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Samantha Burke Gives Birth To Jude Law's Daughter

Samantha Burke Gives Birth To Jude Law's Daughter

Jude Law‘s baby mama Samantha Burke gave birth to a daughter on Tuesday night (September 22).

Reportedly, her name is Sophia.

“I doubt Jude was there [but] Samantha is doing well,” a friend of the family tells People. “Besides the financial support, he’s not involved.”

Jude, 36, and Samantha, 24, met while he was filming Sherlock Holmes in New York City last year. He currently stars in the Broadway play, Hamlet. Jude has three other children with ex-wife Sadie Frost.

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  • amy

    what a scumbag!!!

  • tina

    sophia is gonna be a beautiful baby !!!


    she’s the skumbag, slutty groupie.

  • Cristobal

    He is just a man cute man whore.

  • mery

    Poor girl.
    Her mother don`t have dignity and I suppose her sell the photo of the girl. Interview, photos, money, money, money.
    Samantha is a lucky girl, her future is safe.

  • zzz

    That was a quick pregnancy

  • ugly

    hope the baby is not as disgusting as she is….

    congratulations to u on ur new baby girl Jude Law :)

    but ur baby mama disgust me…..ewwwwwwww

  • lucky her

    Lucky her, she won’t have to work for the rest of her life now that Jude’s financially supporting her.

  • Ladyb

    24??? She doesn’t look it. She looks 35.

  • Topdog

    Jude’s one ugly man. Not involved except financial support? A man like that should lose ability to procreate. What a loser!!

  • Kim

    How is Jude a scumbag? It was obvious this woman is a HUGE golddigger. She had a team of attorneys lined up before the baby was even born and she intends on selling pics of the baby.

    I feel sorry for the baby, she will be a meal ticket for Mom.

  • rosie

    I’m surprised she didn’t just call her baby ‘meal ticket’. Jude is to blame as well though.

  • Kim

    “Jude’s one ugly man. Not involved except financial support? A man like that should lose ability to procreate. What a loser!!”

    How is he a loser? Yes Jude was naive to not use protection but at least he will financially support the child. When men get tricked into pregnancies by gold diggers like this, what do you expect? Plus Jude has no presense in Florida at all. When a woman gets pregnant by a man who lives thousands of miles away, she can only blame herself if he is not physically involved.

  • anono

    Now she”ll find out how much worry and work a child truly is LOL. Bet you she didn’t that of that before, will hit her like a ton of bricks. Likely her own thoughts were “I’m having a celeb’s child!! I’m going to be well-known, I’m a wannabee actress, this is perfect for exposure!!”, she likely was not thinking of the child and the everyday responsibilities for how REST OF HER LIFE.

    An unknown preggo by a movie star?? Puhleez, that has the words “got you, you’re trapped forever” written all over.

  • lakers fan in boston

    well jude, it looks like it’s time for ur dumbass 2 be paying some high child support checks

  • Shari

    Why all the Jude bashing? Did he force this woman to have unprotected sex with him? I doubt it. This woman had a plan and it involved getting pregnant by him. Why else would a woman get pregnant from a one night stand? She has already admitted to unprotected sex. If there is ever an example of a gold digger, she is it. She now can support her whole family and trailer park with her child support. And Pensacola, where she lives, is a dump.

  • Anakin

    The baby should have been named $

  • tee

    so if he’s not involved in anything but financial support, that means he’s not going to be involved in her life!!??

  • dolorescraeg

    if this woman is smart she will not make a tabloid circus of this. it would backfire in her face.

  • jr

    @ Kim: How is Jude a scumbag?

    Is that a serious question? WELL um let’s see….if he kept his **** in his pants, he wouldn’t necessarily be considered as a scumbag. AND to come to an extent where your ONLY financially supporting your offspring and nothing else, what the heck does that tell ya?

  • Kim

    “Is that a serious question? WELL um let’s see….if he kept his **** in his pants, he wouldn’t necessarily be considered as a scumbag. AND to come to an extent where your ONLY financially supporting your offspring and nothing else, what the heck does that tell ya?”

    A deadbeat Dad and a scumbag does not describe a man that pays child support, which he will do. There are millions of men out there that do not see children OR provide child support. The woman has ALL the rights here, the man NONE. She chose a man who does not live in her state to father her child. Jude has 3 other kids (to which he is a GREAT father too) to care for in his native England. Is Jude supposed to drop everything and move to FL? Please.

    And it is undetermined how much, if any, he will be involved. This man already had committments to Hamlet when he found out she was pregnant and it was his. He cannot just take a few nights off and fly to Florida for the birth.

  • Taylor

    Please let’s not defend this loser Kim. He is indeed a scum bag because he clearly has cheated on his partner(s) in the past. Does the whole nanny scandal ring a bell? & let’s face it, he’s only paying child support because he has NO other choice. But hopefully he’ll will be involved. I’ll probably gain just a tad bit of respect for him……NOT!

  • sheryl

    She became pregnant by a man she did not have a long-term relationship with, a man she chose to have fun, uncommitted sex with. there is nothing nasty or scumbag about that. If he had been the man who works at the Starbucks making her coffee, she would have likely terminated the pregnancy, taken the morning after pill, something. So there’s no “poor Samantha” here. She had options. Jude had none. He wasn’t even made aware until a few weeks ago. He doesn’t have to “keep it in his pants” any more than she should “keep her legs closed.” Silly observations by silly internet people. It’s their situation, they will work it out as per what’s best for their lives and their shared agreements, regardless of what the uneducated busybodies think. My only thing is if she pimps out her child for her own publicity as an aspiring “model” or “actress,” she’s making a big ol’ mistake. She’ll end up on the same Z-list with the reality show losers.
    Anyway, glad the baby is fine. That is all.

  • amy

    yeah, i love jude but im a little upset …..this baby is his just like his other little ones he should be her father…. =(

  • amy

    and im a different amy from #1!!!!

  • angie

    @Taylor: he’s only paying child support because he has NO other choice – so you have super ESP powers? – NOT
    You’re very smart – NOT
    You’re so right – NOT
    You’re a pathetic loser – YES
    Nobody cares – YES

  • Taylor

    Wow, you got lots of time on your hands.

  • dolorescraeg

    this was no relationship…..the girl was 23 at the time. do you really think she would have kept someone else’s baby……she saw dollar signs. she had sex with jude and apparently was very happy too. he is paying for his mistake. he didn’t ;love her so why should he be in her life. that said none of us has any knowledge of how mr. law will deal with situation in the future…we don’t live with him, know what he’s thinking….. all we have are internet bloggers who have absolutely no idea of what’s going me included.

  • Cecile

    Man, what else can Jude law do to mess up his life. I mean its good that he has a new baby daughter, but he did it the wrong way. And the women who had his baby was messed up selling pics of herself, now she s going to sell the baby pics too. Jude really effed his life up ever since the cheating scandal back in 2005.

    I always felt like he was a douche for doing these things.

  • sheryl

    @dolorescraeg: Dolores, what I think is that all the people with the “apple pie” lives should just go shine their halos and leave us imperfect people alone. And I fall short of calling this a “mistake”…babies are babies, they are beings, not mistakes. I mean, if that were the case, I just wonder how many “mistakes” we have among the wise and wonderful who are posting their disdain for a situation that is more common than they think…and truth be told, they may themselves be a product of. I don’t have disdain for this situation, no, the ones I have disdain for are the ones that come to the office next door to where I work to sign up for assistance with 5 toddlers in tow and one on the way. I get to work and pay taxes, which in turn goes to help them get their check and food card for doing nothing, which they use to go stock up on a buggy full of 12-pack cokes, boxes of little debbie cakes, chips, and frozen dinners, and then trade out part of their food card, which is supposed to go to their kid’s health and nourishment, so they can buy their cigarettes and beer…and not so much as a gallon of milk among the groceries. That ain’t the case here, these two will be taking responsibility for what life handed them, in whatever way they can work out in the coming months and years, so how the hell can anybody possibly care? They aren’t going to ask any of us to babysit, so chill out. Geez.

  • jazz

    Yeah, like it does not occur in real life. I have had to deduct child support payments from paychecks from a lot of guys who has fathered 5-6 kids from different mothers like $30/week could support a kid these days!!!!

    My only child was a surprise as my husband and I were both using preventive methods at the time but I have to laugh at all these know it alls who condemn these people like they were there when the two of them were actually having sex.

  • LuckyL

    How terrible

  • LuckyL

    Which do you think is more important and more valuable to a child: spending time with their father or receiving a check every month that their mother will probably blow? Hmm…Shame it’s a girl too.

  • sheryl

    @LuckyL: Then the mother should have thought of that before bringing the child into the world. Jude had no say in any of it. But really, there are kids born in much worse circumstances, so I doubt it’s going to be THAT traumatic, unless mom pimps her to the high heavens for her own benefit. And it’s too soon to even know what they’ll work out as far as visitation. For that matter, she could move to London, if she were really that concerned about it. There are all kinds of ways to work it out. Many kids live away from their dads due to divorce, so this can’t be that much different.

  • jazz

    She should have thought of that before she decided to have the kid.

    Now, considering she is an aspiring model/actress she probably will park the kid to her mom and try to get something out of her 15 minutes of fame.

  • LuckyL

    I definitely blame this wench as well and believe she did go ahead and have the baby with or without the benefit of the baby having a child in its life. What a reckless, selfish, woman.

    However, they were both ADULTS and CONDOMS are CHEAP.

  • to taylor

    look, he, of course, will pay child support for the next 18 or so years as required by law. however, there is no law that can force a jusw to be involved in the life of this child. it should be obvious to anyone with two eyes that jude law does not want this child; if he ever did. i would not be surprised if publically and privately he ignores the existence of this child. support payments will be probably be made through this lawyer.

  • it’s jude’s fault

    It’s Jude’s fault he has a lot of one night stands. as a celebrity, he should understand that there are a lot of women who want money and would therefore do anything to get some of it.

    the girl probably gave him a condom that had a hole in it or something.

  • LuckyL

    Sorry, men typically carry the condoms and this gold digging chicka wouldn’t even bring protection.

  • sheryl

    @jazz: She’ll have enough money to hire nannies if she wants to. And I have no doubt that she’ll be back out enjoying some social life soon, too. Which I don’t fault her for, I’m just sayin’, the girl isn’t gonna be hurtin’.

  • sheryl

    @it’s jude’s fault: Jude has “a lot of” one night stands? Okay, then name them, please, oh seer of the universe.

  • Winter again


    No,JUDE LAW is NOT a scumbag. Did he force this goldigger to have sex? No. Was Jude Law stupid to not have protected sex with this goldigger?Yes,very stupid. Did this goldigger want and set out to get knocked up by stupid rich Jude Law? Yes
    Were these people in love and seeing each ot her for along time and publically seeing each other like Bridget Moynihan and Tom Brady?
    No,stupid rich Jude Law and this goldigger sort of just met.
    Is stupid rich Jude going to support finanically this child? Yes.
    Will he be giving the unwanted child love,attention,etc? No.

    These women who are goldiggers don’t care if their child is considered publically the mistake or outside child. They do not care if their child has no father in life.These women do not care if their child’s famous father is out all over the world with the real oloved and wanted children.
    All these goldiggers care about is getting that check$$$$$$$

    I feel sorry for this innocent child here because of a stupid rich sperm donor who did not want her and the goldigging mother who wanted this child, her child,as a Meal Ticket$$$$.

  • sheryl

    @to taylor: It’s obvious to anyone with eyes? Sorry, I’m lookin’, but I just can’t tell. How do you tell? Because if that’s what he’s feeling, I see a definite poker face there. I’ve got nothin’. But seriously, how can you be so obnoxious as to make a judgement like that? Unplanned pregnancies happen all the time, even with married couples (you might have been one, for that matter)…but your parents got used to the idea and at one point excited, I’m sure. Jude has had just a few weeks to get used to this news…he wasn’t given benefit of knowledge until the baby was almost here. So what he works out personally will happen and you don’t know a thing about it. You don’t even know if Samantha will accommodate him being with the child. I’m not saying she won’t, but making such absolute statements is uncalled for and makes you vicious and cruel, far more ugly than two people having a baby.

  • Jen

    she does seem like a gold digger and all with her posting pics and everything. I do hope that Jude Law does get involved in the baby’s life, even though the mom seems obnoxious. and congratulations to Jude for having a new baby daughter.

  • dolorescraeg

    hear…hear winter. right on…
    .she didn’t have to have this child. he’s single he had a short fling with a very consenting adult. she told him seven months later so they could not even discuss an abortion. i have no sympathy for her. jude is the most doting father of his children. he spends all his time with them. even when he’s working they fly all over the world to be with him. he knows what it is to be responsible with his children.

  • sheryl

    @dolorescraeg: Right, Dolores, and it still remains to be seen what will happen with this one. And whatever decision they come to, it’s not up to them to please the internet people.

  • lol

    I feel bad for the girl, she’s got a father who’s a scumbag and a mother who’s a golddigger.

  • wow

    you people need to take a chill pill and stop getting so defensive. lmao i really got a good kick out of coming on to this particular thread. who cares about these two???? she’s a nobody who got preggers by a celeb. wooooopdy doo. and some of you must be in denial or something cuz last time i checked jude law is known to be a coward who cheats on his women. his ex-wife even knows this. come on already let’s move on…….

  • LuckyL

    I like how women get mad for Jude Law and I think I’ve seen one man tops on here feel bad for this reckless f*cker. The only innocent person is the child. Case closed and peace out.

  • sheryl

    @wow: Well hell, go right ahead and move your little ass on, then. Why’d you even stop?
    @LuckyL: Huh? What is your point? You think people, specifically men, are supposed to feel sorry for Jude? Why should they feel sorry for him? Neither one of them needs pity. But neither one of them deserves the derogatory remarks, either. That stuff should be resereved for the Chris Brown’s of the world.