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Miley Cyrus: 'Party In The USA' Music Video

Miley Cyrus: 'Party In The USA' Music Video

Check out Miley Cyrus noddin’ her head like yeah in the new music video for her hit song “Party in the U.S.A.

Her official site says, “The video mixes old and new with vintage cars at a drive in movie and high energy dance moves.”

Fun fun fun!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new music vid — YAY or NAY?

Miley Cyrus: ‘Party In The USA’ Music Video
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  • ava rose

    I don’t wanna see baby porn ;( yuuuck

    It’s teenage girls like Miley that make me appreciate Britney Spears b/c at least she was at least 19 when she started gettin “crazy”…and she had killer body fr. working out too! GO BRITNEY!

    And boys, remember: she’s underaged hahahaha

  • tiffany

    Its pretty good

  • Anna


  • umm

    if they can make this chick look good..they can make anyone look good.

  • princess

    wasn’t expecting the video to be like that. i was expecting it to be like her first day in LA when she was at tennesee. and the video didn’t really relate to the song much. but i did like the video. a yay for me(;

  • Stephanie

    I love the song but I don’t think they represented the song correctly and the video is pretty plain and boring.
    I can think of so many ways this song could have been represented.

  • asha

    LOVE the song but not how I imagined the video. Lyrics of the song and video don’t match.

  • max

    love herrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Rosalia

    Aaaannnd she’s a complete skank… jus sayin

  • debbie09

    Video and song don’t match :/ Love the song though

  • Pook

    what a waste of money making this video….
    i was expecting more….
    it really sucks

  • howilovethee

    Love her

  • amanda

    yeah i agree it doesnt really go with the lyrics of the song very well they could have made more of an effort to make it more realistic to the lyrics.

    @ava rose yes she is young but i dont think she at all looks like as you said “baby porn” i mean what 16 year old, (almost 17) wouldnt wear this? like she’s a teenager she’s in shorts and a tank with boots. i think ill give her a little room to grow because thats all she is doing, she’s trying to find herself and her image and once she really shows me sluttyness then i’ll stop supporting her. But i think she is amazing and i do love the video! go miley!

    oh and uhm britney spears was actually 17 when she released baby one more time and im pretty sure you’ve seen that music video, it muchhhhhh more “riskay “then mileys and she was only a few months older.

  • omg

    ha just jared. noddin her head like yeah. cheesy! get some new lines

    okay?? but why did you put it on here. why dont you put it with her pals over at just jared jr. ?

    its just a music video. no need to get all spastic about it.

    why is she startin to wear short shorts?? not saying that its wrong or slutty. but i noticed that she wears them eveytime she does a performance?

  • nadia

    wow, she dances like a skank…her parents let her do this?

  • Sarah May

    showing too much cleavage. what a Es.El.U.Tee

  • Amnda Dubs

    The world has gone crazy. Most everyone I know loves this song. This is a terrible song AND video from a 16 yr old.

  • natalie

    absolutely yey, but I expected more from it

  • http://gg Grace


    Love the song but i think the video could of been way better

  • mj

    Love it <3 she looks beautiful & the sounds of the son are awesome

  • emmaa

    Nay nay nay nay nay.

  • carlee

    Really fun video! I do agree that it didn’t relate much to the song, before I saw the video I envisioned Miley and her friends in Hollywood but whatever, it works! Also remember Miley is getting older so she is going to look more grown up, she was showing a bit of cleavage but her outfit choice seemed appropriate. Beautiful girl, great talent, congrats girl!

  • Sugarnspice

    Wow I can definitely say I’m not a Miley Fan but the video was even cuter than the song! Props to her! And get over it EVERYONE who is 13-2? dances like this……

  • Ashlee

    can someone tell me how this can be her real voice?
    because when she talks she sound like a man

  • Annie

    Agree with umm @ chick look good..they can make anyone look good

  • Rob

    I like Miley but honestly i was expecting something better, i mean i LOVE the song but the video… hmm it could be better imo :) but Miley does look cute and the part i like the most is when she’s singing in front of the flag without the chicks dancing around :P

  • Lyla

    SHE SUCKS!!!!

  • Rob

    @asha: totally agree ^___^

  • Annie

    Agree with umm @ if they can make this chick look good..they can make anyone look good

  • angel hair

    She’s obviously got some amazing song writers working for her. Too bad… what a waste.

  • tal

    love it..LOL

  • Whoever

    I never thought Miley was pretty, but she looks pretty now (at least in the video). She’s growing into her looks! I like the catchy song *puts head down in shame*.

  • katie

    i like it. it was not bad

  • katie

    i like it not bad

  • Ryan

    Seriously I love Miley, she so hot, all you stupid girls are just jealous because you wish you could pull of short shorts like that. You’re just mad because you hella ugly and no guys want you. Get over it, you’d do the same thing so don’t go calling her a whore, she isn’t doing anything wrong, all teenage girls act like that. For god sake.

  • LuckyL

    She wants to be erotic. Surprise, surprise.

  • honest

    enough with all this stupid people who still listening to this crap!
    she can’t even sing live unlike young star in the 90′s..when i was a teenager,every young star is a good singer,Britney and justin timberlake for example..they deserve every credit they got..but Miley and Jonas is nothing but rubbish..they can join Kanye West club..they just can’t sing but pretend to be pro singer and luckily they have bunch of stupid fans to keep them nowadays…start listening to AI alums,at least they really can sing..

  • dorie

    The song is stupid but catchy. The video is just more of the same old same old. The sex card has played to death. People don’t realize that the sexiest people don’t have to work it – they just are what they are. She’s too much of a manufactured product to be really sexy. Which is sad because I do think she has talent and a unique voice. She needs time to learn how to use what she has.

  • ladysdsandiego


    nicely said.

  • melissa

    i love the song but the video has like nothing to do with the song. i was expecting the video at the beginning for her to be actually getting off a plane at LA like her doing wat the lyrics actually says. whatever. i dont like the video that much it was just her basically in boots and her shaking it. it could have been more creative with the vid. oh well

  • Miley

    Watch the video is High Definition (HD)!

  • Erica

    i think you can see her bra throughout the entire video. i like the song even though it’s pretty pointless, it is still a catchy song. it is really degrading seeing her dance slutty in front of the U.S. flag. i doubt she even knows the symbolism behind the flag. I can just imagine how people from foreign nations would interpret this video and how it is over here in the USA. She just lives up to every stereotype about americans and how America is in this song. I wouldn’t mind her dancing slutty somewhere else but in front of the flag, c’amon.

  • faithstars

    While the song may be slightly catchy, the video is appaling for two reasons. 1. She is dressed like a hooker 2. She dances like a hooker

    She is a 16 year old child(not an adult yet!) and she is being exploited. What kid doesn’t want to run into growing up. It is the job of the parents to make her life as happy, safe and stable as they can. Someone said that all the teenage gilrs are dressing and acting like hoochies. I disagree, there are alot of beautiful teenage girls that have so much more respect for themselves than Miley has for herself. I wish her parents would step up an say ” SLOW DOWN…Your time will come, just enjoy being a kid right now!”

  • Tara

    I don’t really understand why the video is just now coming out…the song has been out for quite some time now.

  • LuckyL

    Young stars that can sing and write music who are HONESTLY successful without the Disney machine: JoJo, Demi Lovoto, Joss Stone, Jesse McCartney, Jordin Sparks (and I don’t event like that b*tch), David Archuleta (listen to his recent Latin song), and Old School Mickey Mouse Club where you actually had to work your a** off for years (Christina Aguilera, Britney COULD sing when she was younger, Justin (I can’t tell))

    The list goes on and on.

    So stop fawning over this stupid, fake-out who can’t sing for sh*t

  • LuckyL

    Demi is obviously a part of the new Disney machine but the chick can actually sing so whatever, my only goof-up

  • qobs

    “high energy dance moves”? didn’t see that

  • LuckyL

    Lovato* was good live on Ellen.

  • LuckyL

    Oh, and she doesn’t have to act like a wh*re in her videos.

  • LuckyL

    Actually it was good to use one of her peers to show how sub-par she is, haha, night.