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Suri Cruise Takes A Bite Out Of Boston

Suri Cruise Takes A Bite Out Of Boston

Tom Cruise finishes up a long day of shooting Wichita and was joined by his mom, sister, children Connor and Isabella Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and their daughter, Suri Cruise in Boston on Tuesday (September 22).

The whole family went out for a meal together in Boston, Massachusetts.

On Monday night, Tom and Katie were spotted on a date night at a U2 concert. Also on Monday, Suri was spotted wearing some cute dancing shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise taking a bite out of Boston…

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suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 01
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 02
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 03
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 04
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 05
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 06
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 07
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 08
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 09
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 10
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 11
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 12
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 13
suri cruise takes a bite out of boston 14

Photos: Famepictures
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  • g!na

    YEP! SURI COVERING HER FACE & EARS ! she hates noise & attention! kid is almost 4 and is still in diapers! ugh!

  • chase milan

    Jared a slow day? you have like 4 threads about Suri whose 3 yrs old! omg! the kid is boring! she is very unattractive! please stop with this!

  • jasper

    omg! Katie’s ankles are huge! her legs look chunky! do you think she’s pregnant or just gained weight?

  • vbn

    Phatetic people.

  • OMG!!!

    What the H is wrong with Suri’s hands???

  • Kate jealous of Cameron

    When they got engaged Tom promised Katie tht they wold do a movie together. It ain’t happening and Katie sulks 24/7

  • Sexless marriage

    Why don’t they just get divorced already and stop being so miserable?

  • Okay, I Agree

    Suri is creepy.

  • Katie is stinky

    StarMagazine – Which celebrity mom is a secret smoker? She puffs away in private and then hides the smell by applying lots of Purell and perfume. Plus, she chews gum after lighting up to mask her breath.

  • Susie q

    Seriously, does Katie not own a mirror?? Is she in some kind of Scientology punishment? How can she go out looking like that???


    these pics are from 4 days days ago.

  • http://tuti75 arlene


  • http://tuti75 arlene


  • Suri’s Hands Like Jett’s
  • Annie

    The crazy shrimp is wearing 3 inch platform sneakers….
    too funny.

  • The Fat French Sailor Look

    So sexy Kate! Can’t wit for your fashion line.

  • Suri’s Hands Like Jett’s
  • Suri’s Hands Like Jett’s #3
  • STOP Jared please!

    I agree with #2. Enough of this stupid family already!!! They are nothing but a lot of boring looney tunes on parade.

  • Suri’s Hands Like Jett’s #4
  • Suri’s Hands Like Jett’s #5
  • Enough already

    Holmely looks like a total slob.

  • mela

    Yea I’d bet that Suri Cruise is autistic. Did anyone hear about her pitching a fit at the Beyonce concert? too much light and sounds for her.

  • zk

    NO COAT!!!!!!!!!!! Bare legs!!!!!!!!!!! Short SLEEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s AUTUMN in Boston!!!!!!!!!!!! Her parents are in coats and long pants and sleeves!!!!!!

    Do you need MORE proof these 2 are terrible parents who have NO control over their wild child?!?!

    Freak alien worshippers!

  • AJ

    Katie looks as if she is an old lady. Someone please come to her rescue!!! Perhaps a fashion assistant could help you Katie.

  • TWO

    did not know bag lady fashion was in now.

  • Elvie


  • zzz

    This bratty kid never wears a sweater/coat it was cold in boston last night.

  • regina

    This girl is very creepy!! She looks like the woman in the house! Theyall are ridiculous!! This kid should behave more like beautiful and normal Matilda Ledger!!!!!!!!

  • MYOB

    How can someone with that much money and access to clothes and hairdressers LOOK THAT BAD??

  • regina

    Diapers and high heels!! Lord this IS crazy!!!!!!
    What´s wrong with these people!!?? Where is Bella??????????????????

  • Can she walk?

    Will this child ever be allowed to grow up?

  • Winter again

    Riddle-Howdo you know itis winteragain?

    Surie Cruise wears no tights,sneakers,boots,sweaters/hoodies,or coats and her parents and other people are all dressed for winter.

    Sad. She is not a baby doll.

  • Cindy

    It was cold in Boston Friday nite when these pics were taken and there’s Suri again with no jacket and bare legs while everyone else is dressed for fall. What is wrong with her parents? They must be idiots!

    Katie looks like a bag lady and you can always count on Tommy to have his high heels on!

    Bunch of freaks I tell ya! I feel sorry for poor Suri. She doesn’t have a chance at a normal life with those two lunatics.

  • me!

    Where do you all see a diaper?
    Wouldnt surprise me though if Suri still wears one!

  • eliza

    The outfit Katie is wearing is horrendous. She’s pretty but has to learn how to dress and to find things that flatter her figure. She needs the help of a good stylist and soon. Who honestly would want to “Get THAT Look”??? Awful.

  • sonia0404

    In the picture

    Suri’s 10 gallon diaper was full and turned yellow.
    What a super bite!!!

  • sonia0404

    Guess that’s why Suri doesn’t need any coat, tights, sleeves nor any weather appropriate clothing. Her loaded diaper can definitely keep her warm.

    And really, her two pimps can no longer get the headlines, just sample the 4 threads on JJ. All of them Suri this, Suri that, whether she went for a shopping spree, visited the male pimp at the set, or walking down the street in high heels, dancing shoes Suri’s loaded diaper, you cannot find any her pimps’ names in the headline.

    That hasbeen and his beard are really, pathetic.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i see the jolie stalkers are still jealous because shiloh’s looked like shiit since the day she was born and she continues to look like shiit today.

  • pr person

    Mrs. Crazy went out to dinner looking like THAT?!?! Uggghhhh!! Even Crazy’s mom looks more put together (clothes, hair, etc…) than his fugly wife. Keep it up…..the craptastic look only drags the Crazy’s image further into the gutter from which he has been desperately trying to dig himself out of.

  • Mamita

    Intelligent discourse going on here! Read real news idiots:)

  • slambang

    #29 – Amen! Matilda Ledger is going to grow up to be a lovely, well-adjusted girl. Her mom keeps her out of the limelight as much as possible!

  • mary

    Looks like little tommy has extra rubber on his tennis shoes!! When is he ever going to accept that he is a shawty…lol!!

  • Pinkrose

    Katie is carrying Suri’s coat in her handbag. Now why is that?

  • Susie#1

    @#26: I agree…wonder if it’s going to be the jumping off point for Katie’s new fashion line. This could be the worst she’s looked in a looong time.
    As for Suri, I’m wondering who will intervene on her behalf and get her parents to dress her warmly, potty train her, put her to bed at a reasonable 3 year-old time. In other words, treat her like the toddler she is, not an adult in a child’s body.

  • twpumpkin

    Katie looks like hell! Who the hell dressed her? Her legs are way to heavy for those leggings. She looks totally frumpy with that outfit and hat. No makeup and once again no smile. I guess money cant buy you happiness.

  • “remarkable contribution”

    “ELLE magazine has announced its eight honorees for this year’s 16th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute.

    Julie Andrews, Emily Blunt, Katie Holmes, Julianne Moore, Zoe Saldana, Robin Wright Penn, Renee Zellweger and casting director Bonnie Timmerman are the honorees for this year’s event, to be held at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel.

    ELLE editor-in-chief Roberta Myers said of this year’s list: “This is an incredibly strong, distinguished group of women, many of them icons, or icons to be. We are so proud to bring them together and celebrate their remarkable contribution to the industry.”

  • Agua

    @Pinkrose: that’s not Suri’s coat, it’s the blanket.

  • pooter

    HUH? what did Katie “contribute” to be honored???

    (see post # 47)

    unless they are talking about her horrible fashion taste, her horrible raising of her brat, among other things…..and she gets “honored”

    I wonder how much Tommy boy paid for that?

    Hollywood has gone nuts.

  • “the contribution”

    remarkable indeed.
    pleeeeeeez let them publish the tribute. i’ll frame it and hang it next to the toilet. she should do the same so suri will never see it.