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Emma Watson: Burberry at London Fashion Week!

Emma Watson: Burberry at London Fashion Week!

Emma Watson is yellow, black and classy all over at the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 Show at Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground during London Fashion Week on Tuesday (September 22) in London, England.

The 19-year-old British actress, who naturally wore Burberry, is currently a freshman enrolled at Brown University.

In honor of London Fashion Week’s 25th birthday, Burberry had its first show in the UK in 10 years. The label was also the final showcase to close off the week.

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Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty, Daniel Deme/WENN
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  • cutie

    She looks great. :-)

  • natalie


    Damn Shoes!

  • the tired student

    How does she do it? I could never skip my classes at Brown and manage to keep up. She doesn’t have to worry about graduating and getting a job like me though.

  • thebeard

    I LOVE HER!!! she is NOT going to end up facedown in a bar. and we are not going to see her underwear-less. hurrah classy ladies!

  • jdub

    shouldnt she be in class

  • bethanyyyy

    she is too gorgeous.i just love her.she never seems to get annoying to me

  • hmm

    so plain. this is her dressed up in full war paint and she’s still boring.

  • hmm

    wait for the frosh 15 than she’ll be even worse

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    guess school isn’t as improtant as fashion week.

  • sweetness

    Seeing her at this fashion event makes her going to Brown and
    wanting to be a normal student…seem a pretentious PR stunt..
    I mean wouldn’t living as a normal student mean less glamorous events like this. OK, she’s under contract to Burberry so let’s face it when they need her to promote she stops play acting at being a normal person….

    it makes me wonder why go through all the pretense.

  • Linda

    Soooo gorgeous!
    Love her!

  • marie

    i kinda have to agree wit hit
    i don’t understand how she wants and pretends to be all normal and then goes ahead and signs a contract with burberry
    it’s not like she needs the fame
    the only answer is basically for her ego

    by going to fancy fashions shows and being front row and wearing glamorous dresses is not how you’re going to fit it

    it’s just bothers me, and makes her look somewhat fake

  • Mandy

    Wow, judging her because she’s going to a fashion show?
    Just because she wants to experience the whole university thing doesn’t mean she should cut lose going to a fashion show none the less make her a fake.

  • marie

    i’m just expressing my opinion that’s all
    and that’s just what i think

  • eme


    Why so judgemental? the girl is scandal free… she’s not afraid to walk out the door without a spot of makeup… she dresses up only for events and nights out. she’s fairly normal otherwise. Fashion Week is most likely apart of her Burberry contract. And who’s to say she hasn’t communicated with Brown (prior to her enrollement) about her “extracurricular activities”? I doubt she’s just jetting off without some kind of agreement with her professors/university.

    Besides… when did wanting to have a shred of normal life (in her case, the college experience) suddenly = PR stunt? So… “celebrities” should not be allowed to attend college then? Because… of course, it’s only for PR. Get over yourself…

  • eme

    @marie: Um… Emma signed with Burberry a year before enrolling with Brown…

  • Lola

    I agree with marie and sweetness. I admit that Emma is classy in comparasion to stars her age, but the things she says in interviews aren’t backed up by her actions..

  • http://jain jain

    she flew all the way back for fashion week? just for this show, or the whole week? I read an interview with Emma, saying she wouldn’t wear minis. So when is a mini not a mini?

  • anon

    it’s for her career

  • kate

    for her career? so she’s a sellout is what you’re saying?

  • Michelle


    Let’s look at it this way: Would you turn down the chance to work for Burberry? NO. Ok, there’s your answer.

    Obviously Brown recognized that she’d have certain obligations to fulfill, so I’m sure they’re being lenient… but, that doesn’t mean she can skip all the homework and exam. Girl’s still gotta do it, and I’m pretty sure she’s capable of completing her work like any regular student. When it comes down to the bare facts and you really think about it, her being away is just like if you were absent from school to attend a wedding, or even if you were sick.

  • Michelle


    You took what she said way too literally.
    When she said she wouldn’t wear a mini, she meant it in the context of stars being attention grabbers… all the crotch shots at clubs, etc.

  • ana

    she looks absolutly gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love her!!!!!!
    she’s great kind sweet….lovely…and simple…

  • Megan Fox JJC


  • Heather

    Hell, if i got the chance to go to fashion week, I’d go! Attending every class isn’t a mandatory thing… give her a break! And if I looked like her, I’d wear minis also!

  • Lisa

    shes just gorgeous!
    Love her!

  • alibobally

    hey dips! the reason she that can’t stay at Brown is because she probably has a legal commitment to be there. she is currently on the Burberry ads all over the world. given that, she probably has to be there to support Burberry since she is their celebrity model right now.

  • Lauren

    Brown must be a super easy school. Don’t have to attend class regularly. Awesome. My friends that went there and behaved as though it was a intense program with tons of studies must have been making it up.

  • fresh

    she looks gorgeous

  • Mary

    i love her and she looks great…but she keeps saying that she wants to be a normal student, is that what normal student does?? skip class to go to a glamorous fashion show?

    if you’re famous and wants to go to college thats totally ok, however stop pretending that you want to be treated normally when you act differently…

  • LeviKlein

    I f-cking love that girl. She looks gorgeous in that dress and those shoes are definitely waiting for me!
    It’s nice to see a young woman have fun with fashion, and not looking tacky like Rihanna.

  • whortenia

    Running over the London to model among numerous celebrities doesn’t fit in very well with being a freshman student at Brown. I doubt it will increase her popularity with her class mates. Indeed, I don’t see Emma staying at Brown for more than a year at most. She is too much of a celebrity to fit in.

  • whortenia

    @sweetness: How right you are. I fail to see how she can keep up this sort of thing and be a “normal” freshman at Brown. She sticks out like a sore thumb and probably is already very much resented.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s being a bit hypocritical imo
    i dont see how she wants to be a normal girl and going 2 fashion week when she has 2 be in school
    although im not really against her, she shouldnt have said that i want 2 be a normal girl
    she just should have said i want 2 continue my education while still doing movies and such

    i personally dont like the dress but she makes it look really nice

  • Motivelesscrime

    Who is this girl’s stylist? Whoever it is deserves a huge raise. She always ALWAYS looks amazing.

  • Kellie

    LOVE the entire outfit and also her hair and make up. I don’t care if its contradictory to want to be a normal student one minute then jet off to LFW the next…i’d fcuking do it!

  • Nancy

    I’m not sure what’s with the people here who think that just because you go to a university and want to be normal, that should absolve you of all desire for anything glamorous. I go to a university like a normal student, but if given the chance to do a campaign for Burberry or go to a fashion show, HELL YES I would go! It’s perfectly normal for someone to want to attend cool events.

    I’m not sure if the people who are commenting have a good grasp of college. It’s not always necessary to go to all lectures or class sessions. A lot of classes, save the math and sciences, don’t have “homework.” A lot of the time, your grade is solely dependent on your midterm and final exam. So yes, you can miss classes and as long as you study ridiculously hard and catch up on all the material, you can still get As. Also, not all universities have started instruction yet.

    It’s fine to dislike the girl, but giving random and irrational reasons makes you seem immature.


    She’s not the first model/celeb to go to college and keep her job – Lily Cole went to Cambridge and she still continued her jetset lifestyle in order to fulfil her contractual commitments. I think what Watson meant when she said that she wanted to be ‘normal’ is that she didn’t want to be seen as JUST ‘that girl from Harry Potter’ – not that she was going to drop off the face of the earth and never be photographed again etc. Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive? It’s not like these kinds of pictures are paraded round in public – the only time her classmates would see these kinds of pictures is if they chose to come on gossip sites like these. She’s not actually rubbing their faces in it now is she? Also, with regards to the workload, she’s grown up juggling a career and schoolwork, I’m sure she’s used to it by now…..

  • emmaa

    She is beautiful! Never puts a foot wrong. I love this girl

  • celia

    GORGEOUS!! I love the dress, the shoes, the hair!!! She always gets it right! She got to sit between Gwenyth Paltrow and Liv Tyler too…lucky girl!! But I seriously need those shoes like yesterday!!

  • celia

    I’m pretty sure she’s required to attend the Burberry fashion show since she’s the FACE of BURBERRY!! It’s in her contract so she has to be there….but I’m sure she’s already back on the plane to Brown. Regardless of what Emma wants…she’s NOT your average student…she’s got way more responsibilities and commitments than the average college student.

  • KK

    Love Emma, but do not like the dress. It’s that zipper thing in the front. I think the dress would look a whole lot better without it. But her shoes are TO DIE FOR! GO Emma!!!

  • Karen

    Has she ever done anything but Harry Potter? That really does not make her an actress.

  • Saudia

    she looks incredible .. seriously love her outfit

  • Hannah

    She looks awesome, first of all. Those shoes!! Second, give her a break – if you had the opportunity to sit front row at London Fashion Week, you’d take it! If she can juggle her public life and her private education, good for her.



    She’s been in HP since she was like, ten. She’s been in Ballet Shoes and Tales of Despereaux but aside from that, I don’t see how she would have the time to do anythingelse – cut the girl some slack – she’s still in her teens!

  • me


    What are you talking about?? She’s been acting for 10 years non-stop…regardless of if the majority of her films are Harry Potter…she’s most definitely an actress. And she hasn’t had time to do other film roles because she was so dedicated to finishing her education unlike Dan and Rupert.
    She’s done Ballet Shoes and The Tale of Despereaux outside of Potter, but Emma is only 19. She’s got plenty of time to expend her acting field if she wants to, but she happens to be busy focusing on her education.
    But anyways…Emma looks stunning!

  • alex

    damn! she’s hot.

  • whortenia

    @Nancy: Oh come off it. Going off to model at a fashion show a few weeks after you first go to university??!! Ger real. I would think she is already resented and laughed (as unserious) by her classmates. Wait and see. She won’t last long at Brown. She will find herself very UNpopular, fast.

  • whortenia

    @DAISE: OH please. Her classmates would find out almost immediately what she is doing. Putting on airs of being a super model making hundreds of thousands and acting when you are just a college freshman is a good way to get hated and resented very fast. She’ll be dissed no end at Brown. If I were a professor of hers I’d make life a bit difficult for Ms. Somebody Special.