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The Beautiful Life -- Canceled!

The Beautiful Life -- Canceled!

Ashton Kutcher‘s scripted model-centric drama The Beautiful Life has been canceled since this past Wednesday’s episode was seen by just 1 million viewers.

After two episodes, The CW gave it the axe, making it the first cancellation of the fall season. According to THR, production was halted Friday while filming its seventh episode.

The news comes shortly after the announcement that the docusoap series about Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer was picked up.

FYI: If you want to save the show, you can sign the petition to revive it!

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112 Responses to “The Beautiful Life -- Canceled!”

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  1. 76
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lmao @ mischa
    damn, i just hope she doesnt overdose again
    never watched this show but i always think they should cancel melrose place, that shiz is horrible

  2. 77
    lily Says:

    I like Sara Paxton and i like Corbin Bleu so i feel bad for them. They are talented..and super nice. But i agree…i watched some of it and it didnt really catch my attention. They should also cancel Melrose Place..that show is boring too. And One Tree Hill..oh gosh never watched it..never will. WHACK!!

  3. 78
    The CW are wussies! Says:

    They changed their whole fall line up with stupid & empty vapid shows and cancelled 2 of the best shows that was on their network “Everybody Hates Chris” and “The Game”. Especially “The Game” when it was really getting good! Hell even “America’s Next Top Model” is getting tiresome.

    Maybe now they will reconsider and bring back “The Game”.

    One of their best shows yet!

    Dumbass CW!

  4. 79
    reality bites Says:

    Maybe there’s no place now for those talentless wannebees that only have a ‘pretty?’ face to recommend them. Acting is about art, not about vapid, shallow manniquins who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. People are beginning to wise up and switch off.

  5. 80
    ZombieGirl Says:

    Sorry, but in all the commercials I’ve seen for the Beautiful Life, the acting was HORRENDOUS. The commercials are supposed to show the best parts! I could barely watch the first couple of minutes of the show….
    I am not surprised at all.

  6. 81
    Rebecka Says:

    It was not the best show ever but definitely better than Melrose or 90210. How come these, especially the latter, are not off the air yet??? Maybe the time slot (Glee rocks!!!), maybe people are tired of Misha Barton and Ashton Kutcher.
    I didn’t love but enjoyed the first two episodes. Thought it had potential.
    Oh well, life goes on.

  7. 82
    D.J Patriot Says:

    click and find out why the show got canceled

  8. 83
    emmaa Says:

    Melrose Place is next to go.

  9. 84
    kenneth Says:

    OMG whyyy
    i was so enjoying it:(
    its so gooood (Y)
    why axe it for,
    could you please put it back on.

  10. 85
    Amanda Says:

    #13, Melrose Place has high ratings. It’s been picked up. And #21, you’re an idiot. GG is a million times better than this crap. The first episode? It was ridiculously tedious. The plot was going nowhere. Thank God it got canned. Lame, medicore, bullshit.

  11. 86
    Amanda Says:

    @lily: Don’t plan on them cutting OTH. That’s on Monday’s anyway, dumbass. It has no relevance to the cancellation of this retarded show.

  12. 87
    Amanda Says:

    Ahahahahahahahahah. Wow. You think Gossip Girl is getting cut? Ratings make a big impact on the survival of a show, sweetheart. And if you haven’t noticed, GG has tons of viewers.

  13. 88
    Mike Miller Says:

    Ouch! Poor Mischa… I didn’t actually see the thing – obviously I’m not alone in that – but I was hoping this one would work out for her.

  14. 89
    lee Says:

    @Amanda: In case you haven’t realized sweetheart, Gossip Girl’s rating are going down. Last episode’s was a mere 2.09 million which is a lot less than last year’s.

  15. 90
    jameson Says:

    How stupid!?! theres barely anything to DVR on tues and thurs; put it there not on WED with 10 other new show premieres

  16. 91
    dude Says:

    perfect, now mischa can go back to rehab everyones happy :D

  17. 92
    Nicole Says:

    I actually enjoyed this show…well every scene that Mischa wasnt in. She was pretty painful. I hope Sara Paxton stays on TV.

  18. 93
    martin Says:

    This is rather disapointing. I feel especially sorry for Sara Paxton, because she is a very talented actress and would have deserved to stay on the air. It’s time someone comes up with a decent script, for sakes!

  19. 94
    mclaine Richardson Says:

    well maybe if the CW had promoted it like its other two new series – Melrose or Vampire Diaries, it could have done better

  20. 95
    rossy40 Says:

    Who even watches the CW channel? I don’t, nor does anyone I know. Sorry, but it’s the worst thing out there – tied with MTV. Thank God for the many other choices available.

  21. 96
    Mar Says:

    Thank God. That show used to fry my brain cells! The only reason I even watched the first 2 episodes is because I’m a hard core Corbin Bleu fan, but for quality tv purposes, thank goodness it is cancelled.

  22. 97
    what!!!! Says:

    They cant do that, i really enjoyed watchin TBL!! its not fair for the 1 million people that actually liked that show!!!!

  23. 98
    Buzz Says:

    This show sucked anyway.

  24. 99
    DeeDee Says:

    Shame that it got canceled!!! I loved it so much… Hopefully they will at least air the rest of the recorded episodes! Please sign the petition you all!

  25. 100
    lindy Says:

    they could let a girl know when they cancel one of her fav shows, thanks for nothing.

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