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LeAnn Rimes Gives Peace A Chance

LeAnn Rimes Gives Peace A Chance

A happy-go-lucky LeAnn Rimes throws up the peace sign as she goes shopping on Thursday (September 24) in Malibu, Calif.

Last weekend, the 27-year-old singer performed a concert in Lancaster, Calif., with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian in the audience.

Eddie‘s divorce from his wife Brandi Glanville hopefully will not play out in the media the way that his relationship with LeAnn did. “Both sides are hoping to settle their divorce amicably,” a Glanville source tells People.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes giving peace a chance…

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  • mihay

    Homewreckin’ tramp..she and Eddie deserve each other.

  • Cristobal

    I can not believe that they would do that to their spouses. I actually use to like both of them, but now I see their true colors. You’re right, Mihay, they do deserve each other.

  • doll

    She looks like a horse.

  • ruth

    Mihay, you are absolutely right!

    I wish her PR team would stop this campaign of daily pics – Do they think that after the public humiliation of their spouses over a period of months, we need to see even more of LeAnn? At least he has the decency to keep out of the spotlight.

    JJ, we get the message! LeAnn and Eddie are very happy and don’t think that abusing and lying to their spouses IN PUBLIC is any big deal. They should have taken a lesson from the Getty/Miller affair where both suffered major career damage and Miller was finally dumped by him anyway. Divorce and cheating should be kept private, especially when you want the public’s sympathy and support.

  • sade

    I can’t wait till Eddie cheats on her. LR is a fugly, horse-headed tramp.

    Things will work out for Brandi and her children. She’s better off without this dickless manhore.

  • ugly

    peace sign my A**…..stupid B!tch u shall never see or know peace for what u and that idiot guy have done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K

    i agree. just keep your deceitful ugly mug out of the limelight.

  • blah blah blah

    She’s not ugly, she’s gorgeous. She always has been stunning.

  • Anna

    #8 It is nothing to do with her looks and whether she is considered “gorgeous” or “ugly”. It is about her and Eddie’s blatant public behaviour, their disrespect for their spouses and how they made fools of his wife. The divorce is NONE of our business but if LeAnn and Eddie had wanted to keep it private then they should have acted with discretion and completed the separations and divorce without all the public lying and cheating.

    They haven’t invented the wheel with their affair, this happens every day of the week. But most cheaters try to protect their spouses from public humiliation and media exposure. The sad thing is that they obviously feel that they had and have every right to behave as they did, without the minimum of consideration for their innocent partners.

  • Terry

    I want to post the following again incase Eddie reads this: Eddie’s performances on CSI are good and I have confidence that by the end of next season he will dominate the ensemble cast. In fact, his will be the lead character with no need for that little geek Horatio. Even though I love his shirtless photos-ops, they must stop because they make him look cheap and desperate for attention. An “A” list leading man leads by his presence and charisma and Eddie has oodles of both. An Emmy is on the horizon for next season and there after is the possibility of a red carpet walk with the likes of a Charliez Theron or Ann Hathaway who are truly beautiful women of substance and talent. This is your time Eddie, work hard and keep focused on the future.

  • Jackie

    I read again last night that Eddie’s mother “hates” LeAnn and doesn’t want her in her home. This happy go luck routine of LeAnn’s has been a part of her PR for years. The fact is she is a female performer who does not have a personal life. Her only pleasure in life is singing and publicity. What other wjoman in the world who is happy, content, and about to be married needs to set up daily photo ops. LeAnn is in reality an extremely sad person because she does not have the one thing required for happiness…a heart.

  • Linn

    Eddie owes LeAnn for making his name a household word and if Eddie is going to walk a red carpet it is going to be with LeAnn. Right now, LeAnn is the big star but when she gets pregnant Eddie will have his day. LeAnn has wanted children since she was a child so I’m sure she’ll have at least two or three. What a wonderful family that will make and then the world will see that Eddie is not a maggot but rather a loving father and husband.

  • Mike

    I’ve read some smack talk about Brandi and LeAnn’s looks. I think it is terrible to bad mouth Brandi who is a complete innocent in this mess so I want people to think about LeAnn. Brandi is ten years older than LeAnn and has had two children. Imagine what LeAnn is going to look like ten years from now after having two children. Does anyone really believe a magnificient male like Eddie Cibrian is going to want to be seen with a celeulite packed blow-fish that has stretch marks and c-section scars like LeAnn Rimes. Look at the pictures above of LeAnn!!! She is going down hill fast. At 27 she looks early thirties and she is wearing makeup and she’s just had her hair died once again. I can’t help but think Eddie is terrified to wake up next to what must be a truely horrible sight.

  • mju8

    Of course she’s happy. Homewreckers usually are because they have little regard for the mess they help create.

  • lucy

    3-2-1 before the hoard of Leann “fans”(PR) land.

  • jj

    There she is gettin’ her smirk on. Her PR folks are working overtime sourcing those fairytale love stories hitting InTouch and People mags. Love, Love the Enquirer story about his mom, hope it is true!!!!!!!!

  • blackfriday78

    Why I see their post?! Who on earth care about these two?!?! Seriously, they are not that pretty to look at, not that interesting to know about, not such a good moral compass that we should look up upon. So, why the post?! I click in just to express my annoyance.

  • Cammie

    Leanne is not stunning, beautiful or even pretty, She always had those Down Syndrome looking eyes…

    Eddie is with her because she is nasty enough to date a married man, but soon enough he will cheat on her.

  • tomax

    She is so sexy. Although, I wish she’d show more skin.

  • Not so fast

    She looks all happy and loved up but is she even thinking about had badly she is going to feel when the story gets old and he’s sick of her. When something seems to perfect to be true in love it usually isn’t .

  • validate

    Doubt that Hortensia hates Le Ann any more than Le Ann’s mother and father dislike Eddie because of his known reputation.

    Again, it’s a tabloid story.

    The last one saying Brandi and Deane have become great friends and comfort each other was shot down by Brandi when she was interviewed on the move by the paps in the park. She said that they have NO contact.

    So maybe this story has as much truth to it as that one.

  • validate

    I’m hoping what People Magazine is reporting is true….that both Brandi and Eddie plan to go about the divorce amicably.

    Clearly the marriage was on the rocks and Eddie was going to make the split but I thought he was leaving for Scheana.

  • lucy

    Eddie is leaving for Eddie. He is his number one priority. Leann is just a stepping stone. This azz has cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had. This was stated months ago by a friend of his. I doubt very much he will change his ways for Leann or any woman he hooks up with.

  • Rona

    I can well believe that the story about his mother is true.

    Divorces don’t only involve the couple themselves but their children, parents and other close family. I have a close friend whose son left his wife for a very young woman and his parents are very distressed and unhappy about the situation. On the one hand they cannot interfere, on the other they are hurting for their lovely daughter-in-law who is a great wife and mum.

    Divorce is one of the hardest things anyone can go through and I wish Brandi and her family all the best for the future. She is well rid of him.

  • facts

    Hey LeAnn give herpes a chance!!! Skeeez.

  • validate

    No one can say Brandi is blameless. Do you live with her?

  • missy

    Hope she still looks that happy when he dumps her for someone pretty!

    Just Jared, where are the pictures of the stylish first lady in her chinese waitress outfit and her sun dress, your slipping!

  • validate

    Thank JJ for the Le Ann threads!!!!!!!!

  • validate

    Problem is Brandi doesn’t want to be rid of Eddie!

    Does this remind us of those Jen fans who still can’t accept the fact that Brad left to be with Angie and keep thinking it’s only a matter of time before Brad comes to his senses and returns home to Jen?

    I guess it is nearly impossible for some people to move on.

  • validate

    I’m not defending the way in which this was done but it happened, it’s a done deal. Lots of folk cheat and never get caught. Is it better to cheat and keep it hidden?

  • Barb

    It is incredible to me that some posters are wanting some kind of dirt on Brandi and Deane so the poster has a reason to excuse LeAnn and Eddie from their behavior. The only dirt that can be said about Brandi and Deane is IF IF IF IF. They have shown themselves to be good people of strong character who were terribly betrayed. I understand people not being able to find something good to say about LeAnn and Eddie. They are narsasstic deceivers and manipulators of the worst kind so just say LeAnn sings good and Eddie looks good because that is as good as it gets. Eddie, you must know that with every public photo-op LeAnn sets up, the people are going to be reminded of just what dirt bags both of you are. If you want this to go away Eddie, get away from her.

  • Dread not

    LeAnn isn’t holding up the peace sign. She’s showing everybody how she landed that douche bag, Eddie Cibrian. She’s saying, “see, I just spread my legs, like this.”

  • validate

    No one knows that Brandi is innocent and it is absurd to make that claim. Do you live with her or are you her sister or live-in maid?

    That statement is so blind!

  • validate

    Eddie did NOT love Brandi

    Brad did NOT love Jen anymore

    That’s pretty easy to get

    The manner in which they went about splitting is less than desirable…..but Le Ann did not cause Eddie to stop loving Brandi nor did Angie force Brad to stop loving Jen.

  • lucy

    Eddie only loves Eddie. Deal with it

  • Chau

    FUG. I’m tired of seeing her face, Jared. Please stop posting these ridiculous posts about her! UGH!

  • validate

    I don’t think this will last…..but if it does I wish them every happiness.

    It reminds me of this “green shoots” thing the financial press has been pressing us to believe. The “green shoots” theory is a “sucker’s rally”, a spreading of false hope in a sick economy.

    I think this relationship is as substantial as the “green shoots” theory.

    What it did do and probably the only positive was to get people out of marriages that were not solid and going to founder no matter who the players happened to be.

  • validate

    JJ Please keep putting up photos and stories of Le Ann, Deane, Eddie and Brandi.

    It’s good to have something different to follow and if people don’t like this subject JJ offers hundreds of other choices. No one is forcing anyone to focus or look at Le Ann.

  • John939

    I feel very bad for Eddie’s children, especially the one in school. The older boys must be taunting him about this whole mess. Those disgusting Mexico photos gave the older boys ammunition for terrible insults to hurl at Eddie’s child. Eddie, how can you let LeAnn setup photo-ops like Mexico? Are you so stupid that you think it won’t hurt your child or are you so selfish that you don’t care? Maybe LeAnn’s leash on you is so tight that you can’t see how she’s hurting your children. Momma Cibrian, if you care at all about your grandchildren then tell Eddie to get rid of Rimes or wait for a year to marry her until the children have time to adjust to loosing their father to a terrible person like Rimes.

  • validate

    Can we have something on Deane?

    He is going about NYC in a very public way, using the subway system, going to parks, etc. Someone should be able to photograph him. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  • validate

    Don’t you find it hypocritical for people who are outraged over this – and I agree discretion was lacking- to then wish these two some horrible misfortune to befall them? Even death?

    I find that really sick!

  • same ol thing

    Leann needs to get a clue! Just cuz she slept with him doesn’t mean he loves her!!! She probably has only been with her husband and maybe not even with him if what they say about him is true!! Get a clue she has money he doesn’t ! They both need to remember what goes around comes around and if their soon to be ex’s are smart they will leave them both with nothing but each other!! Then we will see if they can make it work!!! Neither have a clue to what a real releationship is about!

  • cbme

    @Barb: Nr. 31, BARB, What kind of dirt bag are you to write such stupid notes about people you don’t know or situations that you don’t have a clue as to how they came about?

  • Excuse me?

    validate @ 09/26/2009 at 11:22 am Problem is Brandi doesn’t want to be rid of Eddie!

    Does this remind us of those Jen fans who still can’t accept the fact that Brad left to be with Angie …


    No, it doesn’t. Eddie has YOUNG CHILDREN! Do you not see the difference between two consenting adults who decide to end a relationship that isn’t working, and a man who publicly humiliates his CHILDREN by engaging in public displays of affection with the town WH@RE before he is even divorced from their mother? Try a little analysis for a change.

    He has the right to get divorced. He has the right to move in with as many wh@res as he chooses. But when your children are involved, don’t disrespect the union that produced them. Brandi is their MOTHER! Respect her (and them)..

  • gwen

    Why does someone have this vendetta against the victims of affairs?
    You know it’s a bad day for EC and LR when someone has to keep dragging BG and DS through the mud to make EC and LR look like they are decent people.

    So Ec didn’t love BG, but you want us to believe that he loves LR? Why? Because he is smiling, laughing, went on tour with her, living with her, or denied that he was cheating? He did smiliar things with his wife and the one and only thing we learn from this is that he is cheating. You can keep advertising aboout EC being good on CSI, but do realize that this works against LR. EVeryone is going to see and know that EC is having chemistry with someone other than LR.

    The divorce is being played out in the public’s eye, LR is still tipping off the paps and leaking info to paps and the cheater/liar is whining about how hard it is to be “famous”. LR is a sick individual and all these photo-ops show is a woman who still has not shown any remorse and takes pleasure in someone else’s pain. If she was at peace she wouldn’t be trying to one up a woman and her kids. She wouldn’t still be trying to make people believe that EC loves her because he is living with her or holds up the same peace sign she did when she rode off into the night with the “prince of cheaters”.

    Poor LR, still giving the peace sign and gloating about the cheater and liar who doesn’t have any qualms about throwing his kids under a bus.

    Being on tour means nothing, didn’t he go this friends wedding with his wife and was spotted holding her hand as they exited the plan

  • gwen

    Brandi doesn’t want to be rid of Eddie? Now, where ddi you get an idea like that? Because she called him a cheater and a liar? More like you want BG to keep pining over EC because in your mind that makes him “desirable”. BG is too busy taking care of 2 kids because their “devoted” father is off trying to become an A lister at their, DS, and LR expense. EC is not a prize and there is nothing romantic or hot about a 30 something man who can’t even abide by his word, who has to get by in life by his “looks” because his personality falls short of character, and is always whining about how unfair life is because he is an actor.

    Hypocritical? What you mean is that you are deeply disappointed because filing for a divroce has done nothing to change the public’s persepctive on EC and LR. They are still and will forever be regarded as scum. LR should keep staging these photo-ops because she shows the world that she is nothing more than an attention seeker .

  • Mike

    Eddie’s children could have grown up with the older kids at school saying, “Hey little Eddie I saw your dad on tv the other night. He’s cool.”

    Instead the older kids corner him on the playground and say, “Hey, little Eddie I saw pictures of your dad in Mexico looking down the butt crack of that whore that was sucking his fingers in that restaurant. What was he looking for in her butt crack,…crabs?”

    At the age of 6, Eddie’s child then goes home to his mother or grandmother and has to ask, “What is a whore?”

    Great and devoted father???!! This is your child’s future Eddie.

  • jerzeegirl

    @John939… kids taunting cause of marital break-ups? Somebody better call Dr Phill stat!! Yeah breaking up is terrible especially on the children but NOBODY should stay in an unhappy marriage because of the children. No winners there. At this point maybe folks should whine less to the press, shut their pie-holes and deal with the situation at hand. It’ll play itself out in divorce/family court which thank goodness will be private but there’s always a chance one of the parties could take to their twitter page…

  • validate

    Brandi was the one who took Eddie to counseling. But Eddie didn’t take it seriously because Eddie didn’t want to stay married. Scheana may have been the next Mrs. Cibrian if something better didn’t come along.

    Hopefully Le and Eddie will stay single and date other people for awhile. Well Eddie has been doing just that his married life but it would be good for Le Ann especially considering Eddie’s wandering predilections.

  • validate

    Is the story about Eddie’s mom true?

    On the tabloid covers this week we see……..

    1) Jen Anniston pregnant at 40

    2) Brad moving out

    Well we know Jen is NOT pregnant according to her rep

    And we have heard Brad is moving out since the day he moved in(w/Angie) LOL