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Jude Law Celebrates Peace Day

Jude Law Celebrates Peace Day

Jude Law and BFF Jonny Lee Miller attend Ben & Jerry’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Of Peace Day at The Box on Monday (September 21) in New York City.

The event was also attended by Peace One Day Founder Jeremy Gilley and singer Bebel Gilberto (both pictured below). Also pictured: Walt Freese, CEO of Ben & Jerry’s and Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen (co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s).

For more info on this cause, visit

Jude and Jonny are currently starring in Broadway plays, Hamlet and After Miss Julie, respectively.

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law celebrating Peace Day…

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Credit: B. Ach; Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty, INFdaily
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  • mery

    Jude with his olds friends and a good cause.
    Greats pics, Jared.

  • IRr

    A couple of cones I would like to lick.
    I’m just sayin.

  • sheryl

    Aw, Jude and Jonny….cool….*winks at Jude*

  • shamrock

    Beautiful Jude is honoring such a worthy cause that is so needed around the globe. It’s remarkable to see actors involved in such touching and much needed help to foundations such as PEACE ONE DAY!!!

    Yesterday, was my daughters B-day named Sophia and she lights up my world with PEACE and LOVE always. We helped our community and try to every day in some way.

    Keep lighting it up Jude with your passion and those beautiful eyes of blue that express that soul of kindness and hope~

    ciao bella*

  • jazz

    A good cause. I like celebrities who donate their time and money to make the world a little bit better.

  • Pole

    Great to see Jude and Johnny support Peace One Day. And it’s good to see them together again.

    Thanks Jared.

  • jami

    Love Peace One DAy! So happy Jude is a part of it. it doesn’t hurt that he looks absolutely gorgeous ….look at those eyes!

  • jami

    Okay, I just looked again at these photos…uh, someone get me a drink and a cigarette. Jude looks so sexy hot in these photos it is slowly killing me!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    jude or jonny.. which one’s the bottom?!? hahahaha.. jude, for sure. hahahaha..

  • Peter Griffin

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: I would’ve guessed the other way around. I will concede that your gay credentials make you a better judge, though.

  • http://justjared bond007123

    Jude is so gorgeous. I know everyone is bad mouthing his latest fling with S.B., but let’s be honest —-who in their right mind would tell Jude “no” in bed!!!!

  • halam

    I’m going to pretend they’ve had sex just for the imagery

  • ericap

    Good job, Jeremy and Jude!

  • dolorescraeg

    jude put his money where his mouth is. he traveled to afghanistan with jeremy gilley. they went to kabul and the jahalabad provence in the thick of the action and on sept. 21st of last year in 80 provinces the taliban allowed children to be vacinated. they put down their arms down for one day.
    you hear and read negative stuff about jude but you don’t know how many charities and good works that he’s actively involved with…that said. he is unbelievably beautiful….perfect face and that body….wow….

  • jami

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    I think you are just wishing that scenario….

  • jami

    smile or no smile….look at that face…those eyes! come on now. HOT

  • Eloisa

    Jude, Johnny Lee, a good cause……. what else can i ask for? Probably Ewan McGregor and it would be a dream come true!!!

    Thanks JJ.

  • Daphne

    Jude looks tired but still so sexy. Nice to see him with Jonny Lee.

  • natalie smith

    ….I am afraid he is not so perfect as some of us (myself included) may want to believe…I just listened to an interview of the ‘nanny’ on you tube and must say that he seems to have a pattern of using women and when he is not serious about them he just drops them…It seems that, because he has become who he is today, he goes about his bussiness and then just heads off no explanations no obligation…One may say they use each other and I buy that BUT I mean on a human level…not romantically, he is not oblidged to give them what they want BUT it seems he feels he can get away with anything..he doen’t give a damn…he just simply turns his back and walks and carries on with his life…it surely looks like it!….but than it only takes a smile and everyone falls in love with him so he can get away with anyhting…..see even in this column everyone is going cracy about the way he looks…but you know guys I thing that’s the only thing anyone will surely – beyond doubt ever know about HIM: that he looks amazing!!

    I still like him but I am doubting….the quallity of his caracter…he is almost 37 years old and he acts like a 22 year old!!

    …maybe it will be good to get back but with Sienna…they seem to share friends and spend time in the same city now …something will happen…between them for sure…

  • sheryl

    @natalie smith: I’d “use him” in a New York minute, shake hands, and carry on my life afterward, because that’s just what I want. Assuming that he wanted to let me use him, that is, because I certainly wouldn’t force myself on him. So then it would be consensual and not really using at all, wouldn’t it? If he led me on afterward, wanting a relationship simply based on the fact that we had sex, without “we” ever entering our conversation, then that would be his problem, wouldn’t it? If you want relationship and not just sex, then you get the relationship first, and not the other way around. That’s what high school girls do when they use sex to “get” or “keep” a guy…and in the end, the girl might just end up getting disappointed. Adult women should have more grown up sense than that. If nanny wanted more than just sex, she should have held out for the “more.” But she didn’t, did she? That’s her fault….people aren’t mindreaders.

  • Pole


    If Ewan had been there the room would have combusted into flames because of the hottness!

  • natalie smith

    I am not saying anything different I agree they are adults and responsible for their actions…I don’t blame him for not giving these women (nanny, or the other one) the ‘relationship’ I am blaming him for not being human…when the girl (the nanny) freaked out because the affair was leaked obviously by his exwife, who had a blast, he just disappeared not even gave har a piece of advice not for their nonexistent relationship but for how to handle what was so new and unexpected in her life!! He treated her like a piece of meat!!!
    I am only talking about proper behaviour against another human being who he had spent time with because of her being the nanny of his children!! I don’t bet on anyone but this girl sounded sincere and didn’t say a bad word about him!! …He can get away with anything because he is who he is that’s my bet..

  • sheryl

    Natalie, but that’s her side of the story. What do make of a person that shares the private, intimate, play-by-play details of her sexual encounters anyway, with the world? Me, not much. She was in it for the recognition, and after making a fool of herself, she felt it necessary to “explain” her actions. But her side isn’t the whole story, and it should have been kept private anyway. You can say she got away with what she did because he was a famous man, too…imagine how it would be if a man shared the intimate details of a woman during their sexual encounter…I can’t imagine how vilified he would be. So anyway, no, I don’t care in the least about her story. It’s just her side, and we’ll never know the whole thing. And besides, why assume Jude had any better advice for her about how to handle it? He obviously hadn’t dealt with something like that before in the media, either. And I totally agree that continuing her employment would have been wrong, given the circumstances. She should have known that wasn’t going to happen. Neither one of them acted appropriately, as their primary relationship was business. But that’s neither here nor there now and has nothing to do with anything else that’s going on or matters in or about his life.

  • Deb

    I see Ben in the background of pic #2 ! It’s nice Jude has such a loyal assistant.

  • sheryl

    Natalie, to add…any advice that Jude would give her would have probably been to not talk to the media at all about anything, to respect your own privacy even if nobody else does. They would have went away eventually, probably after a few conjured up stories or something to sell a few rags, but at least there would have been nothing concrete from her. Instead, though, she made herself into a fool. I guess he never anticipated that she would make such a foolish decision, though, to add fuel to the fire. So again, I don’t think she handled it the way she did because she didn’t know what to do…I think she wanted the notoriety. And he certainly didn’t “get away” with anything.

  • elle

    Thanks Jared
    love this face ;)
    and congrat. to POD.

  • natalie smith

    Sheril…I see where you re coming from but on one hand we have a 26 year old nanny (at the time) and on the other we have a 32 year old family man who also has the means and is rich and famous…and people blame her….the week one! objectively the week one….as for all the details she gave away at the time in the Mirror even if she didn’t want to be so explicit these people are so professional….they are world class manipulators she was such easy pray for them…piece of cake…she was obviously hurt by Jude, cause I totally believe she was in love with him whereas she was just passtime to him, and being mad and hurt she made all the wrong choices! it is common knowledge ‘journalists’ like that are masters at using and manipulating people let alone a 26 year old nanny! Anyhow…this story is past and gone as you say! my point is that the famous rich guy can get away all clean and everyone points the finger at the woman…

  • Pole

    Just feel like saying that I think I love Jude – in case anyone was in doubt ;-)

    *blows Jude kisses and a hug*

  • sheryl

    Natalie, you obviously have issues with rich and famous people. It’s abundantly clear that Jude didn’t get away with anything and I don’t remember anybody pointing fingers at Daisy. I don’t have sympathy for whatever she went through after she gave her story away AND posed so foolishly in lingerie for it…I mean, come on. If she loved Jude, she should have talked to him about it and settled it. If she did it because she was “mad” or “hurt,” that’s still her fault if people ridiculed her…as she should have been…26 ain’t a baby. If you do things rashly, you suffer the consequences of it. But do you honestly think women don’t use men? Sorry, sister, but they do. The thing about women is, they can bat their eyelashes and seduce men in a quick minute, but if the men aren’t ready to jump through their hoops or things don’t go the way as planned, they can turn on the tears and cry victim. And then the men are the big bad evildoers. I’m not saying this because it’s Jude, I’m saying it because I’m tired of silly women acting like victims in a world where I’m fighting to be valued in my workplace in the same way men are. If women want equal rights, then lets stop being stupid and playing stupid victim games. And finally, I’ll repeat…you are only hearing her version of events…you know, the “poor me” version that hopes to make up for her stupidity. But if it makes you feel better to have a villain, and that villain logically be the big bad man, go with it. I personally don’t feel sympathy for either of them on that matter. And I’m officially bored of the topic.

  • sheryl

    @Pole: I never doubted it for a minute…I love it that he and Jonny are getting to spend time together while they’re in New York!
    *kisses and hugs for Jude*

  • Daphne

    @Deb: Ben is not just Jude’s assistant. He is Jude’s business partner in their production company RiffRaff.

    I think Jude has made mistakes, but no more than a lot of ordinary people. He didn’t get away with anything. In fact, he pays a lot more for his mistakes than ordinary people because the women involved keep talking and talking. Whatever mistakes he makes, I will always give him credit for keeping quiet about his private life. He has never bad-mouthed any of the women in his life even though they exploit his fame for their own ends. All the women play games with the media, badmouthing him and being snide or playing victim when it suits them. I don’t see Jude doing that. He’s got class and he’s got gumption.

  • natalie smith

    @ Sheryl, I am bored also…too much analysis…you make your points so avidly….than you are bored :)

    Just for the record no special issues with either rich, famous nor ‘non-rich’ and ‘non-famous’ just expressing some thoughts without so much passion :) as you I guess …:) well a different viewpoint cheers : )

  • azlyn

    just look at that perfect face.oh jude

  • Fiona

    Jude is so hot……..I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of bed! He’s got such a cute smile!