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Jessica Biel Will Climb Kilimanjaro

Jessica Biel Will Climb Kilimanjaro

Jessica Biel returns to Los Angeles as she leaves the airport on Saturday (September 26).

In January, the 27-year-old actress will join singer Lupe Fiasco for Summit on the Summit, a climb to the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

The trek is organized by singer-producer Kenna to raise awareness of the billions of people who don’t have access to clean water.

“This is a basic human necessity that needs to be addressed now,” Jessica said. “[I want] to help any way I can in order to raise awareness toward the life-threatening clean water crisis happening not only in Africa but around the world.”

Boyfriend Justin Timberlake has been training to make the climb up Mount Kilimanjaro as well.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Biel returning to Los Angeles…

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Credit: Wright/Matingas/Air; Photos: WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Lalique

    This attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro is the epitome of a desperate attempt to be relevant.

  • alex

    she likes staying fit and active.
    she’s beautiful.
    but i highly doubt it that anyone cares if she climbs kilimanjaro

  • andy

    this girl has the face of a monkey with that jawline and jaunty teeth
    i love how people pretend she’s still somehow hot.
    and she looks like she’s anorexic now with curves.

  • lisa

    She is ugly

  • Cher

    she’s been such a sourpuss ever since she hooked up with that dou che timberfake. i like her outfit though.

  • jb is uglyyyyy

    good luck with her feet and just may be after this we get to a smile on her horrible looking non smiling face…lol

  • sofia

    That’s great and all, but I still don’t like her. She looks mean!

  • faggetz

    WOW, check all these haters. Shes absolutely gorgeous, just because your not famous nor you live in hollywood doesnt mean you have to hate. HATERSSSSSSSS eat dick pleasE:)

  • BunkBeds

    She is still so very sexy

  • yeti

    Oh my god, yet another so called celebrity climbing Kili for charity. Why doesn’t she just donate money and make a speech if it’s so important to her? Now if she climbed Everest I’d be more impressed, or Mont Blanc, even. But Kili…just another excuse to jump on the latest ‘climb kilimanjaro for charity’ bandwagon. Someone should tell this girl that it’s already been done, maybe a little more originality and people would be more interested.

  • Ilia

    I like her – she is no MEGAN FOX, but pretty sexy!

  • Nahla

    #10, Kilimanjaro is the highest dumba$s! I also don’t like her attitude, kinda like Jessica Alba but I realise that they don’t HAVE TO smile to paparazzis. They live their lives……we live ours, leave them alone for that. But they wanted to be famous so deal with it! Physically, I think she looks a little bit too masculine. I mean, her body. It’s like Ciara’s. Too much muscles, too fit. Not even sexy anymore. But she has a big a$s and she’s very slim and FIT so guys must like her. The face…..hmm I’ve seen much better but she’s far from ugly! She’s no talented big successful movie star though :/

  • sara

    she’s beautiful
    thanks for the pic

  • Tom

    #12 u seem to be the dumb-ass Kilimanjaro is not just over 19,000 feet high and Everest is over 29,000. I am not sure how you can can raise money trekking up Mt Kilimanjaro . It is actually more of a hike then a climb. There is nothing really technical about it. I walked up that and Mt Kenya in the 80′s. It is not easy due to the altitude but it is not hard either.

  • send the gay

    can;t they send Justin Timberfvck to the top and then push him off? I’m sure the locals would much prefer watching that **** scream like a pvssy as he falls, than have access to clean drinking water.

  • bella

    Love the fact that she stays thin through being active. She is a great role model for young women.
    @alex: I agree no one will really care, but i think the fact she is actually going to do this and that what small amount of awareness she is rasing is great. How many female celebs would do something like this . . .really. Good on her for doing this.

  • ayj6m6l

    love what she’s wearing….the coat rocks !

  • ok

    I don’t understand the connection to climbing a mountain and needing water. Except if donation will be given for each mile climbed.

    Why not auction off a date with these celebs. The celebs do a video of the date plus the places that need water. Then put it all on Youtube. Money plus awareness and not as expensive as climb.

    Time Required: 7 -10 Days
    Cost: A trek can cost from $2000-$5000 per person.

    Per the site JJ gave $1 gives 100 liters of clean water for 50 days. You do the math.

  • Malia renĂ©e

    JARED!!!! HERE’S AN UPDATE: Justin Timberlake has been training for this climb for months. He first mentioned it in an interview with GQ magazine last March, and has since talked about it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, etc.

  • chezzA


  • chezzA

    How original. Some “celebs” in the UK already climbed Kilimanjaro this year for Red Nose Day.

    Try to think of something new instead of doing what other people already did.

  • marissa


    lol i couldnt agre more. this girl is such a famewhore, it’s not even funny anymore.

    yea it’s charity and sh will do anything for charity, if there is a camera around

  • marissa


    her curves are now. do you see any curves in his picture? i would like to see because her ass have left the buliding

  • yeti

    @ok: That’s just for an average person, times by five for a celebrity ( security, five star hotels, personal trainers, advisors, doctors, porters etc ). Be better to do an awareness campaign on Oprah for no fee, or some such, and donate the $30,000 it would have cost to the charity anonymously, but she won’t because it’s not about supporting a charity or making a difference, it’s about supporting her celebrity status and boosting her image. These people truly make me feel nauseous in their constant desire to seek attention by any means possible, even hi-jacking the charitable intentions of those who work so hard, and for no personal gain, to help the disadvantaged.

  • LuckyL

    Haha, so good looking.

  • LuckyL

    I like what she’s doing.

  • zzzz

    It really bugs me when celebs use an expensive vacation (think flights to Africa, the best hotels, food, not to mention the Kil. climb$$$) to draw attention to a cause. I agree with the others, just donate the money and make a speech, auction a date, etc. And a friend of mine climbed this mountain to the top and didn’t train a single day for it. Lots of tourists do this. It’s not Everest.

  • marissa



  • Chau

    I love Lupe Fiasco! That’s cool.

  • PAT

    @yeti: I agree. The main and probably the only reason she does this is to boost her image. Hopfully she will get action roles after that. Her carrier is dying as we are speaking. There are very few celbs who are sincere when they do charity.

  • andy


    I meant to say her curves are now GONE. She’s too thin and looks like sh*t. People pretending she’s still hot and sexy are just sheep who think that’s what you HAVE to say when her name is mentioned.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s looking really good, i usually complain about her since she’s all frumpy
    cute outfit but she needs 2 lay off the lip injections
    good job jessica

  • marissa

    @lakers fan in boston:

    looking really good?

    hahahahahhaha thats a joke right? i guess having a eating disorder makes a person look good.

  • m

    Ugh once again JJ comes up with the week-old “news”. Try staying up to date. This is last week’s “news” at best.

  • annabelle

    Why climb Kilimanjaro? Crawl in the hole, fug! Nobody gives a c.r.a.p.

  • lizzie

    She may lost a few fingers lol

  • mary

    what a stupid as$ thing to do!! did her and justin break up?! i could see doing something like this if u were DESPERATE. What is she out to prove~~~~ She better watch out for those avalanches! They don’t discriminate!!

  • xxx

    Wow, this is really quite pathetic.
    She is doing this for publicity – if she wanted to help people in need she wouldn’t climb up a mountain, she’d be there actually helping them!!
    And for everyone’s information, Kilimanjaro may be the highest mountain in Africa but it is not at all difficult……. people with limited fitness and no experience could complete this “trek.”
    Maybe get Jessica to try K2, now that would impress me.

  • xxx

    And climbs cost alot of money… even for easy ones like Kilimanjo. Instead of spending a couple thousand per person why not DONATE THE MONEY TO THE PEOPLE WITHOUT WATER!!!!

    Gosh, very pathetic attempt to revive her profile and stay somewhat famous. Sad.