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Jennifer Garner Premieres 'The Invention of Lying'

Jennifer Garner Premieres 'The Invention of Lying'

Jennifer Garner sparkles in Cartier jewels at the premiere of her new comedy The Invention of Lying on Monday (September 21) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress wore a Gucci Cruise 2010 black washed crepe de chine strapless dress with pale blue embroidered macro paillettes.

Be sure to check out the trailer for The Invention of Lying, which opens in theaters on October 2. The film is set on an alternate Earth, where no one has ever lied, and stars Ricky Gervais who tells the world’s first lie, wielding its power for personal gain.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner premiering The Invention of Lying

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jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 01
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 02
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 03
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 04
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 05
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 06
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 07
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 08
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 09
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 10
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 11
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 12
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 13
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 14
jennifer garner the invention of lying premiere 15

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Nikki Nelson/WENN
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  • NativeNYker

    This outfit somehow goes horribly wrong & looks like a 34th street special.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Elena

    She’s beautiful and fresh!

  • abbey

    Can’t tell if it’s the dress, or the way she’s posing that makes her appear awkward. She cleans up okay, but she still comes off very manly so some reason. The movie looks retarded though.

  • not a jen fan


    It’s the way she’s standing, with her foot twisted or heel turned up, in every picture. It makes her look very unpolished, and weird looking in those pics. Cute dress, but not on her! She doesn’t have the body to carry it.

  • i’m a jen fan

    she looks hot and gorgeous!!!

  • ace11

    old and haggard..

    ben will eventually wise up and leave her…

    to bad it won’t be for J-Lo though…he blew it big time letting her go

  • joan

    i luv jen garner..
    wow she looks sultry :)
    a hot mama indeed!!

  • Jennifer Garner is a dork

    Watched the video of her on Leno last night. Jennifer Garner is really a dork, isn’t she? Wow. A huge dork. WTF is Ben doing with her? Seriously. Makes me think twice about him.

  • vicky

    ben is soooo lucky with this girl..the real deal!!
    she’s definitely my favorite celeb mum :)

  • who cares

    @Jennifer Garner is a dork: F**CK YOU BI***H


    yay..thanx jj :)
    i luv lookin’ @ jennifer’s pix

  • mischa

    wow look at that body, hot tamale!

  • shania

    now i missed alias..
    jen is my favorite spy, luv yah girl!!

  • Jennifer Garner is a dork

    @who cares:

    So pathetic that I have to get myself knocked up to trap a man, fly myself and 2 kids across the US to keep an eye on that trapped man, because he’s pitched a tent in his pants over his really hot and much younger than I, co-star? Yeah, I’m not that pathetic.

  • annie

    @not a jen fan:

  • tiffany

    I loive the shoes!

  • who cares

    @Jennifer Garner is a dork: get your facts right!! you don’t know the real story, not unless you know ms.garner personally and you live in her house, then i believe you :((
    it’s just your f**ckin’ opinion b***ch, keep it to yourself, if u dont like jen garner then why the h**ll your lookin’ at her pix right now?

  • jeannie

    jen is cute and pretty.
    nice dress, nice shoes

  • aileen

    a nice down to earth person, she’s always pleasant.
    goodluck to your new movie

  • ellie’

    Beautiful Jennifer as always.. With a beautiful family. Such a down to earth wonderful person..

  • lollipop

    She comes off as awkward stiff beotch. She looks like she’s about to beat somebody up. She doesn’t exude a gentle softness like other movie actresses. Sorry but she tries way too hard.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    I love jennifer she’s really pretty and a great actress I cant wait to see this movie it looks really funny

  • Pix

    She’s still pretty, but there is she’s lacking femininity these days. That dress should look sexy on her, but it look. eh. I get that she’s a mom now, but I wish she could more like a woman.

  • karen

    She looked beautiful and sexy on Jay last night. She should have switched dresses.. She seemed really cute and down to earth. I have not been a fan of her’s… but I may be chaning my mind..

  • Love BRAD and Angelina

    I like her dress and it fits nicely on her. The other day I read where Violet said something to the effect mommy just sits in her trailer on set and gets makeup and hair done. To a little kid she doesn’t work but just get prettied up, hahaha.

  • mimi

    @Jennifer Garner is a dork I agree with you. She comes off as dumb. Watched her interviewed by Oprah and what she was saying doesn’t make any sense. It’s like a 5 year old was talking.

  • na

    she look so good and happy :)

  • QueenOftrashin

    This one needs to either get her personal life in order or stop appearing in public until she does. She ALWAYS looks like c*r*a*p.

  • Ali

    I think what throws these looks off is the shoes – they completely “lopside” the proportions. I don’t know what the stores are going to do with all these “way too high and platformed” shoes.

    This dress is not the best photographed dress on her – it may be quite beautiful in person. But her hair looks too casual and sloppy for the style of the dress. If Rachel Zoe styled this for her, she needs to do a better job.

  • stefano

    i love her! beautiful

  • personal life

    to QueenOftrashin @ 09/22/2009 at 12:28 pm
    WHAT R U talking about? She has her personal life together. She is promoting a movie, not walking the streets just talking about stuff.

    I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

  • lakers fan in boston

    just more evidence, that when she tries 2 look good she can really pull it off
    i just wish she would try 2 look better more often instead of wearing the same shirt and jeans she has on everyday
    i think the dress would be better suited on some1 taller but jen still looks good

  • Anna

    Jenifer and I’ve seen more beautiful. This culture that supports the thinness of women should be cultivated only by the models. A woman 37anos, already mother twice, could have a body filled with a little further he would be more beautiful. Her face seems very thin which makes it a little male. She is still beautiful but is too thin. Not that I defend the fat, quite the contrary. But I have noticed that men, despite the media only to support lean, curvy women prefer more feminine body.

  • lexy

    Jen looks great!

    She’s normal and down to Earth! That’s what people love about her. Sure she’s a bit dorky but it’s refreshing. It gets old seeing these actresses walk around like their sh!t doesn’t stink.

    I imagine a dress like this would be a bit much when she’s running around with her kids or running errands. I mean she bends down to tie a kid’s shoe and the paps will probably try and get a pic of her underwear – or airbrush them off and claim she doesn’t wear any!

    I see J-Lo with her kids and she looks ridiculous all glammed up and holding a baby. It looks so fake!

  • lena

    Hm, I’m not sure what it is but Jen looked so feminine, almost with a certain delicateness to her when she appeared in Juno. Yet here, there’s something, a hint about her that’s a little too masculine. It’s a pretty dress and she’s a pretty woman, but maybe the two just don’t go together that well. I feel like she’d be better off covering up a little more–a dress with straps, sleeves, or a shoulder at least would divert the attention from her shoulders and her arms, which are a little too prominent here. Also, if she just relaxed and had some fun instead of standing with such a stiff pose…she’d be golden.

  • ewwwww

    she is dumb and ugly b!tch

  • autumnm

    Garner’s mouth is so ugly! She has the same fugly mouth/lips as her Mother.

    Such a boring, plain and dull girl she is. Why did Ben ever marry her? I don’t get the attraction.

  • ee

    Her problem is not just her homely face or huge ears.
    Her problem is she is huge and a bit masculine with those broad shoulders and huge hands.
    It’s not her fault, and there are many tall women who have that problem, but when you are supposed to be a “movie star”, there’s a problem.

  • s.i

    @autumnm: Her lips (mouth) are lucious and sexy. She is very pretty (in my opinion) And Ben married her because she is a natural beauty with juicy lips, freat smile, cute dimples, beautiful green dark eyes and so on, and because he was in love with her (apparently) she is attractive. By the way, this dress is very cute and neat! Jen, u rock!

  • s.i

    jen looks like an angel!

  • suppress your appetite

    God she’s so gorgeous !