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Bronx Wentz's First Word: DaDa! -- Exclusive

Bronx Wentz's First Word: DaDa! -- Exclusive

Melrose Place actress Ashlee Simpson shows off her JJ coaster (sans Bronx) while wearing a sexy outfit at the celebration of Carol Malony‘s new collection at Coco de Mer in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 23).

The 24-year-old singer/actress gave an exclusive interview which included gushing about her son Bronx‘s first word, wanting a big family and getting excited about Heather Locklear joining the cast.

JJ: Hey Ashlee! How are things? Are you familar with the site?

AS: Of course! I love you guys – you’re the only blog I read!

JJ: We’re here at an event for Carol Malony’s new collection. What’s your favorite piece?

AS: I love what I’m wearing! It’s feminine and sexy but it’s not over the top, which is what I love.

JJ: What does Pete like to see you wear?

AS: I think he likes anything that I wear! He really does – he makes me feel sexy all the time.

JJ: You’re a big tweeter and there was some reported drama. Can you clear the air?

AS: The truth is, nothing did happen, so it was all silly.

JJ: There was another rumor that you kicked Pete out of the house for cheating. Was that true?

AS: [laughs] No! Definitely not. I definitely never did…we’re actually great. He’s amazing – he’s my best friend and my husband.

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JJ: When’s the last time you spoke with Jess? How’s she doing?

AS: She’s good – she’s in Africa! Although it’s sad times, she’s doing the show, which is great.

JJ: Any update on Daisy?

AS: You should ask her, but it’s very sad.

JJ: Congrats on Melrose Place – are you happy to have Heather Locklear back?

AS: Thank you – I think it’s awesome! She’s the heart of the show – it’s really exciting. For me, it’s always great – and having Sydney as my mom – Laura Leighton – it really is so exciting and I get to play a creep, so that’s also exciting [laughs]. There’s a lot to come with Violet. It’s really nice – I’m excited to meet Heather and have her be a part of the show. There would be no Melrose Place without her, so it’s awesome.

JJ: What are your other favorite shows now?

AS: I love Mad Men, I love True Blood – I’m addicted – I just watched the first season and then I got hooked on the second – it’s good, I can’t wait for the next.

JJ: Any plans to go back into the studio?

AS: I would like to! Right now I’ve got my hands full with Bronx and the show, so nothing at the moment. Whenever I get inspired by it and I’m ready to write again I will, but right now, I’m good.

JJ: How’s Bronx?

AS: He’s incredible. He’s developing every week and couldn’t be better, couldn’t be healthier.

JJ: Any fun stories?

AS: He’s silly! He’s always laughing at himself and making new noises.

JJ: What kind of noises does he make?

AS: Right now it’s this cute little lispy kind of noise – he’s always like [makes noise]. “Dada” was actually his first thing to say, then came “mama” – he says “dada” all the time! Dadada. He’s great! There’s nothing better, actually!

JJ: What’s your favorite thing to do with Bronx?

AS: I think the coolest thing about being a kid – actually, now he’s ten months so you’re always coming up with new games. Peekaboo, all that kind of stuff – you’re interacting and I think that’s the best part – really watching him develop.

JJ: How’d you come up with Bronx? What do you like about the name?

AS: It’s just something that we chose. Actually, Pete said the name and we both loved it and there was never any further discussion on if we loved that name or not – we just loved the name. It’s tough and Mowgli’s adventurous so you can be anything!

JJ: How many kids do you think you want?

AS: Oh gosh – we definitely want a big family. We’re young – we’ll see. I would love to have a big family and I know Pete would, too.

JJ: Congrats on the Redbook shoot – how was shooting?

AS: It was great – they’re so sweet! Alicia is so sweet, so health-conscious. I was, like, “wow, that’s inspiring!” I hadn’t met her before but they were both so sweet and great women to be around. It was a fun day!

JJ: You stopped by the Alexa Chung show and mentioned that you love tacos – have you tried the Kogi Korean barbeque taco truck in L.A. yet?

AS: I haven’t – I always just make them at home with queso and Velveeta.

JJ: There’s a truck that goes around L.A. and serves Korean short ribs.

AS: Yum! I love Korean barbeque! And I love tacos – I literally make tacos once or twice a week. I’ll definitely go try it!

JJ: Do you have any other favorite restaurants in L.A.?

AS: Katsuya for sushi – I love it – the crispy rice and spicy tuna is my favorite. It depends – I like all kinds of food. I like the Ivy but I don’t go there because it’s cheesy, but their fried chicken’s incredible.

JJ: What do you like to do to relax?

AS: Hang out with my son and husband! That’s the biggest plan – my birthday’s coming up October 3 and we’re going to Vegas, so yeah! Bringing the baby – we’ll all be out there for a family trip! His birthday’s in November.

JJ: Any plans for Bronx’s birthday?

AS: I’m sure we’ll do something – whatever he’s into!

JJ: Is he into anything right now?

AS: He loves to say “bob” for SpongeBob! Everything’s “bob” right now.

JJ: Thanks so much Ashlee!

AS: See you soon!

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