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Angelina Jolie and her Toulon Tykes

Angelina Jolie and her Toulon Tykes

Angelina Jolie takes three of her kids — Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 3, — to the Toys ‘R Us in Toulon, France on Wednesday (Septeber 23).

“They looked like one big happy family,” a spywitness reveals. “Everyone was holding hands and the kids helped each other pick out toys.”

Shiloh looks like quite the warrior with her camouflage pants and sword! It also looks like she lost one of her top front teeth!

This isn’t the first time Angie has taken the kids to Toys ‘R Us. Angie and Papa Brad Pitt took the kids took them there while staying in Cannes. Also in Burbank!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and her Toulon tykes…

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angelina jolie toulon france 01
angelina jolie toulon france 02
angelina jolie toulon france 03
angelina jolie toulon france 04
angelina jolie toulon france 05
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  • Observer2

    LMAO! at Shiloh. She’s wearing Brad’s fedora and decked out with sword and combat boots.

  • GAGA



  • kate

    OMG the children are adorable!!!!!

  • ct

    i love her :]

  • rhonda

    Nice photo-op! She is the upscale Kate, gets to go to different countries and go to the store!

  • Jo

    These pictures are priceless! Absolutely adorable!

  • alysia

    whoa! I am in a first row. Nice pictures.

  • Not impressed by JA

    I remembered when me and my four brothers and sisters used to disguise and play those games.
    I often wonder how it must be to be born without brothers and sisters or with one sibling.
    I had a fantastic time between my two bros and two sisters and we were all born one year apart, so we were closed. We still are actually.
    It’s fun to have companions at play and it also develop your sense of sharing, delegating cooperating, learning between each other, helping each other, ect…

  • sharon

    Shiloh is toooooooooooo cute. She is the cutest girl ever.

  • janelle

    How cute! I love how Brad/Angie’s kids have big personalities. They’re just like their parents. Beautiful family inside and out.

  • hun81

    LOL … shiloh is too cute!! Their getting so big!

  • bwah

    ha ha. Shiloh is such a character. I love the makeshift scabbard for her sword. Too funny. She’s a gorgeous child

  • Taco

    A little early for halloween, isn’t it? The witch looks like a skeleton!

  • 6wheels

    Love it… designer labels! They look like anyone elses kids happy to be going to a toy store!

  • dundies

    lol shiloh’s lips are just like her mommies

  • Frenchy

    heeeeeloooo all! Waving to fans.

    How cute is this? Angelina was meant to be a mom

    Looks like they ahd FUN!!!!

  • Kat

    Lergen gerken and caroline are jerks. These childen are gorgeous and babies. You must feel real mature insulting toddlers. What a bunch of trolls.

  • dundies

    @ #7

    you look like a savage

  • Brad Fan

    I had so much trouble getting on here last night. Thanks for the new thread JJ.

  • Andrómeda

    Adorable kids!!

  • um

    They look like they took fashion cues from Brad.

  • leslie

    Shiloh is such a tomboy! so cute ;) That is one normal and happy family :)

  • aww

    Aw Shiloh reminds me so much of Angelina with Brad face..

  • Berry

    Where ARE the twins? Why are the children so unkempt?

  • emma


    You just called a three year old a lesbian???
    You nasty person. Get a life.

  • AJP

    Mad stayed at home with the twins? Shi is soooooo cute! She is a real tomboy! This must be the ‘John’ Shiloh has claimed to be before.

  • bwah

    These knucklescrapers say Maddox is a homosexual so what do you expect?

  • BJ

    Angie ate them twins

  • HA!

    I see Shiloh gets hand me downs from Pax. I’ve seen that outfit before. I’ve seen Zahara wear those pants that Shiloh is wearing before. Zahara is wearing Angelna’s hand me downs and I’ve seen Angelina wear that dress before!!!!! Fun.


    TOOOO FUNNY!! Check out Si’s outfit. Love that pout!!

  • Lurker alerter

    thomashoward is a lurking!

  • omg

    Shi is still on Peter Pan stage. Too cute for words. Love this family. Angie looks beautiful and Zee Pax are cuties.

  • Hank

    Is she breeding again, man, she looks like a horse!

  • high
  • Jenho

    Angelina and the kids look so happy. You can tell Angelina really enjoys her kids and being a mother.

    Love the Jolie-Pitts

  • Frenchy

    Toulon is gorgeous by the way.

    Did anyone see CNN Showbiz Tonights’ hatchet job they did the the chinster? wow! Those people must have lived on Just Jared’s last thread on Brad becasue they were discussing everything we were.

    It’s chaos here in NYC with all those world leaders here. Brad is just the cherry on top of all that enerfy.

  • beverlyhills

    Tx for finally posting J.
    OMG..these kids are so happy & healthy & so adorable.
    Angie looks so happy…this is far by her best role. :)

    I guess Shi couln’t resist opening the costume before she got home
    and wear it..just like my nieces when thet go to Toys R Us. lol.

    I haven’t read previous posts, I’m afraid to hear something vile & gross re: kids. So..I’m posting blindly.


  • AJP

    Were the children having a ‘missing one tooth’ day? Pax & Shi both had one missing … Z didn’t smile so we can’t tell!

  • just an observation

    Angie looks so cute and happy laughing with Shiloh. Shiloh musta said something funny. they are both smiling at each other. :) I find it weird that when we do see Pic of Brad with their children he is ALWAYS holding onto Zahara and doesn’t interact the way Angie does. She is so thrilled to be their mom. It’s beautiful. I think Brad just used them to save his image but he doesn’t really have any interest in them.Angie has a lesbian nanny. :) I thought it was Jenny Shimizu at first glance…
    my observation from the POPSUGAR version of these Photos. Angie is such a sweet mama bear!

  • Lesbian

    @Michelle: Well good for her ,she is loved by her family it’s 2 bad you weren’t

  • Can’t buy happiness

    Angie is trying to buy the childrens love, just like she bought the children.

  • leslie

    unkempt? The fact that they do not wear fancy/expensive clothes does not make them ‘unkempt’. I bet you support Holmes-Cruise parenting and you’d like your 3-year old kid to wear high heels.
    That’s amazing how smart Jollie-Pitt are raising their kids. With the money they have, those kids seem to be so innocent and unspoilt. WOW!! :)

  • lisali

    I wonder how Shiloh knocked her tooth out? Also.. those have got to be the worst dressed kids in Hwood.. yikes.

  • Powersaver

    For as long as Angelina has adopted that black kid, I was hoping that she would ‘get it’ with Zahara’s hair type. Still a hot mess from last month photo-op and I am raising concerns about her responsibility when choosing to adopt from other races. O.k maybe she wants Zaraha to feel equal to her sister Shiloh which is allowed to have her hair hang loose, but there is a different maintenance if she wishes to let Zaraha’s hair free.

  • http://justjared carolynlee

    Caroline and michelle you must be very unattractive and unevolved to show a racist comment on a public blog so that all could witness your ignoance and racist perspective . Shiloh looks like a cute little child having fun and Zahara is just beautiful . No, she is not blond and blue eyed but then again neither is 75% of the world and more often than not the Miss World winner isn’t either . Both of you need to crawl back in your hole and stay there for at least 50 years .

  • SAm

    Now this is beautiful, a glowing mother and her adorable little ones.

  • LL

    Wow Shiloh looks so much like Brad . Remember all the trash talk from the trolls about how Shiloh was not Brad’s? She’s practically his twin. Angelina is a copy machines. All the children hse had with Brad will look like him.

  • pokeman

    Michelle @ 09/23/2009 at 3:31 pm Shiloh is a lesbian.

    and you are an idiot. she is only 3. just because she dress like a tomboy doesn’t mean anything. there were models who used to be a tomboy. what if she’ll be a lesbian? what is it to ya? is not your problem.

  • caroline

    @dundies: LOL! YOU don’t know what I look like. And you’re wrong, I look like a princess. Yes, I do. =)

  • Lesbian

    @just an observation: Well obviously Brad only loves Zahara his first daughter huh