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Jennifer Garner Makes Time for Change

Jennifer Garner Makes Time for Change

Jennifer Garner partners up with Frigidaire to support the “Make Time for Change” campaign to raise support for Save the Children held at Gary’s Loft on Thursday (September 24) in New York City.

“I am proud to be the ambassador for the Frigidaire ‘Make Time for Change’ campaign to help give the littlest Americans the best start possible,” said the 37-year-old actress, who wore RM by Roland Mouret‘s ‘Brise Noir’ dress in magenta. “There is nothing more important to our future than protecting theirs.”

Starting today, for everyone who goes to and raises their hand with a pledge to make time for a child, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support CHANGE and Save the Children’s work to help children in need in the U.S., as part of a $250,000 commitment.

Earlier in the day, Jennifer stopped by The Martha Stewart Show. 10+ pics inside…

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jennifer garner makes time for change 01
jennifer garner makes time for change 02
jennifer garner makes time for change 03
jennifer garner makes time for change 04
jennifer garner makes time for change 05
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Photos: Mark Von Holden/Getty, INFdaily
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  • Amy

    I love Jen! She’s so beautiful and she’s an amazing person! Good for her! :-)

  • lisa harris

    Way to go Jen ….promoting your cause and doing the Martha Stewart
    Show…..Does anyone knows who that guy is with her in the burgandy
    shirt…he was creepy at the LA premiere with her…

  • H.

    If he was at a premiere with her, chances are it’s her publicist.

    Wow, she looks fabulous. You can see she finally has her pre-baby body back in the greenish dress. Her and Benji are definitely one of the best looking couples in H-wood.

  • zanessa fan

    she is so pretty, inside and out–

  • geez

    Not that biitch again !

  • Harlem

    If you’re a hater check out

  • All Women Stalker

    Wow, she’s looking great these days. Love her smile and personality.


  • carly

    lisa harris @ 09/24/2009 at 2:55 pm #2 wrote:
    Way to go Jen ….promoting your cause and doing the Martha Stewart
    Show…..Does anyone knows who that guy is with her in the burgandy
    shirt…he was creepy at the LA premiere with her…
    The guy in the purple shirt is her bodyguard. He mostly goes with Jen, however, he has ben on hand with the whole family at times. He protects Jen when on set, at shows, and when traveling with her daughters.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest garner affleck fan

    I love jennifer she is really pretty a great person and a great actress

  • ben fan

    Loved how Jennifer said Ben was “all Ben Afflecky…..his handsome self” while talking their way onto Marth Stewart’s compound.

    #5, how do you know Jennifer Garner is a b*tch?

  • carly

    That is the same bodyguard with Jen on the set of Valentine’s Day, flew with Jennifer, the children, and the nanny to Boston. And the same bodyguard that is in the background of at least 2 of the Blake/Ben pictures.

  • sweetie

    She looks beautiful. :-)

  • Good

    Looking good Mrs. Affleck!

  • lexy

    She’s so great! I’m glad she has a body guard. Her and the girls need it with the paps always bugging her!

  • mimi

    It puzzles me when they call her gorgeous when she looks like a man. Yeah, that’s a very gorgeous man.

  • nonono

    Ugly same hair, I don´t like her, because she is there almost every day. She is annoying. And she isn´t good actress. She is famous throught her life, but her fame will die with her. She never will be legend like Angelina Jolie or Madonna. She is very little ,,star” in this generation.

  • Nicole Feliciano

    I for one was not impressed by Frigidaire today. See my post here:

    Yes, JG is lovely, but does this brand really know moms?

  • lisa harris

    THANK YOU CARLY for letting me know about the body guard… I knew
    it wasn’t her publicist she is the brunette that was standing next to her.
    I also loved it when she said that she was going to use the Martha
    Stewart bag for her kids shoes,toys etc.. on the show with Martha…

    Thanks Just Jared for the pix…She has always loved doing children’s

  • Ben, dump the b*tch!

    #10, how do you know Jennifer Garner is a nice person?
    Her PR team told you so? LOL

  • Kat

    Is this what her career has come to, Jennifer Garner is being paid to promote kitchen, laundry and air conditioner appliances. LOL. No Frigidaire doesn’t know moms but it does know that having a high profile celebrity promoting it’s brand will hopefully increase it’s sales with all the soccer moms who follow jennifer garner and believe her soccer mom brand. Jennifer Garner only cares about the check she’s going from Frigidaire and the publicity she will get from this.

  • nikomilinko

    she looks great with this dress

  • nikomilinko

    she looks great with this dress

  • lexy

    It’s a charity – she’s got her endorsement deal with Neutrogena.

    As for not being remembered after death – I don’t think she wants to end up like Michael Jackson – people blackmailing her for money and her family running around like a bunch of greedy savages after her death.

    She’s making the most of her life. I love Angelina and think she’s a great actress but at the end of the day both she and Jen will always be known as Brad’s girls when they die. As for Madonna – I’m sure Jen could put on a “cone” bra and run around with men 1/2 her age if she wanted. But she’s doing what she wants to do.

  • Marieme

    Gosh, she’s just been looking so fab! Saw her today on MS & she is pure sunshine. No phony baloney at all. I can well imagine Ben being nuts about her. Shoot, I want to marry her! Lol! Wonderful down to earth woman, great mother and kind human being.

  • annab

    She smiles alot…which is nice. Most celebrities look like they had a bad day all the time.

  • jann

    beautiful and nice, what a great combination, the best part of her is her cute husband, Ben.

  • haters have arrived

    In addition to being hateful, some bloggers can’t read, and sure as h*ll don’t know what they are talking about.

    Jen was doing a deal with Save the Children, which partner with Saved the Children. She is NOT selling, or being a spokesperson for Frig.

  • Familyfan

    why can’t you haters just go to the ones you like and stay away? Can you answer that. Why do you have to spread your venom? Doesn’t make sense – do you enjoy being nasty – nice trait!

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again she looks amazing
    if she could only look good everyday =\
    looks great in both dresses, and for a guy who loves chicken legs i dont mind hers

  • bubblelips

    Ok, so why isn’t this fake woman not dissed for being a PR whoo re for doing charity work while another actress does?

  • lollipop

    I must say she looks great here. She looks like her old self again back in the Alias days before Ben came along. Love the dress. It goes perfectly with her body shape.

  • lexy

    Because she’s not a PR whore. She doesn’t need to be. She’s got a successful film career and her endorsement deals. She really doesn’t need to do any thing else -she can be like J-Lo, Ashlee Simpson or Rachel Bilson and just shop all day but she doesn’t. She’s a REAL mother to her kids and she manages her career AND charity work.

    It’s great to see celebs doing something other than trying to hawk their “clothes” that they don’t design or “fragrances” they don’t create. Jen’s actually doing something that won’t help her bank account but will help others!

  • sara

    Why won’t that scab on her knee ever heal?? She’s had it for months now, and it’s obvious she’ covering it up with makeup. Definately odd.

  • Pippi

    Glad to see my girl Jen back out there doing her duty as a celeb and an ambassador of one of her many charities and looking great I might add. I also like her when she is dressed down and being a mom to her beautiful little girls and a loving wife to hubby hunk Ben. She is totally amazing! That is my opinion and that is all I care about when it comes to her.

    Way to go Jen! I love you girlfriend. Be ever wonderful.

  • Pippi

    Oh I almost forgot to thank JJ for finally posting some flattering pics of Jen. It is only fair, since I am always bashing them for the unflattering ones that they love to post just for the negative comments. Thanks again Jared.

  • Jackie

    I like Frigidaire and the fact that they are helping kids. Jennifer is a perfect spokeswoman since she is a working mom herself and is more average than a lot of celebs but easy to recognize and relate to. Kelly Ripa does ovarian cancer awareness stuff with Electrolux which I think is the company that owns Frigidaire. I tend to trust Jennifer’s judgement, I don’t think she would put her name and face out for something that wasn’t good even if she is getting paid for it. Lovely family!

  • gray area

    I am usually one of the people posting about how awful I think Jennifer always looks, I call a spade a spade, but I must admit she does look good when a stylist steps in and she gets her hair and make-up done for her.

  • dressed up

    gray area @ 09/24/2009 at 9:21 pm “…………..I must admit she does look good when a stylist steps in ………”

    I think it is Jen’s way of drawing a line between work and home. While working, promoting movie, helping with charities she dresses the part.

    While at home, taking Violet to school, grocery store, going for a walk, or playing at the park she dresses down.

    Same way that she uses Jennifer Garner for professional stuff, but goes by Jennifer Affleck when not working.

  • hmmm

    Ever since those photos surfaced of ben and blake,Jen has made a 300 degree turn around,seems like shes lost alot of weight like in less than a month,has ditched the granny pants and is dressing very glam,doesnt even seem to be toting around violet everywhere anymore,hmm i wonder

  • Lollipop

    Well, hummmmm, there’s no conspiracy theory. Its just that she’s got a movie coming out so of course she is going to go glam, because now its part of her job. Its not part of her job to look glam in her private life so she doesnt ,much to everyones consernation. She has her priorities straight. BTW, It has nothing to do with Blake, who means nothing to Ben despite the haters trying to make something out of nothing.

  • annie

    You look absolutely adorable Jen…..for all you nasty, jealous a…holes that keep critisising her for not wearing makup and dressing like snotty nosed Posh…..obviously she wears what is appropriate for the occasion. Casual clothes when she is being a loving mother taking wonderful care of her beautiful children. Smart clothes when she is working. Guess what???? ….. that’s what most mothers do you whackos!!!!!
    She is a very loving and generous human being who is there for her children 100% but she is also a professional woman who deserves to go about her work without critisism. Ben and Jen are what most of you morons would want in your life but obviously you don’t and that’s why you keep blogging nasty hateful comments.
    Love you Ben and Jen……Ann

  • mimi

    She is a great ambassador to the horsey women around the world.
    Look what she has accomplished with her homely and masculine looks?
    She has a film career, trapped a famous Hollywood star who was even handsome before she sucked the life out of him,
    She is definitely the most successful horsey face in the world.

  • mimi

    Let’s see if she qualifies:

    1. Tall as a man- check
    2. Strong Jaw -line- Check
    3. Broad shoulders- Check
    4. Horsey face- Check
    5. Masculine body- Check
    Yep. She is one of Hollywood horses indeed. Once it was all about beauty and grace and petite gorgeous actresses.

    Now it’s about who is dating who and who trapped the star and massive PR work.
    Even a horse can be in movies. Good for you Jen.

  • jill

    Well, I live in the town that Fridgadaire -Electrolux had a plant. For decades they produced refrigerators here. All of a sudden they announced they were leaving for Mexico. Michigan’s Gov. Granholm came to our town and begged them not to go. They were offered many many monetary incentives to stay. They pulled out leaving most of our town unemployed. There is even a documentary about it. The town is Greenville, Michigan. So yes they are doing good things for charities and have Kelly Ripa and Jennifer endorsing for them….but they did not do right by a town that begged them to stay. They moved to Mexico.

  • melanie

    @mimi: i don’t like you MiMi, you a jealous b**tch, you are so pathetic really, tsk tsk…
    you should not come here & look at jen’s pix if u hate her sooo much, GO TO H**LL and pls get a life will yah?!
    jen garner is a gorgeous, pretty woman, so hot & sexy. she’s nice..inside & out :))

  • you are a bitch

    YOU ARE!!

  • annie

    Mimi …….you are a loser …BIG TIME!!!!!!!……Jennifer Garner has more class and dignity than you will ever have. Open both your eyes….it is obvious Ben adores his wife and children and she the same with him. They are a match made in heaven. Jealousy is a nasty thing to be and that is what you are. Jealous of two people that have a great life, adore each and have two gorgeous children that a not going to want for anything. Suffer bitch

  • lexy

    Can someone please tell me when and how Blake and Ben are allegedly having an affair??

    Blake is running around trying to film her movie, her tv show AND do publicity – not to mention she and HER MAN seem pretty happy together and there aren’t even rumors of trouble in paradise??

    If your man is cheating on you, call him on it but stop pretending that Jen’s marriage is in trouble and HER husband is having an affair. Stop projecting your problems on Jen and Ben. They’re happy and so are Blake and Penn. It won’t solve the problem that your man is cheating on you!

  • lollipop

    Lollipop @40, you used my name but then again I don’t own lollipop. lol I actually said something nice for a change. She does look better.

  • gray area


    I thought something was off on the other lollipop post, but then again, I actually said something nice for a change as well. I thought hell had frozen over.