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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Meet Charlotte Grace Prinze!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Meet Charlotte Grace Prinze!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. are proud parents of a baby girl, Charlotte Grace Prinze according to People.

According to a rep for Sarah, the couple “welcomed their daughter on Saturday, Sept. 19. The family is over the moon!”

Charlotte is the first child for the couple. Freddie joins the TV drama series, 24, for the upcoming season on FOX which begins next January.

Congrats to Sarah and Freddie!

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  • joanne

    Omg a normal name! Congrats to Freddie and Sarah

    p.s. 24 is on FOX not CBS

  • lulu

    Aww, congrats to them, and it’s a really cute name. Love them !!!

  • Nuria

    congrats!! from spain!!!
    Yeaaah a normal name, thats possible?¿?¿ haha
    They’re a wonderful couple!1

  • elle


  • amina

    Aww congrats thats gonna be a very pretty girl

  • star

    congrats love her love him, so happy they now made a gorgeous baby

  • Daisy

    Very cute name. Congrats

  • lolly

    i don’t even watch 24, but cbs? don’t smoke pot when u r posting, jared.

  • g!na

    AAW! she seemed pregnant forever! so happy for them!

  • mayy

    just perfect

  • marisa

    awww, i love it! i give them props for giving their child such a pretty, normal name which is unusual for hollywood couples. congrats! and i love the name charlie grace! : )

  • ivanka

    aaw congrats! that was fast lol and cute name btw

  • e

    Yay, congrats to their new family member.

  • Halli

    I thought it mught be a boy. Oh well. Charlotte’s a classic name.
    Congrats Buffy.

  • Pandora

    @ #1 — Exactly what I was thinking! A normal name for a change. Pretty names, too. Cute couple. Bet their baby’s adorable too.

  • LittleHaze

    Good for them and good for Charlotte. She has parents who considered whether it was worth their kid getting the crapped kicked out of her or giving her a lovely, “normal” name.
    Perhaps it’s because they seem like nice, “normal” celebrities who aren’t exactly making the bucks (ala Tom Cruise, Nic Cage, etc). It’s likely that Charlotte will have to contribute to mankind eventually…unlike Suri Cruise or flippin’ Kal-El Cage who will have everything handed to them on a silver platter because people are too ignorant to realize that their parents can’t really act and keep giving them their money (not that Sarah Michelle and Freddie are Oscar worthy either). Just sayin’…

  • taku

    Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie !!!

    A new slayer is born :)

  • midnytgirl

    congrats sarah and freddie!

  • evalynn

    that’s a beautiful name and congrats to the happy couple!

  • j

    congratsssss :D

  • andreanne

    i love them
    they are beautiful
    but not acting like celebrities
    they seem so down to earth …
    and they named their daughter with A NORMAL NAME!!!!!

  • jr

    Im super duper excited to see what this baby will look like!! I’ve been a fan of both them since there performance together in I Know What You Did Last Summer..which was a little more over than decade. WOW, time flies !!

  • Becca

    I’m liking the normal name :)

  • Barbara

    I couldn’t be happier. They will be AMAZING parents.
    And Charlotte must be the cutest baby ever, lol!
    I’m SOOOO happy for them. I have to admit I teared
    up a little after hearing the news, hahaha
    Sarah <3

  • Madison

    Aww… Congrats to Sarah & Freddie. I love the name. It’s very cute and she has a normal name. Very Happy for them. Welcome Charlie!!

  • Cristobal

    Finally a couple gives their child a normal name. Congrats to both Sarah and Freddie, I’ve always liked them.

  • ivonneosunna

    It was about time !,
    congratulations to the new family
    and by the way a very nice and normal name

  • Jess

    Congratulations to both of them! I hope they’ll both enjoy young parenthood.

  • albana

    They’re a beautiful couple. Congrats!!!!!

  • kris

    awh! that’s awesome! congrats to them.
    Honestly.. That’s a gorgeous name !! i’m in love with it.. and it’s not something weird like Apple or Sparrow ..
    Goodness.. I hope those parents know their kids have to grow up with that name until they reach 18 where they can finally change it haha.

    but really, that’s a pretty name and i’m sure she’ll grow up to be very beautiful like her parents.

  • Jane

    You guys are all happy because they gave their child a ‘common’ name.

    You guys are dull and common. No pizazz.

  • Denise

    #31…I don’t like common names, myself.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Yes!!! I love the name Charlotte!!! It’s a beautiful yet elegant name!!! But I would’ve chosen a different middle name, since Grace is so common for it. Congrats to you both…I’m so happy for your family!!!!!! :))))

  • Maddie


    My thoughts exactly! A NORMAL BABY NAME!!! YEsssss! Congrats to them. It’s so awesome. I wonder when the frick Ellen Pompeo is due then? Cause she’s bigger than Sara was. It’s like she’s swallowed a beach ball. That can’t be very comfy for her slender frame. I assume Ellen is due next week. I hope she’s gonna name her little girl something normal too! I’m sick of ‘unique’ names. LOL.

  • Cristobal

    To #31 & #32. I agree to a certain extent. It is one thing to have a unique name, but it is anything to have one that is crazy and outrageous. The majority of these celebrities create these names that their children will end up hating and most likely changing before they’re even 18. I had a common name, Christopher until I changed it to Cristobal granted it carries the same meaning, but it is still rare within California or even the U.S. for that matter.

  • Saysaysay

    Best wishes to a beautiful healthy baby with a beautiful name,(normal)
    Charlotte Grace

    Best wishes to her parents

    (and please stay together.Thatis a normal,fun,happy thing to do as well).

  • Sophie

    What wonderful and happy news, and what a lovely choice of name! I wish them and their baby all the best, congratulations to Sarah and Freddie!

  • Liza

    Charlotte and Grace are my two favorite names!

  • ellie’

    Congratulations to both of you .. your new bundle of joy Charlotte.. How pretty. her name is..

  • loyal

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

  • yeeboy

    Finally! a celebrity baby name that isnt named after fruit, a dog, or a cartoon character. Mad respect for this low key couple

  • jamie

    I hope Freedie is in hospital with sarah and her daughter LOL

  • cutiepie32

    Aww, cute name and refreshing to see a young hollywood couple actually married BEFORE they had a child. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  • cutiepie32

    I know it sounds silly but i thought her last name was going to be Prinze Jr. lol.

  • Ana

    Loving the name! Congrats to Sarah and Freddie. I wish the best to them.

  • Amanda

    awe congrats <3 love them! happy to see that they are still a happy, normal couple :)

  • Lissy

    Congrats to them!

    Ahhhhhhh a baby girl!

  • ness17

    A beautiful name for I’m sure a beautiful girl
    FInally, a sane couple

  • Mirdeb

    Congratulations Freddie & Sarah and congrats on the lovely name choice….

  • Smilehexe