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Amerie - 'Heard 'Em All' Music Video

Amerie - 'Heard 'Em All' Music Video

Check out Amerie’s new Mad Max-themed music video for “Heard ‘Em All,” which was shot in the Santa Clarita desert in California last month.

It’s a hot video directed by none other than Anthony Mandler, who also masterminded Rihanna‘s “Disturbia” and “Run This Town.”

Amerie’s fourth studio album In Love & War releases on Tuesday, November 3rd.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Amerie’s new music vid — HOT or NOT?

Amerie – “Heard ‘Em All” Music Video
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  • Lucy

    Do you have some contract or something with “Amerie”? We’re getting updates on her album, told when her video is coming out, SHOWN her video….I just have one question: WHO THE HECK IS SHE?!

  • eseo

    She is very sexy and hot, I love her very much. Recently I found she posted many her nice photos on _ casua lmix ed.c om _. I am wondering what kinds of relationship she wants to seek? Friendship? Discreet partner? Or maybe just for some casual fun??


    that song is hot the dance is hot
    i like it amerrie!!!

    follow…. hildisfunkyfreshblog blogspot c0m

  • YES!

    @Lucystop being so ignorant – it takes 2 seconds to google a person.

  • YES!

    amerie is great! she stays true herself and makes music SHE loves. she doesn’t follow the trends and i LOVE that! this video is sexyyyyy and she is looking beautiful as always.

    i am totally picking up her album NOV 3!

  • summer_craze

    Not rly

  • Chilly Phoeung

    “Pardon the interruption but we got a news flash! Someone in the building said AMERIE’S BACK!”

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Love it.

  • Jessica

    @Lucy…umm…was that really called for?? I’m glad Jared is stepping outside of the box and posting about artist other than the “IT” crowd. We need more variety in general. I also think that if you really wanted to know more about this artist you would google…that simple.

    I think this video is hot…I only remember her from the 1 thing song and wondered what happened to her. I need to hear more music from her to make a verdict but the video is definitely hot


    @Lucy: it’s your problem not knowing who she is. she might not be a major pop star. but i’d rather read all her news than something like jonas brothers.

  • Anna

    love it !!!

  • lola

    I have no idea who this is or why you keep promoting her. You must be getting paid!

  • queen gaga

    This is a cool video. I think the song is very fun and I like the scene where she dances with the Lady GaGa clones hahaha that’s kind of cute. Is this on itunes yet? I

  • Dave

    Clearly yall playing dumb. “1 Thing” was a top 5 hit on billboard hot 100, and an international hit in a lot of countries. And 7 years about she had a #23 hit on Billboard Hot 100 called “Why Don’t We Fall in Love.” She’s always been a lowkey artist. Like somebody said, simply use GOOGLE, stop acting ignorant, and research before you speak. And if the person does or does not like her, doesn’t matter. They can promote you all they want. But, if you don’t like her, stop reading her post, and stop commenting, as simple as that.

  • Dave

    @queen gaga:
    The song has been on iTunes for about a week. So, you can purchase it there.

  • DJ

    Wow, she’s HOT!

  • Samantha

    I really think Amerie is a pretty, articulate and talented girl. I emphasize on her being ARTICULATE…she seems to be kind of a nerd but it’s kinda cool.

  • lalalove

    I really like her. But the song is terrible.

  • gREG



  • YES!


  • fabp

    fab that she’s back!!! she’s feisty and fierce as always!!! love love love her

  • Bently

    Lucy and Lola are sum dumb b*tches the song it hot the video is hot and Amerie is hella hot.

  • Ben

    Loving it all!

  • NYC

    Why is Amerie so damn sexy? Love, love, love this girl.

  • marissa

    what dave said

  • gagaloo


    That video is crazy hot!!! So fashion forward and I’m loving the aggressive vibe she’s giving us this time around. And who else knew Amerie could move like that? HOT!

  • Pining for Chris

    Same generic shitt. Overall music is at it’s worst today.

  • Gia

    I’m so glad that your posting Ameries work on your site Jared. She’s a really talented artist that’s been around since 2002. For the people that aren’t familair with her, buy her Touch album. It’s a great album and the essential Amerie sound.BTW, I love this video. Make-up, costumes, set design, lighting is amazing. Choreography is alright but still worth a watch.

  • Jill

    everybody’s trying to be Rihanna now! i kinda liked Amerie when she had her own thing. still ridiculously gorgeous though.

  • Tiffany

    Lethem know ya back Amerie.

  • Tina Baby

    Love the song it’s amazing and out of this world. The video is hot too I wish they would of showed more of the dancing though.

  • kyahh


  • Ankka

    less rihanna & MORE AMERIE!!!!

  • californiaaaa

    love the song & vid.

  • lez-babe

    Guess I better google her and see how many instruments she plays and how many songs she’s written by herself.

  • macaliah benson


  • jj

    This song fire! Hot! The videos Hot 2

  • lakers fan in boston

    ive liked the song and the video is pretty decent
    i like the remix lil wayne did for it
    good song tho

  • elle

    Pining for Chris, you said like it is this is awful

  • chikenpox


    doesnt she look ” Kourtney Kardashian ” btw !?

  • Mya what!

    Love this chick she is so awesome. Do ya damn thing Amerie keep doing you while these hater hate from the sidelines. This video is made dope it has a story and she is giving you something different. At least she’s not dancing in a circle in a one piece bathing suit which I have seen at least 3 video’s from the same person. Doing it over and over and over again. But that’s considered fabulous!

  • TlR84

    wow Jared…is there a drought in a list celebrity news?? lol…..I kind of like her music and she is beautiful and intelligent but sort of boring in my opinion.

    she is okay though

  • mertz

    i love you amerie. never give up. i like the video the way it shot and i think the concept worked better for you than for the run this town video. uhm aside from all the great things i saw like the choreography and the styling and the locations, etc, you seemed to be a half step off in some of the coreography. keep doing it mama. make those records for us.

  • grace :)

    dont you guys think that Amerie looks like Kourtney kadashian???

  • Sarah

    I was wondering what happened to her. She was one of those upcoming R&B singers, not just a R&B, but an actual singer, Beyonce’s/Gaga/Britney voice doesn’t even compare to that girl. ‘Why Don’t We Fall In Love’, ‘Talkin’ To Me’ and ’1 Thing’, she fell off the face of the earth after that, I thought she called it a career. About time she made a comeback,

  • Lucy


    I don’t want to know more about the artist…that is my point.

  • Lucy

    @lola Thank you!:

  • David

    @Lucy: Then don’t even bother reading the article. Skip over it. It’s pretty simple.

  • lyla

    i love AMERIEEEE

  • Val

    I like th song, but not the video – that’s just me. To each his own.

  • Vanessa

    @Lola and Lucy you both seem lonely