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The Beautiful Life -- Canceled!

The Beautiful Life -- Canceled!

Ashton Kutcher‘s scripted model-centric drama The Beautiful Life has been canceled since this past Wednesday’s episode was seen by just 1 million viewers.

After two episodes, The CW gave it the axe, making it the first cancellation of the fall season. According to THR, production was halted Friday while filming its seventh episode.

The news comes shortly after the announcement that the docusoap series about Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer was picked up.

FYI: If you want to save the show, you can sign the petition to revive it!

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112 Responses to “The Beautiful Life -- Canceled!”

  1. 1
    LuckyL Says:

    Well we know to blame for that. I just feel bad for Corbin.

  2. 2


  3. 3
    Great! Says:

    Now bring back “The Game” you jerks!!

  4. 4
    xoxo Says:

    i actually liked this show!! Get rid of some old ones that have been on for years!!!

  5. 5
    En(e)ma Wattsun Says:

    How marvelous. A miserable stinky show with an IQ level of -1 gets axed. Hooray. Maybe there is some hope for US TV. (not likely).

  6. 6
    Subs Says:

    This is GREAT news!

    Maybe now Mischa can tend to her drug probl……err, teeth problems!

  7. 7
    marissa Says:


    yea me too. corbin needs a hit bad

    and what would mischa do now? hope she dont hit rock bottom after this

  8. 8
    izzie Says:

    this SUCKS. The show was actually really good! Bring it back! put it in a better time slot.

  9. 9
    katy Says:

    omg! really?? well i would have watched it, but theyre idiots for putting it on as the same time as glee. lol

  10. 10
    Superapple Says:

    LOL, what a shocker.
    This show was awful.

  11. 11
    vi Says:

    noo :( i actually liked the show a lot and it was starting to get good too.

  12. 12
    taylor Says:

    Not surprising.
    This show sucked.

  13. 13
    lilly Says:

    I knew this show would get axed after the first promo I saw. All they need to do is can Melrose Place, and I will be happy :)

    Now hopefully they’ll start showing Life Unexpected. THAT looks like a good show!!

  14. 14
    dee Says:

    I never watched this show, but I guess they didn’t have the same pact with satan that has kept “One tree hill” on the air for a millenia.

    Whatever, they’re young and pretty. I’m sure they’ll find something else to do.

  15. 15
    dundies Says:

    LOL so much hype for nothing. im glad its canceled. mischa could never act

  16. 16
    Chau Says:

    The show was so stupid. I tried watching five minutes of it. It was not easy, my friends.

  17. 17
    gina Says:

    BRING back the GAME THEN???

  18. 18
    daria Says:

    what??? why????? i love that show!! i was looking forward to the next episode which was supposed to be out on wednesday

  19. 19
    lovetbl Says:

    cannot believe they did not give this show a chance screw you cw! this show was great and you should have waited for at least 5 episodes to air then make a desicion

  20. 20
    Hannah Says:

    I really don’t like Ashton Kutcher, but I gave it a chance and watched the first episode. It didn’t grab me, and I didn’t watch this week. It’s just how it goes.

  21. 21
    BabyJane14 Says:

    Not Fair! The one well written show of the fall they have to take away! so far this has been better then OTH, GG, and ect.

  22. 22
    Kay Says:

    ugh im so mad now! i surprisingly liked it! :{

  23. 23
    jemma Says:

    How sad. Let’s just hope Mischa doesn’t need any more dental work.

  24. 24
    Chuk Says:

    OH NO! Now sad losers will have to go outside and try and find
    a life of their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25
    vanessa Says:

    BAHAHAHAH wel that show sucked anyways, First episode was so boring!

  26. 26
    Nahla Says:

    WOW that was fast! Hope Mischa doesn’t get back to a psychiatric institution after that. Why? I mean, they didn’t give this show one single chance?? Two episode and they axe it??!! wtf?! Never saw it though…….I guess it was too horrible or people hated the promo and didn’t waste their time watching it……I also feel bad for Corbin Blue, but as someone else said, these actors are young and pretty, they’ll find some other stuff to do. Lol @ #14

  27. 27
    ... Says:

    I’m sad…I liked that show


  28. 28
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    ..hahahahahaha! 2 episodes. hahahahahaha..
    damn mushy! all those “actors” should kick her ass. hahahahahaha..
    corbin purple was the token black. poor nappy headed kid. oh well! hahahahahaha..
    funny thing is, beside mushy.. i actually didn’t hate the show. that clark kent look alike was ok with me. oh well.

  29. 29
    crist Says:

    Now Mischa Barton has all the time in the world to go rehab. She should go there PRONTO.
    And after rehab I suggest she invest in acting classes.

  30. 30
    Luísa Says:

    That’s a shame :/ I was looking forward to watch it!
    I feel sorry for the actors…

  31. 31
    Luísa Says:

    That’s a shame :/ I was looking forward to watch it!
    I feel sorry for the actors…

  32. 32
    Krista Says:

    WHAT?!?! i seriously loved this show. well this sucks!!! BRING IT BACK!

  33. 33
    xxx Says:

    HAHAHAHA yay!

  34. 34
    Angelita Says:

    NOOOOOO! I loved this show.

  35. 35
    kalylvolderman Says:

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  36. 36
    emily Says:

    That sux, it showed a lot of promise.

  37. 37
    steph Says:

    this sucks, the show was boring but honestly i love nico tortorella.. whatever.. :)

  38. 38
    snicker Says:

    Aw, poor widdle Mischa, what will she do now? Grow up, maybe? LOL, I was just kidding. These losers only know how to be enabled and taken care of, not how to deal with grown-up situations. 3-2-1-, back to rehab we go, we go!

  39. 39
    Dank Says:

    I think Mischa needs a new career path, house painter maybe? Every show she touches turns to ****. I know i know, you’re all going to say well the OC was popular and on for a while and you’d be right, but they did kill off her character and it was actually a god awful show.

  40. 40
    BliZzarD Says:

    -And I thought Sara Paxton last tweet was too desperate:

    “Attention #TBL fans! If you love the beautiful life keep us on the air! Spread the word about the show! Set your tivos! Thank u fans! Xoxo”

    C’mon, it’s just started I thought =P

  41. 41
    Dank Says:

    Dee, OTH is actually a good well acted show…well it used to be. Season 7 is kind of boring so far.

  42. 42
    pup Says:

    That sucks. I actually liked it. Made me wanna go anorexic after every show. =(

  43. 43
    Dank Says:

    lol @ pup. I actually do feel bad for Sara Paxton cause she’s cute and can actually act. I hated seeing her get raped in LHOTL

  44. 44
    kate Says:

    wow CW acutally listened to my prayer lol

  45. 45
    anon Says:

    I watched it and cringed when Mischa opened her mouth. She doesn’t have a good rep anymore and is the reason why a lot of people wouldn’t tune in!

  46. 46
    caroline Says:

    i actually thought it was really cool.

  47. 47
    offtheproperty Says:

    anybody who thinks PUNK’D is funny is not going to make a good semi-serious show… or even a silly self-obsessed pandering one.

  48. 48
    Alison Says:

    I had a feeling this show would get cancelled, but thought it would last longer than 2 episodes… Mischa Barton is not the best actress out there – she ruined The OC!

  49. 49
    blowmeimnick Says:

    BabyJane14 : your a total toolbag, clearly you like to watch trash like TBL & thank god its cancelled. Mischa Barton’s hot though, they were gonna cast her as Serena Van Der Woodsen but she denied the offer. she CLEARLY made a huge mistake!

  50. 50
    meh Says:

    Not surprised. The acting was horrid and the storylines were contrived. But it’s still pretty early for a cancellation.

  51. 51
    YES! Says:

    wow i actually like the show. the people were extremely good looking.

  52. 52
    YES! Says:

    wow i actually like the show. the people were extremely good looking.

  53. 53
    Tom Says:

    This had more to do with Politics more than anything else.

    1million views for a start up isnt bad especially when there are sitcoms that dont pull in that many viewers every night

    They realized the show had the potential to become its go -2 show and have melrose place take the back seat……they decided against it

    Rarely if ever does a start up sitcom get AXED after just 2 shows…Guarantee u it was SABOTAGE!!!!!

  54. 54
    Blair Says:

    I think the show didn’t hv a lot of viewers because it’s on the same time as glee.

  55. 55
    Carly Says:

    good. that show was terrible. now just cancel melrose place!

  56. 56
    Gia Says:

    I knew this was coming. I really wanted to see this show but I just kept missing it. They put i on at a bad time IMO.

  57. 57
    Gia Says:

    I knew this was coming. I really wanted to see this show but I just kept missing it. They put i on at a bad time IMO.

  58. 58
    Erika Says:

    I loved Nico and Sara Paxton together!! I really enjoyed watching this show!! :(

  59. 59
    t Says:

    nooo….this show were pretty good. It was something different!

  60. 60
    Sarah Says:

    Ooooh NOOOOOOO!!

  61. 61
    athena Says:

    Well, the show had potential…but it did seem to follow a standard CW formula for many of its shows. I feel bad for Corbin…oh well…there’s only so much you can write about models I guess.

  62. 62
    zena Says:

    And yet Melrose Place survives, with ONLY 300,000 more viewers. Sigh, what a terrible line up for the CW this year.

    I bet they’re seriously regretting not moving forward with Body Politic.

  63. 63
    Judit Says:

    why?? i loved this show, i cant believe this.
    will they even show the rest 5 episodes that are done?

  64. 64
    Brandon Says:

    Ashton should know better to trust the CW — the same network that cancels his first show Beauty and the Geek! That’s strike two for Ashton…

    What the CW should’ve done is to NOT CANCEL Everybody Hates Chris and The Game! They need to get their act together.

    Can you say “career suicide”?

  65. 65
    she shall remain nameless Says:

    Yes!!! Goodbye stupid show.

  66. 66
    minakr Says:

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TBL is more better than Gossip girl so bad

  67. 67
    overated. Says:

    I tried watching it but then fell asleep 5 minutes later. ..Its just that boring.

  68. 68
    jen Says:

    how sad… i really like this show!!

  69. 69
    me Says:

    Haven’t Heard anything about it from noone else. Can’t believe it until i see it. Really love the show and it was great. Since you jj are sending bad news.Don’t see New york ilove you going anywhere either since you hype it up weeks ago. Knowing that rachel bilson is not the star ain that.Like to know how you’re going to act when it comes out at movies when hardly noone will get to see it. Need not to put it out there. letpeople find out for themselvesSee rachel bilson movie career going anywhere all she did was cause trouble this with her lies She didn’t even try and get on tv series like she is getting a movie deal that didn’t happen.all she did was hang around hang hope that he get her something.At least mischa did and do something. Don’t belive nothing you say on your site anymore.Since you went and lied about rachel and hayden realaionship. Just because you say it don’t make it trueJust have to wait and see what happen I’m sure things will turn around for her. Must have been nothing to repot on rachel bilson on her shopping or her break-up with hayden weeked or whatever she be doing with herself these days without work.Really love the show and hope someone pick it up.It tell the true.

  70. 70
    Anakin Says:

    @Lexy – hate to say I told you so that this show was DOA, but I told you so. LMAO

  71. 71
    kristi Says:

    I feel bad for Corbin. I love him to death but we all know it isnt his fault this shows getting canned (mischa!)

  72. 72
    Celebwatcher Says:

    When will Mischa catch a break goshdarnit acting might not be the best thing for her. I wonder if she’d ever try a music career.

    —- is the place for the latest psychic “gossip”!!!

  73. 73
    nat Says:

    I tried to give it a try but I just couldn’t. Too many bad acting, and the plot was very boring.

  74. 74
    bella Says:

    This gets cancelled, but a lot of other crap is still on the CW. Gossip Girl is most likely next, since it started out good and is not just boring.

  75. 75
    madison, Says:

    i loved it, it was so good.
    just because Mischa sucked, doesn’t mean the show should be cancelled. I feel bad for Sara Paxton. She did so well in it. And it had a really good concept.

  76. 76
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lmao @ mischa
    damn, i just hope she doesnt overdose again
    never watched this show but i always think they should cancel melrose place, that shiz is horrible

  77. 77
    lily Says:

    I like Sara Paxton and i like Corbin Bleu so i feel bad for them. They are talented..and super nice. But i agree…i watched some of it and it didnt really catch my attention. They should also cancel Melrose Place..that show is boring too. And One Tree Hill..oh gosh never watched it..never will. WHACK!!

  78. 78
    The CW are wussies! Says:

    They changed their whole fall line up with stupid & empty vapid shows and cancelled 2 of the best shows that was on their network “Everybody Hates Chris” and “The Game”. Especially “The Game” when it was really getting good! Hell even “America’s Next Top Model” is getting tiresome.

    Maybe now they will reconsider and bring back “The Game”.

    One of their best shows yet!

    Dumbass CW!

  79. 79
    reality bites Says:

    Maybe there’s no place now for those talentless wannebees that only have a ‘pretty?’ face to recommend them. Acting is about art, not about vapid, shallow manniquins who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. People are beginning to wise up and switch off.

  80. 80
    ZombieGirl Says:

    Sorry, but in all the commercials I’ve seen for the Beautiful Life, the acting was HORRENDOUS. The commercials are supposed to show the best parts! I could barely watch the first couple of minutes of the show….
    I am not surprised at all.

  81. 81
    Rebecka Says:

    It was not the best show ever but definitely better than Melrose or 90210. How come these, especially the latter, are not off the air yet??? Maybe the time slot (Glee rocks!!!), maybe people are tired of Misha Barton and Ashton Kutcher.
    I didn’t love but enjoyed the first two episodes. Thought it had potential.
    Oh well, life goes on.

  82. 82
    D.J Patriot Says:

    click and find out why the show got canceled

  83. 83
    emmaa Says:

    Melrose Place is next to go.

  84. 84
    kenneth Says:

    OMG whyyy
    i was so enjoying it:(
    its so gooood (Y)
    why axe it for,
    could you please put it back on.

  85. 85
    Amanda Says:

    #13, Melrose Place has high ratings. It’s been picked up. And #21, you’re an idiot. GG is a million times better than this crap. The first episode? It was ridiculously tedious. The plot was going nowhere. Thank God it got canned. Lame, medicore, bullshit.

  86. 86
    Amanda Says:

    @lily: Don’t plan on them cutting OTH. That’s on Monday’s anyway, dumbass. It has no relevance to the cancellation of this retarded show.

  87. 87
    Amanda Says:

    Ahahahahahahahahah. Wow. You think Gossip Girl is getting cut? Ratings make a big impact on the survival of a show, sweetheart. And if you haven’t noticed, GG has tons of viewers.

  88. 88
    Mike Miller Says:

    Ouch! Poor Mischa… I didn’t actually see the thing – obviously I’m not alone in that – but I was hoping this one would work out for her.

  89. 89
    lee Says:

    @Amanda: In case you haven’t realized sweetheart, Gossip Girl’s rating are going down. Last episode’s was a mere 2.09 million which is a lot less than last year’s.

  90. 90
    jameson Says:

    How stupid!?! theres barely anything to DVR on tues and thurs; put it there not on WED with 10 other new show premieres

  91. 91
    dude Says:

    perfect, now mischa can go back to rehab everyones happy :D

  92. 92
    Nicole Says:

    I actually enjoyed this show…well every scene that Mischa wasnt in. She was pretty painful. I hope Sara Paxton stays on TV.

  93. 93
    martin Says:

    This is rather disapointing. I feel especially sorry for Sara Paxton, because she is a very talented actress and would have deserved to stay on the air. It’s time someone comes up with a decent script, for sakes!

  94. 94
    mclaine Richardson Says:

    well maybe if the CW had promoted it like its other two new series – Melrose or Vampire Diaries, it could have done better

  95. 95
    rossy40 Says:

    Who even watches the CW channel? I don’t, nor does anyone I know. Sorry, but it’s the worst thing out there – tied with MTV. Thank God for the many other choices available.

  96. 96
    Mar Says:

    Thank God. That show used to fry my brain cells! The only reason I even watched the first 2 episodes is because I’m a hard core Corbin Bleu fan, but for quality tv purposes, thank goodness it is cancelled.

  97. 97
    what!!!! Says:

    They cant do that, i really enjoyed watchin TBL!! its not fair for the 1 million people that actually liked that show!!!!

  98. 98
    Buzz Says:

    This show sucked anyway.

  99. 99
    DeeDee Says:

    Shame that it got canceled!!! I loved it so much… Hopefully they will at least air the rest of the recorded episodes! Please sign the petition you all!

  100. 100
    lindy Says:

    they could let a girl know when they cancel one of her fav shows, thanks for nothing.

  101. 101
    Maria Says:


    I loved this show everyone that said i sucked I dont know what you are talking bout!!!!!

  102. 102
    Amy Says:

    I loved this show! I’m so mad that its been canceled! I wanted to see what was going to happen!!!!!!!! They are stupid for believing that a re-run of Melrose Place is going to pull in more viewers. I watch that also, but on the night it airs like most people!

  103. 103
    tumas Says:

    please please return the beutiful life!!!!!

  104. 104
    angie Says:

    Bring back the show it was really good and i loved it and ii was really startin to get into the show ii was rally lookin forward to todays episode cause it looked soo good bring it back ……. and to all those ppl who dis the show then juss keep their comments to themselves and let other enjoy thye show … now bring it back

  105. 105
    Reani Thomas Says:

    Ever since the CW came out they been canceling all the good shows like the game, girlfriends, veronica mars and now TBL they suck hard!!!!!!!!!! And never fail to disappoint me….and Melrose Place suck 2!!!!!!

  106. 106
    kuromeagan Says:

    @En(e)ma Wattsun:
    sounds like someone needs a hug

  107. 107
    cheryl Says:

    his SUCKS. The show was actually really good! Bring it back!

    Read more:

  108. 108
    jackyt Says:

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  109. 109
    suppress your appetite Says:

    very very Beautiful!

  110. 110
    Josh Says:

    The show was good, just take off Corbin Bleu! Not fit to be in this show. Replace him with another actor or something.

  111. 111
    Louisa Eagle Says:


  112. 112
    ergonomi Says:

    i love your design, is it yours or where did you find it? thanks in advance

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