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Miley Cyrus: 'Party In The USA' Music Video

Miley Cyrus: 'Party In The USA' Music Video

Check out Miley Cyrus noddin’ her head like yeah in the new music video for her hit song “Party in the U.S.A.

Her official site says, “The video mixes old and new with vintage cars at a drive in movie and high energy dance moves.”

Fun fun fun!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new music vid — YAY or NAY?

Miley Cyrus: ‘Party In The USA’ Music Video
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  • lisa

    miley is awesome

  • laurenjulia

    the least she could do is cover up her tits and put on some longer shorts. i mean SERIOUSLY. she’s acting like a huuge s.l.u.t. in that video and she’s SIXTEEN.

  • _____

    Not so good….

  • anonymous

    if i didn’t know how old she was, my guess would be.. 22?

  • jamie


  • haleyhoyan

    Agree with you.

  • overated.

    Yep, U.S.A should be proud to have slxt like this one. We all know Miley Cyrus cannot dance. Or sing.

  • Vickie

    @amanda: THANK YOU! lol, no one else seems to get that this is how teens dress! some even wear less! i love your comment =]

    & YAY to the vid!

  • tan

    i loved it ! good job miley ! your the best !

  • mera

    i`m from eygpt me& my friends are very big fans of miley i loved her video but i agree that she dances & wears slutty but……still love her & i wish she gave a concert in cairo soon

  • Ohrbootin

    oh dear, too much patriotism and I wonder what she’ll be doing in a music video once she’s 18…jeez, I’d be embarassed if I were her parents. Though of course she’s growing, there are some boundaries, really. She’s 16! She shouldn’t be dancing all slutty in a video that thousand of young fans see. Really immature and irresponsible. I love Miley, but she’s been over the top for the last year…

  • Gabriela

    so so

  • kevin

    wow cant she be anymore of a Bit*ch im sick and tired of her who is she trying to suduce shes nasty as Fuc*k. shes not sexy at all she thinks she looks so sexy but shes not. and seriously moving my head like yeah wat the fu*Ck she cant even sing, she cant dance, and she looks like a whory shit. i bet her fuKing daddy raps her thats why he allows her to do all that shes not even hot, i dont get it what the fuk do peopl e see in her

  • brooke

    holy crap she is only 16 where the **** are her parents in all of this, she is such a ****

  • lily

    what brand boots are those

  • http://yahoo liveforkingofpopmj

    miley your cool but i wanted more from ya.your clothes were cool and sexy. but try a little harder with the video so it mactes the lyrics.

  • http://yahoo liveforkingofpopmj

    @Annie: now that sucks at making her fell bad ok i agree the video didnt go with the lyrics but thats mistup for being mistup.

  • brianna

    a yay for me.
    however…like a lot of other people, i imagined the video to be a little different….
    but i still loved it.

  • samantha

    omg you all people make such a big deal of nothing really i bet you know
    younger teens that are really sluts just because you dress with shorts and do some dance don’t mean you are a slut. Come on she is 16 years old, she needs to grow and besides all the ones that said that sucks I bet you can even do a dance and because she has talent she is over there performing. Go Miley

  • Analicia

    Her bra is showing……………Why?. o_O

  • Analicia

    Her bra is showing…………………..Why? o_O


    shes turning into the like disney slut

  • Jokergurl

    Why in the hell is a sixteen year old wearing daisy dukes? Where’s her parents?!

  • Abby

    Yay!!! i loved it. She actually complimented her voice in this one. why do people hate her? what makes her so bad outta everyone in hollywood? Every one is a slut anyways!

  • russ

    sorry guys…i think the video is a YAY!!!!!!miley did a great job….for a 17 year old girl…i dont think you guys have made even a music video at her age….haha…so,think wisely before saying words…shes beautiful than you and your sister or even your mum…see you…I’LL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

  • latifah

    I Love her style in this video!!
    it’s great

  • kirsten

    nice vid but gotta agree wit othr viewers that it doesnt relate to the song. i kinda expected a country looking girl arriving in hollywood. well, that kid of scene. anyway, well done, miley!

  • jenn

    well i guess shes just tryna find herself. it was okay but not all that. im not really surprised though, it was better then her teen choice award preformance. plus she has nice legs so i guess she can rock the short shorts. anyways you cant really judge considering the fact you don’t really know her. just because you dont like her dosent make her ugly

  • BelacquaGirl

    Certainly, YAY!

  • lisa

    great,excellent,awesome, go miley rock on

  • michelle

    Her video is okay, but she could cover up a bit. She can get fans AND be “grown up” without showing a lot. & if you haven’t, you should see her “grinding” on tour (Sept. 23, honda center) to this song. I don’t know how they think it’s appropriate in any way. It’s a shame that she thinks growing up means that she can forget those younger kids who made her famous & dance questionably. But if her parents think it’s okay, then I guess no one can stop her from being the way she has become.

  • ipek

    i like miley but the song is really boring and the videoo is not good!dont like it!!

  • ipek


  • adam

    ughhhh she is tooo hot

  • anonymous someone

    what in the world that girl needs to put on some clothes and seriously its a good song but she needs a less sluty music video i mean really we had enough of that anyway no need to be rude but just do something different with the video!!

  • Jess

    so what miley side is for teens and Hannah is for kids no…not working out smh…i don’t think i would want my Lil sister popping her butt…..and trying to push up her boobs which she don’t got …stick to Disney channel theme for Lil kids to watch..or be a full teenager artist because both ain’t working

  • -

    Pure illuminati. Lyrically…the land of fame…THE JAY-Z SONG WAS ON, THE JAY-Z SONG WAS ON, THE JAY-Z SONG WAS ON, referring to Empire State of Mind ? – another illuminati riddled song ?


    I loved the song. I have tried to find that song for almost 2 mounths. The first time I heard the song I knew it would be a hit!

  • eric

    Well she may be a little trashy, a little crazy and maybe she wants to experience the grittier side of life with the partying, sex and drugs that come with rock and roll. I know a lot of people trash her for that but really… it’s a process and stage that most teenagers go through and it’s perfectly normal. I find it hypocritical that we set her to a ridiculously high standard and then let our own teenage kids get away with exactly the same thing. So when people decide to belittle her over harmless teenage mishaps I smell the bullshit and hypocrisy a mile off

  • Fela

    Is it just me or does the car she stepped out of look kinda like one I saw Nick Jonas in one time?
    Arghh she sucha skank yo. Her AND her friend Mandy >.<

  • I love him

    Miley’s video was cool considering her age, but I agree. She’s dancing a bit unsightly for the age group she attracts but as far as the video goes, it’s amazing. Maybe she wears those shorts all the time because she gets hot during her performances… I dunno. What cleavage???? She doesn’t have cleavage. PS- she’s a 16 year old girl. Almost 17…. leave her alone! You people are sick who think she’ll wanna date you. She can dress how she wants and the way her parents raised her is personal and no one should go after that… that’s just mean. I also agree with the comment about how the video doesn’ really coordinate with the song, I think she could’ve done something that represented being famous but still lovin TN and going back to visit and meeting famous people and stuff. But, for now, the videos cool;-)

  • hmm?

    wtf i agree wit the not so good video thing but y she so creepy?

  • maria

    So far one the best videos of Miley Cyrus she did a good job the one thing was her clothing she was dressed like a 24 year old literally don’t get me wrong watch the video she is for God sake is 16! you don’t see Selena Gomez dressin’ like that showing her cleavage n junk.

  • justsomeguy

    Ok, gotta say this-
    Teenagers, particularly teenage girls, anywhere from age 14 up, have been dressing exactly like this since THE EARLY SEVENTIES!!
    These outfits, Miley’s outfits, ARE NOTHING NEW! They are cute, and yeah maybe a little sexy, but slutty? Whoreish? not even close!
    My God people, she’s 16, SIXTEEN, not 12!
    What’s ironic, even paradoxical, is that if you could somehow drop this video back into the seventies, no one would even blink an eye.
    Cute pop song, cute video, nothing to get worked up about.
    Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

    Catchy song, too.

  • zeta

    oh great and she’s gorgeous.

  • calienia

    i like the song bt she lkz kinda sluty.srry.nt hatin.its just in this video it lkz lik she is tryin to hard={not lookin for any more i love miley,but not the video

  • Leann

    I have to say this you should know that you have a great voice im talking about you miley cyrus!

  • aquaawesome!

    Ok. I think that if she was older, this would be just another mtv video. But she’s like what, 15? Plus, all her fans are like five… Unless you count the creepy old men that look at porn all day. I was really disappointed with this video and expected better from her.. c’mon booty shorts? The camera keeps focusing on her legs! And what’s with her bra sticking out of her shirt? That looks so stupid!!!

  • Sara

    Miley Cyrus is such a slut!!! girls look up to her, and she dresses, and dances like that!?! What the hell!

  • ellie

    I am a Miley fan, but that sucked! she wore clothes that were really bad for her age! I could see her Bra! I think that her chance of getting more fame is slipping away!