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Halle Berry Goes To Church!

Halle Berry Goes To Church!

Halle Berry picks up a few items from the Church store in West Hollywood and then heads to her friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills on Thursday afternoon (September 24).

Last week, the 43-year-old actress talked about the first time she saw her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry on The Jay Leno Show.

“He wasn’t riding on the bus, he was on the side of the bus, you know, he’s a model,” Halle shared. “I saw the picture and I just thought, hmm.”

Three days later, they met during a Versace photo shoot. “I just remember making a mental note of, ‘Wow, that’s a good-looking man,’ and then three days later, bam, there’s that good-looking man! … [We've been dating for] four years. The longest relationship I’ve ever had, yes, yes the longest one. For me, that’s good!”

FYI: Halle is wearing a tee by Division E.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry going to Church…

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  • annab

    They ought to get married…make such a good couple.

  • jaye

    I think she could have called it a little more than dating, but whatever makes her feel comfortable. I’d faint if she married him. Women have been making good men pay for THEIR past BAD mistakes with men forever. Men do the same thing.

  • Sarah May

    I think it should prove that this man is a keeper and just get hitched.

  • nikomilinko
  • sarah

    Halle is one of the luckiest women alive. Gabriel Aubry is such a gorgeous man!

  • angel

    Compulsive liar! He’s just her gay sperm donor, they are not a couple. She needs to stop faking it, she’s just another BABY MAMA.

  • SHopaholic22

    @angel: ur an idiot

  • elle


  • http://JUSTJARED john

    i agree with #6, she lies to much, she can’t keep her stories streight, he acts gay, and like something is alittel wronge with him, i agree with everyone else, she is boring same old same old, she is too short, her legs at the bottom looks to short for her, and she is too skinnny, it makes her look like a boy

  • http://JUSTJARED angie

    this person has a mental problem, she see a man on a bus, then go have a baby just because she thinks he is good looking, o wow, she is alittel off, don’t you think, you can tell he is gay,

  • kino


    So true! LOL

  • kim

    He is fine. He’s a canadian they are gentlemen there makes nasty american men think somethings up.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    love her

  • Halli

    Black don’t crack as they say. Seriously, black people age really well.

  • LuckyL

    Oh please. As if you a**holes don’t want to/ approach someone based on their looks. Hell, Heidi Klum talked about falling for Seal because she saw the size of his d*ck through his pants.



    Not very many people like you Halle really they dislike you a whole lot..Does not take blogs or chat sites to verify that I can you tell that 100%

  • alex

    lol so true LuckyL. Most people either wish they looked like Halle or at least looked half as good as she does or could attract a guy like him. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    I’m not saying she is perfect and Lord knows she has some issues but we all do. He who is without sin cast the first stone.

    If he walked by, women would fall all over him, gay or not because the truth is he is sticking and so is she.

    Yeah she might stretch the truth but she is an actress so as long as people expect the truth from her, they will be let down every time.

    Stop expecting this woman to act and behave like you think she should. She has been doing this for so long and is not about to change. She is going to play the media to her advantage because that is what she does and her career depends on it. Good or bad.
    So get over it.

    Just admire her beauty and her clothes and move on.
    There is nothing to be angry about with her. It’s her life and she can do with it as she pleases. She has made her bed and has to lay in it.
    And only time will tell if she is being herself or not but it is not for us to judge. She is just an entertainer and that’s it. The rest of her life is not important to us so why vent on her.

    We should not wish anything bad on her because what goes around comes around and even negative thoughts towards another person can come back to hurt you.

    People should try to wish the best for her just like you would a close friend. It’s called being a compassionate human being!

  • alex

    sorry I meant he is striking.

    Anyway, I am not one to trample on anyone’s opinion. I just think a positive attitude towards another person can go a long way.

    I am not a huge fan of hers but I am all about the positive.

  • mimi

    She does look old

  • mw

    It has long been rumored that Gabriel is gay.

  • Oracle

    I know of two things Halle and Gabriel have in common. They both had nose jobs and they both like men.

  • aurora

    The first time I saw Gabriel I though he looked like K-Fed and three days later, bam, I still thought he looked like K-Fed..

  • http://JUSTJARED jane

    that guy she had a baby by, had a nose job, dam, something went wrong with his surgery, he looks gay, i hope he sign those papers, and is getting his money, she will be in menopause any minute now. who shops for a father to have a baby, she saw him on the side of a bus, classic nut job

  • bubbey

    She looks better than 40 yr old white women thats for sure. Most white women lose their looks by the age of 35.

  • anono

    Always looks so miserable, seens like a real B. And anybody else find it odd that at least once a week she is found visiting a friend, NEVER with her baby (who leaves their baby alone ALL THE TIME when they visit friends??). She’s always alone smack in the middle of the day, never brings her baby… starting to think that Halle visiting a friend” is more like her she is going to get her fix…be it drugs or sex?? I say drugs, she often looks so cranky, like she needs a happy pill to even CRACK a smile.

  • Halle lies?

    Who knows if Halle was lying on Leno…she does change often her story about how they met, fact.

    Longest relationship unless she meant actually meant actual time spent together maybe true. According to her imdb profile:Eric BenĂ©t (24 January 2001 – 3 January 2005) (divorced)
    David Justice (31 December 1992 – 24 June 1997) (divorced)–she was married to Eric 4 years, they dated for a couple of years—4-6 years. She and David were married for 5 years and dated awhile too before getting married. Maybe she needs a lesson in math.

    Aubry being a gay sperm donor, who knows and who cares? Nose job, doubt it. Too pointy.

    Why do sources always say she’s visiting a friend, when it’s always the same type of photo of her leaving her house or her mother’s and say it’s a friend she’s visiting.

    The colon cleanse thing TMI.

  • boyfriend?

    Caught that bit on Leno too. Interesting he’s now gone from her partner who she was going to redefine marriage who she was going to have a child with naturally (yeah right) or by adoption by the end or the year (her words) to her BF of four years? Interesting.

  • why we care about her man

    WHO CARES ABOUT HALLE seeing her alleged man on a bus!!! WHY IS THIS NEWS!!!! I think the media becomes obsessed when a pretty black woman likes a white man! Who cares…her man is bland if you ask me…why are we talking about him. He does nothing and says nothing…just like Halle wants it…he’s her “nanny!” Keep him there!!!

  • Liar liar pants on fire!

    @angel: COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU…Halle and Gabriel have met in so many different ways…Halle is such a liar and it’s probably her publicist feeding these stories…but this has to be the worse…seeing his poster on a bus!!! PLEASE…Halle was f*ckin’ Michael Ealy something major BUT since he was not up to being her sperm daddy without marriage she found the one idiot who would do it and his name is Gabriel!!! She asked Nate Berkus before that…and WE ALL KNOW he’s gay….people OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! Halle is a liar and she’s feeding you crap so she stays relevant!

    I stopped liking the heffa after that Essence article…how dare she blame black men for her OWN issues and bad choices when it comes to choosing a partner! LOOK IN THE MIRROR Halle…because all of her “former bad guys” have moved on and for the most part of remained in steady relationships!!!

  • ok magazine rep

    An OK magazine writer…who actually attended Gabriel’s restaurant opening (note: the restaurant didn’t even last a year!) told me that Gabriel is in fact a gay man that Halle has ACTING as her man. But in the end, he’s a sperm donor. WHY you ask would Halle not just go to the “sperm bank” if all she wanted was a sperm…WELL…that’s like playing the lotto – you REALLY don’t know what you’re getting. I’m sure Ms. self-proclaimed control freak (she said it in Ebony) wanted to know every detail about the man she’s having a baby with — ALSO, Halle is all about her image. How would it look if the so-called MOST BEAUTIFUL woman in the world had to go to a sperm bank to have a child.

  • ok magazine rep

    @kim: Honestly Gabriel is okay…he looks just like any other white male model. He has a blank look on his face constantly and his body is MAD SKINNY and his a** is flat as a pancake. SORRY that does not equate to FINE!!! Cute I suppose for a model. But that’s about it.

  • ok magazine rep

    @Oracle: so true…when is she going to dump the dude, so he can go back to openly doing the sasauge. PLUS, Halle needs a new man that we can talk about! Come on Halle spin doctors…HURRY up and get this girl a new man…a straight one next time!!! She probably needs to go asian or hispanic next time…she’s dated all the black men in Hollywood and she’s dated white men in the past (one that sued her for 80,000 – the dentist), she’s dated gay, what’s next….

  • longest relationship

    @Halle lies?:THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Halle is an nut case…I know Eric was laughing some where when she said Gabriel was her longest relationship….I thought Eric was probably the longest…they dated for some time before getting married! Halle if you are going to lie get it right!!!

  • Ronda

    I love Halle. Flawless every time.

  • @29

    @Liar liar pants on fire!: I heard the only real reason she hooked up with Aubry was on a dare with Ealy and/or Eric. Nothing new, she’s always been a liar and noone other than posters have called her on her stuff.

  • @30

    @ok magazine rep: Not rocket science…I’d still be surprised if Nahla is really his kid.

  • @33

    @longest relationship: UR welcome

  • @30-@32

    Love UR comments. Like Duh, of course, he’s gay. A friend told me that Halle was overheard at some party talking w/one of her psuedo gfs about if folks really would think Aubry was gay. Halle can you hear me–the answer is YES and one doesn’t have to be gay, jealous or AA to know that. I’ll still be surprised if the kid is really his. Can’t see the resemblance.

    RE: the new guy-it wouldn’t surprise me if she hasn’t already contacted Eric to come back LOL since she’s so desperate and stuck in the past. Am being half serious, but wouldn’t doubt it. Let’s hope the rumors of it being his is just that.

  • wow

    Wow, there are a lot of jelous hateful people in this post..either that, or its the same person switching screennames to agree with themselves which makes it even more pathetic. Someone said Halle looks ‘old’..what world do you live in? Some of you need to get a life for real. Halle has had the same story of how she met that man. They met on a Versace photo shoot. Everytime I have seen her on tv, she says te same story of how they met. And as far as her supposidly lying..she seems to be one of the very few people in that business to admit she’s a flawed human being, which is ironic considering how high up on the pedestal most people hold her. Regardless, I have never seen her talking bad about anyone. Anything that happens in her personal life with her relationships is for her to deal with and no one else. Its more then obvious some of you care about her..because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t break your knew to get on a blogsite and talk about her. You would just skip the post. So enjoy spewing ignorance and hatred towards her. She’s rich and beautiful with a beautiful family and could careless about you retards.

  • wow

    Also, WTF would she have a baby by a gay person just because? Are some of you that desperate for gossip? That woman could get just about any man she wanted to start a family with…why would she pick a gay one and pretend they are in a relationship together? What does she have to prove to anyone? And I dont care about any of you getting mad and attacking people on these post for telling you losers like it is, the fact is some of you need to use commen sense and do something better with yourselves other then sitting on the computer all day attacking people and saying things you wouldn’t say to their face. It looks desperate and its getting old now.

  • #39

    @wow: Why be on the defense? Why even care what others are saying, this is a message board not a fan site. BTW don’t know what planet you live on, she has been notorious for bashing her exes and old bfs. Yes, the did meet on the photo shoot, also in several interviews she has added to the story. She also did the same thing with David, Eric and Michael.

  • #40

    @wow: The gay rumors have been around since they started dating, nothing new. You must be one of the last die-hard Halle-Gabriel fans who actually believe the fantasy. Known fact she’s not as angelic as people think. You never know, the woman has issues. Find it amusing how you always defend her. The truth will come out eventually. Then you will be eating your words trust me. Ain’t hating, JMO

  • http://JUSTJARED alice

    the person defending halle may be halle or someone that does her PR, guess what, we don’t like A holes, she lies all the time, talk bad about the black men, like she is any better, sleeping with spike and wesley at the sametime, anything to get ahead, she think she is better than the other black actress, at least they did not sleep with warren to get a metal, and you have to admit, those horrible movies, those people like losing their money, i would not go see any movie she makes, save your money, if i wanted to see a hoe, go to her movie, eric benet new girlfriend make her look like and old washed up slute, i would never buy revlon, because i see her face on it, they need someone new. She talks bad about black men, i hope not one go see those bad movies she make.

  • Yessica

    Halle talks bad about the two men she married and she should know…they were not marriage material. And now she has found happiness and a troll on this board begrudges her for that even! Ha!!! too bad bit ch she is happy and that’s all that matters. Plus I would rather be married to someone gay than to be hitched to a long time heroin addict the way JLO hitched herself to Marc Anthony when the white boy dumped her. She had never had a Puerto Rican boyfriend before Ben dumped her azz. That speaks volumes about how she feels about Puerto Rican men.

  • koree

    wow, a hater much?! i think so
    Halle is beautiful & i higly doubt she’s is lying about her relationship but even if she were it’s not like YOU would know personally & you spelled straight wrong by the way

  • http://JUSTJARED pat

    who cares, good for those men who left her, they found happiness somewhere else, with women that like sex, she just could not fit their built, she does to much talk, and overly act. one guy she dated said don’t go by looks, because she has mental problems, always want people to say you are beautiful, she is empty, those movies are the worst, why do people even bother.

  • http://JUSTJARED barbie

    who cares i did not know she still acts, most people can see through her now, she say and does anything to promote those rotten movies, and she lie to much, she is phony to me, and last thing she has crooked legs.

  • Vanessa Bee

    She looks hot as always. The amount of jealously posted here is ridiculous (i.e. “her legs are too short” and “she looks old”

    With respect to her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, how the hell do any of you know that he is gay?
    How in the world can some of you come to that preposterous conclusion??
    Is it because some of you cannot bear the idea that an attractive older woman was able to catch a younger hot man?

    I can only conclude that these ridiculous comments regarding Gabriel’s sexuality have been invented out of deep and intense envy possibly by men and women who wished they had a chance to be with him and cannot bear the fact that Halle has him.
    Grow up and face facts, no matter what, you would never have a chance with him. You are not hot enough!

  • Everything is not hate

    @wow: Maybe some people are switching screen names. BUT if you really sit down and study Halle’s past articles – you will see a pattern in her life and in her “stories”! Plus, it’s not really hating when folks are speaking the truth as it has been told to them or as they have seen it. It’s actually been mentioned behind the scenes that Gabriel is gay. That’s not a bad thing. If Halle needed a baby, she had to get it how she had to get it. I could understand why she would want to KNOW the guy she was having a baby with. PLUS, just put the logic into it — a few short months before she “met” Gabriel, she was asking Nate Berkus to help her have a baby. Nate is openly gay and she actually told him that she liked that he was gay. NOW you can’t say this is a “hater” story BECAUSE NATE actually told the story to the Oprah audience. He said point blank, that Halle asked him and mentioned how cute he was (he looks like a shorter version of Aubry) and how she liked him being gay because then SHE would be the main caretaker of the baby. NATE then mentioned to the Oprah audience that that part too him aback because “him being gay DOES NOT mean he would not want to be a part of the child’s life” — in other words, Halle was looking and looking hard. So NO Aubry being gay and “fronting” as her man DOES NOT surprise me. Halle is a PR machine. She has not had a good movie out in years, and yet there is an article about her every week or even day and it’s usually the same old recycled mess about her “not being pregnant” “being the most beautiful person in the world” — check it out and really study the business and Halle’s role in it. And read how she has treated men in the past after they either leave her or break her heart. THERE’S A PATTERN in the at least the WAY she tells the story. It’s not hating, it’s fact!

  • gabriel gay

    @Vanessa Bee: there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry that will blow your mind! People will do anything for fame and the right publicity, including lie about their sexuality if it means getting a new restaurant, a macy’s commercial, and an increase in your model’s salary. NO ONE knew Gabriel outside of the fashion world until he made his “deal” with Halle. And hey, it was definitely worth it, Halle got her child and Gabriel at least got his restaurant for a short while and his macy’s commercial and CHECK!