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Hailey Glassman Makes It on The Gosselins' Website

Hailey Glassman Makes It on The Gosselins' Website

Jon Gosselin‘s girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, is now mentioned on the Gosselin family’s website.

RadarOnline reports that new additions to the site include the 22-year-old’s official Twitter name and a statement that she does not have a Facebook account.

The site’s message echoes what Jon has already tweeted. “Please disregard any vulgar or rude postings from fake accounts,” he wrote.

“If you’re receiving messages from her name [on Facebook] it is NOT from Hailey.”

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  • Lau

    These too are Hideous….

  • b

    sigh. poor kids.

  • ava rose

    I’m on Team 8 and would pick jon over kate but REALLY??!! Hailey is jon’s girlfriend, not wife and even she was, she has nothing to do w. the “brand” of kate, jon, and the 8 kids. sheesh

  • Kady

    eww that nasty scumbag has twitter

  • Catalina

    Will there ever come a day where you stop reporting about these people?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clearing that up for us Jon ( rolling eyes)

  • Lovesneil

    This man is horrible!! One day he is going to look back and see what an ass he has made of himself!!! Go Kate!! You are so better off without him . He is a L O S E R!!!!

  • EWWwwwww

    EWWWWW, get this two nasty losers off my face they r hurting my eyes!!!!

  • Marta

    who are these people???

  • Amnda Dubs


  • christina

    What horrifies me more is that over 6000 people are following her. Jon’s lame and the world knows that, but really? Eek

  • kim

    Are Jon and Kate even divorced yet? This is so tacky , mentioning a girlfriend on their site, this guy is a total douche..

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn, they’re just looking for attention since they havent been in the spotlight for a week or 2

  • Kris

    How do the Gosselin Children feel about having the name of someone they never met on their family website?
    Really getting sick of Jon being all about Jon. Wish he would disappear.


    I’ve said this a million times, as a 43 year old male, Kae is 100 times hotter than Hailey.

  • ashleigh

    Kate is a mean and nasty witch. She gave Jon ten years of misery. I’m sure the Hailey is better in bed than Kate ever was or could be, and to most men, that’s what counts.

  • HockeyMom

    Horley was a lesbo until she met jon so it is OBVIOUS that she wouldn’t know a REAL man if he walked up beside her.

  • nancy

    once again its all about jon. does he ever think of anybody but himself?? so glad kate kicked his lazy ass to the curb. now that the kids are in school, maybe he should go get a JOB.

  • Halli

    Ughh… that Gosselin Family website is creepy. What a gross family. Pimping out their kids for money. Disgusting.

  • Jan

    Kate needs to see if she can legally close this site. If she does without going through her attorney, Jon will be ready to blame Kate for ruining his dying career. Anything that goes wrong for Jon is Kate’s fault per Jon. If he farts, he blames Kate for the organic food she left in the refrigerator and of course he ate it while at home with the kids to film so he can collect his paycheck from TLC.

  • Jan

    Jon just keeps on doing things to try to upset Kate. He is obsessed with Kate. Hailey is a fool if she thinks he is not still emotionally tied to Kate. His behavior daily proves it.

  • Sue

    That is an OLD website that they don’t even use. They haven’t used that one since 2008. Get a life!!!!

  • Vee

    ava rose @ 09/26/2009 at 4:56 pm I’m on Team 8 and would pick jon over kate but REALLY??!! Hailey is jon’s girlfriend, not wife and even she was, she has nothing to do w. the “brand” of kate, jon, and the 8 kids. sheesh
    I agree.

  • Kasey

    Its not Hailey’s fault he did that. Jon is a man, Men don’t think before they do. They do stupid shit like that and then think about it later. Jon seems very confused, must be because of all the beatings from Kate. Head injury.

  • Lowest denominator


    Kate is controlling him now more than ever before.
    All of this crap is in direct retaliation for the past 10 yrs.
    He’s still acting like a victim to her personality and he is not moving on.

    Unfortunately, 8 kids are caught in this crossfire.

  • Kasey

    You have to admit, when you go look at the website it looks funny that he is in the pic with Kate, but is talking about his Girl down below. These two are both crazier than bat ****.

  • MRs.Sensible

    To Ashleigh,
    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. I bet you’re not married. A good man wants a good woman. A trashy man wants a trashy woman, and I bet you’ve been dating trashy guys not worth the time it takes to oil them up.
    Sex is not as important as our culture makes it out to be and each individual has to learn that at some point. It certainly does not make a marriage or relationship work.
    Get a clue.

  • nicole

    Some people are so JEALOUS! You keep blaming Kate for spending time away from the kids but never make comments about Jon?? At least when Kate has to leave it is to make money for her babies (Instead of “pimping them out” isn’t that what you Kate haters say she does?? She is LOOKING AND FOUND work, isn’t that what people asked for??? All while Jon is out doing nothing but SPENDING MONEY having parties and hanging-out with his MANY Girlfriends and Skanks. And you people need to stop saying they need to get jobs like the rest of us, they aren’t like the rest of us. They can NEVER go back to a “normal type of life ever AGAIN, The MEDIA would make sure of that. And then they have eight mouths to feed and when the choice is between letting your children struggle their whole life or taking an opportunity offered to you to give them a blessed life I think any parent who cared about their child would want to give them the best they could! Some of you are so BITTER, it’s like you ignore what Jon is doing because you want Kate to be the bad person. Think about it for just a minute… Did you ever stop to think she treated Jon that way because with his maturity level he needed a “”"Mother”"” not a Wife??? Look how he is acting now. SO Grow up people how can you judge Kate for “exploiting” her children when you sit on a website and write bad things about their family all day. Really what kind of person would tell a child that their mommy doesn’t love them??? YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!!!!!

  • payless

    @ashleigh:He also gave her eight kids. Also, real men valvue a woman for more than sex. How old are you? That was a very immature remark.

  • payless

    @Jan: I agree

  • Carly

    Kate is clearly the victim here. I can’t believe you people blaming her and making such rude comments about her. John has left his wife and 8 freakin’ kids for some girl. He should have at least thought of the kids. Jon Gosselin just wants to be young and have a good time instead of take responsibility!

  • Lowest denominator

    It’s like “ashleigh” channeled Jon.
    I’m gonna like get a like whooole bunch of girls and throw parties and just hang out and everyone is gonna think I’m soooo cool and such the man…yeaaah…awesome.
    Or is that Hailey herself posting?

  • Mousse

    Gosh… 22 yrs old…
    She’s as old as my daughter.
    The man has 8 kids for god’s sake. He belongs at home with them.

  • VanM

    Hilarious, it is so funny how people keep trying to blame Kate for everything as if she has a gun to Jons head…..just face it Jon is a dumb as** and so are the girls that get involved with him…..I love it though it gives me something to read about……Team Kate……..

  • CJB

    I went to the family website. I guess that they have taken the information off of it. I couldn’t find it. But how disgusting. She has NO business being on the family website. I’m sure Jon did it FOR the children. Dirtbag!

  • Pete

    I think we can all understand how Hailey wants Jon to pay her lawyer’s fees. Where he’s going to get that money beats me but she’s just as trashy for wanting to put her personal business on freaking Judge Judy.