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Kate Gosselin is Shady

Kate Gosselin is Shady

Kate Gosselin takes her sextuplets (sans Hannah) to the eye doctor and they all walk out wearing protective black sunglasses on Tuesday (September 22) in Reading, Penn.

Look at little Leah putting up her pink sweater to prevent photographers from taking her picture!

Collin looks like he wants to start filming the show himself while Aaden and Alexis decide to hang out on the roof of a car!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin getting shady…

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kate gosselin shady 01
kate gosselin shady 02
kate gosselin shady 03
kate gosselin shady 04
kate gosselin shady 05
kate gosselin shady 06
kate gosselin shady 07
kate gosselin shady 08
kate gosselin shady 09
kate gosselin shady 10

Credit: Brian Flannery; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • ashi JIJI

    HANDFUL :):):)

  • ri23

    Enough with these famewhores.

  • jake

    Kate is smart, protecting her kids from those harmful flashy lights from the photographs by giving them sunglasses. Good Job Kate.

  • dawne

    Hey ri23, you took the words outa my mouth. Well said.

    LOVED how Whoopi nailed her ‘I’m a victim wannabe star’ azz on the View over her showing up on John’s time.

    Will rejoice the day TLC dumps this mess; ratings are falling; they’ll cash in for as long as they can. They are all disgusting.

  • nikomilinko
  • lisa

    Gee,…how heart warming to see a mom and her little props…touching

  • wear slacks…please

    pic 3- ugly legs and feet- Fred Flintstone

  • rhonda


    your kidding right? Kate protecting her kids, your name must really be Steve!

  • kendra

    will the Earth stop turning if these little space cadets don’t match? these kids look real normal- yep

  • jasmine

    @wear slacks…please:

    ……..wondering how stunning you are?



    It’s one thing to pick on the parents, but I hardly think calling children names is necessary.

  • Crazy Bytch

    Looks like Mom has foisted the same contradictions onto her children;
    Look at Me! – Don’t look at me
    I like privacy – I sell my privacy
    Give me your money – Don’t bother me
    I love attention when I want it – I hate attention (when it’s convenient)

  • tanya

    she still has her ring on. man she always wear old lady shoes.

  • Puddin

    I’m all in favor of any shoes that cover those disguting. always filthy feet!

  • jake

    Leave this family alone. They didn’t ask for this. You guys are the ones to blame, the ones who love gossip, but yet condem celebrities for being in the limelight. Who buys celebrities trash magazines or reads blogs and comments on pictures. You Guys do. If you guys didn’t care about celebrity gossip in general, editors and bloggers wouldn’t go out of their ways to bring you celeb gossip and photos to please your sick needs for constant celebrity news of any kind so you can go “OOOOH, AHHHHHh, OMG”.

  • Jessica

    Too Cute! Kate is blessed with GORGEOUS kids. Little Leah is such a pretty girl. Such a cutie. And Alexis is growing up to be so tall. Shes as tall as the boys. Her little boys are studs. Will be very handsome young mens. :D

  • whatthehe__

    How come justjared didn’t buy the photos showing they were filming an episode of the little ones go to the eye doctor? Instead lets pretend Mom is doing it by herself except there WAS A CAMERA CREW with her!!!!!!!

  • anon

    Kate wears her wedding ring hoping the Judge will notice, the lawyer probably told her to do it. It is all about “image”.

  • Puddin

    @jake: They sure as hell did ask for this! No one held a gun their heads and made them put their lives and those of their children up to the highest bidder. I’ll leave them alone when they GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • VanM

    Kate….Is such a wonderful loving mother she is so lucky to have been blessed with healthy children……@ Jake…I couldn’t have said it better, some of these people act like Kate takes over their actions and makes them read these articles, if you don’t like her then don’t read the articles that are written about her…..Admit it some of you have nothing better to do so to make your pathetic selves feel better you come on here and trash a person who hasn’t done anything to personally attack you….I for one Like Kate and wish her all the best, she has to do whatever it takes to support her children….Good luck Kate let the haters keep hating and you just continue doing what you have to do to survive…..If you don’t like what i’ve written well TO BAD TO SAD…….TEAM KATE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gold baybay


    What an idiotic comment that was. No one forced them to start up a show. They should’ve stopped with those documentary’s. Maybe then they’d still be one “Happy” family.

    Oh please, you’re telling me you never comment on some things for the sake of commenting? Or just because you hate someone? We have a right to comment on whatever we choose to, it does not mean we have no lives. Most of us aren’t buying into Kate’s “I’m the victim” speech. Bless their children.

  • kim

    Are these people still news? I thought their ratings were tanking, jon the ho dog , Kate the fame ho and the robot kids..

  • rhonda

    Kate, you need to dress them up in military clothes and have them wear swords and look fierce and take them out of the country –like Canada, then you will be popular. oh, that would be so Angie, not Kate, Kate likes getting free matching stuff and list of things to do so she can check them off and be in charge.

  • Team Brain Damage

    I luuuv Khhhate………… daaaaaahhh

  • Beach Lover

    They “didn’t ask for this”? Are you kidding? This is exactly what they, meaning Jon & Kate Greedy Gosselins, asked for. Now the kids didn’t ask for any of it and it is rough supporting two slackers like the parents they have. I wish we could leave these people alone. I wish they’d get off TV, at least get the kids off TV, and let the two half-wit parents play or perish on their own.

  • josephine

    the kids obviously had atropine eyedrops administered to them

  • killurtv

    Go away you ugly hag.

  • http://yahoo tim

    If you do not like these people and their show do not look at them or the show. You obviously are too jealous of kate. What about all the other families on TLC – why are you only attacking Kate and her family. Of course it is because you wish you could have what she has. You are covetous. Your green eyes are making you think very low and say filthy things.

  • http://yahoo maxine

    Is hailey pregnant?

  • she shall remain nameless

    I wonder…since she dresses her sextuplets in the same clothes all the time, how does she know which size goes to whom??? I wish parents with multiples can dress their children differently instead of making them look like triplets.

  • kitcatjasmine


    Why oh why would anyone be jelous of this lady? She has nothing anyone wants,,,even her husband didn’t want her….and that my friend is what they mean by the truth does hurt!

  • anonymous

    They SO asked for this. I don’t think I’ve got a “sick need for constant celebrity news”,it’s more like rubbernecking when I see a car wreck. It’s technically none of my business,but it’s right there in front of me,so I gotta look. The Gosselins don’t like the constant stare in to their lives, then they need to stop the show.

  • anonymous

    Team Kate? Are you serious? Nobody,including Jon & Kate,has taken over my actions or make me read anything. I like to read about them, because their ridiculous lives & horrible parenting spur me to say WTF quite often & curious to see what else these 2 losers will have the balls to do next.
    “she has to do whatever it takes to support her children”
    That’s the same argument prostitutes use,so that may be a little correct,because Kate’s just like a $2 whorre.

  • anonymous

    @tim: Thanks for the advice Forrest Gump.

  • Joanne

    I feel so bad for these kids having Kate the greedy Gosselin as their mother. They are going to need major therapy!

  • http://yahoo moron

    hi hailey stop writing all those nasty things. Get a life!!

  • I feel for the kids


    The reason Kate has the kids in sunglasses is that they just went to the eye doctor and had their eyes dilated. DUH! It’s not to protect them from the click of a paparazzi camera.

  • rosecat

    Why is everyone making such a fuss. If they just went to the eye doctor, the glasses are because they probably got their eyes dilated. Camera people…don’t you have anything better to do?

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