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Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise may only be 3 years old but she sure is growing up fast!

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen wearing a pair of silver high heels while walking along Newbury Street with mom on Monday (September 21) in Boston, Mass.

Suri also carried around a handbag and a stuffed animal of Queen Celeste (from the Babar the Elephant book and TV series). So cute!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise stepping out in a pair of silver peep-toe d’orsay pumps…

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297 Responses to “Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!”

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  1. 126
    Aussie Girl Says:

    Hey Guys- If you really want to get your knickers in a twist about this,check out this site.It is High Heels for BABIES-I am not joking-little babies with heels on. Check it out!!!

  2. 127
    pokeman Says:

    bebe @ 09/21/2009 at 10:08 pm who do you all think will win in a kid fight? SHILOH OR SURI

    I say Shiloh will open a can of whoop ass on suri
    true and funny. also, i think shiloh probably will not grow up to be a spoil brat because Angie will make sure her kids are well aware about social issues and other important things. on the other hand, katie make sure suri has the best designer dresses and shoes. god for bid katie puts suri in a crocs clog or in normal clothes like T-shirt, cargo pants or any clothes that normal regular kids would wear.

  3. 128
    Matt Says:

    wow, you all people have never seen little girls wearing heels ? OMG you all fail! of course they do! I have seen little girls wearing them everyday for years and they always do! DUHHHHHH!

    it’s NOT sick or creepy so get over it! its called CUTE! DUH! That is because you don’t even remember when you were a little girl and wearing heels…… I think you better go look at your old photo album and see for yourself! My sister’s daughter wears them to ! its called ” Like Mother, Like Daughter ” ever heard of that ?

    wow , epic fail ….

  4. 129
    pooter Says:

    what idiot will buy their child $425 shoes at age 3?

    I don’t care if a person has money or not….it is still stupid.

    Stupid is the commenter # 125 as if $425 shoes for a 3 year old is normal.


  5. 130
    Matt Says:

    ummm who said child shoes for $425? You just fail ******! Kids shoes and heels are at least $20 bucks! DUH! I dare you go to shoes store and see for yourself! dang… what a sad loser…..

  6. 131
    Aussie Girl Says:

    #127 Great post about Shi. But, these same people will post “Why does Shi only wear pants” “Why is her hair scruffy” Answer-she’s being brought up as regular as possible,even wearing hand-me-downs from siblings. These people complain that Suri is always wearing dresses and complain that Shi only wears pants(not true)
    As I posted earlier-we only see a SMALL portion of what these kid’s wear and NEVER what they actually wear when hanging around in the privacy of their home!!!!

  7. 132
    gigi Says:

    two things make it weird to me:
    1. high heels + diapers = mother and daughter need to focus on suri becoming a big girl instead of dressing like one. that includes bright lipstick.
    2. wearing them out in the city, especially boston road. abit dangerous plusi know they are custom made but they can’t be great for suri’s feet

  8. 133
    April88 Says:

    #126 OMG-High Heels made for babies aged 0-6months. Now that’s sick and twisted and I wonder how many pairs have actually been ordered from that site. YUCK and disturbing

  9. 134
    they're not play shoes! Says:

    the shoes are roger vivier. you don’t know about such good taste.

  10. 135
    pr person Says:

    So Mrs. Crazy… stops and sits on some steps on a sidewalk, with her child… with paps shooting away?! Would she do that if she was surrounded by paps? Or was it only Crazy’s single hired photographer taking the pics?

  11. 136
    emma#2 Says:

    Suri is just too cute, in other pictures she ‘s wearing a string of pearls pearly rings, so girly and so full of character,and the older she gets the cuter her personality will become. Katie Holmes is a gorgeous looking woman and a hell of a good mom.
    Love,Love, the closeness between mother and daughter. Can look at photos of this family all day , including Dad.

  12. 137
    suri freak out Says:

    look at’s gallry of the same outing

  13. 138
    yeah, real safe! Says:

  14. 139
    LuckyL Says:

    ^No one spends $425 on play shoes you f*cking blind bat.

    Can his looney Scientology fans stop f*cking around?

  15. 140
    sophie Says:

    im 13 years old, and i dont wear heels just to walk around in town!!!!! my mother wouldnt let me, anyways… :/

  16. 141
    LuckyL Says:

    People are mixing up “dress up” with f*cking custom made heels made to wear in REAL LIFE.

  17. 142
    famewhore Says:

    I believe that Katie Holmes is a famewhore using her daughter to get attention from the press. Why would she have her wear heels and risk twisting Suri’s ankle walking in the streets with them. It’s alright to play at home with your mom or grandma’s heels but that is just borderline crazy. Katie have you gone out of your freakin’mind? I don’t think Tom is the weirdo one as Nicole never had this stupid stuff with their adopted kids. I think Katie is the “Xenu” of the scientologist world!

  18. 143
    LuckyL Says:

    Ew, Kate-bot’s hair is so greasy in these picks, especially the sitting one.

  19. 144
    LuckyL Says:

    Hell, I guess if Katie’s kid grows up not to be the best looking, she’ll be the best dressed, right? That’s all that matters since all she’s teaching her to do is shop til she drops and look act like a manikin.

  20. 145
    Spare The Rod Spoil The Child Says:

    Katie should know better she is the parent not the child. Those words shoud not have to be said as well as it’s the parent(s) who run the show not the child. Suri will not thank her mother for this when she grows up when her visits to a podiatrist become necessary and frequent due to suffering with a foot disease that could have been prevented and this happens every day to children who have done far less than what Suri is doing here playing with high heels. But to have special high heels made for a 3 yr.old child to walk in the streets for cameras to take her picture . It’s obvious that’s more for the mother than it is for the child. Yes katie dear we think Suri is adorable but don’t you think this is devoid of good sense in fact if anything it is absurd in judjement . Many years ago my first job in training was fitting babies and children up to 12 yrs old with proper fitting shoes and or devices in hopes of future walking steps. How those parents yearned to have children with healthy limbs and feet like Suries compared to this ridiculous picture. Playing at home in Mommy’s shoes is one thing
    but this is totally inviting ridicule towards the child and that’s not fair mom.
    Suri would have forgiven you for not getting her own way.

    Katie’s ludicrous parental care is to spoil the child as that has been proven in many pictures since she was born. Suri already shows sign’s of a privileged spoiled brat as well it’s doubtful this child is seldom being subjected to consequences for any unruly behavior. (sitting in the corner) etc
    Suri if not already will eventually be a pampered spolied brat who will believe that she is above others around her because the parent’s systematically failed to teach socially acceptable behavior and disapline.
    What Suri wants Suri gets.

    Good Luck
    to the parents they are going to need it.

  21. 146
    cari Says:

    The PROBLEM with a three year old wearing heels of any kind is anatomical and physiological. It is BAD for the toes, arch and growing bones in the childs legs. It is also dangerous for the ankle, as it can turn and she will badly sprain it and have to live with that scar tissue the rest of her life.

    The list goes on…but these parents are actors, which means they are usually less educated by modern standards in this country.. And they are just plain dumb judging by this choice.

  22. 147
    cher Says:

    aw suri is playing dress up, sometimes you just gotta let your kid indulge in their fantasies and if suri’s involves wearing a full skirt (adorable btw) and heels, let her! years from now who knows, she might end up being the next anna wintour.

  23. 148
    jade Says:

    @bebe: of course Shiloh! she has 3 older siblings who probably beat her up so she is use to scrapping! lol. A lot of girls are tomboys, i was & it wa so much fun too! Playful active girls is so healthy & normal! as soon as you notice boys in preteen yrs. you become more feminine! HAVE FUN SHILOH WITH YOUR BROTHERS & SHOW THEM WHOSE BOSS! LOL TOMBOYS RULE THE ROOST!

  24. 149
    f Says:

    precious family

  25. 150
    beware Says:

    Those that speak ill of this family esp a baby only has bad karma on its six.

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