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Christina Aguilera Visits Guatemala With WFP

Christina Aguilera Visits Guatemala With WFP

Christina Aguilera and the World Food Programme sees hunger first hand during a recent trip to Guatemala, which has the highest child malnutrition rates in Central America.

The 28-year-old singer explained, “I wanted to see with my own eyes what hunger means. As a mom my heart just breaks when I see how young mothers like Concepción struggle to feed their children. I don’t think I can ever forget these images.”

Adds Chrsitina, “The people of WFP do such a great job helping hungry children and mothers. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful project and incredible team. WFP urgently needs donations to keep feeding some 150,000 women and undernourished children – I want to raise awareness and open people’s eyes so they can get the funds they need to keep on working.”

To help Christina‘s cause, visit Watch her PSA below!

Christina Aguilera – WFP PSA
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Photos: Antonio Lopez/WFP
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  • lll

    I’m such a pround fan

    and she looks really good without make up

  • zee

    So beautiful

  • ana

    that’s a great thing! points to Mrs. Aguilera

  • lailaa


  • gold

    se looks fab!!! ive never seen her without make up.definetly keep it that way.or tone it down.great skin!! you can truly see her face and kinda get a real glimpse of what kind of person she is.keep up the good work!!

  • ..

    I don’t really like her, but I have to admit she seems like a good woman, and a good mother. Hate the hair, btw.

  • JJ


  • pretty

    i don’t like her that much, but OMG she is so pretty. Really beautiful and in a way unique looking, so why is she always wearing all that makeup?!!!

  • Jamie

    She actually looks a lot better without all the make up she likes to wear

  • pretty young girl

    Thats so nice but she should just stop repeating her childhood abuse story. We all know it already .

  • th

    that’s what a call a REAL ARTIST! Love Christina Aguilera and I’m so excited for her new album

  • BEN

    If she had a music career it would help them more to get the word out there her career is in need of life support.

  • Caco

    she looks good, and that’s a good cause. well, I like her

  • ct

    she should wear no makeup more often !

  • Lola

    @BEN: you mad? she’s a legend in music industry and a happy woman, unlike others. GTFO!

  • why?

    Why help people who CHOOSE to make babies they KNOW they can’t afford and won’t be able to feed? WHy not educate them about birth control, donate them plenty of it, and do something to create jobs so they can help themselves and feed all the babies that they’ve already made? Sorry, but these ladies need to stop their reckless behavior.

  • Lola

    @why?: so she cant have her own children now? OMG. You make no sense at all

  • Jen


  • kat

    she looks cute as a button without the makeup…she needs to keep that look up

  • mela

    she is totally wearing make-up, it’s just her “natural” shades. if you look up close at 04 you can tell. power, blush, lipstick, eye make up. total photo op! whatever it’s better than nothing

  • lailaa

    @pretty young girl: She was asked about it. She doesnt talk unless they ask her.She was being polite..

  • why?

    Um, Lola, dear, please grow a brain and re-read what I said. I’m just saying that people who can’t afford to feed a kid shouldn’t make one. Christina clearly could afford to feed a baby, so she made a responsible choice when she had hers, I never judged Christina, who is a giver.

  • Cristobal

    I have always loved Christina.

  • Xtina’s BIGGEST fan =)

    Aww I’m proud of saying that Xtina is my IDOL. She’s amazing in every way. With or without make up, I LOVE her. It’s so superficial to judge someone on her looks. I don’t even give a damn, all I want is talent. And you guys KNOW how gifted Xtina is. She’s one of the best vocalists of all time. And besides, she’s gorgeous. She also has a good heart. I just love, love, LOVE Christina.

  • brian

    without make up? it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have make up when she chooses natural colors on her face.

  • Jj

    @why?: Well that’s a great point! But the babies are born already, so you have to help people that are less fortunate….. people really do judge! yes I am reffering to you. why don’t you just shut up and continue to be ignorant…

  • Audrey

    I LOVE Christina very much! She’s such a talented artist and a good mom…Btw. She looks awesome now, much more beautiful when she’s wearing natural make-up!

  • cassie

    she looks way better without makeup

  • Amber

    christina should never wear makeup! she looks amazingggg here

  • why?

    Wow, JJ, angry much? No need to be rude or judgmental. I said nothing to indicate that I am ignorant, and I have a right to my own opinion. And no, I do not HAVE to help anyone. There is no law that says so. Though I do think it’s great if one chooses to.

  • lucy

    she’s the best!!
    i’m proud to be her fan!

  • Cecile

    So thats what she looks like without all of that thick on. She should go natural more offten. I like that she is doing a good cuase. Nice lady.

  • Ana


    As somebody who lives in Guatemala, it is not that simple. These people don’t have education, don’t know that you can get pregnant just like that (to you it may sound common and stupid but to these people it doesn’t), and even so, these children help to have another income in the house. It’s horrible. I see it every day, so I applaud Christina’s efforts to bring these issues at light because it’s thanks to a such closed mentality like yours that this issue goes unresolved.

  • XXX


  • justjared

    im not a big fan, but i had to admit that she does look beautiful and younger! good work christina! lovely girl!

  • jdub

    ive always been a fan of christina and still am

  • xtina4ever

    me too- im a big fan since day number 1! cant wait for the new album! she’s looking absolutely stunning with this natural look! she givign back some love! awsome!

  • michele

    she looks so pretty without makeup

  • hmm…

    @why?: Your opinion would be okay if you had more knowleged of the situation. Most of these women don’t believe in birth control because of their faith, I believe most of whom live their are catholic & they don’t believe in birth control.. so in turn they have children which they can’t feed. I think they pope said earlier this year that he considered condoms to be birth control as well.. which set back all the progess people were making in africa. So it’s a difficult situation that’s going to take a long time to correct! In all the countries with these problems.

  • mickey

    Ah, pictures with the hungry babies in 3rd world countries. She must have an album coming out soon. Celebrities are so tacky.

  • anaita

    she is amazing she is a good ARTISTA AND MOTHER AND PERSON

  • lola

    finally, i can see her face, she’s gorgeous. We never see britney do anything like this.

  • Sally

    She’s beautiful

  • peter

    Wow!! We finally get to see Christina’s real face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mari-jean

    I am so pround of Xtina! The world really needs more people like her.

  • mayer

    Yeahh… yeahhh yeahhh I’m proud of saying that Xtina is my IDOL too…

  • Vanessa

    OMG I can’t believe it’s her! She looks so young and beautiful without ALL that HEAVY MAKE-UP that she has on all the time. I don’t know why she does that to her face.

  • julissa

    She is so beautiful without makeup.

  • lilly

    she is truly gorgeous, no matter what her makeup is. beautiful eyes, and her talent is pure amazement. i love everything she does musically. she sings with such emotion and soul. so looking foward to the next album. LOVE YOU CHRISTINA !!!!!

  • lilly

    she is truly gorgeous, no matter what her makeup is. beautiful eyes, and her talent is pure amazement. i love everything she does musically. she sings with such emotion and soul. so looking foward to the next album. LOVE YOU CHRISTINA !!!!!