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Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!

Suri Cruise may only be 3 years old but she sure is growing up fast!

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen wearing a pair of silver high heels while walking along Newbury Street with mom on Monday (September 21) in Boston, Mass.

Suri also carried around a handbag and a stuffed animal of Queen Celeste (from the Babar the Elephant book and TV series). So cute!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise stepping out in a pair of silver peep-toe d’orsay pumps…

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297 Responses to “Suri Cruise Wears High Heels!”

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  1. 151
    @beware Says:

    Learn how to write. Your post made no sense.

  2. 152
    One Says:

    Stop telling other people how to raise their kids and quit assuming you know them, #19. It’s never been proven that that tabloid report about them treating their child like an adult is true.

    They’re simply shopping in broad daylight, #20. Not exactly ‘whoring out.’ Quit telling other people how to raise their kids. Especially with people you don’t even know.

    Why would Holmes be crazy or stupid enough to invite NEGATIVE attention, #31? It makes no sense. You’re overreacting.

    You guys really want her to end up like Paris Hilton just so you can further bash her parents with the ‘spoiled child-bad parenting’ arguments. #32.

    While I do agree that many (though not all) critics here are Jolie-Pitt fans, it’s not fair to bash their little girl to defend another one, #33.

    God, you’re stupid, #38.

    Exactly, #50.

    They didn’t want to get harassed inside and the owners were well-imbursed, #53. Leave them alone.

    It’s not fair that you Brangelina fans say silly things like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will become a Nobel-prize winning humanitarian while Suri Cruise will end up becoming a shallow, hard-partying idiot but get mad when the reverse happens, #59. That person was wrong but you people are hypocrites.

    Where do you get this stuff, #66?

    No one’s angry there, #70.

    Quit playing doctor and picking apart every single thing these two do with their daughter, #71.

    You got all that from a few paparazzi snapshots, #72.

    Stop dissing other people’s height, #96.

    You’re twisted, #105.

    And you know that Suri Cruise has no friends and can’t play how exactly, #108 and #111? Mind your own kids.

    That’s nonsense, #112.

    There are no normal celebrity kids, #116.

    Correct, #124.

    You can’t predict the future and you have no idea how either parent is raising their kids, #127.

    It’s silly for a little girl to be wearing hand-me downs and yet lives in a glorious mansion and travels everywhere, #131. It’s a pretty backwards way to try to teach humility. If her parents wanted her to be raised like a regular child, she’s be raised in a modest home with parents that have a modest income. Her parents can do whatever but I’m just noting it’s silly.

    How do you get attention from the press with a baby that doesn’t do anything when she’s famous enough, #142. Oh come on! Now you’re claiming serious, immediate harm? Get real.

    Quit acting like you know how she’s being raised, #144!

    Whatever you’re selling, they;re not buying, #146.

  3. 153
    100mph Says:

    I try not to comment on what a parent does with/for their kids,unless
    it looks like abuse, and then I call the Cops!
    IMO – Suri is a beautiful, happy little girl..

  4. 154
    To Know-it-All Says:

    #152 Well are’nt you just a perfect know-it-all. Most people are just expressing there opinions-right or wrong! And WHY are people who make negative judgements about the Cruise family automatically assumed to be Jolie-Pitt fans??
    Most people posting have no real idea about what goes on in the privacy of celebs homes,and neither do you!!!!!!!!!
    And your response to #131 is silly-obviously Shiloh’s parents are’nt on a regular income,so why would they live in a modest home? At least they are teaching sharing and the education from traveling will be great in the future as the kid’s get to see how others live in poverty countries,unlike Suri who will only see approved scientology friends.

  5. 155
    looika Says:

    Katie has put on some weight.

  6. 156
    emma#2 Says:

    Hurray Hurray yipee, thank you ONE, you just said what I have been thinking for ages. Multi million dollar holmes, all over the world millions of dollars worth of paintings , most expensive motor cycles out, 6 nannies, 6 security people and the kids wear hand me downs, NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT, THATS THE BIGGEST JOKE OUT.
    THANK YOU thank you, thank you, you made my day!!!

  7. 157
    sad Says:

    They just want us talking. They want attention for tommy’s movie. It is sad it comes to this being waccko is costing him.

  8. 158
    Jokergurl Says:

    What’s the big deal they’re heels folks, what does she need a feather boa and a tiara to make it more play like, quit picking on this kid!

  9. 159
    jade Says:


  10. 160
    GL Says:

    It looks like it is time for another desginer baby. good luck tomkat

  11. 161

    WTF! why is hair always in Suri’s face? everyone giving Shiloh a problem with her hair! This kid hair is never combed! Suri has such an ugly face, what’s so unique about her? her freaky parents! lol.

  12. 162
    lol Says:

    what is shiloh doing here? why not compare suri with the beckhams or smiths ect with her parents hollywod cliques? Shi is not in this league. She is being raised in whole lot different atmospher.

  13. 163
    lol Says:

    why not compare suri with the beckhams or smiths children. will smith once said his daughter is like Paris hilton. Shiloh is being raise differently. She shouldn’t be mentioned here.

  14. 164
    ABC Says:

    I’m a preschool teacher and we always discourage children from wearing heels! They are likely to trip while walking, not to mention their legs are still developing! Heels will definitely NOT help Suri. Plus she would be much cuter in age-appropriate mary janes!

  15. 165
    lol Says:

    btw suri looks cute I am not for going out wearing hills in the street at her age . Little girls try their mom hills all the time.

  16. 166
    Xena Says:


  17. 167
    rainbow Says:

    I saw some more photos that were taken on the same day and Suri was wearing pink sneakers. She was probably just wearing the heels for a short amount of time. Little girls love to play dress-up in heels. It’s not a big deal. The photos are at

  18. 168
    I Agree with You 115% #154 Says:

    #154 ITAWYOU LOL
    Who the hellll does this KnowItAll think she is ?? Afterall this is a thread to give our opinions about the pictures and info above. I am shocked i am not on her list of who all she disproved of and mine was lengthy too.
    Not that i care or oops possibly she has a few more of these to post after she sorts thru more. ha
    Yeah the strict attention paid to each post which is replied to individually
    like as if only she or he knows exactly what is right or wrong like saying ..correct # blah blah blah well i see not many were correct in her eyes .
    I think MsKnow It All wrote the silliest post of all AND most judgemental of all.
    Maybe she doesn’t realize what these threads are all who knows.
    The poster has a name we call people like her at the school where the parents and g’parents congregate when waiting for the little ones to come running out. Because she /it thinks she has all the answers even tho doesn’t know anybody. She /It thinks she is an **expert**** but in reality is just~~ A Walking Encyclopedia Of Useless
    Knowledge….Nothing more..
    Just a nice way of saying she is a blabbermouth without a clue.

    It can say what or who is silly but nobody else can..Get real!

  19. 169
    me me me Says:

    it’s inappropriate for a little girl to wear heels outside of her house while playing dress up. i agree it was probably suri’s idea, but her mother should know better. you think it looks cute? maybe it even does on a 3yr old, but how cute will she look at say eleven or twelve in heels and wearing makeup? fairy costume dress up heels: cute. walking about in heels: disturbing.

  20. 170
    natasha Says:

    that’s just stupid!

  21. 171
    Janet Says:

    Playing dressup means wearing mommy’s shoes. This child should be in overalls or jeans and playing with other kids getting dirty instead of getting dragged around adult environments. I’ll bet when she’s 14 she looks 20. She’s only 3 – way too much interest in her appearance. Still think she’s Chris Klein’s kid. No doubt about it. Katie should have had another child so Suri has someone to play with at home. Can Tom father kids???

  22. 172
    g!na Says:


    I’m sure shiloh gets as many expensive toys as Suri but she’s raised more to be grateful for what she has! visiting less fortunate kids etc. Suri is going to be a brat while Shiloh will be like her mom Angie and help the world!

  23. 173
    Katie's Alien Symbol Says:

    what’s up with the alen symbols and pins kaie wea? is it a scientology thing? her design logo?

  24. 174
    =)=)=) Says:

    cute !

  25. 175
    sea Says:

    Her mother needs a psychologist

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