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Alexander Skarsgard: Shreveport Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard: Shreveport Sexy

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard autographs a magazine for a fan while taking a film break in Shreveport, Louisiana earlier this week.

When asked which scene from season two was his favorite to shoot, the 33-year-old Swedish actor said, “I would have to say when I played the warrior in my human past because it was so much fun talking in my native tongue.”

Alexander is in town shooting his new movie Straw Dogs and is rumored to be dating his True Blood co-star Evan Rachel Wood.

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • LuckyL

    Hm, it always is a delight to return to one’s roots, isn’t it.

  • talen

    I just read an interview where he said he’s not dating anyone. Probably playing the field. He’s such a looker.

  • sarah

    Guh! Those arms!

  • commonsense

    Lucky bitch!

  • ebony

    that guy is so hot!

  • kid rock

    He reminds me so much of Kid Rock – but a sexier and handsomer version. Love hin in True Blood. Is his character in love with Sookie? I hope so as they have more chemistry than Bill. Just my POV. But seriously though, Robert Pattinson is still the hottest and sexiest vampire in the world and ASarg is the closest second. I still want to to see more interviews of him or if he possess as much talent in music and acting as RPattz has. We need more new handsome and gorgeous actors like him.

  • toonces

    That’s just a rumor started by Lainey Gossip because he hung out with ERW. He’s single and even spent his birthday alone. Poor baby. :-(

  • Hannah

    Love this guy.
    He has such BIG hands!

  • cher

    uhm, yum

  • savygirl84

    That Girl Is Sooooooooooo Lucky!!!!

    Oh My God He Is So Handsome & A Great Actor!

    I Want To See More Of Him!

  • Peace

    The dude is single. He said so in an interview conducted by a Swedish mag at the beginning of September. Amazing how rumors spread so fast on the Internet.

    He looks yummy there!

  • true blood

    @Peace: True, and I’m sure that’s why JJ was careful to say rumored.
    Alex looks great there. He will be back in Sweden soon to complete Trust Me and spend some time with his family and friends.

  • jess

    Very handsome man. He’d be perfect with Kristin Bauer — great chemisty — but she just got married.

  • Kitten

    Wow, that body of his is pure perfection.

  • twisted

    He’s also rumored to dating Kate Bosworth.
    Can’t keep up with this hottie.

  • becca

    I love True Blood. I’m looking forward to seeing Eric and Sookie hook up next season. Those n*ude scenes of his with were delish, Anna Paquin is a lucky girl!

  • Naive

    Of course he is going to say he is single when a reporter asks him about his relationship status. If he is private, he wouldn’t reveal that information. It also helps keep female fan interest.

    A woman isn’t going to travel to another state to visit a friend, particularly when the relocation is temporary.

  • ecctv

    I’d let him stick it anywhere he wants!!!! mmmmhhhhhmmmmm

  • incognito

    @Naive: If a woman is interested in a man, she will, but that doesn’t mean the man is interested in more than friendship or a boot ycall. Also, same thing happened to Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper. He flew in and hung out with her a few times but they weren’t dating.

  • jenn

    @Naive: That’s not true. I’ve visited male friends in other states..even countries..and we weren’t dating. Even stayed with them. Nothing romantic. We just hung out as friends and had fun.

  • Natalie

    He’s so damn hot! Wow. So huge all over…that lucky *****!

    I bet he’s soaking up the sun everyday…

  • cutie

    He looks great there. :-)

  • lol

    @Naive: You haven’t seen All About Steve, huh? lol

  • fashionista

    I love how nice he is to his fans.
    Everyone says how kind he is and you see him hugging, and even kissing, them. So sweet!

  • amara

    The hottest Vampire ever?
    I think so.
    Hope they make next season more about Eric and less about Bill.


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  • lily

    he is fire!!!

  • Marieme

    Those friggin shoulders! *swoon*

    The man is a sculpture. A deeelicious one too, I bet!

  • miko

    wow need more

  • Emilie

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Shiny, tanned and perfect. I have to admit I was a bit put off by the ERW rumors for a while, but then I see this and idec lol Jebuz those arms.

  • Katie

    He looks so hot in those sleveless shirts. I wish he never wore shirts with sleeves again. I’d do all sorts of nasty things to him. MMMMM

  • michelle

    I hope Askars doesn’t turn out like his father Stellan who’s supposed to be one of those difficult-to-work-with jerk actors. Not to mention that he’s also a perv for impregnating and marrying a young woman who is Askar’s age! Alexander already seems to be heading down that pervy road by dating Evan Rachel Wood who still looks like a kid.

  • shutters

    @michelle: That;s just a rumor. They’re co-stars on the same show and could be friends too. He’s supposed to be a nice guy so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He looked chummy with those teens on the boat but I don’t think he’s dating them either.

  • I love HBO

    Alexander’s dad could have done worse. Atleast his new wife is over age. I heard Paul Walker (who I USED to be a big fan of) started dating his girlfriend when she was only 16 and he was in his early 30s! She’s now 19 and he’s like 35. Now that’s what I call sick. But I have to admit that it’s kinda Euro trash for an old man like Stellan to be with a young woman who is Alexander’s age. Its just way too dysfunctional for my taste.

  • fast and furious sucked

    Paul Walker is getting sleazier by the minute. He’s doing a movie with I-like-to-beat-100-lb-women Chris Brown and he was defending him in an interview saying how he’s just a kid and trying to make him look all innocent. Innocent kids don’t choke scrawny defenseless women until they almost pass out and they don’t leave their faces bloody and their noses broken. I get that Paul is working with that coward so he can’t talk bad about him but atleast he should have kept his sleazy hillbilly mouth shut and not commented on the situation. He’s lost a lot of his female fan base with first the statutory rape of his girlfriend and now siding with that girlfriend beater. WHITE TRASH.

  • sharon

    I LOVE TRUE BLOOD….did not know he was in Shreveport maybe I will get lucky and run into him this wk end!!!

  • Weird woman

    Does anyone know how Stellan met his new wife? I find it strange that a 30 year old woman in the prime of her life would be attracted to a man who’s almost a senior citizen. He’s very wrinkly and he doesn’t at all look well kept. There’s something fishy about that. I bet she either has daddy issues or she’s a gold digger. Cause that’s just not natural. All those women you see with much older men usually have issues. Those relationships are hardly ever functional or normal.

  • irish dreams

    @Weird woman: Didn’t Stellan do a film recently in Ireland? I think that’s where he might have met Meg. Maybe she worked on the movie too or he met her out and about.

    His son looks very handsome in these pix.

  • paul walker ex-fan

    @fast and furious sucked: At comment #35: I’m shocked and saddened! What a creep Paul Walker turned out to be. Alex is definitely nothing like him.


    @sharon: PATHETIC STALKER.

  • Megan Everett

    Stellan’s wife is named Megan Everett. I know she’s irish and they have been dating since 2007 if not longer but I have no idea how they met. She looks like one of those women who is afraid to talk back to her husband and she’s always walking behind him with this kinda sad face. I think she definitely has issues and was probably looking for a father figure and quite possibly financial security. Maybe she comes from a troubled problematic family.

  • Megan

    @Megan Everett: I get that same vibe from a lot of these younger women with older men. They look sorta troubled and sad behind their smiles. Just look at pictures of Nicolas Cage with his much younger wife or look at the perv of all pervs Woody Allen and his wife/daughter Soon Yi who he had adopted as his own daughter before he married her. These are egomaniacal men and troubled women.

  • Hollywoodgirl

    Megan Everett is American, from Ohio. It was mentioned in an interview with Stellan.

  • Woody SUCKS

    Woody Allen is definitely the perv of all pervs. He raised that poor asian orphan as his own daughter and now he’s married to her! BARF. I think he’s even more of a perv than Paul Walker.

  • doesn’t matter

    @Hollywoodgirl: Regardless of where Megan Everett is from, no sane normal woman in her thirties would marry a man who is almost 60 years old. Yes it happens and yes we see it in Hollywood. But is it normal or healthy? No. Megan is definitely unbalanced.

  • don’t bite the hand feeds ya

    They said Stellan Skarsgard was difficult to work with in Angels & Demons. And then he started bringing bad publicity by talking bad about the author of the books. He insulted his writing and basically said all his books suck. That’s not very smart. It’s because of that writer that they are making these Da Vinci Code and Angel and Demon films. I would be happy to be working if I were him. Older people don’t have it so easy in Hollywood and that goes for both men and women.

  • Entourage

    @don’t bite the hand feeds ya: I’m not surprised. He did TOO GOOD a job playing that egomaniac crazy director on HBO’s Entourage. It looked very very very natural on him. I hope he’s not like that at home with his wife!

  • california girl

    Who cares about Stellan? He’s old! But his son is in his prime and I would do all sorts of nasty things to him all night long.

  • creepy

    @Woody SUCKS: I had forgotten about the whole Woody Allen scandal. I agree that man is creeeeeepy. I don’t understand how you can marry the daughter you adopted and promised to raise as your own. Didn’t Askars say in an interview that it would be a dream come true to work with Woody Allen?????

  • HUH

    I thought Woody was never Soon Yi’s legal father?