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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Wichita Lovers

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Wichita Lovers

Tom Cruise reunites with his Vanilla Sky co-star Cameron Diaz on the set of their new movie Wichita on Wednesday (September 23) in Boston, Mass.

In this scene, Tom roughly pulls a handcuffed Cameron toward a car before romantic sparks start flying.

In this spy thriller, Tom plays a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of an upbeat Midwestern woman (Diaz). According to THR, she gets pulled into a violent worldwide journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source.

10+ pictures inside of Wichita lovers Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • dee cee

    Pizza face and Tom aren’t really a good romantic match up in my opinion…

  • rhonda

    the over-the-hill gang, where’s Julia and George?

  • ugly

    hope this movie does not suck like Vanilla Sky LOL

  • Poprocks

    This aint how we dress in Wichita, Dorothy.

  • Dieter

    Jared !!!! Thanks you so much posting this. I just came from work and wanked on Cam’s hot pooper. I totally came. She still has the best ass in hollywood !!!

  • Sal

    He doesnt look near as passionate towards Cameron as he did Jeff Gordon. Did anyone catch that? He looks like he is in love with him, stupid ass gay boy.

  • Sal

    BTW, she is very tall, and all of a sudden he towers over her? What a joke. Go AWAY crazy!!!

  • whatever…

    PICK A NUMBER 1-28

  • kelt

    haha in what universe is tom cruise taller than cameron diaz XD they will never match up in my mind even if they do use the technology to change the hieghts.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest fan

    i cant wait to see this movie i love tom great actor

  • HA!

    The storyline sounds horrible. What do they have him standing on??

  • ee

    Why don’t they make sure to cast shorter actresses when it’s necessary?

  • Jen

    Hm will have to wait to see the trailer for this. But I think I will watch it, they can say what they want about Tom but he is a good actor.

  • sonia0404

    A ready bomb. I agree, the storyline is so lame.

  • Dieter

    Kelt you are so right: Cam has an IQ of 160+ while Tom has a great sense of humor which is very attractive as well !!!!

  • dude

    she looks really uncomfortable as if he’s talking about science lol

  • halle

    Actually, these two would make a good couple. I can’t believe Tom ever gave that fugly katie holmes the time of day. She is soooo nasty.

    Tom and Cameron sitting in a tree! I think there is some chemistry between them….

  • Anakin


    Nice to hear from you again Count, how’s things at Sesame Street?

  • anon

    Poprocks has got that right. We challenge Diaz to find someone in Wichita dressed like that. He’s dorky enough. Good Gawd!
    Shouldn’t they be shooting in Wichita? Not Boston?

  • Pandora

    I don’t envy Cameron having to feign romance w/ Tommy! That must be a real challenge that only Katy can do (somewhat convincingly!).

  • Not impressed by JA

    ee @ 09/23/2009 at 5:54 pm Why don’t they make sure to cast shorter actresses when it’s necessary?

    Why don’t they make sure to cast taller actor than Tom the Midget when it’s necessary?

  • Halli

    Tommy Girl is wearing his “special” shoes again.

  • LuckyL


  • Realme2008

    Cameron is 5’8″, so they are actually close to the same height. Tom is just wearing lifts of course, because God forbid a women is the same height as a man. That would just make them… I don’t know… equal?

  • H.

    I don’t get the fuss over the height thing. I don’t see why men decide to wear lifts when they are short. So you’re short. Big deal.

  • Chau

    I’m from Wichita, and this movie sounds so stupid. The clothing is so costume-y and gross. BOO!

  • pr person

    P!U! This movie is going to STINK! Another movie with Crazy in it that I won’t be paying money to go see.

  • LuckyL

    I didn’t like Diaz’s last film either.

  • lakers fan in boston

    cameron doesnt look that bad, but i have a soft spot for her
    her face looks better than usual, they look really weird together

  • sade

    I wouldn’t want Tom touching me since he’s been with that hag Homely.

  • LYNN

    Tom Cruise is a good actor and I will go see this film. I dont think this man is gay and if he is who gives a s***. I am so sick of these haters against this actor. Tom is husband dad and just an alaround good guy. Just because it did not workout between he and Nicole Kidman does not mean he is a bad man. Why dont you people talk about how short Keith Urban is with Nicole Kidman, she towers over him. I guess if you like Keith it is alright to be shorter than your wife, so who give a S*** about that also other than these stupid hater of Mr Crusie. You people need to get a life and stop with the trival BS everytime this man name is mention on a thread.

  • whatever

    sweaty pits! sweaty pits!

  • Sarah

    They have zero chemistry, they had none in vanilla sky either. Doesn’t help when you know he’d consider her too old for him in real life.

  • LYNN

    Al Pacino is shorter than Tom Cruise and I love me some Al Pac. He has romanced lots of tall women in his movies. I think they must have made it worked long time ago because if you watch some older films these women were somewhat very tall and the men were shorter. Tom is fine. He has acted with lots of male stars and made them look good and it made the unknown stars become well known in their acting ability. I know Jamie fox and Will Smith respect him, So just stop the lying and comment fairly about this good man.

  • mickey

    So I guess Cameron will be wearing flats and Tommy girl lifts in his shoes since he is a little person?

  • LuckyL

    It’s safe to say Kate-bot and her reckless parenting is more distasteful than Cruise’s brainwashing and bad movies as there is only 35 (now 36) posts in this thread.

  • @Lynn

    because this is a Cruise thread. Why bring up Kidman-Urban? You people who think the reason some and I do mean SOME folks dislike Cruise is because of Kidman have on tunnel vision glasses. You know it is possible to have many different scenerios.
    a) like Kidman, Cruise, Urban, Holmes
    b) like Kidman, Cruise, Urban, dislike Holmes
    c) like Kidman, Cruise, dislike Urban and like Holmes
    d) like Kidman, dislike Cruise, like Urban and like Holmes
    e) dislike Kidman, like Cruise, like Urban, like Holmes
    f) like Kidman dislike Cruise, Urban and Holmes
    g) dislike kidman and Cruise, like Urban and Holmes

    You get the picture? I don’t like Cruise or Holmes. And am indifferent to Kidman and Urban. And same goes for Brangelina. As far as I am concerned no one else in the world is responsible or has anything to do with disliking Homes and Cruise.

    I’m sure others on the thread feel the same. So quit bringing other people into it.

  • tinsky

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen cameron without pit stains…. for a big star you’d think she can afford to shower regularly & use a stronger anti-perspirant…

  • ee

    @Not impressed by JA: Because an actress can always wear heels, but a guy can’t?
    Actresses are meant to be petite. I like Cam, but perhaps with Tom and other actors, a shorter woman would make more sense.

  • mi

    This will be a great movie and Tom is a great actor. Apparently there was a lot of chemistry between Tom and Cameron because it’s been commented on by so many people that worked on Vanilla Sky, which is where the idea came from for these two to work together.
    You people just try to find things to complain about where Tom Cruise is concerned. He seems to be a wonderful father, husband, and person in my honest opinion. At least he lives his life trying to make some kind of positive impact on the world instead of wasting his time spewing negativity like most of you do here.

  • mi

    Tom looks sexy.

  • scisan60

    Am I the only one who immediately went blind and the words “Box Office Poison” flashed in my head as soon as I saw these two? Why doesnt Hollywood learn their own lessons.
    Sunset Boulevard
    All About Eve
    Play It as It Lays
    Mommie Dearest

    all taught one big lesson….you cannot recapture lightning twice.

  • One

    That’s incredibly offensive, #6.

    I don’t think Diaz is that much taller and it’s better to simply use tricks rather than recast when you already have the perfect actor that can play the role, #12.

    That’s also offensive, #21.

    Cruise isn’t the director and audiences wouldn’t go for taller women, #24 and #25.

    Right, #31.

    Learn to write, #33.

    If that’s reckless parenting, I wish all parents were as ‘reckless,’ #36. Controversy simply is more popular around here.

    Quality over quantity, #39. Why recast the perfect actor when you can simply use tricks. I don’t know why you care. It doesn’t matter.

  • Peach

    She is going to have to spend the entire movie standing in a hole. She’s two inches taller than he is and I suspect it could be even more – as I don’t think TC is 5’7″.

    Also – how much anti-nausea medicine does she have to take to be able to look at him with any kind of feeling. She’s not that good an actress.

  • emma#2

    He made a couple of movies with kidman and she is taller than KH and CD.

  • dani

    Directors/editors etc. use a lot of tricks to make a short man appear taller or equal to a tall or taller actress. Look at Lord of the Rings. Viggio Mortenson (sp?) is very short compared to Liv Tyler. Or Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky films. He is short, but he is made to appear much taller.
    Boxes, holes, lifts etc. All tricks of the trade.

  • lola

    I loved Cameron and Tom in Vanilla Sky.. such a great movie. It’ll be interesting to see how this movie is.

  • Cindy

    Ugh. Another Cruise movie. I won’t bother seeing this one either. The guy can’t act his way out of a paper bag. He has 2 expressions. Grinning like a fool and looking as if he is constipated. Then he runs. If that’s acting I’ll eat my shoes.

  • Lex

    Very funny comment and so true!
    Thanks for making my day… :-)

  • One

    You don’t know him, #44.