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Miley Cyrus: 'Party In The USA' Music Video

Miley Cyrus: 'Party In The USA' Music Video

Check out Miley Cyrus noddin’ her head like yeah in the new music video for her hit song “Party in the U.S.A.

Her official site says, “The video mixes old and new with vintage cars at a drive in movie and high energy dance moves.”

Fun fun fun!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new music vid — YAY or NAY?

Miley Cyrus: ‘Party In The USA’ Music Video
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225 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: 'Party In The USA' Music Video”

  1. 1
    ava rose Says:

    I don’t wanna see baby porn ;( yuuuck

    It’s teenage girls like Miley that make me appreciate Britney Spears b/c at least she was at least 19 when she started gettin “crazy”…and she had killer body fr. working out too! GO BRITNEY!

    And boys, remember: she’s underaged hahahaha

  2. 2
    tiffany Says:

    Its pretty good

  3. 3
    Anna Says:


  4. 4
    umm Says:

    if they can make this chick look good..they can make anyone look good.

  5. 5
    princess Says:

    wasn’t expecting the video to be like that. i was expecting it to be like her first day in LA when she was at tennesee. and the video didn’t really relate to the song much. but i did like the video. a yay for me(;

  6. 6
    Stephanie Says:

    I love the song but I don’t think they represented the song correctly and the video is pretty plain and boring.
    I can think of so many ways this song could have been represented.

  7. 7
    asha Says:

    LOVE the song but not how I imagined the video. Lyrics of the song and video don’t match.

  8. 8
    max Says:

    love herrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. 9
    Rosalia Says:

    Aaaannnd she’s a complete *****… jus sayin

  10. 10
    debbie09 Says:

    Video and song don’t match :/ Love the song though

  11. 11
    Pook Says:

    what a waste of money making this video….
    i was expecting more….
    it really sucks

  12. 12
    howilovethee Says:

    Love her

  13. 13
    amanda Says:

    yeah i agree it doesnt really go with the lyrics of the song very well they could have made more of an effort to make it more realistic to the lyrics.

    @ava rose yes she is young but i dont think she at all looks like as you said “baby porn” i mean what 16 year old, (almost 17) wouldnt wear this? like she’s a teenager she’s in shorts and a tank with boots. i think ill give her a little room to grow because thats all she is doing, she’s trying to find herself and her image and once she really shows me sluttyness then i’ll stop supporting her. But i think she is amazing and i do love the video! go miley!

    oh and uhm britney spears was actually 17 when she released baby one more time and im pretty sure you’ve seen that music video, it muchhhhhh more “riskay “then mileys and she was only a few months older.

  14. 14
    omg Says:

    ha just jared. noddin her head like yeah. cheesy! get some new lines

    okay?? but why did you put it on here. why dont you put it with her pals over at just jared jr. ?

    its just a music video. no need to get all spastic about it.

    why is she startin to wear short shorts?? not saying that its wrong or ******. but i noticed that she wears them eveytime she does a performance?

  15. 15
    nadia Says:

    wow, she dances like a *****…her parents let her do this?

  16. 16
    Sarah May Says:

    showing too much cleavage. what a Es.El.U.Tee

  17. 17
    Amnda Dubs Says:

    The world has gone crazy. Most everyone I know loves this song. This is a terrible song AND video from a 16 yr old.

  18. 18
    natalie Says:

    absolutely yey, but I expected more from it

  19. 19
    Grace Says:


    Love the song but i think the video could of been way better

  20. 20
    mj Says:

    Love it <3 she looks beautiful & the sounds of the son are awesome

  21. 21
    emmaa Says:

    Nay nay nay nay nay.

  22. 22
    carlee Says:

    Really fun video! I do agree that it didn’t relate much to the song, before I saw the video I envisioned Miley and her friends in Hollywood but whatever, it works! Also remember Miley is getting older so she is going to look more grown up, she was showing a bit of cleavage but her outfit choice seemed appropriate. Beautiful girl, great talent, congrats girl!

  23. 23
    Sugarnspice Says:

    Wow I can definitely say I’m not a Miley Fan but the video was even cuter than the song! Props to her! And get over it EVERYONE who is 13-2? dances like this……

  24. 24
    Ashlee Says:

    can someone tell me how this can be her real voice?
    because when she talks she sound like a man

  25. 25
    Annie Says:

    Agree with umm @ chick look good..they can make anyone look good

  26. 26
    Rob Says:

    I like Miley but honestly i was expecting something better, i mean i LOVE the song but the video… hmm it could be better imo :) but Miley does look cute and the part i like the most is when she’s singing in front of the flag without the chicks dancing around :P

  27. 27
    Lyla Says:

    SHE SUCKS!!!!

  28. 28
    Rob Says:

    @asha: totally agree ^___^

  29. 29
    Annie Says:

    Agree with umm @ if they can make this chick look good..they can make anyone look good

  30. 30
    angel hair Says:

    She’s obviously got some amazing song writers working for her. Too bad… what a waste.

  31. 31
    tal Says:

    love it..LOL

  32. 32
    Whoever Says:

    I never thought Miley was pretty, but she looks pretty now (at least in the video). She’s growing into her looks! I like the catchy song *puts head down in shame*.

  33. 33
    katie Says:

    i like it. it was not bad

  34. 34
    katie Says:

    i like it not bad

  35. 35
    Ryan Says:

    Seriously I love Miley, she so hot, all you stupid girls are just jealous because you wish you could pull of short shorts like that. You’re just mad because you hella ugly and no guys want you. Get over it, you’d do the same thing so don’t go calling her a *****, she isn’t doing anything wrong, all teenage girls act like that. For god sake.

  36. 36
    LuckyL Says:

    She wants to be erotic. Surprise, surprise.

  37. 37
    honest Says:

    enough with all this stupid people who still listening to this crap!
    she can’t even sing live unlike young star in the 90′s..when i was a teenager,every young star is a good singer,Britney and justin timberlake for example..they deserve every credit they got..but Miley and Jonas is nothing but rubbish..they can join Kanye West club..they just can’t sing but pretend to be pro singer and luckily they have bunch of stupid fans to keep them nowadays…start listening to AI alums,at least they really can sing..

  38. 38
    dorie Says:

    The song is stupid but catchy. The video is just more of the same old same old. The sex card has played to death. People don’t realize that the sexiest people don’t have to work it – they just are what they are. She’s too much of a manufactured product to be really sexy. Which is sad because I do think she has talent and a unique voice. She needs time to learn how to use what she has.

  39. 39
    ladysdsandiego Says:


    nicely said.

  40. 40
    melissa Says:

    i love the song but the video has like nothing to do with the song. i was expecting the video at the beginning for her to be actually getting off a plane at LA like her doing wat the lyrics actually says. whatever. i dont like the video that much it was just her basically in boots and her shaking it. it could have been more creative with the vid. oh well

  41. 41
    Miley Says:

    Watch the video is High Definition (HD)!

  42. 42
    Erica Says:

    i think you can see her bra throughout the entire video. i like the song even though it’s pretty pointless, it is still a catchy song. it is really degrading seeing her dance ****** in front of the U.S. flag. i doubt she even knows the symbolism behind the flag. I can just imagine how people from foreign nations would interpret this video and how it is over here in the USA. She just lives up to every stereotype about americans and how America is in this song. I wouldn’t mind her dancing ****** somewhere else but in front of the flag, c’amon.

  43. 43
    faithstars Says:

    While the song may be slightly catchy, the video is appaling for two reasons. 1. She is dressed like a hooker 2. She dances like a hooker

    She is a 16 year old child(not an adult yet!) and she is being exploited. What kid doesn’t want to run into growing up. It is the job of the parents to make her life as happy, safe and stable as they can. Someone said that all the teenage gilrs are dressing and acting like hoochies. I disagree, there are alot of beautiful teenage girls that have so much more respect for themselves than Miley has for herself. I wish her parents would step up an say ” SLOW DOWN…Your time will come, just enjoy being a kid right now!”

  44. 44
    Tara Says:

    I don’t really understand why the video is just now coming out…the song has been out for quite some time now.

  45. 45
    LuckyL Says:

    Young stars that can sing and write music who are HONESTLY successful without the Disney machine: JoJo, Demi Lovoto, Joss Stone, Jesse McCartney, Jordin Sparks (and I don’t event like that b*tch), David Archuleta (listen to his recent Latin song), and Old School Mickey Mouse Club where you actually had to work your a** off for years (Christina Aguilera, Britney COULD sing when she was younger, Justin (I can’t tell))

    The list goes on and on.

    So stop fawning over this stupid, fake-out who can’t sing for sh*t

  46. 46
    LuckyL Says:

    Demi is obviously a part of the new Disney machine but the chick can actually sing so whatever, my only goof-up

  47. 47
    qobs Says:

    “high energy dance moves”? didn’t see that

  48. 48
    LuckyL Says:

    Lovato* was good live on Ellen.

  49. 49
    LuckyL Says:

    Oh, and she doesn’t have to act like a wh*re in her videos.

  50. 50
    LuckyL Says:

    Actually it was good to use one of her peers to show how sub-par she is, haha, night.

  51. 51
    Angelove Says:

    I agree LuckyL & faithstars. She doesn’t need to act like a wh*re in her videos and her parents should keep her from being exploited.

    I don’t like the idea of her dancing in front of the flag like that either.

    What are peole in other countries going to think of America..that we have under age girls dancing like that for our entertainment?


    “Where is the girl singer that is not a sl*t for young girls to look up to??? WHERE?”

  52. 52
    jayjo Says:

    So, i’m a girl and for the record….all girls are not “jealous of miley cause they’re ugly” but there are things that have to be understood.
    So shes becoming an adult and this new image of hers whatever…i see it all around me on girls younger than her. But she still is a disney role model for kids so she shouldn’t be doing this. demi and selena are both talented and neither one of them exploits themselves like miley does..this isn’t particulary bad but 11/12 year old girls will interpret this in all sorts of ways. I understand where she’s coming from. I’m 17 and I dance like that (but don’t dress like that, i have some decency).
    She’s growing up in Hwood, so what else do you expect?

    ps. for the record, she seems to be getting prettier which is good, and she can sing. So let her do whatever she wants, if you have a problem with it tell your kids to stop watching her. Kay? Good.

  53. 53
    Dorothy Says:

    umm…they better not play this video on the disney channel….OMG can her shorts be any shorter??? doesnt she know that her fans are in the age range 5-13…plus pedophiles?

  54. 54
    Andy Says:

    Expected more. Still good.

  55. 55
    CatsupNsaid.. Says:

    She’s sweet and yes i do like it alot! Go Hon!!

  56. 56
    xoxo Says:

    what do u want her 2 do throw a party at mcdonalds and sing the dang song ?
    i loved the video and thought it was great ! the cars r amazing ! and nice colors the song is awesome and so was miley !

  57. 57
    Ilia Says:

    I wish somebody else had sung this song. She is just such a low-life. I usually pay for my music but this one I Googled, and snatched for free.

  58. 58
    James Says:

    She sounds like a cute chipmonk that’s happy to be alive!
    Corny, but addicting bites, this song will bank on pop charts.

  59. 59
    tipsy vonderbit*h Says:

    Hates her voice, not a fan of hers, but boy does she have some L.E.G.S!

  60. 60
    jenny Says:


  61. 61
    caca montana Says:

    boring video.. don’t you have better girls in the USA??? By the way, how many guys does she have had sex with???

  62. 62
    11 Says:

    haaaaaaaaaate heeeeeeeeeeeeeer
    and her voice is f**kin annoying !!!!

  63. 63
    noah Says:

    “enough with all this stupid people who still listening to this crap!
    she can’t even sing live unlike young star in the 90’s..when i was a teenager,every young star is a good singer,Britney and justin timberlake for example..they deserve every credit they got..but Miley and Jonas is nothing but rubbish..they can join Kanye West club..they just can’t sing but pretend to be pro singer and luckily they have bunch of stupid fans to keep them nowadays…start listening to AI alums,at least they really can sing..”


  64. 64
    noah Says:



  65. 65
    maximimum miley fanpage Says:

    OMG..the vid is amazing and so is Miley ..she looks fantastic:) Gee..I don’t know where to start about all the losers ..taking time to watch the vid and comment..if you don’t like Miley Cyrus..whats wrong with this picture? The vid is for Miley Fans…get a life you f-ing bullies…you are picking on a 16 year old girl..who doesn’t have a chance to answer back!;o Why don’t you people that don’t like Miley just leave her alone and take that energy and do something positive. Miley is a phenomenon can’t stop her..she is Forbes Magazine 29th most Powerful Celebrity on the World @ 16 years old…she sells out concerts around the world..she supports many charities..What have you done lately? All you lowlifes crawl back in your hole will never amount to anything focusing on negativity..I don’t like alot of things either..but I certainly don’t go seeking them out to critique them..OMFG…think about on your self -esteem and you won’t have to pick on someone to feel good about yourself:)
    Congrats Miley you continue to make your fans happy..the vid made me are amazing:) oh yeah..YOU CAN’T STOP MILEY…LMFAO

  66. 66
    Pam Says:

    I love Miley Cyrus.
    Leave her alone.

    TELL ME.

    you’re just JEALOUS!, O_O
    cause you’re probly fat, or you look like a stick.

    (: thank you.

  67. 67
    skldjgsdf Says:


  68. 68
    noah Says:



  69. 69
    maximum miley fanpage Says:

    Miely gave over 2 Million dollars to City Of Hope to help kids with cancer last year..and she is giving more this year..her video is amazing…don’t like it? don’t watch! What have you bullies that pick on Miley done posite lately? Work on your self-esteem then maybe you won’t have to pick on a 16 year old girl to feel good about yourselves;) YOU CAN;T SOP MILEY:)

  70. 70
    christa Says:

    I can’t believe how many call her ugly, I’m sure you’re all beauty crowned queens, for criticism like that is that we have so many teens f*cked up in the USA, this is a beautiful song and much more needed really in these times we’re living, stop the hate, BTW it only causes MORE stress in your lives.

  71. 71
    christa Says:


    I’m sure you can teach her how to dance, how come you weren’t hired for the dancing instructions of the video?

  72. 72
    Adrianna Says:

    I love it! And she is extremely GORGEOUS in person. I have met her a few times. How cute & age appropriate!! YEEEAAAHHH party in the U S A!!!

  73. 73
    Jen Says:

    This video is so mest up in so many ways that I don’t even know where to start. She looks extremely slu*tty and she is just 16. I don’t know how her parents allow her to look like this in a video.

  74. 74
    ryguy4321 Says:

    Loved it, very sexy, or hot, but it’s not like she was stripping or anything. its just a video, dont freak out. yay for me.

  75. 75
    anita Says:

    @christa: kind a like release the stress by calling her ugly and to tell u the fact that she can’t dance…it wouldn’t be stressful if u telling the truth…get it honey?

  76. 76
    flashmob Says:

    Since Miley Cyrus is a veritable baseline metric for everything good, wholesome and wonderful, it shows just how many in the society (as evidence themselves here), have rot and decay in their hearts and souls from all of the moral panic programming that CNN and (MS)NBC have intentionally repetitive-torture mind control programmed the nation with, (by design), for years. That’s why you are haters. That’s why you are psychotic.

    Ask yourself if just maybe it is you that’s sick, not Miley, and you will be genuinely more honest with yourself and perhaps a giant step closer toward calming your vicious inner turmoil.

  77. 77
    =)=)=) Says:

    i liked it ! and realy guys miley is beautiful and has a lot of talent !

  78. 78
    EHR Says:

    HERE IS:

  79. 79
    callie Says:

    Such a good video! doesn’t match the song but she still rocks in it…
    and she knows how to dance now!!
    And she looks amazing… all you haateerzzz shes super cool and you’re all just jealous you can’t dance on cars like she can!’

  80. 80
    Nicole Says:

    She looks the best I’ve seen her, but she’s trying to turn into old school Britney. No one can do that.

  81. 81
    Megan Says:

    Love the song. Love the video.

    But the song and the video do not go together. This video does not represent the song at all.

    But it is still good. I love Miley. I think the shorts r fine. They r not too short. and the tank is fine. I have a bff that dresses like that everyday!

  82. 82
    haha Says:

    @ava rose uhhhh are you dumb. thats not baby porn hating muchh?
    she can do whatever she wants she actually reached somewhere you problably wouldnt be able to do!

  83. 83
    Mira Says:

    The song is super catchy!
    But whoever made up the idea for the video really needs to be fired.
    The video wasn’t good at all.

  84. 84
    Crissy Says:


  85. 85
    Crissy Says:


  86. 86
    annabelle Says:

    Overrated and overpriced **** in the making. Can’t dance or live sing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t get fat in future. Somewhere I read she does Pilates. Well her body looks nothing like pilaties body-chunky thighs,no definition.
    Lucky her father got her where she’snow.
    The only thing I like on her is eyes.

  87. 87
    melena Says:

    LOVED THE VIDEO & THE SONG !!!!!! great job miley

  88. 88
    luisa ESPOSITO Says:

    can not work

  89. 89
    luisa ESPOSITO Says:

    I really think miley should get a new song but it rocks and is catchy

  90. 90
    prezli Says:

    This video is error.


  91. 91
    Austin Says:

    wow…not in a good way i think miley should tone it waaay down she needs to think much more about the fact that she’s probably the world’s biggest role model for girls under 10! looks like theres more of a party in the BRA rather than the USA.

  92. 92
    Jane Says:

    @ava rose:

    OH MY GOD! THANK YOU! finally someone tells the freakin truth!

    kudos dude.

  93. 93
    Jane Says:

    THANK YOU! well said…

  94. 94
    Jane Says:

    well said,
    yeah i think the only reason she is famous is because of her dad..
    and now he’s feeding off of her career.

  95. 95
    Ema Says:

    @angel hair:

    She actually writes most of her songs.

  96. 96
    Ema Says:


    People listen to whatever they want. You have nothing to do with it. We can’t discuss likes and dislikes and you can’t call us stupid for listening to music we like. Only kids think they can boss around on other people’s likes. Get over yourself^!

  97. 97
    Anita Says:


  98. 98
    SOmeone Says:

    Um….the song isn’t half bad but the music video didn’t match at all. It was way to boring(like others said). And I think it would’ve been better if someone els sang the song. Not just because I don’t like her that much but because her voice doesn’t suit the song well…and they changed her voice to much. Oh, one more thing my brother liked the begging (when she was pulling her shirt downer..and downer..) He wanted to say that.

    Someone :D

  99. 99
    SOmeone Says:

    One more thing….its a NAY!

  100. 100
    Ange Says:

    love her

  101. 101
    lisa Says:

    miley is awesome

  102. 102
    laurenjulia Says:

    the least she could do is cover up her tits and put on some longer shorts. i mean SERIOUSLY. she’s acting like a huuge s.l.u.t. in that video and she’s SIXTEEN.

  103. 103
    _____ Says:

    Not so good….

  104. 104
    anonymous Says:

    if i didn’t know how old she was, my guess would be.. 22?

  105. 105
    jamie Says:


  106. 106
    haleyhoyan Says:

    Agree with you.

  107. 107
    overated. Says:

    Yep, U.S.A should be proud to have slxt like this one. We all know Miley Cyrus cannot dance. Or sing.

  108. 108
    Vickie Says:

    @amanda: THANK YOU! lol, no one else seems to get that this is how teens dress! some even wear less! i love your comment =]

    & YAY to the vid!

  109. 109
    tan Says:

    i loved it ! good job miley ! your the best !

  110. 110
    mera Says:

    i`m from eygpt me& my friends are very big fans of miley i loved her video but i agree that she dances & wears ****** but……still love her & i wish she gave a concert in cairo soon

  111. 111
    Ohrbootin Says:

    oh dear, too much patriotism and I wonder what she’ll be doing in a music video once she’s 18…jeez, I’d be embarassed if I were her parents. Though of course she’s growing, there are some boundaries, really. She’s 16! She shouldn’t be dancing all ****** in a video that thousand of young fans see. Really immature and irresponsible. I love Miley, but she’s been over the top for the last year…

  112. 112
    Gabriela Says:

    so so

  113. 113
    kevin Says:

    wow cant she be anymore of a Bit*ch im sick and tired of her who is she trying to suduce shes nasty as Fuc*k. shes not sexy at all she thinks she looks so sexy but shes not. and seriously moving my head like yeah wat the fu*Ck she cant even sing, she cant dance, and she looks like a whory ****. i bet her fuKing daddy raps her thats why he allows her to do all that shes not even hot, i dont get it what the *** do peopl e see in her

  114. 114
    brooke Says:

    holy crap she is only 16 where the **** are her parents in all of this, she is such a ****

  115. 115
    lily Says:

    what brand boots are those

  116. 116
    liveforkingofpopmj Says:

    miley your cool but i wanted more from ya.your clothes were cool and sexy. but try a little harder with the video so it mactes the lyrics.

  117. 117
    liveforkingofpopmj Says:

    @Annie: now that sucks at making her fell bad ok i agree the video didnt go with the lyrics but thats mistup for being mistup.

  118. 118
    brianna Says:

    a yay for me.
    however…like a lot of other people, i imagined the video to be a little different….
    but i still loved it.

  119. 119
    samantha Says:

    omg you all people make such a big deal of nothing really i bet you know
    younger teens that are really ***** just because you dress with shorts and do some dance don’t mean you are a ****. Come on she is 16 years old, she needs to grow and besides all the ones that said that sucks I bet you can even do a dance and because she has talent she is over there performing. Go Miley

  120. 120
    Analicia Says:

    Her bra is showing……………Why?. o_O

  121. 121
    Analicia Says:

    Her bra is showing…………………..Why? o_O

  122. 122
    LOREN Says:

    shes turning into the like disney ****

  123. 123
    Jokergurl Says:

    Why in the hell is a sixteen year old wearing daisy dukes? Where’s her parents?!

  124. 124
    Abby Says:

    Yay!!! i loved it. She actually complimented her voice in this one. why do people hate her? what makes her so bad outta everyone in hollywood? Every one is a **** anyways!

  125. 125
    russ Says:

    sorry guys…i think the video is a YAY!!!!!!miley did a great job….for a 17 year old girl…i dont think you guys have made even a music video at her age….haha…so,think wisely before saying words…shes beautiful than you and your sister or even your mum…see you…I’LL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

  126. 126
    latifah Says:

    I Love her style in this video!!
    it’s great

  127. 127
    kirsten Says:

    nice vid but gotta agree wit othr viewers that it doesnt relate to the song. i kinda expected a country looking girl arriving in hollywood. well, that kid of scene. anyway, well done, miley!

  128. 128
    jenn Says:

    well i guess shes just tryna find herself. it was okay but not all that. im not really surprised though, it was better then her teen choice award preformance. plus she has nice legs so i guess she can rock the short shorts. anyways you cant really judge considering the fact you don’t really know her. just because you dont like her dosent make her ugly

  129. 129
    BelacquaGirl Says:

    Certainly, YAY!

  130. 130
    lisa Says:

    great,excellent,awesome, go miley rock on

  131. 131
    michelle Says:

    Her video is okay, but she could cover up a bit. She can get fans AND be “grown up” without showing a lot. & if you haven’t, you should see her “grinding” on tour (Sept. 23, honda center) to this song. I don’t know how they think it’s appropriate in any way. It’s a shame that she thinks growing up means that she can forget those younger kids who made her famous & dance questionably. But if her parents think it’s okay, then I guess no one can stop her from being the way she has become.

  132. 132
    ipek Says:

    i like miley but the song is really boring and the videoo is not good!dont like it!!

  133. 133
    ipek Says:


  134. 134
    adam Says:

    ughhhh she is tooo hot

  135. 135
    anonymous someone Says:

    what in the world that girl needs to put on some clothes and seriously its a good song but she needs a less sluty music video i mean really we had enough of that anyway no need to be rude but just do something different with the video!!

  136. 136
    Jess Says:

    so what miley side is for teens and Hannah is for kids no…not working out smh…i don’t think i would want my Lil sister popping her butt…..and trying to push up her boobs which she don’t got …stick to Disney channel theme for Lil kids to watch..or be a full teenager artist because both ain’t working

  137. 137
    - Says:

    Pure illuminati. Lyrically…the land of fame…THE JAY-Z SONG WAS ON, THE JAY-Z SONG WAS ON, THE JAY-Z SONG WAS ON, referring to Empire State of Mind ? – another illuminati riddled song ?

  138. 138
    BRANHAM Says:

    I loved the song. I have tried to find that song for almost 2 mounths. The first time I heard the song I knew it would be a hit!

  139. 139
    eric Says:

    Well she may be a little trashy, a little crazy and maybe she wants to experience the grittier side of life with the partying, sex and drugs that come with rock and roll. I know a lot of people trash her for that but really… it’s a process and stage that most teenagers go through and it’s perfectly normal. I find it hypocritical that we set her to a ridiculously high standard and then let our own teenage kids get away with exactly the same thing. So when people decide to belittle her over harmless teenage mishaps I smell the bullshit and hypocrisy a mile off

  140. 140
    Fela Says:

    Is it just me or does the car she stepped out of look kinda like one I saw Nick Jonas in one time?
    Arghh she sucha ***** yo. Her AND her friend Mandy >.<

  141. 141
    I love him Says:

    Miley’s video was cool considering her age, but I agree. She’s dancing a bit unsightly for the age group she attracts but as far as the video goes, it’s amazing. Maybe she wears those shorts all the time because she gets hot during her performances… I dunno. What cleavage???? She doesn’t have cleavage. PS- she’s a 16 year old girl. Almost 17…. leave her alone! You people are sick who think she’ll wanna date you. She can dress how she wants and the way her parents raised her is personal and no one should go after that… that’s just mean. I also agree with the comment about how the video doesn’ really coordinate with the song, I think she could’ve done something that represented being famous but still lovin TN and going back to visit and meeting famous people and stuff. But, for now, the videos cool;-)

  142. 142
    hmm? Says:

    wtf i agree wit the not so good video thing but y she so creepy?

  143. 143
    maria Says:

    So far one the best videos of Miley Cyrus she did a good job the one thing was her clothing she was dressed like a 24 year old literally don’t get me wrong watch the video she is for God sake is 16! you don’t see Selena Gomez dressin’ like that showing her cleavage n junk.

  144. 144
    justsomeguy Says:

    Ok, gotta say this-
    Teenagers, particularly teenage girls, anywhere from age 14 up, have been dressing exactly like this since THE EARLY SEVENTIES!!
    These outfits, Miley’s outfits, ARE NOTHING NEW! They are cute, and yeah maybe a little sexy, but ******? Whoreish? not even close!
    My God people, she’s 16, SIXTEEN, not 12!
    What’s ironic, even paradoxical, is that if you could somehow drop this video back into the seventies, no one would even blink an eye.
    Cute pop song, cute video, nothing to get worked up about.
    Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

    Catchy song, too.

  145. 145
    zeta Says:

    oh great and she’s gorgeous.

  146. 146
    calienia Says:

    i like the song bt she lkz kinda sluty.srry.nt hatin.its just in this video it lkz lik she is tryin to hard={not lookin for any more i love miley,but not the video

  147. 147
    Leann Says:

    I have to say this you should know that you have a great voice im talking about you miley cyrus!

  148. 148
    aquaawesome! Says:

    Ok. I think that if she was older, this would be just another mtv video. But she’s like what, 15? Plus, all her fans are like five… Unless you count the creepy old men that look at porn all day. I was really disappointed with this video and expected better from her.. c’mon booty shorts? The camera keeps focusing on her legs! And what’s with her bra sticking out of her shirt? That looks so stupid!!!

  149. 149
    Sara Says:

    Miley Cyrus is such a ****!!! girls look up to her, and she dresses, and dances like that!?! What the hell!

  150. 150
    ellie Says:

    I am a Miley fan, but that sucked! she wore clothes that were really bad for her age! I could see her Bra! I think that her chance of getting more fame is slipping away!

  151. 151
    ellie Says:


  152. 152
    this is autumn Says:

    i think miley is a bad idol for little kids. My little sister watches her for goodness sake i dnt want her thinkin this is how she should act. The video is just a bout shakin ur hips and lookin sexy which does not need to be coming from a 16 yr old girl. Little girls and boys look up to her all over the world and this is wat she is representing. a flingy thing that shakes her hips all over the place. its wrong. i love the song though miley is a gorgeous girl and she has a beautiful voice but i think the dear needs to cover up a little more and just show her teen side….she has plenty of time to get into the hip shaking.

  153. 153



  154. 154


  155. 155
    nicole Says:

    wow. idk what to say about this vid. i mean for someone who is a role model for kids and represents disney channel this was too much. i know she’s growing up. i am the same age too but that doesnt mean i am going to go around with my bra showing, my cleavage out, and seriously what was with her and the back up dancers ghetto ass booty dancing?? seriously?that was completey unexpected. and for a girl in her position that was just retarded and a bad mistake on her part. the video was had really good direction and vision but i think miley herself just ruined it.

  156. 156
    nicole Says:

    oh yea and she’s a ****:)

  157. 157
    nicole Says:

    oh yea and she’s a ****:)

  158. 158
    hannah Says:

    NAY! she sounds like a man and she shoulnt be showing her bra! she should represent disney more and not look like every other hollywood actress…shes gonna be just like brotney spears i hate miley!

  159. 159
    hannah Says:

    NAY! she sounds like a man and she shoulnt be showing her bra! she should represent disney more and not look like every other hollywood actress…shes gonna be just like britney spears i hate miley!

  160. 160
    kam is the bomb Says:

    I love totally love it i like the line party in the usa miley is the best singer

  161. 161
    kam is the bomb Says:

    I love totally love it i like the line party in the usa miley is the best singer

  162. 162
    CassieMendez777 Says:


  163. 163
    lexis Says:

    It was okay i guess, i think miley’s outfit was way over the top.i’m a huge fan of hers but i think shes too young to be wearing that short shorts, and you could totally see her bra!the song was good, i just don’t see how it relates to the video or the setting,i could have made the video a bit better, and leave out some of the hip-moving for the younger fellows.Miley you’re awsome! But the video wasn’t that much! i was a little sad.

  164. 164
    Kate Says:

    I personally think the song is catchy and that is why every one likes it, but if you really think about the words and what she is singing. She is talking about going to a club with all her friends. And her video is just all about her. And when she is swinging the dancers behing her are pole dancing at a PLAYGROUND!!! That is just wrong! Her clothes are totally wrong if she is trying to set an example for all her fans that are under 13 she isn’t doing a great job of it. I can’t believe that Miley turned into this type of person. What is next for her a baby? so i say nay to her and her video!

  165. 165
    Charlotte Says:

    did she WANT to show off her black bra?! Gosh Miley! Show some modesty! PLEASE! I swear, when shes on that swing and those girls are dancing behind her… wow… Way to set an example for girls Miley.
    Music video: NAY! UGH!
    Song: Catchy.. I like it..
    Miley: GOTTA GO!

  166. 166
    ☮+♥+☺= a beautiful world Says:

    This shouldnt be shown on disney channel because i was watching disney channel the other day and i saw her grinding and doing things that dsiney channel shouldnt be showing b/c little girls look up to her and people go around saying that shes a good role model and she is if u want ***** as a daughter i mean what 16 year old lives with her botfriend and then dumps him and then on disney cchannel you see all of this crap??!!

  167. 167
    furillo Says:

    ava rose!!!
    you must be fat cuzz only fat ******* say stuff like that
    lol miley cyrus is the best ever! shes rich rich rich and ummm rich
    so that means if she wants to put on sum shorts and some cowboy boots let her…cuzz she got it like that!!!

  168. 168
    ladylovato Says:

    Short shorts and tang tops isnt that whhat all teens (16) year olds are wearing these days just be thankfull it wasnt a short skirt what do you expect her to wear jogging pants and a nike sweater with timberlands
    no the video doesnt go with the song but honestly what video’s match there song anymore??
    oh and the way she was shaking up herself and bla bla bla what was she supposed to do? the hallum shake…..if she did ya’ll would be commenting on that too.
    got ur back miles<3

  169. 169
    Miley is sexy Says:

    Miley Cyrus is the sexiest girl to make a kick ass vid. all you haters can suck on my teets.

    MILEY IS MY ******

  170. 170
    wtf miley Says:

    b b

  171. 171
    Poppy Says:

    I think its awesome!!! i don’t like the way people trash her songs because of what she does. i like her songs even though shes a bit of a hoebag

  172. 172
    kertrynna Says:

    lov you lov the song lov the video heh i didnt forgot my boy jacson he is so funny………… lol

  173. 173
    sam Says:

    she is a little ***** now no wunder her teeth are white she sucks dicks ever day

  174. 174
    Casey Says:

    The fact that she has a ’70 Chevelle SS in her video kills me, she’s only 16, not fair haha. She looked really hot in this video, it was kinda disturbing, I forget that she’s only 16. If as a girl I think she looks hot, I don’t even wanna think how guys my age look at her.

  175. 175
    Casey Says:

    @Fela: Nick Jonas drove a 66 Shelby GT, looks like she’s in a 72 Trans Am.

  176. 176
    Linda Says:

    Love the song. She is putting out a terrible message to teens. A little too sexy for her age. Too bad…………………….my daughter did watch her, but now she will not. She’ll eleven and this is not for her. Come back Hannah Montana.

  177. 177
    cazzie Says:

    and she calls herself a christian?!?!

  178. 178
    maro Says:

    my boyfriend it’s joe jonas

  179. 179
    kjdkjfjvfjsfkcvjndjfkjvjkdf Says:

    you guys are the ones who suck Miley is AWSOME and she sings better than you do!

  180. 180
    braedon Says:

    i love this song la la la la party in the usa rocks

  181. 181
    Osjhaa Says:

    I Think Shee Is Ah Hoe . && Is Growinqq Up 2 Fast Like For real. i Love The Sonqq Buht i Hate Thiss Video She Makes Me Wanna Puke . Woww . Poor Poor Girl

  182. 182
    cazzie Says:

    @kjdkjfjvfjsfkcvjndjfkjvjkdf: yeah right

  183. 183
    cazzie Says:

    shes pretty and she can sing pretty good but she dresses and acts like a BIG ****!!!!

  184. 184
    cazzie Says:

    shes pretty and she can sing ok but she dresses like a BIG ****!!!! seriously thats a poorly dressed christian.

  185. 185
    k Says:

    did not like the video, and while I understand she is getting older she should not be dressed like that, nor should she be moving her hips like “yeah.” she practically pole danced on the microphone stand…

  186. 186
    k Says:

    didn’t think that her video was appropriate: just cause she’s older does not mean that it’s okay for her to be dressed that way nor is it okay for her to be pole dancing on a microphone when she’s looked up to by so many young girls.

  187. 187
    victoria Says:

    i love this song

  188. 188
    mike Says:

    i think that miley is a great singer and that even if she is wearing short shorts and tank tops and demi lovato and selena gomez arent doesnt mean she should act like them she she be herself and if she likes what shes wearing and how shes singing then thats alright cause its her life so every one in this comment thingy that hates miley cyrus in the first place shouldnt have even watched the video. and for all you old people making comments THIS GENERATION IS DIFFERENT THAN YOURS WAS!go miley keep making us happy im supporting you all the way!!( which i think her singing is great)(and she looks great)

  189. 189
    mike Says:

    oh yeah and another one if you dont like miley cyrus then get out of this comment area theres no point to fight this battle people like this song and people hate it ok thats all there is to it going on here and saying “i hate miley cyrus!” it isnt helping anyone. oh and saying shes a sl*ut doesnt help much easier but i understand if you think shes a sl*ut then you think shes a ****. your not going to change our minds on how much we like miley’s music and we arent going to stop just cause you say that! so just stop watching the video if you hate just stop and stop leaving comments cause obviously you dont like miley or her music!!!! great song miley and nice video!!!! dont let them discourage you alright!!

  190. 190
    come on Says:

    You girls have to work on your self-esteem, Miley is awesome, build a f*cking bridge over that. And btw almost every 16-17 yr old girl dances like that, for god sake

  191. 191
    Janna Says:

    For anybody that has a problem with this video go to a high school dance and see how they dance there, this is tame compared.

  192. 192
    JESLC Says:

    Something that you all need to remember about music videos, is that usually the musicians are not the creative directors, or minds behind the scenes. The musicians are usually told what it is that they need to do for the shoot.. I think that they is a total yay. Even if the music video doesn’t completely match.
    Also, for those of you who think that she is being pornographic, or showing too much skin, maybe you are just jealous!

  193. 193
    JESLC Says:

    BTW to the ones that think that Britney didn’t go crazy until she was 19.. I say BS! I am pretty sure that she had her first boob job when she was 17, and she flaunted it EVERYWHERE! And then, denied that it was ever done. There are only two ways your boobs grow like that, 1. You’re having a baby. and 2. You get them done!

  194. 194
    anna Says:

    i love party in usa its my favorite song like who wouldn;t like it i awalys listen to it whwn im awalys go somewhere

  195. 195
    annagentry Says:

    i stick with yah i love her she is so aswome so is that song

  196. 196
    ladii V Says:

    i really liked the song i dont think it was wrong for her to wear shorts but wat do yall kno yall probably haten cuz yall aint got the body for it buh miley got more den yall ugly chicks got nd yep im black n luv hannah montana she off the chain nd yep im in the 17-18 range

  197. 197
    ladii V Says:

    @sam: are you freekin serious you must be kno how your teetrh turns white can you teach me you nasty retrad

  198. 198
    zahra Says:

    i fink thiz vidoe wz totally ****. i mean i like da song bt da video really doesnt matches wid da lyrics. n she doesnt noe hw 2 dance

  199. 199
    teyanna Says:

    i love this song to death!
    i really dont care how old she is and if she has done things that people dont like…its her life not yours.
    everyone has made mistakes but no one should hold that against her, she is a teenager and teens do crazy things…im sure that all the people that has posted a comment on here about her has done something that they regret…

    p.s. great song miley… keep up the great work! :)

  200. 200
    Abigail Says:


  201. 201
    NILOOO Says:

    I love this song and love miley too . she is sooo cute.

  202. 202
    Emily Says:

    She is like totally awesome. I never really liked her, but this song is amazing! Who wrote this her or her Dad? Whoever did,he/she is rocking the song! GO MILEY!!!!!

  203. 203
    diana 193 Says:

    it dosnt really represent the song. i mean it looks more ilke texas than hollywood and there’s parctically no dancing. but te song is ok

  204. 204
    lindsey Says:


  205. 205
    lindsey Says:

    Hi Miley

  206. 206
    lindsey Says:


  207. 207
    ry tyz Says:

    yea this is gangsterd

  208. 208
    snicker Says:

    yyaayy allday

  209. 209
    Nihal Says:

    I hate this song SO much, that I don’t want to read the comments since I KNOW this has opinions and since people have different opinions, they can say that its an awesome song, when they are WRONG!

    Well, let me go to my point. The song doesn’t flow with me well. It has a catchy tune, but its really bad, I mean I am not complaining about miley cyrus acting like a **** and she’s underage and is a baby, thats not what I am complaining about. I am complaining about how she, as a crap teenage artist from the modern age music, has to waste an interesting tune with her low-level music talent by converting her punk rock stylish voice to a vocoder T-Pain horrible sounding Rap sound with Fruity Loops. Teen Punk Rock is the worst type of music made today, sure its played with a guitar but there are 2 types of guitar which makes digital music better and they are Kid Rock and Heavy Metal. Rap on the other hand is also the wrost type of music made and I am not talking about Old School Rap, I am talking about Rap since 2004, they all suck since they are made with Fruityloops and similar software, which requires no talent to make a gangsta beat. Now, integrating this Gangstar Rap style music produced by a Kid Rock artist who also made an effort to adding her kiddy rockish style with the Low Talented Music only turns the song into ‘the worst song ever made in todays era’, despite on how good the tune is.

    So in sum, I hate the song. I wish the tune was used my a talented musician who can actually produce music, such as me and I wish Miley Cyrus actaully could get serious into making music by creating something unique compared to the songs she makes. That would make me appreciate her, despite on how crappy her songs are.

  210. 210
    Nihal Says:

    Oh another thing I would like to add. The song is missing out on Chords and there is no Interesting beat. The same the the song ‘gives you hell’ by all american rejects. These songs are not interesting beatwise and chordwise.

  211. 211
    Nihal Says:


    You suck because you like the song.

  212. 212
    victoria Says:

    i think miley is a poser and a hypocrite she says that shes not gonna turn out like all the other pop stars or whatever and look at her shes turning into a little hootchie
    i don’t think she should be on disney channel any more because its just showing that little kids should wear really short shorts or watever and show off thier stuff its not right

  213. 213
    KeaniLei Lee Says:

    i love her video… She rocks………..

  214. 214
    suppress your appetite Says:

    Don’t Be ******** People…Miley Cyrus Is a good person!! If you are critizizing her for those scandal pictures…well all chicks at her age do that maybe!!! And L-O-L We are to lucky she sings for us

  215. 215
    Taylor Says:


    Miley, you are just AWESOME!!
    I am seven years old and have seen every show you have made and listened to every song you have sung, and love them all. You Rock!!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Greensboro NC on Sunday!!!

    Love Taylor Stanley

  216. 216
    Yesenia Ortega Says:

    your awesome miley”)

  217. 217
    girlpower Says:

    i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! she sings even better than riannah!!!!!!! i love her outfit too. my older brother went out with her !! i love her ***** butt hole

  218. 218
    arkayla&donovan Says:

    i love this song

  219. 219
    arkayla&donovan Says:

    i love this song

  220. 220
    chris brown Says:

    i love kylon so much

  221. 221
    Rosalie Says:

    I kinda like the song but she’s a little too sluty in the music video. I really don’t know why they would put the video on Disney Channel too. She’s showing her bra in the video, she’s wearing some short ass shorts, though I like her boots. When I heard the song I thought the video would be different but when i saw it I was like “wow, she looks like ****” Kinda inapropriate.But yah I’d say a NAY..!!!! =(
    IT SUCKS!!!

  222. 222
    Kim Erica Inza Cruz Says:

    BLEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. 223
    Kim Erica Inza Cruz Says:


  224. 224
    alyssa williams Says:

    i think miley cyrus is a stupid *****

  225. 225
    platforme Says:

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