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Jared Leto: Quween is on the Scene

Jared Leto: Quween is on the Scene

Jared Leto hides behind his Ray-Ban aviator shades while getting protected from prying paparazzi by homeless woman Quween on Wednesday afternoon (September 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

In exchange for her services, Jared put a few bucks into Quween‘s disposable cup. God save the Quween!

Remember when American Idol vet Katharine McPhee got her own paparazzi protection from Quween? Hilarious!

P.S. Jared really loves that maroon cardigan of his!

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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Fergie Rocks !

    so, is this guy a rocker?? because when he is with the band, he wears only black colors, but now, she looks very stylish ! He doesn’t have personality at all !

  • mirta

    OMG when did he get so thin?
    he looks like an drug addict

  • CrazyOldie

    i wonder how much Queen rakes in per year..I’ve seen her get free high end gear and $20′s so many times…

  • salma

    he’s gorgeous

  • 11

    god bless him <33
    i wanna marry him!!

  • Queenoftrashin

    That sweater is becoming as obnoxious as those boots Britney used to wear.

  • shoot me

    He’s hot, too bad he’s such a douchbag.

  • tweetkiller666

    @Fergie Rocks !:
    If you knew anything about him you’d know why you sound like a douchebag. Jared is a very nice person(yes I’ve met and talked to him and I’m not going by what I’ve seen or read) and I feel sorry for him that he has to be annoyed by paparazzi scum and then the so called “news” is plasered on here so people can critique his every move

  • jdskjdoisfjiosf


  • ladybug

    stop giving this woman press. it’s degrading. she needs help, not press coverage. she needs to find herself a good shelter that will help her get back on her feet. her life is a joke.

  • the_boyfriend

    I love her on tmz.

    He looked so good in some pics here a while back but i remember thinking it looked like he had some work done, like an eye lift or botox?
    I dunno.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    he’s like 120lbs. lmaoo i could pick him up and toss him.

  • missme

    He is looking hot!

  • carrie

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: i had the same feeling.Does he start “the comeback of the machinist”?

  • Cammie

    Iam sick of this Queen woman, Go to Rehab

  • Anne

    Queen, bless her heart, seems like a very kind woman, to me. I’ve read countless accounts of her helping celebs out, when the paps were chasing them. Besides, Kat, she helped out Adam Lambert when the paps were running after him up the stairs once, as well.

  • Lucas

    i know a lot of folks say this woman is this sad, hopeless wreck but come on. it’s LA where she’s not likely to freeze and at least she is doing something to earn what she gets. unlike the folks that just sit there with a sign. I honestly refuse to give those folks anything. I work for a living, so should they. even if it’s pulling cans and bottles out of the trash that is something. I will roll down the window and hand my empty water bottle to the trash diving folks cause at least they are doing something.
    And she’s got a better sense of right and wrong than the paps and folks that support them. she gets that being famous doesn’t mean a free pass to be a jerk. so when she sees it she wants to do something about it. and if that means stepping in front of a camera so someone can get in a car and drive off or talking some smack at guys that can’t take a hint that someone doesn’t want to make a comment, what’s the harm. she didn’t hurt anyone.

  • Jen

    gawd he’s SO attractive!

  • velcrodots

    I love Quween, saving folks from the possarazzi. She’s better than that weird girl in England who huggs famous people

  • helen w.

    he’s so good looking i want to slap myself. the worst part is i’m not even kidding. i really do. men like these shouldn’t be so rare. or they shouldn’t exist. it’s not a pleasure to look at – it’s painful. it’s bad for all our pretty but average boyfriends.

  • oz

    He’s deteriorated. He’s so scrawny looking these days. He looked better a few months ago. Also too much botox, Jared.

  • Umi

    Oz, how is it too much botox? He doesn’t have any, my mother has used botox and he doesn’t look like he has any of that in that pretty face of his… Why do people instantly asume that when years are being kind to someone it has to do with botox?

    Loving the cardi, Jared, keep using it, makes you look so adorable it isn’t even funny xD

  • cari

    Where’s Patrick Bateman when you need him..

  • she shall remain nameless

    I’ve never heard of this homeless/bodyguard woman before. But I guess it’s better for her to do something useful instead of just walking around with a shopping cart and begging for money at freeway exits.

  • jdskjdoisfjiosf

    I think your jealouse of Jared. I mean who wouldn’t be. He has look & talent & what u have- sitting behide the computer & write some lies about others..GET LIFE

  • oz


    Learn how to spell before you try and insult me. You must be one of his ass kissing fans. Talent? What talent? His acting is terrible and his music is mediocre, it’s just like all the other ‘emo’ bands out there. And lies? What lies? I’m stating facts. The botox may not be factual (yet) as he hasn’t disclosed this information but the rest is facts. Just open your eyes sweetheart.

  • g!na


  • jdskjdoisfjiosf


    If u hate him why are you here??? ass kissing fans….i’m a dude & i’m gay for Jared. I admit it & and I’m not shame of it…. his band is not EMO…Jared has one of the beat voices i ever heard…his songs r awesome…’s really sad when people like you always shitting about someone who are more talented & beautiful that you’ll ever be… Just admit your jealouse–you think his acting is think u can act better? if u do call me when u win oscar.. He acts better them most of the overrated actors in Hollywood..Open your eyes loser…

    P.S Botox is for loser and JARED LETO IS NOT LOSER

  • MR.ROB

    @jdskjdoisfjiosf: LMAO dude..It’s good to know some men r gay for Jared xD

  • oz


    When did I state that I hated him? I didn’t. I was stating MY opinion. Read my first comment before you make assumptions.

    Not an ass kissing fan? Haha sure. You’re a biased gay fan. You also say that botox is for ‘losers’ – Well I guess that’s why he gets it then.

    Oh and how about you call me when he wins a Oscar for his terrible acting, love.

  • jdskjdoisfjiosf


    I will call you asshole don’t worry. Just give me your number

  • valhalla


    and so what if he is gay…gay people have a right to appreciate beauty as well…..liek that would be an insult to him…if the man is gay and the guy calls him gay…well thats pointless as well….the while issue is POINTLESS

    I agree with @jdskjdoisfjiosf: GET A LIFE …YOUR JUST JEALOUSE

  • oz


    I don’t mind your sexual orientation. That’s your business. I’m not homophobic. I was just saying. Oh and it’s obviously the same person posting twice. The ‘two’ of you can’t spell ‘jealous’ LMAO.

    I also have an amazing life haha :]

  • Angie

    why do ppl say he’s a douchebag? Anyway, he fking sexy, but I wish he would gain a few pounds. I love him<3

  • Echelon

    Fergie Rocks : the fact that you don’t know anything about the rock world doesn’t mean thas he hasn’t have personality… he is a normal personal just like all of us.. the dresses like that cuz when he’s on stage he has to look like a rock star cuz that’s what he is… but not all the time, he’s also a person! LOVE YA JARED!!!

  • Echelon

    Fergie Rocks anyway, you’re rite about him being stylish :)

  • suppress your appetite


  • ballerinaselina


    Absolutely right…Jared’s a hella cute guy but he looked WAY better with more weight on him and his forehead in recent interviews has that greasy Botox shine to it :( Just say no to Botox Jared!!!

  • Nadine

    nice sunglasses

    Cant wait for the Into The Wild Tour. 30 Seconds To Mars are amazing live. Anybody going? US dates are going to be released soon. Just check for more dates being released. I cant wait.