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Taylor Lautner Shows Off Washboard Abs

Taylor Lautner Shows Off Washboard Abs

Check out these brand spankin’ new behind-the-scenes pics of from the set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon from the LA Times.

Taylor Lautner flaunts his 8-pack as he jumps from log to log, Kristen Stewart listens to direction off-camera and Robert Pattinson waits in front of a green screen special effects backdrop.

More pics at!

15+ pictures inside of shirtless Taylor Lautner, Rob and Kristen

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talyor lautner washboard abs 01
talyor lautner washboard abs 02
talyor lautner washboard abs 03
talyor lautner washboard abs 04
talyor lautner washboard abs 05
talyor lautner washboard abs 06
talyor lautner washboard abs 07
talyor lautner washboard abs 08
talyor lautner washboard abs 09
talyor lautner washboard abs 10
talyor lautner washboard abs 11
talyor lautner washboard abs 12
talyor lautner washboard abs 13
talyor lautner washboard abs 14
talyor lautner washboard abs 15

Photos: David Strick
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  • mar

    omg taylor launter is much hotter that robert i mean look at that six pack

  • mar

    omg taylor launter is much hotter that robert i mean look at that six pack

  • mar

    omg taylor launter is much hotter that robert i mean look at that six pack

  • Jennifer

    Pure Steroids = Roid Rage.

  • Amy

    OMG rock hard abs man
    can’t wait till New Moon!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    damn taylor launter is so much hotter than robert

  • Ab

    Oh Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who cares about Taylor. Stop promoting that child as some muscle man. He’s too short for that body.

  • Sabrina

    I have absolutely no idea what people see in Robert Pattinson. He’s really not good-looking.

  • j

    If the only critera for liking a guy are his muscles then you will experiance a lot of dissapiontment in the future. But I assume you’re a teenager who has no real life experiance.

  • ck_always

    Lol, he’s not too short. He’s just extremely young. No 17 year old should ever look like that. His body probably went through hell getting to that stage with him being as young as he is and taking his body fat percentage to single digits. Either way, hard work proved victorious and he looks great.

  • kiki

    he may have a great body but behind there’s the hard work of the makeup artist, tons of makeup on that body to conture it especially the abs…

  • sigh

    Summit we dont give a sh8t about the underage plastic Lautner. He looks as if he;s been pumped full of somemthing. Its not healthy or clever. Give me the charismatic, sexy Pattinson over this big head.

  • ali

    I hate that kid and if Summit push him any more I wont see the film. Stick that Summit

  • lilmiss

    oh HATERS plz go away. Love them both!

  • Nahla

    I think Taylor is much hotter than Rob. Too bad he’s too young. Lol. He’s two years younger than I and there’s nothing I hate more than cougars LOL, I would never date a younger man, even if he was born a day after me! haha. But I agree, they shouldn’t push him to do that to his body but he looks sexy and apparently it’s all that matters. I don’t understand the hype for twilight though…it’s so….boring. I mean, how can you watch the whole thing through? I think I felt asleep when I watched the movie….

  • melanie

    The only interesting one is Robert. He’s humble and modest and doesn’t give the same answer over and over again like that studio product named Lautner.

    So what if he has muscles, as if he’s the only one in Hollywood?
    It those are he’s only attributes he won’t have a long career.

  • gabs

    Re: Taylor’s abs…..stage make-up. Not that he isn’t bumped up, but those are enhanced for our enjoyment.

  • Ann

    Only ROBERT!

    I love you Rob. Show yourself more often.

  • team cullen

    Good job make-up artist! Haha! lol

  • ct

    Taylor is cute. But Rob is Hot, theres just something raw about him.

  • cantwaittillnewmoon

    @j: @kiki: @mar: he is hot and that’s it :) and yes.. he is better than robert…!


    MMEEEEERRRRCCCYYYYY i cant take the beauty and HOTNESS of Robsten!!!

  • Angelica

    Taylor is hot! He worked hard for that body and is looking damn good. But besides his physicality, he also comes off very charismatic in interviews. Seems like a down to earth dude. People that have worked with him, have nothing but nice things to say about him. A lot of people were pulling for him to keep on being Jacob. And it must have been more than just the way he looked. I think New Moon will show people that he’s more than just beautiful muscles. Just my long 2 cents, lol. I’m proud of Taylor.

    Oh and I think it’s funny, how everyone are in coats while he is shirtless. Poor Taylor! I’m surprised he didn’t get sick.

  • ivanka

    @Sarah: YEES

  • jr

    Most overrated CAST in history!

  • sissidelyon

    Being a fan of somebody does not justify being so stupid and nasty with somebody else girls ! Show some respect at least if that’s all you can provide !
    Taylor is much younger that Rob so give him time to grow up ! God, he is only 17.
    Kristen is beautiful as Bella…
    Rob is just himself ! Perfect….
    You silly jealous little girls… it’s not with such an attitude you’ll get anywhere near those guys…

  • Lindsey

    I think That every one has there opinions..
    Mine: Holy Moly!! Jacob I could honestly just sit here and stare and picture my boyfruiend with those abs! My boy is cuter tho in the face! But Jesus has Given you a gift
    Edward: Is an adorable britain and I love him:) God has blessed him!

  • Nm

    Taylor is PREDICTABLE and therefor boring. That has nothing to do with age.

    ROB all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs.Beady


    Okay not the most mature post, but what more is there to say really?

  • kamilah

    @Angelica: i completely agree with you!

  • H.

    I can’t believe someone said “The only interesting one is Robert” when Jackson Rathbone is in the cast. Rob is great but Jackson is always so sweet and smart in his interviews. Not trying to knock Rob but he comes across like a giggly 12-year-old school girl in some of his interviews.

    I also think people need to give Taylor a break. He’s just a kid for goodness sake.

  • whortenia

    He is soooooooooooooo CUTE. but he’d be cuter if he would shows us his thingy. I bet his thingy is very very CUTE. Now if he would show us his thingy and get cancer too he would be so CUTE it would be unbearable.

  • Saudia

    mmm Taylor is sooooooooo hot .. wow Love him, not just because his body is just amazing, but he’s so charming :) .. still love Rob as well.. so gorgeous

  • whortenia

    I bet his thingy hole is cute too. VERY CUTE. If only he would shows us his thingy hole. After he washed it nicely first, of course.

  • K

    Taylor Lautner can catch it.

  • k

    HAHAHAHAHA, hot body yes, but he was forced to achieve what he has otherwise they would have re-casted him. For all you Twilighter freaks saying you are so proud of him and blah blah blah, buy a clue and realize he was forced into this.

    Also, all you Twilighters coming to Vancouver, my home town, to get a glimpse of him, good luck. Security has been upped since all this has happened and seriously get a life and stop stalking something YOU WILL NEVER HAVE, give the guy a break.

  • annie

    Taylor is a ‘buff good looking kid’… not saying he is not hot..because he is. he is also very cute and all.. but Robert has ‘the scruffy, pure hotness’ thing going on…
    they both have their thing…but I gotta say Robert takes it all, by FAR!!!

  • Mrs.Beady

    @k: I agree. I never liked that they gave him that ultimatum. I am sure he was just fine before and they can do so much with animation and air brushing if they needed to. The main thing was to keep him because I hate inconsistency with sequals. If it aint broke don’t fix it. He deserved his part regardless. And he is just a kid still. Adorable and one day a gorgeous man for sure but lets not forget he’s still a growing teen not a full fledged adult. If he were a girl and the men were acting like this over his body people would be outraged.

  • maria

    Robert just IS… Taylor WANTS to be! (note the difference..)

  • lauren

    thats the sound of my jaw hitting the floor

  • bla85

    Poor Kristen must be difficult working with those two! Another tough day on the job :)

  • zup

    Robert is handsome, Taylor is a fugboat. Stop pimpin’ Taylor so much, Jared. You are becoming gayer than Perez.

  • planet of the apes

    killer bod, monkey face

  • Tama

    Weew.. Lautner… Sooo hoot. And, i love edward. I hate Rob.

  • Jessica

    Taylor is smoking hot in these pics. His abs are AMAZING…thats true dedication and hard work there. Bravo, Taylor. You deserve to be looked at. LOL.

  • Amnda Dubs

    Wow talk about sexy. Both of them.

  • rocknmovies

    The dog is overmuscled for his age and his height, he is too short. And his face is horrible, small squinty eyes, pug nose, and that won’t change with age.
    Now Rob is another matter: tall, dark and handsome, pure hotness, high cheekbones, greek or roman profile.

  • kriten

    can everyone please stop hating on him he worked really hard for that body and 5’11 is not short it might be in america but in australia thats pretty tall.

  • omg

    @ #48 – he’s 5′ 8”, NOT 5′ 11”. TBH, I’m not much of a fan of abs, I like guys with tall frames. And even though I despise Twilight, Rob Pattison’s pretty good looking, so if I had to choose, I’d pick Rob over Taylor.

  • LuckyL

    He really worked on his body