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Alexander Skarsgard: Fantastic Fest 2009!

Alexander Skarsgard: Fantastic Fest 2009!

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard takes pictures with fans during Fantastic Fest 2009 at the Alamo Lamar Theater in Austin, Texas.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor was there to screen his new movie, Metropia. Synopsis: In the near future, oil reserves are nearly depleted and Europe is connected by series of underground tunnels. While navigating these tunnels, Roger (Vincent Gallo) hears voices, one in particular (Stefan, voiced by Skarsgard). Seeking a way to rid himself of the voice only leads Roger deeper into a bizarre conspiracy of control – mind and body.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at Fantastic Fest 2009

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alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 01
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 02
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 03
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 04
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 05
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 06
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 07
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 08
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 09
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 10
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 16
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 17
alexander skarsgard fantastic fest 18

Photos: Jenn Brown, BSR-12
Posted to: Alexander Skarsgard

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  • kate

    wow he’s so handsome!

  • apples
  • true blood

    Alex looks great.
    Looking forward to seeing Metropia!

  • LolaSvelt

    Thank god for sheer tops.

  • KJ

    where is SHE?

  • natalie

    Awe, what a sweetie. He took time to even take pictures with fans.

  • cute

    The Fantastic Fest is very cool. Glad he was able to attend.

  • fly


  • becareful

    My what big hands he has.

  • liza

    @becareful: Hey, isnt that a good thing. ;)

    This mans just reeks of secksy-ness

    The only thing JJ does right anymore when it comes to posting about celebs is making entries about Alex, I mean who cares what Vanessa hudegsn is doing with her crappy acting career, lets talk about actor who are actually good at acting.

  • Owner of

    I am the owner of The redistribution of the photos with my site link watermarked on them has been violated.
    You need to take them down immediately as this is a blatant copyright infringement. Remove immediately!!!

  • Ckayed

    His hottness is still humble. That is a good thing…

  • Nice

    Sexy. Keep wearing those sheer tops Alex.

  • jami

    o m g. ladywood.

  • becareful

    @Owner of Did you take the photographs? If so, how was the film?

  • j

    Sheer tops, keep wearing them Alex!

  • sara

    how come he is so social with everyone?? I live in sweden and not any swedish guy want to talk to a girl well at least if they are drunk..
    so to everyone who think they are like other guy think again when u read my comment.

  • Frida

    @sara: what are you talking about? Hey, I’m swedish too and yes, not all swedish guys are sociable. Some are though, it’s just down to your personality, not necessarily your nationality. Besides, he has fans, of course he’ll be nice and take pictures with them. It would be weird otherwise.

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    @Owner of

    Jared remove the pics!!!

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    sorry I tried..he won’t remove

  • megan

    total hotness!!!

  • prguy

    @Owner of is the copyright registered? Is it a registered watermark? Do you even understand copyright infringement laws? Jared kept the watermarks on the photo and has no intent to re-distribute/sell for money so it seems you have no idea what you’re talking about. Another crazy fanatic who thinks they own the star. What a freakshow. Go back to what you appear to be good at, stalking. LOL.

  • Kayla

    I see Alex got his necklace back from Kate. :) New girlfriend already?

  • Gorgeous soul

    He’s hot.

  • margot wedell

    Hi, I’m the owner of 3 of the pics that bear my name (Margot Wedell). I’d like to ask that these be removed from this site. Thanks!

  • Eurotrashtastic

    That sheer shirt screams Eurotrash!!!!!!

    To all the picture fans who are complaining-YOU posted your picture on the internet. As long as Just Jared gave the website credit (which he did) he can post pictures from that site, including all the smiling fat fan girls. The owner of the site needs to watermark or make it so that pictures can not be taken without permission (there is a way to do this). May this be a lesson to you, you choose to post your pictures on a website that is not secure!


    My name is Sandra Hutton, and I am the girl pictured with Alexander Skarsgard on your website (red hair, black shirt). I also took the pic of my friend Elsa in the orange tank top. These are my personal photos that you have stolen. I DID NOT give you permission to post my photograph on your site, and the copyright stamp on the photo was CROPPED OFF illegally. I DID, however, give permission to, and I see you have stolen several other pics off their site and left the copyright stamp on the smaller thumbnails below. I must insist that you TAKE THE PICS OFF YOUR WEBSITE IMMEDIATELY, or further action will be taken. Thank you.

  • eagle

    The acerbic responses to the the owner of are interesting and inaccurate. prguy, registration refers to trademarking, not copyrighting so in effect you have exposed your own knowledge deficit.

    Under U. S. Copyright laws photographs are protected from the moment they are created and no copyright notice is required under U. S. law. Even so, added protections were taken here for these photos as a correct Notice of Copyright was expedited.

    To clarify, The Notice of Copyright informs the public that the work is protected by copyright, identifies the copyright owner, and shows the year of first publication. All of this criteria was met and explicit redistribution requirements imposed.

    Furthermore, watermarking was removed here, so that is additional substantiation of infringement.

    Finally, individuals need to remain cognizant that individual fans’ rights have been violated here. It was and is their expressed interest that their property not be shared with Just Jared and other similar sites out of respect for Alexander Skarsgard and the well documented denigrating comments occur on these sites without moderation. is clearly an advocate for the rights of those fans in this instance.

  • Nice

    Narrowminded idiot. There’s actually a reason for Alex wearing sheer tops. He plays a pale vampire on True Blood and he can’t have sharp tan lines. It’s difficult to cover up tan lines with make up.

  • prguy

    @eagle while I do enjoy an intelligent conversation I most certainly do not enjoy someone coming across as patently patronizing. Here you go and its most definitely “copyright” I was referring to as opposed to “trademarking” I’ve encountered this issue many times, here included and credit Jared for always keeping my watermarks for credit. Amateurs crying like uneducated babies. Again, go back to stalking your favorite actor! LOL.

  • Eurotrashtastic

    @nice- his sheer shirt has nothing to do with being a pale vampire. LOL!!

  • yessiricanboogie



    LOL @prguy It seems to me that they are just obsessed and overeating. Someone mentioned earlier that they sound like they are just trying to impress him. I would have to agree with that. They obviously have no idea what they are talking about and are just amateur fan girls. There are a lot better fan sites out there for Skarsgard and it does look like JJ is picking on the weakest link bu still.

  • pr guy

    @LOLLOL: Nope, it’s just another fanatic impersonating a member. Prguy is an imposter. It happens all the time on here.

    Image copyright infringement doesn’t just involve redistributing an image with a direct intent to sell or profit. If it interferes with the original copyright holder’s ability to profit from the images, he/she can make an argument for infringement even if the source is credited and the watermark not removed. If you take someone’s photos and freely distribute them without permission, you’ve lowered their market value. Why pay for something you can get for free?

    I would recommend that the site owner contact Jared directly at the Contact link above rather than just leaving him comments here.

  • Kayla

    What is wrong with you people, ragging on these girls’ weights? I’m sure you’re Skarsgard-ian yourselves, right?

  • Larel


    LOL omg smiling fat fangirls.

    I was thinking the same thing, Alex would look up & be all omg what is going on here. LOL

    BTW Kate Bosworth was wearing his anchor necklace the other day but he seems to have it back on, guess she was forced to give it back to him for a while. LOL


    @pr guy That is ironic because this fansite is known for stealing and removing watermarks from places and posting them as their own.

    The fat comments were very, very low though.

  • KJ

    All this fuss over a few very public pics.Not even all that juicy since no dates were involved.These pics just prove he got his necklace back from Kate,guess the queen is back??

  • katie

    @KJ: Nah, then SHE’D have it. haha.

  • prguy

    hmm..impersonating myself as myself? I’m amused considering “pr guy” or should I say or eagle? While I have actual experience in this arena, and shared it many times you’ve only “googled” your answers to appear intelligent but thats as transparent as Alex’s shirt. LOL. They keep posting here in the comments to get attention, not get the pictures off..they probably sent them into jared themselves. @LOLOL I sure hope there are other sites out there for him because that one gave me a headache to navigate and my 4 year old has designed better websites using a simple template I provided! Ok fanatics, peace out!

  • ha!

    @KJ: Nah, he just took it for the weekend. Kate will be wearing it on set again Monday morning. lol

  • Owner of

    @pr guy:
    Hello pr guy
    Thank you…well said! Just Jared has already been contacted!

  • Jennifer

    Are you freaking KIDDING me?? The one weekend I got out of town and he comes to my city? Seriously???

  • Tina

    Who is Kate??


    Kate Bosworth

  • pr guy

    @prguy: I have no idea who Eagle is and I’m not affiliated with any Skarsgard site. You’re an impersonator and probably someone who saw my comments under another Skarsgard topic and decided to appropriate my name. That’s why you removed the space.

    I didn’t google anything but thank you for the compliment. I wrote that entirely by myself. I work in the entertainment industry and I know copyright law. You have to in my field. What I’m trying to emphasize to those asking about this issue is just because you haven’t monetarily profited from using the images without permission doesn’t mean you aren’t engaging in copyright infringement. If you are impairing the original copyright holder’s ability to benefit (Ex. distributing their images for free), they can make an argument for infringement.

    Like I said before, the copyright holders should e-mail Jared directly.

  • DDL

    Last year PTA.
    This year AS.
    Fantastic Fest Rocks!

  • Leslie

    Why are you people still fighting over those pics?? If they put them online then too bad! It’s the freaking Internet, pics are sent all over the place! Btw alex looks hot!!!

  • Wow

    His hands are freakin’ huge!!