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Jesse McCartney Needs A New Makeup Artist

Jesse McCartney Needs A New Makeup Artist

Jesse McCartney hits the red carpet at the 7th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party at Milk Studios on Friday (September 25) in Los Angeles.

No thanks to his makeup artist, the 22-year-old singer showed up looking a little too tan for the event. His face makeup wasn’t applied on evenly and the color doesn’t even match his neck!

Poor Jesse!

10+ pictures inside of Jesse McCartney needing a new makeup artist…

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jesse mccartney makeup artist 01
jesse mccartney makeup artist 02
jesse mccartney makeup artist 03
jesse mccartney makeup artist 04
jesse mccartney makeup artist 05
jesse mccartney makeup artist 06
jesse mccartney makeup artist 07
jesse mccartney makeup artist 08
jesse mccartney makeup artist 09
jesse mccartney makeup artist 10

Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty; Photos: Chris Delmas/Visual Press Agency/WENN, Jordan Strauss/Wireimage
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  • TR

    Why do GUYS insist on wearing make-up? It’s seriously ODD. And he looks a bit fat in the face of late? Too much booze perhaps?? Fat face = gay face here people!

  • jamsonstill

    eh, ditch him…

  • Fergie Rocks !

    ugly !! with or without make up !

  • Fergie Rocks !

    ugly !! with or without make up !

  • Shawna

    He looks fine. What a grasp at a story.

  • kate

    what’s wrong with his face?

  • mia

    i thought jared was supposed to be the nice blog.

    i think your writers have become more snarky jared.

  • LuckyL

    They made him look old. A guys don’t “insist” on wearing makeup. It’s the practice of the entertainment business so you don’t look washed out in the camera flashes. The principles apply to theatre, though it’s more for lighting purposes.

  • pretty young girl


  • TrueSoul

    its really not that noticeable.. or worthy of a mention..

  • LuckyL

    LOL@ starting to look like Chucky though

  • ITA

    WTF? he looks cute always.

  • dundies

    forget the makeup…why does he have crows feet. idk but working out should help his health and perhaps self esteem

  • stellartes

    very odd looking kid…..kinda has that old dean martin look….maybe a paralysis of a part of his face? make up is just the wrong shade….kinda of the dead kind….lol…..

  • buzzy

    Here’s something I never thought possible: he looks like Frankie Muniz’s deformed, retarded brother. In a bad way. Don’t know who this guy never was, but it’s time to stop covering him.

  • Topdog

    Let’s hope that it was the “make-up” because that 22yr old kid looks like he’s about 40 with all that wrinkles around his eyes.

  • mchlnero

    it does look a little off. but i think its ok for guys to wear makeup.

  • mchlnero

    it does look a little off. but i think its ok for guys to wear makeup.

  • pup

    @TrueSoul: Totally agree. Get over it ppl.

  • Cristobal

    Wow. You people are vultures. I like Jesse McCartney.

  • Frida

    Hmm, he looks weird, like he just went to the dentist or something…. He doesn’t usually look like that does he? Then again I haven’t seen pictures of him in a while…

  • Excuse me?

    This seems like an unnecessarily mean and nasty story, not to mention a meritless one,

    The makeup isnt even noticable except in tehj first picture. Sounds like someone has an ax to grind. Wha’s the matter Jared? Did you flirt with Jesse and he turned you down?

    Unnecessarily mean.

  • Andi

    i feel sorry for him because he has very bad skin, i do to. it is the worst thing about the body, when you don’t want to show anyone your face, the one part you can’t hide.

    so what if his makeup looks bad when you stare at his photo for a few seconds, but i think he looks great. and in moving picture, he looks AWESOME.

    love to him for not always beeing perfect. makes us “normal” people feel not so bad about ourselves and our bad skin.

  • Martha jmac 4ever

    @Excuse me?:
    lol I agree with you! Here you should provide information on the artists, not to say what they wear and longer wear.

    Jared, stick to inform and not create polemics!
    This alone will lose fans.

    I am your fan, Jesse has been the best thing that happened in my life and will remain so.

    Will support him forever!


  • Kelsey

    it does look too fake…definitely too much makeup.

  • omg

    Hahahahah I laughed ! :D he looks kinda ridiculous.
    Jesse really get a new make up artist it doesn’t look too good..
    But i don’t think he even needs makeup! hes gorgeous without it!

  • rocknmovies

    Who is this guy anyway? I only know one McCartney: Paul.

  • lizzie

    ahahah !!! estupido

  • Tizi

    ok guys! seriously!? will you stop hating on him! If you don`t like him, fine! Just go ahead and look for something else which you find more interesting.
    Bad make up? Who cares really?! No one is perfect!
    You can`t judge him from these pics, watch him perform live and then judge him!
    He looks way to hotter live! And besides, few people looks good on photos!
    And this is for “Just Jared” : I thought these sites were to promotion artists like Jesse, not judging them! This will not do any good!

  • Hmm


  • jdub

    he looks like an old man

  • Ana

    First word that passed my mind when seeing the pics – guido.

  • darren

    JJ, you’re starting to be mean, you’re starting to sound like Perez Hilton… I always go to your site for celeb news because I always thought you weren’t biased like those other celeb bloggers.

  • anonymous

    JustJared sucks!
    jesse mccartney is the sexiest man on earth and at least he doesnt wear makeup 24 hrs like Zaccy efron( makes me wonder how zac efron rlly looks like)

  • Megan

    WHAT HAPPENED????!!!!he used to look soooo cute ……but now he looks a bit chunky and who put that foundation on him…his girlfriend??!!Jesse, why would you let her put foundation on your face that doesnt even match your skin tone?!I am still a fan though.=]

  • asdfghjkl;

    hes 22? man i thought he was 40! woww

  • Leah

    I’m a BIG FAN of your site and this is the first story where I wondered if I was on Perez and not JustJared.

    You usually don’t comment on the appearance and you focus on the postive, what happened to that?

  • Kim

    It’s a disaster!! He looks like he got botox already! Poor thing… he was so cute…when he was 15 lol

  • lolly

    people in this biz usually have a really bad life style.
    i’m not sure if he takes drugs, but he definately drinks and smokes(maryjanes, if u will)
    just hope he doesn’t age like lindsay lohan.

  • mia

    for the people making eye wrinkles comments, jesse’s had that since he was younger and i guess as they got more pronounced as he got older.

    i have friends who have eyes wrinkles and it’s not from the sun; it’s genetics.

  • LuckyL

    All in all, he’s seriously talented so I don’t know why Jared’s being a little b*tch.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    he looks like brad pitt.. hahahaha..

  • donna

    Why would a young 22 boy want to wear make up? loser!


    oh this article is quite pathetic.
    maybe he has uneven skin tone because he didn’t use makeup?!?
    i know ALOT of people who have uneven skin tone, and that’s because they don’t use makeup to cover it up.
    So maybe it’s not his makeup, maybe it’s his natural skin.
    And people need to stop hating if he has wrinkles or not.
    Like someone else said, it’s most likely genetics, since Jesse is not tan at all, nor does he spend alot of time in the sun.
    And Jesse looks TOO TAN in this pictures?
    HAH, give me a break. He does not look tan at all. He looks completely fine and has a fair skin tone. All those other stars who were at the party there were SO MUCH more tanner/darker than him, so JJ just needs to lay off.

  • Shelby

    Awww…poor Jesse! It’s definitely not his fault. But yea, I do agree that he looks a bit old for his age..probably because of the makeup…?

  • Kimberly

    What the hell Just Jared? This is such a rude article. Im sure not any of you are gorgeous every single day and minute of your life. Ditch this kid? He co wrote a world wide hit song. How many of you can say youve done that? Hes been nominated for emmys before he was 15. And he’s been writing for many other artist including toni braxton. Sorry but this kid is hell of alot more talented then any of the “good looking” people you have in hollywood. Leave the kid alone, he’s obviously not trying to be a heartthrob anymore, he’s just doing what he loves. So cruel just jared and you commenters!

  • Realme20008

    Yes, Jesse has always had eye wrinkles. I remember seeing them when he was 14. As for making fun of him, because he wears make up? Wow, you people on here are so *ucking stupid. All male actors wear make up at events(red carpet events) and photo shoots. So they don’t look washed out from the bright camera lights. Common sense. Dumb*ucks.

  • Amanda

    wow, that is one ugly boy… and if wearing makeup is such a normal, Hollywood type of thing then why don’t I see Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt wearing makeup. It seems like only nobodies like Zac Efron and this guy actually wear makeup… so odd

  • anonmus

    his face looks bloated and skin is uneven.

  • KImberly

    I agree he does look like Chucky lol. He was so cute when he was younger I don’t think its the make-up as much as the way that he had aged wow! I can’t imagine what he will look like when he is 30!