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Taylor Lautner is Tremendous at Teen Vogue

Taylor Lautner is Tremendous at Teen Vogue

Taylor Lautner hits the red carpet at the 7th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party in L.A. on Friday (September 25).

The 17-year-old Twilight actor attended the star-studded event, rubbing elbows with young celebs including Selena Gomez, iCarly‘s Miranda Cosgrove and HSM alum Ashley Tisdale.

While Taylor may look like he’s a tough guy, he has a soft side, too – he recently told Boxoffice Magazine that one of his favorite movies is The Notebook. “I don’t think I should be embarrassed to admit it though – it’s a great movie,” he says. “I’m not embarrassed. I’m saying it proudly.”

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Photos: Barraza/WENN, Bauer-Griffin
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  • ugly

    OH GOD NOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so damn bored of seen this lil kid’s face…*yawn*

  • lola

    Holy shit, why does he have so much make up on?
    LIPSTICK, seriousssssly? No taylor no :(

  • Justme24

    Gay as a goose!

  • TR

    Um, excuse me Miss but you seem to have a bit too much powder on your face! LOL.

  • laura

    taylor is beautiful

  • sweetness

    OMG are these rob obsessed loonies who hate anyone other than Rob Pattinson on the loose here?…this kid is adorable.and if you’re so bored of seeing his face…what made you come to this item ..skip over it. and go find your hero somewhere else.

  • laura

    despite the make up ahah

  • VNY


    For real!
    Calm down Pattinson fans, Taylor is part of the franchise too. He’s not trying to steal Robert’s limelight.

  • Me

    he’s the male version of Christina Aguilera, Waaaaaaay too hot but Tooo much Make up!! lol

  • kate

    wow doode she wore too much makeup

  • sweetness

    He doesn’t have too much make-up on….what are you loons talking about? This kid is rather sweet. You can literally smell the fear that Pattinson fans sense this guy is knocking Rob off his pedestal of cute boy heartthrobs. If Pattinson wasn’t such a recluse in fear of his silly fans..perhaps he’d come out of hiding and have attended this event to help promote his own film.

  • lola

    Please mind ur own business, for your infos im more of a taylor fan, im just saying he has too much make up on. it’s a fact.

  • c

    I don’t think he has too much make up on. I don’t really see any lipstick either. What I do see is that the kid has got some nice teeth.

  • TR


    CHILL OUT Sweetness!!! You yourself just said “he doesn’t have on TOO much make-up.” WHY is he even wearing ANY make-up?? You Twilight FREAKS need to dial it down a bit. People are commenting on a 17 year old boy wearing make-up, not comparing him to that flat faced goon you seem to be obsessed over!! I love when 14 year old girls go nuts over this movie, so freakin’ funny. Go have a cupcake honey, it will all be OK.

  • jamsonstill

    Why is he squinting…dude, you need glasses!

  • En(e)ma Wattsun

    He’s so CUTE it makes you want to puke. He’s a cute/puke.

  • En(e)ma Wattsun

    He’d make a great tranny. Then he could link up with Trannydan Radcliffe. They’d make a darling couple.

  • jaye

    He looks younger than he is. He has a face that has no character and is quite forgettable. It would have been cool if they had chosen someone with a harder edge to play Jacob, he just looks like a little boy.

  • Jennifer

    I totally agree with sweetness ; if you dont like him, dont bother !!
    I really like him.

  • jen

    he is the female version of selena gomez


    Read my blog. It’s more entertaining than this guy,

  • Cristobal

    He has a baby face and manly body. -haha- I like him though.

  • c

    Let’s not be so harsh. The kid comes across as being very likable and down to earth in interviews, and he’s quite handsome, thus the following of girls that he has gained for himself. From the trailer, he seems to be a decently good actor too. I’m not liking the competition that has suddenly sprung up between Taylor Lautner fans and Robert Pattinson fans. It doesn’t do either of these men good and only results in hurtful things being said for both. Not the way to go!

  • moon-m

    HE’S SO HOT.

  • sweetness

    Maybe it’s some of you, who need to chill out..why are people hating on the kid claiming he has too much make-up on and calling him tranny? ..WHY don’t you upload your mug online and let us see your face to be judged?

  • TR


    Why do I get the feeling that “Sweetness” is someone who has been made fun of her whole life because of her love for Twinkies?

  • lalalove

    WTF is up with all that make-up on his face??? HAHAHAHA

  • Judit

    Pig – Face.. arg!

  • sweetness

    No TR#26 I have something which people lack …sensitivity. I have not been made fun of but I have witness people like yourself who are cowards …cowards always hide behind barriers which allows them to spew stupid remarks without being seen.

  • lizzie

    he’s got a really special face.

  • rocknmovies

    He looks truly awful. Too much tan, pug nose, small squinty eyes. Too muscles for his age and his height.
    Handsome? In another universe, but not in this one.

  • annab

    Looks like he smelling something stinky…hehe

  • TR


    Congrats! Years of therapy (and fat camp) have made you nice. Way to go. This is a BLOG – people are allowed to post whatever they want and that’s what people do. Sensitive or not, you do not have to agree with anyone but if you look at the majority of the responses posted, just about all are asking WHY is he wearing make-up!! I don’t care if people think he is good looking or not or has a pig nose or not, I simply commented on a BOY wearing make-up! And I get that celebs do wear it for photo shoots, TV appearances, etc… but this dude is walking a press line so YES, it’s WEIRD Ms. Sweetness. DEAL WITH IT already and move on to another subject.

  • koree

    lmao, hilarious. that was a good one & i totally agree with you

  • jules80

    who’s this guy?? O__O Horrible and ugly face! bleah!

  • z

    Ugly as fck

  • annie

    he is cuuuuuteeee.. he has a great body… why would he have to wear MAKEUP??? UNNECESSARY!!!!!

  • nina

    I like him, nice kid but come on he is NOT hot..! He is just a little boy!
    Definitely NOT hot!

  • Ana paula

    Ok, you need a new make-up artist as well.

  • AVA

    adore tay tay but his face does look caked and lips looked glossed …sup with that taylor?

  • carrie

    i love the teenagers wearing lip gloss

  • Bethany


  • Xena
  • The Truth

    This guy is so INCREDIBLY ugly. It’s a freakin’ miracle that he made it to Hollywood. Look at his pug face, he looks like there’s something seriously wrong with him.


    No thank you!

  • Twinsies

    Taylor L. has Taylor Swifts eyes. Does anyone else see this?

  • Quest

    That is not lipstick. It looks like he has a nasty rash around his mouth. Or he licked his lips too much, and its chaffed.

    He has barely opened eyes, and a piggy nose. I’ll admit his body is nice, but that’s where it ends.

  • pooter

    ugh…he looks like he is related to Suri Cruise-

    pug nose

  • MOONgirl

    Wow. Interesting forum. So how many of u live in L.A.? How many of u wear sunglasses when it’s a hot day and u’re outside for long hrs? How many of u change color around the face and eye wt those sunglasses on? How many of u have friends of different races? Cuz ur comments sound seriously racest. “Pug nose?” Seriously, does that sound like a “nice” thing to say about a 17yr old? A 17yr ols that has a different color that most of the “Pretty boys” in hollywood? I c no makeup on him that most of u r going on about. I c a tan wt eyes that were shielded that didn’t get tan. And skin/lips pealing from that tan. And also how many of u can stand in front of a million flashboubs going off all at once an keep an open eye for more than 5 mins? It’s sad that it has to be divided like this for fans of a book/movie about a ficitional world. If Mrs. Meyer consideres the character this kid gets to play, I don’t c wot the big hoopla is all about. If u don’t like his character in the book that’s gr8. To each theri own. I c no reason y this kid that’s playing that character gets such hateful/mean name calling for a roll that he had to fight for. I’m guessing the fans of the other character doesn’t like the fact that this kid is gaining popularity at such a fast pace. It makes it look like the other character/actor is getting “left out”! Which is not even the case. I guess they feel that way cuz the fans of this kid faught to keep in in the series. Oh well. Deal wt it. The kid is here to stay!!! Hope those “fans” don’t do anything rash once the “news” in confirmed straight from the “horses mouth” that him and his girl are in fact a couple. LOL!! LOL!!! It would be interesting to c their reaction since they all think he belongs to them. Will they go c the movie once they know for a fact that R/K (E/B) are a real/reel couple? I look fwd. to that. Funny how some of the fans think she’s not “good enough” for him!! LOL!!! As if they r? The man is happy wt his teenaged lover. Next yr she’ll be 20. Deal wt it!!! I think they look cute together. I also think the other 17 yr olds look cute together too. They may or may not be dating. Either way, they still looked cute on their dates past. It’s too bad ppl gotta hate wot they don’t/can’t have or wot they feel treathened by. Really too bad!!! Take care minnions. LOL!!!

  • Kristina

    @MOONgirl: wow i agree to all things u have said.
    i just dont get those stupid, little girls who compare characters to real life actors. like they dont call robert in his real name, but callhim edward and so on. grow up, when will u realize that bella, jacob, edwards etc. are just books characters??
    and about taylors “uglyness”. get a life people. hes very hot guy, maybe these are not the best pics of him, but hes definitely not ugly. im sure those who were writing that hes ugly and stuff, are just sitting there fat, with pimples all over ur face and ugly personality just like ur face. stupid racists