doing, no doubt with help from her odd mom in black.
    Suri is adorable, and hands down, the most beautiful child in celeb land.

  • Jennie {in Wonderland}

    I don’t see anything wrong with girls playing dress-up… my only concern is that she might slip and break her ankle. It’s one thing to dress up at home and wear heels {I know I did that!} it’s another to wear them out and about whilst walking in cities. It just seems dangerous and inappropriate.

  • Brittany

    @Hugo Hurley:
    Yeah. Dres–up. Wearing high heels at 3 years in public is different. 3-year-olds already have bad balance, and wearing heels NEVER helps with balance.

  • Brittany

    People: Suri isn’t playing dress-up. She’s walking around in public. On a street. With her mother. That’s not dress-up. That’s clothes for the day.

    Next person to say kids (not only girls play dress-up, FYI) always wear heels when playing dress-up, and I will literally headdesk.

  • One

    Dangerous, #245? Please…

    Go right ahead, #247. But she’s not your kid so mind your own and quit telling other people how to raise their own kids.

  • Shannon Sultan

    I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all. Just because she’s wearing heels does not mean anything. I have a 6 year old daughter and from the moment she could comprehend any kind of movies, she’s loved the Disney Princesses and Barbie. I never pushed any of it on her, just as I didn’t push anything on my 4 year old son who loves Disney Cars. For a time, he liked his sister’s Barbies and for a while, his sister liked to play with his cars. I never pushed it on either. She’s always liked playing dress up, and I’d get her those play heels from Dollar Tree. She also likes having a purse because Mommy does and she always carried around her doll. Believe it when I say I tried to get her to leave those things at home because it was one less thing I’d have to be looking for in the car, but it was her own choice. I refuse to teach her she’s weaker than a male because she’s female, because let’s face it, she’s built like mama and has mama’s deadly weapons of strong legs. That girl isn’t weak in any way. And I refuse to teach her that. Same with my son. Even though he has strength, I teach him that it’s not a good idea to use it out of anger.

  • Heather

    @suri? normal dress up. shiloh?: What on earth does Angelina or Shiloh have to do wth anything? Why is it that Angelina’s jealous haters are so OBSESSED and EATEN UP WITH HATE, that Angelina and her family is on their minds 24/7 and they cannot go for ONE HOUR without bringing up Angelina! Can you say OBSESSED PSYCHO? You Angelina deranged obsessed haters have SERIOUS issues. I have no doubt at all that you talk about Angelina in your sleep!
    Oh, and it is far far FAR more normal and socially acceptable to just be a child dressed casually than a Jon Benet Ramsey who isn’t allowed to be dirty or to be a NORMAL CHILD! At least Angelina isn’t guilty of child abuse like Katie is. Shiloh is indicative of a healthy and stable upbringing. Suri is an example of an abused child who has no childhood.