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Christina Aguilera Possesses The Power of Women

Christina Aguilera Possesses The Power of Women

Christina Aguilera is honored at Variety‘s 1st Annual Power of Women Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Thursday (September 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old songstress was recognized for her efforts to fight hunger as global spokesperson for the annual World Hunger Relief campaign.

“As a mom, I can’t accept that even one child could go hungry or that a child dies every six seconds from hunger. That’s why I’m so passionate about this cause,” said Aguilera. “World Hunger Relief makes a huge difference by providing relief for millions of hungry people, especially schoolchildren in developing countries. I hope by lending my voice to this cause I can raise awareness and move millions of people and children from hunger to hope.”

10+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera at the Power of Women luncheon…

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christina aguilera power of women luncheon 01
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 02
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 03
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 04
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 05
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 06
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 07
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 08
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 09
christina aguilera power of women luncheon 10

Credit: Axelle; Photos: John Shearer/WireImage, Bauergriffinonline
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    still too much makeup. and those bangs look ridiculous.
    jay-z was on oprah today.

  • Tj


  • carly

    That’s a man, mann!
    Serious that is gross.

  • damnit

    yeah, she really wrote that! she repulses me. she has a huge nose

  • ellen

    Hasbeen white trash

  • wallyworld

    nice gut!

  • Xtinasuxxx

    “The power of PUBLICITY”
    what a poser!! eww

  • qboi

    She is a disgusting pig!
    I wish she would dig a hole and die in it.
    new cd=Fail.
    copy cat biznatch!

  • Dre


  • JILL

    she is such a poser, she repulses me.

  • poppy

    Ewww! no wonder their kid is so fugly! look at those two!
    they look like brother & sister

  • missme

    I love her!

  • seus

    Hollywood’s new way of buying altruistic publicity, join a charity, go to Africa, feed the children, educate children, read to children etc. etc. etc. the list goes on. It is all about the image and the fans eat it up. They actually help nobody.

  • tip

    Gee, I wonder why she is soo interested all of a sudden???
    Oh yeah, she has another crappy ,years behind cd that was made for her comming out.
    what a b!tch

  • tip

    She’s a nasty walking STD

  • anaita


  • Giovanna

    You are a bunch of jealous ppl.
    She looks gorgeous, though i dont like red lipsticks. And at least teh woman has talent.

  • gen

    She looks like Miss.Piggy

  • Apple

    Christina = Day old bread

  • lexy

    I don’t know suess – it brings attention to causes. It’s nice to see some celebs at least trying to give back to the less fortunate. I mean at least she isn’t shopping all day like JJ fave Rachel Bilson or pimping out her kids and personal relationships like the Simpleton sisters.

    Christina actually has talent AND a career.

    She’s very fair so any make-up looks dramatic but she looks great!

  • runsucka’

    Yeah, she has talent of picking great producers and song writers, and SHE takes credit.
    This dumb hoe has everything handed to her! just like she has all those bands doing her new cd for her.
    Yeah, real talent, NOT!
    Lady Gaga is talent. not this chick!

  • gilmoore

    @seus: –You are so right!! Christina jumped on the band wagon (again) for FREE publicity!
    Too bad it’s HER, The cause would have had a greater responce if a big name celeb would have done this.
    Christina is yesterdays garbage.

  • jess

    Who is this ugly old lady? an actress from the 80′s? I dont know

  • sally

    She got fat.

  • Geo

    Good lord, she/he is scary when he/she smiles,Yikes!

  • sookie

    I think she always looks mad because she is always around beautiful people and she is so manly and gross looking. poor thing! she cant help how disgusting she is!! be nice.

  • Sarah May

    Imagine what she would say about all of you if you were the ones plastered online. Haters. The woman has talent. White trash? She’s latin…hello! Even with a White mother. Tell me, does “white trash” have music albums sung in Spanish? I think not. At least she looks better than Gaga

  • Sally

    LOL @ the haters she’s so awesome and beauitful !!

  • b

    Few of you who say she has “talent” make me laugh. She has something, but it is not what I call “talent.” This thing uses & takes work & ideas without giving credit where it is due. I have never seen anything original from her whatsoever and her “voice” alone is not enough anymore. You can call me bitter and whatever. But I speak the truth in what I’ve seen.

  • Kelly

    She is all gimmic and no talent. I cant stand this broad
    and she is ugly to boot.

  • lee

    Is it just me?
    This tranny always looks un-clean, Like she just stinks of piss or something.
    just a nasty human all around. very disturbing to look at.

  • gallo

    I love how to some, This trash is considered a “talent”.
    To have talent ,you have to do something, not just jump on any givin bandwagon, she has always stolen and copied other artists from the begining and never once offered anything original to the game,
    she is just a wallflower that depends way to much on producers and song writers to pull her through.
    but the WORST part is she takes all the credit.
    she is a sad Poser.
    At least GAGA IS a true talent..not this freeloader

  • kilo

    I guess times are tough, It looks like she has one of Britney’s old wigs on…What IS that on her head? eww

  • tED

    jojo you forgot about the Fake Eye color..But if you want to see the biggest faker of them all attend a Britney Spears Concert why people pay that much money to basically watch what Britney does in her music videos I’ll never understand…CHRISTINA IF YOU WANT PUBLICITY SO BAD EITHER HANG OUT WITH BRITNEY OR PUT OUT YOUR CD IF I HAVE TO WAIT TILL 2010 I’M NOT BUYING!!

  • Jose

    She doesnt even speak spanish! she is a total poser, just out to make a buck.
    The latin community doesnt want her!
    so, yeah, she IS white, brown trash, whatever! she is classless garbage!
    Christina is an embarrassment to all.

  • safie

    Just your run of the mill pop star, nothing special, Christina is boring.
    At least Lady Gaga is a talent, exciting, fresh & hot!!
    Christina & her fans hate Gaga for being what Christina has tried to be for years!!
    too bad, soo sad.
    Viva la Gaga!!!!!!!

  • sir gaga

    she’s got the ugliest legs in hollywood & this is way too much make up

  • haha

    it seems like there’s same person all over this place writing about how good that lady tranny is.. funny stuff..ahahah
    ur lady tranny need more time to prove herself.. u can laugh now but i’m saving my laugh later.. cause I believe lady tranny is just a poser for second and then fade away..

  • R.

    ok, some people need to relax.
    I though this site was good because it did not bad mouth everyone.
    Guess we can’t just accept the fact that she’s doing something good for people.

    Her “uglyness” has nothing to do with what shes doing.
    She definitely has talent, and so does Lady Gaga, but they’re completely different. I mean seriously, this people need to sit down.

    I hope people can see past their opinions and just admit shes doing something good for the children around the world. stop the hate, learn to appreciate good will.

  • katkat

    I love Christina! One of my favorite female singers!

  • sammy

    her hair is really bad looking, eww and way too much make up

  • black beauty

    christina is the best singer out today

  • hmm…

    love her, disgusted by all these ‘comments’ guys realy need to get a life beyond sitting behind a computer screen putting down someone who is apparently doing more than you are.

  • Léa

    Wow people really do hate her.

    I don’t know why… because for a fact you can’t say she ‘s a bad singer… ( just check beautiful at 2004 grammys on youtube), you can’t say she’s mean ( she always preach for the fuss with britney to end and she is the one who sent birth presents to brit)

    she’s not a bad mother, she’s alays with Max..
    She’s not a publicity whore as she’s hardly go out and paparazzi never shoot her…
    she just leads her life the way she wants to…

    OH maybe you hate her because she has a “big nose” or because she “got fat” or because “all of the stupid things haters said”

    what a mature reaction.

    anyway I love Christina and I can wait for the new album !

  • autumnm

    I think Christina looks cute!

  • lexy

    If Gaga is such a talent then why is she trying so hard to be Christina?? Why did she steal Christina’s look – and was thankful that people thought she was Xtina b/c it helped her when she came out??

    Christina rocks and she’s got the Grammy’s and record sales to prove it! And she didn’t have to try and pass herself off as someone else to do it!

  • Mihai

    OMG!What is wrong with you people? Are u crazy? how can u say something like that about Christina? You don’t like her then don’t watch her.Do not insult her!

    You are proving that you are frustrated and have no brain, those of you who say bad and insulting things about Christina.Think of yourslef? Are you perfect?I don’t think so…

    Christina is amazing, I love her and I respect her!


  • youbugme

    Wow, the comments on Xtina are unfounded. She’s by far the most down to earth, bright and talented singer of today. Her peers shy in comparison.
    She has a wonderful mother, husband and child and loves her life. A rarity in Hollywood.
    I can be as catty as the rest of you but Xtina us one of the finest in my book.

  • 23

    I read the negative comments here and think that a majority of you people sound insane, very nuts.

    Christina Aguilera, keep doing your thing. You’re doing fantastic! :)

  • Tony

    She is amazing !
    NO FAKE !
    THE BODY !
    LUV U My Xtina !

    And to the Haters ” She doesn’t give a damn ! and you’ll be lovin’ it ! Ahhhhh