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John Mayer - 'Who Says' Lyrics

John Mayer - 'Who Says' Lyrics

John Mayer‘s new single “Who Says” has been released, off his new album, Battle Studies, out November 17.

Click inside to listen to and read the lyrics of John Mayer‘s “Who Says“…

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  • liverwurst

    Awesome as always John, well done!

  • Jenny Shimizu

    Jennifer is one lucky lady : ]

  • just for show

    Dang….such a talent. I love real musicians who right their own songs. play their own instruments and sing. John does them all incredibly well.

  • camila


  • abbymight

    You can say what you want about his sense of humor, even think him a douche but FU if you try to say he isn’t one of the best musicians that ever lived. Pure genius. How many grammies now?????

  • choo choo

    Darn it I love John Mayer it’s not even funny.

  • bet

    please jen take him. i love his music.

  • bet

    but by the way i do not udnerstand what he try to say. Some thing like being free and date and freak women or for woman any freak man they want.

  • cheddar

    I love it!! I can’t wait for the album to come out in November.

    #2 Yeah JA was lucky…he is way too good for her.

  • JenHagsSUCK

    Who says I can’t get stoned?
    Turn off the lights and the telephone
    Me and my house alone
    Who says I can’t get stoned?

    Who says I can’t be free?
    From all of the things that I used to be
    Re-write my history
    Who says I can’t be free?

    Wow. This sounds like a not-so-coded message to someone we all know and love to ridicule. Someone who thought she could get mayer to play her game wthout her having to pay for it, not only in cash.
    Hmmmmm. Whom do we know who has built herself a mansion in the hills and loves to hide out there especially after she had 2 movies bombing in a row? We also know she loves to get stoned and stay for days at a time holed up in her house.
    And we know she is a slave to her past. She has a difficult time letting go. She is hung up on all the problems she had as a young person and has been in therapy for over 20 years without being able to free herself from her past.
    So indeed, who says (she) cant be free from all the things she used to be/rewrite her own history, Huh? who says we ALL cant rewrite our own history? If only we have the courage to set ourselves free.
    okay John, lets hope she gets your message. lol

  • JJ

    YAY!! I love it! :-)

  • bet

    i think the meaing, it something feeling lonely and missing someone. and not feeling to go out. i sense he is missing jennifer aniston

  • karen

    I have always loved his music..

  • Mrs.Beady

    Beautiful. Makes me cry :)

  • Honeebs

    Hey John… I’m african-american. I always like to start sentences off with that just in case you are dreaming about me. I do not want the wrong chicken to get my goods!
    OK you area sexy beast and the song is brills~luv ya!

  • viva la vida

    JOHN MAYER IS BACK WITH ASTOUNDING MUSIC AS ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can you tell I am excited about the new album?
    I missed John the tremendously talented musician amidst all the shananigans about his personal life this past 2 years or so.

  • Marieme

    Why does he repeat so much all the time in his lyrics? It’s a bit of a bore. Other than that, can’t hate him.

  • Jan

    I HATE JOHN MAYER. He is a selfish pig.

  • Chris

    More of John Mayer hype. Mayer is a douche bag that need all of the fake hype to sell his rubbish. I think he is bashing Jen. Funny Jen and John use the same fake pr tricks.

  • sara

    I didn’t like that at all.

  • justme

    Shitt i am from Canada so can’t listen to John’s tune and want to so baddd.
    I do think he is a douch in a lot of ways but love his music and just because i wouldn’t be the type to date him goodlooking or not doesn’t mean i won’t buy his music or go to his concerts.
    I just bought my first brand new car a buick allure lsx and wanted to buy my first new CD for it so am hoping this will be the one. Love Johns blusey style.
    Does anybodyy know if there any other way or place i can go to listen to this song? I know sounding desperate aye. Guess i am or i just don’t want to have to wait. I like the words and yes i do think it could be meant for the lonely gal but frankly he is better off without his mother no matter how many cutsey braides she puts in her hair.
    Anyway i like the words so heres hoping John has another hit song.

  • Zoz

    Lackluster at best. Lazy, lazy writing John. Hope for your sake your album is better than this first taste. Disappointed is an understatement. You obviously are still hung up on a “Friend”.

  • Lisa

    Jeez that’s awful. His writing should be better than that.

  • jc

    say what you will about his paparazzi-baiting ways (he at least deals with them in his own terms), this guy is one talented musician.

  • That’s enough Mayer

    Mayer is a mediocre musician who use his paparazzi friends for attention. Douche got TMZ so deep in his pocket that it’s not funny. That’s why he used them for his press conference in dumping stupid Jen.
    Another tool John Mayer use-lovelorn desperate dumb women and fans to hype his name in the media.
    Let us not forget about Mayer’s record company, they float loads of money his way to throw Mayer’s songs in circulation. How many times they paid radio stations to play this douche bag lame songs is hilarious. Mayer don’t rely on talent. D-bag write lame stuff then lay back and wait for other people to pull all the strings they can.

  • Melody

    Sorry not liking it. Is this really his job?

  • lalalove

    I didn’t even need to hear it to know it’s great! It’s John, c’mon. I love him as a musician. He’s a f**king douche though. Still love his music!!!!

  • anonymous

    Yep, not really a good one. It is very much like a Paul Simon tune and beat, not original. Lyrics are not poetical. Sure he means something but he’s talking about the girls he gets for just the night, not Jennifer Aniston. For people who remember his summer concert last year—-he swore he was going to write about the paparazzi. Also, in his interview w/ Ryan Seacrest, he said that the new album will be about the paparazzi. This is actually in reference to what the tabs have written and made up—-that Jennifer would take him back if he stopped doing drugs or whatever, that he was not going to be blogging, getting pics of him w/ when he’s seen w/ someone else during the relationship & after the break-up, etc. So enough with all these speculations from this song.

    I am disappointed w/ the song but he did say that he was going to try a new one this time. He was willing to take the risk. So far, all the new songs he’s written and have been put up in his fan site are really no good, compared to his usual. He had a mental block when he started this record, he admitted it a few times and even said he had distractions so…………this is the result. I’m sure his fans would still go for it. It was a good PR and move to keep in touch w/ them so they now all feel compelled to buy his CDs. Sharing everything w/ fans is a very good move, making out w/ them after concerts will definitely make them wanting to come back and be at his concerts. The groupie fans…… they say.

  • anonymous

    To the haters who luv to bash Jennifer Aniston………you are wrong again this time. What is true is he is really a d-bag. He just lied in a current radio interview that he doesn’t talk about his past relationship. Another point against you John.

    BTW, who was that person who keeps posting about the CAA fake relationship? If true, this is another proof that all the songs he composed are about the tabloid stories that you haters would luv to believe. Heartbreak Warfare is another song where he talks about the tabloid story on Jennifer Aniston pining on Brad Pitt and he points it out as reason for break up. He also talks about what the tabloids are putting out that she is a controlling figure, only he writes it in a lyrical way. Then there is the wine, which she always has at night whlle watching the sunsest, the ambien, which John mentions because she has had problem w/ sleeping before but in his tweeters we find out he takes it himself as he has trouble sleeping also (that’s a musician at work). So, you see, it’s all tabs stories. Only thing I hate is he has used Jennifer Aniston (indirectly) again in this album. What a d-bag!

    His other song, a duet w/ Taylor Swift is very much about himself not being able to give himself completely to the girl but he can’t stop loving her. This may or may not be Jennifer Aniston as I have a reason to believe that it could be referring to Taylor also, a 19 year old country singer who he can’t have as of now because she is so young (or are they already an item?). He composed this song and had dreamed about cats during that time and had already thought of doing a duet w/ Taylor while composing it. Mind you, Taylor definitely looks like a cat. He even took a pic of her in his LA house, must have done recording w/ her there. For people in the know, remember the report that he approached Taylor during the Grammys and sang to her a part of her popular song? She was asked if he hit on her and she said no. That was the beginning. (Of course, we know that after the Grammys, he was at the Sony after party w/ Jennifer Aniston, a pic is out there to prove it, his arms around her back and listening to Jennifer talking to him.) So, I hope you people forget about him writing about Jennifer Aniston directly, It’s all about the tabloid stories and of course his life. All these comments are based on John’s twitters (very cunning of him to let everyone know what’s going on w/ him every moment of the day and night) and the tabloid stories. So, if you didn’t catch it, you would all think it’s directly about Jennifer Aniston. So sad and I feel really bad that that’s what’s gonna happen once the album comes out.

  • OK

    he’s pretty douchey if you ask me.
    but he’s also a great musician.
    i’m not feeling the lyrics for this song though.

  • kawtar

    Nice SOng ;; Nice Lyrics,, Can WAit FOr THe ALbùùm :!!

  • Mrs.Beady

    I can hardly look at this picture. I want to suck on his lips so bad. He’s gorgeous!!

  • asdf

    this song couldn’t be more beautiful…

  • siska

    bet,..i think this song just about him wanna be freeang rewrite history..

  • Anna

    simple but nice!

  • dana leeann

    Amazing song! He sings it great & the lyrics are awesome. Great job!

  • http://sure,whynot Lisa Harmon

    Being a fan who drove over the rocky mountains in the dead of winter from Seattle to see him perform in Omaha, a fan who flew to from Seattle to Atlanta iand ran past the antabellums in the dark to “Chastain” with the southerners, and a fan who most notably began my night at the White River Amphitheatre with chemo induced nauesa until I saw John for the first time which made me forget I had cancer….Well… I’d say I’m the authority when it comes to fandom. So my critique? Love the catchy little tune. Nothing is ever too simple. Simple is the genius of artists. He is always a melody man first. The video I like. The words I like except….stoned? I guess I’m like Trace Adkins… can if I don’t. Freedom is always there, it’s odd how few of us grab hold and ride it. True fan here, so of course I’ll buy it all, go to all the concerts, buy the t-shirts and then wait for more.

  • Scott

    Haha, john, john, john. Yes this song could be taken to be aimed at JA but he’s much smarter than that. John’s revealing some of the other parts of his personality that isnt ever represented in his songs. John feels stuck in the “deep and meaningful” rut that he’s been in “since 20″. How would you feel if you were expected to do the same thing all your life. He’s talking about himself, the lyrics are “re-write MY history” and “who says i cant be free from all of the things that I used to be” after all. He’s not putting crap on jen, he’s sorting out the real fans from the fake ones. Clever one John.

  • Jonasfan


  • Siz

    Short, Simple, feel-good yet beautiful.

  • suppress your appetite

    wtf ? This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Music Entertainment.

  • Niek

    Great Song!!

  • PrincessN

    I love him even more now.

  • Savannah

    i love John Mayer, always have :)
    honestly say what you want but you can’t do better!

  • Denise

    It’s actually “It”s been a long time since 22.” Not 20, too.

  • Iwould never tellya

    This song is so good:D lovely.

  • Bruce Springsteen

    sorry he his nowhere close to being one of the best musicians ever to live. hmm let me name people who are leaps and bounds betters.

    every member of led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, clapton, neil young, Grateful dead (if u think they suck ur retarded), Rush (probably one of the most talented bands ever),. just to name a few.

    yes he is talented but his new stuff sucks sorry. he is a great guitar player but sounds way too much like dave matthews to be taken seriously. Id much rather listen to quality bands like red hot chili peppers, kings of leon rather than this garbage.

  • paulicaaaa

    yeah baby who says?brilliant John

  • http://gdfs bb

    It’s been a long night in New York City
    It’s been a long time since 20 too
    I don’t remember you looking any better
    But then again I don’t remember you

    It’s been a long night in New York City
    It’s been a long time since 22
    I don’t remember you looking any better
    But then again I don’t remember you

    But really is the same, so…