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Megan Fox Covers Nylon Magazine

Megan Fox Covers Nylon Magazine

Megan Fox takes the October 2009 cover of Nylon Magazine for its “It Girl” issue.

The 23-year-old actress sounded off on her recent rise to fame: “I think that I’m really overexposed. I was part of a movie that [the studio] wanted to make sure would make $700 million, so they oversaturated the media with their stars, I don’t want to be in magazines every week and on the Internet everyday. I don’t want to have people get completely sick of me before I’ve ever even done something legitimate.”

Tune in to watch Megan Fox hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend on NBC! Bigger cover pic inside…

DO YOU THINK Megan Fox is overexposed?

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69 Responses to “Megan Fox Covers Nylon Magazine”

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  1. 51
    Tortora Says:

    Too late.
    Already tired of her.

  2. 52
    laurapalmer Says:

    megs speaks the truth once again. i love this girl. keep the megan coming!

  3. 53
    truv Says:

    How ’bout she not do this magazine cover? She has to take an active part in making sure that she not be overexposed. This really isn’t that difficult to get. Or how about all the completely idiotic remarks she makes day after day?

  4. 54
    xxx Says:

    All I can say about these new comments are LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    If you were in Transformers and didn’t come out with these ridiculous comments and statements every week nobody would even know your name they’d just think it was that hot (questionable) chick from that movie. You made it happen so don’t complain about it you dumb cow.
    You don’t see people like Meryl Streep or Johnny Depp always saying sh*t for attention do you??

  5. 55
    LuckyL Says:

    Lol, was the recent flop supposed to make her “legitimate”? She doesn’t have to accept these covers or hostings–dumb b*tch.

  6. 56
    LuckyL Says:

    truv @ 09/24/2009 at 9:22 pm

    How ’bout she not do this magazine cover? She has to take an active part in making sure that she not be overexposed. This really isn’t that difficult to get. Or how about all the completely idiotic remarks she makes day after day?
    I know, what a dumba**

  7. 57
    tiara Says:

    why is everyone so mean to her?
    she just a girl.. she’s good looking..and she’s said some comments that your friends and you have probably said while just hanging out. her comments did not seem particularly “outrageous” to me. they were just NOT censored and boring.
    she just says whatever she thinks.. why is that so scary for some people?

  8. 58
    brandneweyes Says:

    i was never a big fan of megan fox but she’s grown on me. i’m anxious to see what she has to say and i love nylon. hopefully the pair wont let me down.

  9. 59
    Celebrityfan Says:

    she is gorgeous but bad cover…I love seeing her pictures though.

  10. 60
    #1fan Says:


  11. 61
    marla Says:

    Yeah Megan is not only overexposed there are so many over in her that I don’t know where to start. This are some of the few I can mention; She’s overrated, overestimated, over indulged. And soon her career will be OVER. She’s a one dimensional actress. Her looks are not that unique. She’s no where near the natural mega beauty such as Brooke Shield in her growing up heydays. But fortunately for Brooke she has a brain to fall into. With the emergence of a lot of semi decent looking starlet in showbiz there is only one who comes close to her and that is Mila Kunis
    A pretentious brain with over exaggerated sexiness like Megan Fox is nothing compare to the those who really have it. Because those who is naturally hot and has spicy can always be forgiven despite the fact that they starred in multitude of flopped movies that critics panned all the time.

  12. 62
    sdgds Says:

    ahaha @ the person that said ‘natural beauty’ .. no doubt she is stunnnning!, but ‘natural’ isnt the word i would use…

    she has gotten so much plastic surgery done.. therefore, reconsider the word ‘natural’

  13. 63
    laugh Says:

    @sdgds: @marla: geez Marla you sure have a lot of hot air for a person who has been in literally three movies!…overexposure!? how? in what way Marla? she hasn’t exposed herself in any way…porn videos? none. Sex pics? none. Drug addict? not yet..and isn’t. Please Marla do us the honor in elaborating on that idea. Yeah flesh them out with facts! Megan is on these covers because we as the public have given her that fame and she sells for that reason also. Also, who would care if she is ”natural” or not? hmm? does this change the fact that she is a stunning beauty? l bet if you had all of hollywood in a basket and said ”alright amigos who here has had NO PLASTIC SURGERY?!” you would find the basket intact. Bottom line stop hating and learn to turn the cheek if you just can’t stand the stunning beauty who is remarkably refreshing and honest in everything. The End

  14. 64
    katt Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    i don’t think the first comment meant literally UGLY, just ugly in personality, insides = no inner beauty …

    that could equals UGLY to some of us, despite the person in physically attractive to most.

    THINK before you speak.

  15. 65
    katt Says:

    god no Rpattz is no male version of MF, god, hell no, he is not FAKE, take it back!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    MF looks like a tranny at times due to her long face and her plastic operations (she looked so much better before that, for me, more natural) ….

    TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!

  16. 66
    priti Says:

    I’m glad she came out and said it. She’s not overexposed, she’s just a fan/critic/gossip blog favorite. And a style icon. She should be proud but careful about her media exposure. She’s an IT girl with a lot of influence.

  17. 67
    SArah is AWESOME Says:

    well, honestly you guys, it looks like all you ladies are just jealous.

    you KNOW shes gorgeous, and she obviously only plays the dumb girl role in movies, because she always seems more intelligent in interviews.

  18. 68
    koree Says:

    Personally, I like Megan Fox however I do think she is overexposed. She is on a magazine cover every single month & that gets tiring constantly seeing her face like that.

  19. 69
    suppress your appetite Says:

    sexy cover:)!

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