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"I'ma Let You Finish" T-Shirts On Sale!

Kanye West ruining Taylor Swift‘s win at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards will forever live as one of the best moments in pop culture history (or one of the worst, however you want to look at it).

Kanye‘s now-classic speech (“Yo Taylor. I’m really happy for you. I’ma let you finish…”) sparked a wave of viral videos and Internet Memes, which you can check out at

You can also wear this moment in pop culture history as a t-shirt!

To pick up your “I’ma Let You Finish” t-shirts, visit the Just Jared store!

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  • weiyng

    LOL this is epic! I should get that shirt haha.

  • lalalove


  • milie529

    haHaHa!! Too funny :P

  • milie529

    haHaHa!! Too funny :P

  • Pixy

    ummm…who gets $$$$ for this…???? I’d rather not give any. This was stupid and it should die.

  • nc

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA except for if i did get it, would people think i am supporting dumb ass kanye or taylor?

  • Endrys

    lol…this what u deserve after what u did ….jackass

  • Endrys

    lol..this is whta u deserve after what u did..jackass

  • dundies

    hell yes

  • rhonda

    why would anyone want a t-shirt like that, unless you like the jackass!

    Would much prefer a “you lie” t-shirt, got a feeling your not going to look at a BEST moment in the TRUTH.

  • lola

    Are you trying to make money off of what happened to Taylor?

  • Nicole

    As funny as this is. I would never buy it because of Taylor.

  • LolaSvelt

    Ergh, make this guy’s ego even more inflated, why don’t you? The guy would have an orgasm if you told him he’s apart of pop culture history.

  • ivanka

    buying it

  • awurbii

    I’m sorry but this is really pathetic. It’s sad not only on Taylor’s terms but on Kanye’s as well. Believe or not, there are some people out there who care about how Kanye would feel about people trying to make money off of his mistake. People seriously need to move on. This situation between Taylor and Kanye is none of our business. Kanye apologized to Taylor and she accepted the apology. That is what matters. It’s not about how you I feel about the situation, it’s about how Taylor feels and she made it clear that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. So neither should you. Stop spending your time bashing another individual when you don’t understand what sparked it the situation in the first place. Put yourself in someone’s shoes for once. Things are always deeper than they look.

  • commonsense

    I don’t think it’s meant as a way to support Kanye. It’s a way to mock him for his crassness and stupidity. Think about. It’s shaming him. Just imagine if Kanye were to see someone wearing this T-shirt, would he be pleased?

  • gabby

    I used this whole debacle as a punch line in an impromptu speech for one of my classes….it got a HUGE laugh….thank you Kanye.

  • kkkkloverk

    ok seriously that makes me sooo angry.i am not a big fan of kanye west but it bugs me that evryone keeps going on about what he did.
    seriously people grow up and get a life hasnt he been through enough.yeah i know he got on stage and opened his big mouth when he shouldnt have but that doesnt mean that you need to make a shirt about it.whoever came up with that they should make a shirt about you.ughh it just makes me mad.anyways yeah if you dont agree with me please dont comment.thanks and God bless!!!!!!!

  • Angela Cullen

    I don’t wanna sound inmature but I’m gonna quote effin Hannah Montana:

    “Everybody makes mistakes
    Everybody has those days
    Everybody knows what, what’ I’m talkin’ ’bout
    Everybody gets that way”

    dude I know Kanye was a total dumb for what he did, but.. hey, he apologize and Taylor said it’s ok, y’all.
    get over it, like we are not perfect.
    and it’s not ok to hurt someone that way.

  • Nahla

    Ummm……Jared, this would actually make someone seem to SUPPORT the jacka$$, Kanye, you know?!

  • Nahla

    I have a pretty BIG sense of humor…..yet I don’t find THIS funny… all.

  • rhonda


    he lost his mom, lots of us have, you need to quit making excuses for the loser.

  • me

    what’s wrong with you? what a tragedy! what a drama! I think Kanye said truth,just not in suitable place and time,bet still truth,also,he apologized,so why to call him such a jackass? at first,when he didn’t climb the stage I was also thinkin : what? why not single ladies? I just think it’s fun.And nothing very serious,if media would put it away,everything would be already forgotten.

  • juoel

    Rhonda, if that idiot on the senate floor can interupt the president than kanye can interupt taylor. Get off his nuts you slag, for you to want to get a “you lie” t shirt over this one is comical, they both are abhorrent. But we see where your ideas lie, get the black mans dick off your chin, getting caught up in your white washed world.

    You condone one action of idiocy for another, Wilson and Kanye are in the same boat, but wilson did it to the president of the United States of America. But for you as a little white broad you see that as great but Wilson is as Ghetto as Kanye but you think otherwise. Little square white women always got to have a mouth on them. gotta laugh at it, but of course WIlson is some how your hero.

  • ann

    This is crazy. Can what happen die already? Because I doubt Kanye nor Taylor is laughing right now. Move on.

  • [marie]

    I can’t knock your hustle Jared…

  • Jay

    WTF!! PIECE OF CRAP, not to MENTION BAD BLACK PEOPLE GRAMMAR!!!! truly represents them!!!

  • pretty young girl

    Whatever. I said to myself I would never buy anything from that douche and I stand by it. That douche just wanted publicity and hes getting it. F%$@ Kanye !!

  • rhonda


    you sound very angry and racist, Obama is a liar and fraud and Kanye is just a jerk.

  • MMM

    LMAO!! that’s why i love American jokes =D love it!

  • Shemp lugosi

    I wouldn’t wipe my butt on this shirt! Crap like this only encourages the jackass. Give it a rest and don’t dignify it by selling it through your site.

  • terersa

    funny as shiz.

  • Jouul

    Im not a racist nor am I an angry individual, I was stating the obvious that many whites look at life through a white colored lens when judging actions. It was proven that Obama was telling the truth on health care not covering illegal immigrants. Yet you condone Senators Wilson’s actions and persecute Kanye’s actions. You like many whites hide your racism better than most ethnic groups but its there. Your little ghetto comments tell a story that explains enough about you, i don’t need to know more.

    Explain to me how that idiot Wilson is not in the same boat as Kanye. Wilson all of a sudden is a saint to you while Kanye is an asshole which is what i would expect from someone of your ilk.

    All of a sudden Obama is a liar on a health issue comment that was proven correct by move and other fact finding publications. Wilson himself and many other republicans stated that he was out of line.

    Oh well meet us in 4 years and vote him out, Until then I hope Obama keeps making you angry.

  • Giuli

    what would be really funny is seing Taylor wering one of this..!

  • julie

    Don’t do this, Jared. You are getting negative points.

  • Tata


  • KATe

    I’m glad Kanye’s massive act of douchebaggery has turned into a laugh- good on whoever creates a new one, i especially enjoy the hamburgler one

  • Tiffgirl

    tssk Jared, you sellout

  • jdskjdoisfjiosf


  • Lydia

    fuc you dude, you need to double check your sentence because last time i check your white, but you aint president. oh yea go ahead tell me im wrong and tell me i wrote aint………

  • Rhonda
  • Rhonda
  • Jokergurl

    By all means lets reward Kanye by drawing attention or giving him publicity after he proved to be a total egotistical tool at the VMA’S You can’t fix stupid-Ron White

  • Y0′ KANYE.

    Yo Kanye, Imma let you finish, but Michael Jackson had the best canceled tour of ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!

  • Vicki
  • suppress your appetite

    OMG !