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Gisele Bundchen: Maternity Dressed Up

Gisele Bundchen: Maternity Dressed Up

Gisele Bundchen dons a loose-fitting maternity dress while out and about on Thursday afternoon (September 24) in Boston, Mass.

The 29-year-old Brazilian beauty and husband Tom Brady are currently being sued over the incident that occurred during their second wedding ceremony in Costa Rica. Two photographers claim the couple’s security team fired at them in April.

Gisele is also trying to sell both her W. 11 Street penthouse triplex and her townhouse at 42 Barrow Street in Manhattan.

25+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen maternity dressed up…

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gisele bundchen maternity dress 01
gisele bundchen maternity dress 02
gisele bundchen maternity dress 03
gisele bundchen maternity dress 04
gisele bundchen maternity dress 05
gisele bundchen maternity dress 06
gisele bundchen maternity dress 07
gisele bundchen maternity dress 08
gisele bundchen maternity dress 09
gisele bundchen maternity dress 10
gisele bundchen maternity dress 11
gisele bundchen maternity dress 12
gisele bundchen maternity dress 13
gisele bundchen maternity dress 14
gisele bundchen maternity dress 15
gisele bundchen maternity dress 16
gisele bundchen maternity dress 17
gisele bundchen maternity dress 18
gisele bundchen maternity dress 19
gisele bundchen maternity dress 20
gisele bundchen maternity dress 21
gisele bundchen maternity dress 22
gisele bundchen maternity dress 23
gisele bundchen maternity dress 24
gisele bundchen maternity dress 25

Credit: Jason Winslow ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • carla

    Is it me or she actually starts to look like a bit of Angie . She looks cute. She shouldn’t cover those legs though.

  • tina

    she looks beautiful !! great mommy to be !

  • lexy

    She looks great!

  • Tim

    After she gives birth, she’ll most likely be like Alessandra Ambrosio and drop the baby weight almost immediately.

  • ihavenolife


  • Fernanda

    que orgulho *-* MUITO linda ♥

  • Nahla

    Hmmm #1, what similarity do you see between THAT and Angelina?? haha. Sorry but Angelina is gorgeous in a very exotic way. Gisele is just another blond who happened to get famous thanks to an ex (Leo) IMO. Don’t tell me she would have made it anyway, nobody had ever heard of her before him. But well, I don’t like her at all because she seems to be such a b!tch. And they totally deserve to be sued, who do they think they are?! Although I don’t like her, I wish her the best with her baby.

  • ugly

    Gisele is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better looking than that Angelina!!!!!! Angelina is nothing but a b!tch….ROFL

  • Kate

    Gisele looks gorgeous in these pictures. I find it funny when people try to dismiss Gisele’s success by saying it was all due to Leo. Sure, he helped raise her public image, but she was already the #1 model in the industry in 1999, and that was before they began dating. The fashion world certainly knew who she was. Bar would be a better example of a model who became famous for who they were dating. No one ever heard of her before she dated Leo, and then suddenly she was a “supermodel”.

  • me!

    Looks so stupid to walk around yapping on a cell phone!

  • Penny


    Funny because Angelina is actually American whereas Gisele is from Brazil- I don’t know, but to me Gisele is way more “exotic.” If having tan skin and an accent isn’t exotic, what is? Also, her natural hair is actually darker.

    Say what you will, but Gisele was very successful before she dated Leo. I agree she wasn’t as popular, but that’s because she was more of a “high fashion” model back then who did mostly runway shows. She got popular when she started dating Leo because that was around the same time she signed on with Victoria’s Secret and, in case you haven’t noticed, Victoria’s Secret makes model really famous. So don’t say that she is where she is because of Leo – she’s successful and popular because she’s been working hard since she was 14 years old.

  • LadyB

    Nahla, are you kidding me? Gisele has been famous before she started dating Leo. She was on almost every fashion magazine every month before she started dating Leo.

    Anyway, these pictures are beautiful. She is blessed. She has had everything going for her. And as for the photographers suing them, PLEASE, they have no case. This is just an attempt to get money from the couple. I’m sure the case will be dimissed the first day of court.

  • dude


  • nikomilinko
  • elle

    pregnancy suits her she looks lovely, even better when her face is covered with her hair

  • Chanelle

    She looks like a horse. The dress is pretty though.

  • Heil!!

    She’s exotic because she is German. They have lots of Germans in Brazil and they tan and look pretty. Gisele is all German and she looks it. Typical tall, willowy, athletic German woman.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, her pregnancy has really made her better
    she gots that pregnancy glow
    she’s gotten a lot bigger from the last time ive seen her, her belly that is
    but she looks amazing =]

  • Adam

    Great German Engineering.

  • bobbi

    Gorgeous Giselle

  • lala

    I love when people say she´s german, that´s so funny!! It´s like saying many americans are irish or german or russians… But anyway, there´s always going to be stupid people around…

  • JLS

    Not very pretty inside or out. Karma will get you someday G/

  • Jenny

    She is so pretty. Their baby will be gorgeou!!!

  • bluchip

    Before dating Leo, Gisele i think was already the # 2 or #3 model in the whole fashion industry.

    I remember seeing Gisele’s face on every HF ad you can name in every pages of magazines way back in 2000 lol

    With that, i can say that Gisele is truly one of the most successful models prior to dating a famous moviestar!

  • berries

    She looks great! Just gorgeous!


    I hate you Tom Brady,,,,, You have destroyed the perfect body,,,,Damn you.

  • commonsense

    @me!: people don’t walk around and talk on cellphones?

  • truv

    She’s just average looking. And the color washes her out.

  • cassie

    she is still so tin..can’t believe she’s due in dec

  • anon

    Good, at least now she’ll stop pimping her husband’s son and whore her own.

  • Bonitto


    Angelina can’t walk in Gisele Bundchen shoes, you really need to go read Gisele Bio and find out who this lady is before you put your foot in your mouth again.

  • LMAO


    are you kidding me? ofcourse not. Gisele and Angelina are not in the same league. she is just an ex underwear model who happened to be Dicaprio’s ex and married a famous football player. you should be the one who needs to read and compare their bio because obviously, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • mimi

    How can you even compare her to Angelina.
    Angelina is beautiful. Gisele has a masculine face.
    Just because Angelina is a little bit too tall and has a little bit of a broad shoulders, doesn’t make her anywhere near Gisele.
    IF Gisele didn’t cling to American stars, we would never know who she was.

  • Bonitto


    Why dont you enlighten us what Angelina has that Gisele Bundchen dont, and did you say not in the same league, stop been simpleton and go read about Gisele Bundchen and Angelina Jolie, Jolie has nothing on Gisele, she is just an actress and she will tell you that herself.

  • Mike

    Both beautiful inside and out. Wishing all the best to Gisele and Tom.

  • Mike

    And why is Angelina mentioned?

  • Mike


    That’s bullshit.

  • sea

    Is her breast real? Never understood.
    Btw, bad dress colour.

  • lol

    @Nahla: that is right brangelina the only woman in the world to look beauty is angelina! lol

  • lol

    @mimi: if angelina father hadn’t been an actor we wouldn’t know you she was either!

  • lol

    @lol: oops who angelina was either! she could be at burger king flipping burgers if her father wasn’t an actor – yet she doesn’t speak to him.

  • remember da truth

    Leo dated her BECAUSE she was already a famous model, the most sought-after model in the world. Only ignorant Americans who never travel or read anything besides tabloids didn’t know who she was. She was already starting to work for VS, too.

    She is beautiful, and very smart. A businesswoman who is, by all accounts, very sweet and helps other young models.

  • lisali

    Wow.. She looks fantastic…she makes pregnancy look inviting!! lol

  • timer

    wow she is absoultely beautiful! what a beautiful pregnancy glow she has. so glad she is not getting a distorted bloated face like some pregnant women get!!!! LOL I knew she would be beautiful preggers.

    um Leo didnt make gisele famous, Victorias Secret did. and also all the records she broke for most magazine covers at once and stuff. She was named most beautiful girl in the world by Rolling Stone, before she even dated leo. Everyone wanted Gisele in the fashion world late 90′s-early millenium. The buzz was huge around her way before leo, hey its not a bad thing, look at model/celeb couples such as Cindy Crawford/Richard Gere/Iman David Bowie/Rachel Hunter Rod Stewart/Jerry Hall Mick Jagger/Claudia Schiffer David Copperfield/and many more (what is the thing gisele has in common with all those other models? THEY ARE ALL HOUSEHOLD NAMES!)

    you go girl! Gisele is a smart woman.

  • ribbon

    Gisele is so beautiful, especially her face!

    do some homework people, the only thing leo helped her out was to get a little more popular in the media. He did not make her famous at all. to say she wouldnt be famous without him? are you absurd? every vogue cover/editor/fashion designer wanted Gisele. Go read some info on some of the top fashion people. They all heard of her, and begged to meet her, and when they did voila, you know as they say, the rest is history…….they made legendary work with her. Then came Leo, and VS. I say VS made her who she is today.

    now someone like Bar needed Leo bc no one in the fashion world is/was interested in her. Shes never had a vogue cover, she isnt being named most beautiful girl in the world by a music magazine. Gisele had been there and done that pretty much all before age 20/21. she could have retired at 20! could Bar? no way, we are just now hearing about Bar and she is 25!!!! Gisele was already a legend at 25@ ROFl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Penny

    Those people who are saying that Gisele is only popular because she dated Leo and married Tom Brady are not totally wrong – but that’s only true in America. Internationally, Gisele is actually one of the most well-known celebs and its because of her modeling, not love life. You go in any country, and I guarantee that people know well who Gisele Bundchen is – she’s a mega-star around the world.
    In America, however, she is not AS popular because in this country people only care about actors. And you know what kind of people fill the tabloids and are well-known here? Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton. Those types of talentless personalities would never be given this much attention anywhere else in the world. Rarely in this country are people known for their actual work, rather, its because of their loves lives, rehab stints, crazy personalities and appearance. Therefore, its understandable why Gisele, the #1 model even before she dated Leo, was only given any attention in America thereafter.

  • Jessica de Goes

    Penny, I second that!

    And people, stop saying seh’s german! It’s like saying John Kennedy is Irish and Obama from Quenia!

    She IS brazilian, and she is really proud of that!

  • Megan

    Stupid people get nationality and ethnicity mixed up. She is ethnically German, but her nationality is Brazilian. Brazil has a huge European population.

  • Eva braun

    John Kennedy was Irish-American. Brazil is just like America: Multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial with a common language. There is nothing wrong with calling Gisele a German because she is.

  • Penny

    Here is a direct quotation from Gisele about her German heritage (from Wikipedia):
    “I was born in Horizontina, a town in the backcountry of (Brazilian) state Rio Grande do Sul. The town was once mainly colonized by Germans. In the school which I attended, learning German was actually obligatory from third grade on. But being out of touch with the language for such a long time, I unfortunately forgot it. [...] I belong to the sixth generation of my family in Brazil.”

    So there! She is from German ancestory but her family has been in Brazil for 6 generations! Personally, I think that’s enough time that her family’s been in Brazil to consider her more Brazilian than German.