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Jennifer Garner Lists Red Sox Line-Up

Jennifer Garner Lists Red Sox Line-Up

Jennifer Garner is all smiles after she earns the right to plug her new flick, The Invention of Lying, on Monday’s The Jay Leno Show.

Since the 37-year-old actress is married to Boston Red Sox lifelong fan Ben Affleck, Jay decided to put her to the test.

Check out the video below of Jen successfully naming the starting lineup for the Sox. She had to do it while wearing a rival New York Yankees cap and holding a photo of “her least favorite” Yankee player, Derek Jeter!

FYI: Jen is wearing a gorgeous purple Alberta Ferretti dress and gold Casadei shoes.

Jennifer Garner Lists Red Sox Line-Up
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jennifer garner red sox line up 05

Photos: Justin Lubin/NBC
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  • shamrock

    Excellent job Jen!!! I’m sure BEN will be so proud of you. This was something I had to do before getting married to my hubby. Very impressed by her knowledge of the team, and she looked adorable on the show. Hope all is going strong in the family and the best of luck to Ben on the film THE TOWN!!! Rooting for you guys~

    ciao bella!

  • ashi JIJI


  • stellartes

    she looks fantastic…..seems like a very funny and warm person.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    Jennifer you did an amazing job last night on jay leno i cant wait to see movie red sox rocks!!!!

  • mike baldwin

    She got the catcher wrong but they pretended she didn’t!

  • http://google fatima

    she and her husband are two frozen stone, they do not have on his face spontaneity, freshness, in their expressions .

  • SoCuteny

    What’s wrong with Red Sox fans? They have some SERIOUS problems, a Yankee fan would never waste their time doing that shit while wearing a Sox cap or something..

  • Celebwatcher

    wow look at the smile, it all seems so fake. What a life?!

  • erica

    she’s so fake !

  • BigFan

    Adorable…………… usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelsey

    JG tends to become a fan of the current boyfriend/husbands favorite team. Before she came to Hollywood she lived with a guy in San Francisco so she was a 49ers fan. She started going out with MV and suddenly she was a Kings fan(hockey) and now she is a Red Sox fan when she herself said she didn’t like baseball before she went out with Ben.

  • mare

    She looks like she has been working out alot lately and lost weight.

  • Susie q

    #11… are you for real?? What a stupid comment. Of course she’s likely to be a Red Sox fan since Ben is such a huge fan. They’re married for God’s sake. He’s not some fly-by-night boyfriend.

  • Nina

    Nina: I hope the fans get to enjoys the end product when the kids end up statistics or drugged out in rehabs. That’s where they’re headed with the dandy parenting their getting.

  • shut up

    @Nina: Nina from Lisa k’s blog shut up. Go back to you crap talking blog. The blog with 50 and 60 year old bags that talk bad about Kate G’s kids.

  • kelsey

    @Susie q:

    I would like to think she has a mind of her own. I know several couples and you don’t have to like a team just because you husband/boyfriend does that is STUPID. I just wrote what she has done in the past. So just because she married him she HAD to become a Red Sox fan just because he is that is MORONIC. I like to have a mind of my own. My husband and I share many things and that includes our love for sports that doesn’t mean I became a fan of his team just because I married him.

  • Ellie

    People, calm down. Put on your big boy/girl pants. Jen was adorable. She likes the Red Sox. She looked hot. She’s raising two girls with her husband. Any of this is controversial to you?!

  • Tazla

    The haters are so desperate for something nasty to say they’re really grasping at straws here with their ridiculous comments. Go away! Everyone is laughing at you especially the comment about those two adorable girls being drugged up in rehab….hahahaha

  • ellie’

    Jennifer is gorgeous .. With a wonderful family … a great actress.. Everyone get a life..



    Red Sox fans are the dumbest people out there. Yankee fans are too intelligent to fall for something so stupid or do something so stupid. They’d NEVER put a Boston Red Sox cap on their heads.

    Jen is a cutie though. Love those dimples!


    well i sure hope she would know the line up. its not rocket science. just cuz shes a woman its a big deal that she knew the lineup? NOT REALLY.


    it was hilarious thugh when she said derek jeter is her least favorite yankee. isnt he to us all? hahaha

  • Jennifugly


  • haters have arrived

    Some must sit back and google Jennifer and Ben, then pounch on whatever topic is posted. Good Grief.

    Jennifer did a great job last night. What does being on a talk show have to do with parenting? Some just make comments to stir up trouble.

    Jen knocked it out of the park. Could any poster on here name the starting lineup of their favorite team, husbands/boyfriends/grilfriends favorite team.

    Jennifer was a good sport about the Leno interview.

    Besides, a few years ago Ben did an interview about how Jennifer liked on of the Red Sox. I think Ben gave the interview to Leno.

  • Sarah


  • DT

    So what if she tends to mirror her partners’ sports interests? Especially if you don’t have a team of your own, I think its nice to take an interest in what your partner likes and use it as an outlet to spend time together. Haters need to find something better to do.

  • Susie q

    Thank you, DT! I couldn’t agree more.

  • amy

    Sorry, but she always seems like she’s acting.

  • ugly

    she looked lovely

  • Yeah! Red Sox fans!LOL

    She did a great job! I was born and raised (in Patriots stadium area) and have been a fan of Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, but mostly Sox major fan. I can’t name the starting line-up of the Sox right now, or since they started playing this year. She did a great job, and I could care less about JG. (I do like Ben) and if I read the sports page everyday, which I don’t anymore, I would know the current line-up. (or if a late-nite host handed me a sports page and said you will be asked “this” even I could name the current line-up). So I guess I would say she read her

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol that was cute =]
    that made me like her a bit more since im a pretty big soxs fan
    she looked really sexy and as i keep saying, if she dresses nice, she can look amazing

  • boston ben

    Huge Ben fan, like Jen too. BUT, something seems to be amiss. Jen was visible irritated when Leno asked about Ben helping at the co-op.

    Second, everytime I have seen her on a red carpet she says that Ben is taking care of the kids. This time when asked about Ben, she replied that he was in Boston “holding the fort”. She then hesitates when asked more about it, says she is “going back tonight” and that it “all seems to work out”.

    This time she didn’t say Ben was taking care of the kids, or really anything good about him in any interviews. It wasn’t really anything she said but mostly what she didn’t say.

    Now, I don’t think for one minute that Ben went after bimbo Blake. There just doesn’t seem something right about Jen’s interviews. Just saying.

  • ann

    @erica: FYI..SHE’S NOT FAKE!! you are just a jealous b’coz she’s pretty, gorgeous and sexy. look at that!!

  • shut up

    @Jennifugly: jealous..jealous..jealous!!
    fugly? better have your eyes check, there’s something wrong with it???

  • jenbenfanatic

    gorgeous jen!
    beautiful smile, nice dimples, hot body, pretty face!
    ben you’re lucky!!

  • wrong

    @amy she’s not acting!!
    obviously you’re a hater, so pls go away!! if you don’t like jennifer then don’t look at her pix here, ok?

  • prenup??????????????????????

    think Ben made Jennifer sign a prenup? He had millions to protect when they got married.

  • ewwwww

    she is dumb and ugly b!tch

  • Melanie

    Rocky – Too stupid? Might want to check out where NY public schools rank (it’s not pretty). We OWN you in the intelligence department – and you know it!

  • huh?

    @haters have arrived: yes i can. if your a true fan then you should know. not rocket science.

  • y

    boston ben, i sadly think so too. ben seems wants blake and blake
    wants ben too. on lax blake hands with pillow. disappear on emmy
    party and change dress. i am so scared about jen and ben’s relationship. I wander ben doesn’t feel fatherlyhood about his
    daughters? and blake is such homewrecker?

  • you are ugly

    @ewwwww: you are so jealous my dear!! i’m pretty sure YOU are the ugly one!! LMAO :)))
    i pity you, you are sooo pathetic, tsk tsk..

  • hazel



    jennifer looks beautiful and gorgeous
    i hope she dress up like this all the time..
    she’s got a very sexy body

  • nunda

    she’s soo cute & pretty.
    look at those dimples & luvly smile, hmmmm…

  • Emma

    Please – Matt Damon said when he first started paying (oops, I mean “dating”) his titty-bar dancer who is supposedly from Argentina but is really from California {that’s right, not Miami but CA} that their favorite date was not hanging on a yacht with Clooney (without her kid of course) but attending a Red Sox game. Of course it was Lucy’s favorite date – the paparrazzi were there and her kid was not!.

    Jen Garner is smart, sweet, sexy, successful and married to smoking hot Ben Affleck (whose movie did NOT bomb this weekend). Most importantly – Jen is a great mom. Time will tell which couple parents better. Unfortunately, due to poor social services, Damon’s kids will suffer the consequences. Yeah teen pregnancy!

  • prenup??????????????????????

    Such meanness on this site.

    Something is up with Jen/Ben. Blake is not the problem. Blake isn’t smart enough, and Ben isn’t dumb enough.

  • ee

    It’s obvious she prepared to that question and even tried to memorize some silly comments about the players.
    She is such a bad actress and totally fake person.
    Trying to pretend to be all proper when she cheated on her first husband and dumped the fiancee once she saw Ben.
    Getting pregnant when your date things you are on the pill is also very far from the proper “lady” persona she is faking.

  • ee

    The problem is that Jen tried to pretend to be someone so different than what she really is.
    PEople see through her “show” (poor acting skills?)

  • Pippi

    Jen is as she has always been a beautiful and charming lady who is also gorgeous and talented. A lot of people only know her as a dressed down wife and mother trying hard to provide her children with a normal life in the crazy paparazzi infested world that she and her husband work in. Now you get to see another side of her you still are not convinced she has star quality and talent worthy enough to earn her success and awards for her work.

    The good thing is she will never change and some will go right back to bashing her for the everyday private time with her family. I will see her for who she really is and support always.

    She looks stunning on her promotional rounds for the film and I hope to see the movie when it opens nationwide. I love Ricky Gervais he is a comic genius.