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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard Couple Up?

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard Couple Up?

Kate Bosworth and True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard take pictures with a fan at the Britney Spears concert at the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City, Louisiana on Saturday (September 19).

A regular said that Kate, 26, and Alex, 33, were acting like a couple. “They were holding hands,” said JJ reader Brandon Coylet. “It seemed like they were together.”

The twosome are in Louisiana shooting the upcoming film Straw Dogs, out 2011. Alex has also been seen hanging out with their own Straw Dogs co-star Willa Holland, 18, and strolling the streets with True Blood co-star Evan Rachel Wood, 22.

Kate‘s rep tells, “The whole cast was together at the concert. They are just good friends. Nothing more.”

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  • nikomilinko
  • Jess

    For the love of…the guy is starring in a hit show and has become an overnight sensation, he is probably having a lot of fun right now. Doesn’t mean he’s a couple with every actress that comes his way.

  • Sarah Anne

    He is a master of disguise! He has more than ONE beard!

  • cutie

    cute couple! :-)

  • Rita
  • Jessica

    Wow. I could have sworn he was gay.

  • Liza

    Maybe he is a slut?

  • empress

    @Rita: Not exactly. Lainey was trying to imply Kate was going after him and that he was exclusive with ERW. I read some previous reports that he was flirting like crazy with Kate.

  • Jj

    He is just so damn good looking! And he seems like such a down to earth guy… yummy! all I can say… =]

  • lol.

    Queen Sophie got her walking papers. lol

  • Lisa

    she has a bf, and he’s apparently hooking up with ERW
    but they would be cute

  • meeee

    Her hair looks so foul

  • Lauren

    I don’t mind her at all. If they were dating, kudos.

  • LJ

    i don’t understand what people see in him, so average looking guy

  • Ab

    How is this guy considered goodlooking? He looks ill and his hair is so thin.

  • marissa


    I agree. the guy is single and ready to mingle ;)

  • nini

    #15 LOL ill?? Are you nuts? Go look at some other photos, he’s far from skin and bones

    And Jared! Stop linking him with every woman he stands next to or hangs with. I link arms, hold hands sometimes etc with my best guy friends! Gosh!


    Another rumor, but she’d be a definite trade up from ERW. Though, she’s not looking too good here….

  • Kitten

    Alex is gorgeous. But enought with these silly dating rumors. Poor Alex can’t be seen with anyone without dating rumors spreading like wildfire.

  • KJ

    This is so funny.

    Who’s the next ?

  • P

    How is Kate a trade up? I would say she and ERW are almost equal. Kate has a drug problem, anorexic and seems to have no qualms about cheating on her boyfriend. Alex obviously likes skanky women.

  • Suzy

    I don’t think he was ever with ERW. I think she followed him around and threw herself at him, but I don’t think they were ever together. Which is good, because I can’t stand that poseur. Kate Bosworth? I kinda like her. Good pairing, and I hope it’s true.

  • Bill’s monkey

    Someone somewhere just got their fairy wings!

  • Bill’s monkey

    I love watching these comments unfold… it gold Jerry! Gold!

  • Tiffany

    She is only 26? Wow, she looks so much older than that. I guess drugs, smoking, and an eating disorder will do that to you.

  • tsagrednerp

    Wasn’t she in a relationship like 6 seconds ago? What happened to him and ERW? Was that a hit -it and quit-it situation? So many questions so little confirmed.

  • HellzBellz

    I dont think he is really with any of these women. But if he is, who cares? He is single and great looking. Go for it. I’d watch him read the phone book.

  • Mark

    When was the last time anyone saw photos of Kate and her boyfriend? Maybe they broke up. I mean, she’s C-list so it’s not like anyone would really notice something like that. Plus, why should the fact that she may or may not have had an eating disorder or a problem with drugs be held against her? She seems like a nice person and everyone deserves a second chance. I think both problems could be attributed to her time wasted with Orlando Bloom, and I hope she’s doing okay now.

  • HellzBellz

    @Mark I agree. All this nastiness is just not right. From what I read is Skarsgard is a standup guy and really nice. Hopefully all these looney people dont drive him into complete seclusion. And to those who dont find him attractive, that is fine… even those of us who love him say there is just something about him.

  • s

    It’s simple! A single good looking 33 year old man having fun… I would want to be the “girl” (which ever girl, who cares?) any time!!!

  • true blood

    @Lisa: There was a rumor that Kate broke up with her boyfriend. Not sure if it ‘s true, but I also heard about him flirting with Kate on set.

  • Karen

    I’m just happy to see Bill;s Monkey back!

  • http://justjared lol

    I see Kate Bosworth followed the advice I gave her this summer lol I should be her manager lol.

    I believe she is throwing herself at him because let’s face it she faded away after Orlando Bloom dumped her and starting dating a nobody “model” didn’t help she has zero talent and she used her relationship with Orlando to further her career but when they broke up she became a z-list who was dating an unknown I love how karma works .

    Now she is doing it again throwing herself at Alexander to get the attention of people back she knows it works just look at Jessica Biel .

    She needs this and I approve after all even if I am harsh on her she is better than people like Jessica Biel and Megan Fox .

    I don’t mind her being in the spotlight again the only way possible for her to being linked to a hot famous guy because let’s face it she is no actress so I say YOU GO KATE lol I just hope she broke up with her boyfriend first lol not that it is an issue for her lol.

  • Bill’s monkey

    And Bill is very happy to be back to work again! ;)

  • Farina

    LOL wow appartently he’s dating everyone. Why can’t he be seen with a woman without people assuming that he’s dating them? It’s amusing to see who’s next though. It’s always good for a laugh.

  • hans

    Funny, it seemed like this guy wanted to have his face all over the internet… lol

  • HAHA!

    Women, get your butts to Shreveport pronto. You could be next! :-)

  • Claudia

    He should enjoy his fame while he can because I believe he is at his peak right now. He is a decent actor and fairly good looking — though I do agree that his looks are overrated — but I don’t see him becoming a huge star after True Blood ends.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    if i ever see a photo of alex with that loser kate bosworthless i’ll never watch true blood again.

  • karin

    I actually almost feel sorry for the guy, tho he probably couldn’t care less. By all accounts he’s a pretty decent guy, but dayummm: he is one fine specimen of a man…..

  • http://justjared hmmmmmmmmmm

    I read Lainey said Kate came on to Jim too while filming such a class act isn’t she ?

    Poor James lol first Jim then the producer not happy she goes to have her picture taken on Oscar parties with Orlando’s cousin to make it seem like they are still close the same time he says on national television that Miranda has his heart coincidence ?I don’t think so now this poor Alexander guy wonder if she is throwing herself at him behind James back as usual or did they broke up?

  • Hmm

    Funny how Just Jared fails to mention that other members of the Straw Dogs cast was at the concert as well. Drew Powell twittered about being there: From his twitter ( “At the Brittany Spears concert. Don’t judge. I was forced and they lured me with free booze and suite. I will say, she’s an ok lip syncer… ”

    Not really a date at all… Just Jared is making stuff up

  • Jessie

    He was only holding hands with Kate, though. :) :D

  • Hmm

    Dear Jessie #43 don’t believe anything Just Jared writes. They make up most of the shit

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    Alright already!!Who cares, dang next he will be with Halle Berry, which would be a step up from both of the past 2…Oh I forgot according to some of you , she is too old, he likes them young…LOL

  • LuckyL

    She broke up with her last boyfriend? He’s hot? Not here.

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    Well one thing I can say..he is consistent, they are both ugly women…

  • cantstandza

    Honestly, Jared, you’re turning into a rumormonger. If a rep said the entire cast was there, why are you ignoring that & making it seem like Alex & Kate are hooking up. Alex is waiting for me, duh!!!!

  • harper

    @cantstandza: If they were holding hands, something may be going on…interesting. I can’t see them admitting it for now. We’ll see if they’re spotted together once filming ends.

    Also, Drew Powell also implied on his twitter that he hung out with ERW the whole weekend she was in Shreveport too.

  • Nick

    This dude really gets around.
    They’re going to have to rename the show True Stud!