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Gwyneth Paltrow Quilts It Up

Gwyneth Paltrow Quilts It Up

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the private view of ‘Quilt’ by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec on Tuesday (September 22) in London, England.

The 36-year-old actress checked out the unique statement armchair, which has a metal structure, fiberglass shell, foam and textile. It was made for British manufacturer Established & Sons and was presented during this year’s Milan Design Week back in April.

FYI: Gwyn is wearing Burberry‘s F/W 09-10 portrait tee, F/W 09-10 black leather boots, and Sp/S 10 skirt.

15+ pictures inside of Gwyneth Paltrow quilting it up…

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gwyneth paltrow quilt 01
gwyneth paltrow quilt 02
gwyneth paltrow quilt 03
gwyneth paltrow quilt 04
gwyneth paltrow quilt 05
gwyneth paltrow quilt 06
gwyneth paltrow quilt 07
gwyneth paltrow quilt 08
gwyneth paltrow quilt 09
gwyneth paltrow quilt 10
gwyneth paltrow quilt 11
gwyneth paltrow quilt 12
gwyneth paltrow quilt 13
gwyneth paltrow quilt 14
gwyneth paltrow quilt 15
gwyneth paltrow quilt 16
gwyneth paltrow quilt 17

Photos: Dave M. Benett/Getty
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  • Ben

    There was a time when she used to be super cute. Now she looks like fried ass.

  • na

    OH sister!!!!!!!!!

  • NY Guy

    What the bitch happened to my Gwynnie?
    When did she get so fug?

  • Suki

    She really needs a good conditioner. Pronto!

  • salma

    i think she looks very healthy and cute and the outfit is super cool and chic at the same time

  • amanda

    Sorry, Gwyn, you need to chuck that center part. It’s not your pal.

  • Leo

    I think she looks like a 40 year old Jan Brady.

  • irene

    The outfit looks a little mismatched and it’s time to try something new other than the shoe booties/combat boots.

  • fashionista

    I don’t mind the top, but the skirt is awful.
    Her face is too square for the middle part to really flatter her.
    Overall look: C+

  • Wicked

    Gwyneth looks really plain there. I can appreciate the au natural look but this is just too much. She looks washed out and she used to be such an attractive girl.

  • aish lover

    I like the blazer. Like the boots. She looks knobby kneed though and her hair does look dry. At least she’s smiling.

  • Pat

    I love her, but these are unflattering pictures.

  • Shell

    ^ Agree, she’s a Jan Brady buttaface and this outfit doesn’t even flatter her legs, arguably her best feature.

  • Darma

    Well, this is slightly better than her last outfit!

  • T

    She seems to have a thing for bunched up skirts.

  • illuminatea

    I like the outfit except for the shoes. Who’s that on her shirt?

  • pomm

    Her body still looks great but her face has lost its luster. I think she traded her ass for her face like so many actresses do. :-(

  • Farmer Ted

    G.P. has horsey hair to match her horsey face.

  • wexx

    I’d say this was an upgrade from her previous look but still not so hot. Don’t understand why these celebs look like ragamuffins. They have the best stylists and clothes money can afford.
    Her hair and makeup should look fabulous not fug. The shirt is cute though.





  • meme

    That outfit looks so much cuter and pulled together with the blazer. Gwyn has toned arms but it just doesn’t look right without the blazer.

  • aimee

    anything is better than the smurfette dress.
    she looked like she had her pantyhose bunched in her dress.

  • true blood

    I’m not finding Gwyneth too pretty these days. Her hair looks like an even worse version of Eric’s wig from season 1 of True Blood.
    Sorry, but I will still go see Iron Man2!

  • kate

    she’s beyond boring!

  • Anakin

    The chairs look like squashed grapes

  • mela

    i get it that she’s rich but…this outfit is all sorts of dorky, and not in a cute way.

  • viv

    i think people hate on her because of some statements she’s given in the past that were arrogant but i also think it’s partly because she’s lived such a charmed and rich life that people can get a bit jealous. i wouldn’t mind being a rich and talented, albeit icy blonde.

  • harper

    @viv: I’m sure people would like to have her money but that goes for any rich person. I don’t think her life has been that charmed — somewhat sad actually and she hasn’t enjoyed the type of acting career many of her peers have established. I do agree she rubs people the wrong way with her arrogance but her current fashion choices have not been the best.

  • viv

    born from a respected, talented and highly connected family, landed amazing roles and acted them brilliantly, award winning in film and acclaimed in theater, married to an extremely gifted musician, mother to two wonderful children, connections with the high fashion elite not to mention best friends with royalty, a drool worthy and expansive wardrobe. i’d say that’s a pretty charmed life.

  • harper

    @viv: She has an Oscar yes, but everything else is very subjective. Brilliant acting is a matter of opinion though many critics seem to agree her filmography has not been as impressive as Cate Blanchett’s and Kate Winslets for example. Wonderful children? Maybe but I don’t live with them so how would I know? Gifted musician husband? Some really like Coldplay, others don’t. Best friends with royalty? Who cares? Fashion elite and drool worthy wardrobe? Subjective and not really imho going by her recent fashion choices. Only thing we can say objectively is she has money, won an Oscar and came from a family with some money and connections. Most would probably like the money but a lot of people work their way up from nothing though and wouldn’t trade places with her in a heartbeat.

  • test


  • Kellie

    I dislike Gwyneth and the fact that shes wearing the boots i am in love with does not help that matter! She needs to wake up and realise shes not in her 20s thus should stop dressing as such.

  • viv

    ugh here we go, i wouldn’t put her in the same caliber as cate and kate but she is a good american actress and i see her only getting better as she gets older. it all depends on the choices she makes with her roles. i’m not telling you to like her or to trade places with her, all i’m saying is aside from being a talented actress, she’s also had an easy and charmed life and that could leave a sour taste in some people’s mouths. i for one like her, she’s smart, worldly, classy and nice (i met shopping in soho) but i don’t expect everyone to share my opinion.

  • Santos

    What is up with the filter on this website?

  • Santos

    There are other w*ealthy st*ars who don’t have her im*age problems so I don’t believe most are j*ealous. She comes across as a sn*ob and the way she puts people down is not classy. Personally, I find her an average actress but she used to be more stylish. Now she looks like Jan Brady trying to be trendy.

  • fusion

    I would have never guessed that was Gwyneth Paltrow. In the image on the right of the main pic, her face looks like a man. She should always wear her hair to the side or back. It softens her face.

  • Sar

    You guys are crazy ! Gwyn’s gorg! The skirt has gotta go though… the center part is OK, but she needs a hair cut!

  • Cisco

    She was never gorgeous, but she was kind of cute. Now she’s rather plain and her skin seems very dry. Not loving the whole look but I think the top is nice, the skirt not so much. Emma Watson would probably look adorable in something like this.

  • Denise

    Stuck up bitch!

  • SK

    @#31 & 35
    If you’re attempting to interview for a position as one of her her publicists you’re going to have to try a little harder to make this gawky box office poison look good. She’s an actress with an extremely limited range. Three 6 Mafia also won an Oscar. Does that automatically make them deserving? She has a 12th grade education so a wouldn’t call her smart. People routinely make fun of her on movie sets. Even Brad Pitt does a funny impression of her.

  • chris

    I can’t stand her disproportionately large face or her fried hair. I would however like to encourage her to wear more outfits like pic #4. Very flattering indeed.

  • viv


    i’m just a fan who looks down on people who enjoy shooting down other people. she’s fluent in french and spanish, among other languages, i think that’s pretty da mn smart. so many people are highly intelligent and brilliant without having to wave a diploma in people’s faces. who’s being a snob now? you’re the epitome of what you hate about gwyneth. the hypocrisy is ridiculous. if you’re gonna hate someone for being a snob, why are you one yourself?

  • Cher

    Who the f are three 6 mafia and why are they being mentioned on this site? When did justjared become a breeding ground for ghetto folk?

  • ghetto folk

    #45 – i think three 6 mafia won an academy award for “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” thus turning the Oscars into a a big joke

  • Cher

    “It’s hard out here for a pimp”? oh that’s classy.

  • leon

    I wouldn’t call Gwyneth’s Spanish fluent and her French is outright laughable. She did, however, get beyond 12th grade. After attending a prep school whose students go on to attend Ivy League schools, poor Gwyneth wasn’t much of an academic and scored so low on her SATs that she could only get into the University of California at Santa Barbara where she was only accepted because Michael Douglas, an alumni, wrote her a recommendation letter. She flunked out before the 1st semester was over. The public’s immense dislike of Gwynnie is caused by the fact that she is the epitome of nepotism and a chronic name-dropper.

  • chica

    This plain Jane should stay mostly in Spain.

  • sidney85
  • bebe

    Her hair looks thin and unhealthy but she got nice leg