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Carrie Underwood - 'Cowboy Casanova' Music Video

Carrie Underwood - 'Cowboy Casanova' Music Video

Check our the new music video of “Cowboy Casanova” from country crooner Carrie Underwood.

It’s the first single off her upcoming third album Play On, out November 3.

The 26-year-old American Idol co-wrote this song with Mike Elizondo and Brett James.

Carrie and Brad Paisley will co-host the 2009 CMA Awards to be held on November 11.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Carrie’s new music vid — YAY or NAY?

Carrie Underwood – ‘Cowboy Casanova’ Music Video
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  • Miguel

    Carrie Underwood is a vocal BEAST! She can stand up against any one out today, Black or White. She is obviously a true talent. If she keeps this up, she’s soon be the Beyonce of country music. Carrie Underwood is serious competition for everyone. This video is spectacular! I will definitely be buying her 3rd album on NOVEMBER 3, 2009!

  • love derails

    Miguel: you need a tutorial on true singing. Are you kidding me? I mean if the comparisons are Beyonce and Britney than yeah, ok Carrie wins. But your statement proves how little people know of music these days. Allison Krauss, Jennifer Holliday (original Dreamgirls) – Jennifer Holliday would make Carrie cry cause Jennifer sings so good. Sade. Let’s not even go to the older folks who unfortunately no one buys anymore: Wynonna, Gladys Knight, Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Patti Labelle. Patti Labelle: now that is a vocal beast. That woman would make you weep with her voice. Miguel: seriously. Be for real. Carrie is cool but the best out today? Have you heard of Adam Lambert? He could sing circles around her. Circles! That boy can SING! And he hits notes you did not think existed.

  • Kelly

    @love derails: Calm down. Nobody said she was better than any of those people you listed. She is just one of the best popular singers around today. Honestly, very few people appreciate the music of the people you listed because they just aren’t popular anymore. It’s sad, but true and I think people need to move on and accept that instead of bringing them up every time someone mentions how good Carrie is.
    Adam Lambert is really good, but I don’t care for the way he performs. It’s too theatrical for me. Kind of makes me anxious lol. But I agree that he is amazing. It’s all just a matter of whether he can make himself relevant in the music industry. I think some of the most talented people come from American Idol and it’s a shame that no one takes them seriously. Carrie has done well for herself and that alone makes her special.
    I personally love the video. It’s very Britney Spears-esque, which I see as a good thing because I think she has some really great videos. She’s sexy and classy at the same time and it makes for a good video.

  • love derails

    ^^^ well, i think adam lambert is the best singer since freddy mercury. but whem ppl say carrie is the best blah blah blah then it drives ppl battie. cause she is good but a huge part of it is that she is competing against people that are so bad that she looks like barbra stresisand. cause if we are comparing her to beyonce and britney thean yeah, she is an opera singer! but the reality is, she is not any better than any other really good singer out there. that’s all i am saying. and lambert is awesome, imo.

  • asdf


  • hails

    Carrie is amazing! Love this song and video!!

  • ar

    WTF….adam lambert = freddy mercury????

    Are we supposed to take you seriously?

  • dorie

    The song is growing on me, but this video is lame (saw it on another site). She sings great, but she can’t dance. And the clothes are some of the ugliest I’ve ever seen.

  • love derails

    ^^^known fact that adam lambert is as close to freddy mercury as we are going to get. that is why the band queen loves him so much and performed with him. can’t wait for adam’s album.

  • lisa

    dorie, nobody is perfect, Carrie is amazing singer, and she is not a bad dancer either. I”m pretty sure you’re not perfect yourself

  • shaneLa

    You all must be watching a totally different video. This looks like a first-timer’s efforts, the dancers and lip-synching are “off,” and Carrie is just stiff throughout. I guess it’s supposed to be a saloon of some kind, but it looks like a bordello. Not a favorite.

  • james

    love the video. I will surely buy her Album on Novermber 3.

  • Marly

    Amazing!! This is the best song she’s ever recorded. I can’t wait for the CD. She’s so beautiful and talented!!

  • Jana

    I love this song, and the video was pretty good too…I think she should’ve done a bit more dancing but it was still amazing and yes she’s gorgeous!! I think this song is about Tony Romo haha did anyone else think that?

  • Hasina

    Carrie is a brilliant musician. I have been teaching voice for over 40 yrs. and yes, she DOES HAVE a fantastic range. I loved the song and video. Really shows how much talent she really has since she has had to sing a lot of different genres of music when on American Idol. It always tells the story of what someone doesn’t know when they make those comments. Obviously, not a real musician. What always amazes me is how her vocal chords are so mature. They actually take until you are around 30 before they are fully matured. She is obviously an exception. Just a comment, but comparing her to Taylor is like comparing apples and oranges. Just different is all.

  • Jessica

    wow now that is a good video!!! kudos Carrie!!!

  • http://aol sharon
  • Logan Marie Johnson

    Oh my god, this is Carrie’s best song ever!!! I can’t wait for the new cd to come out. She is amazing!!! Love you Carrie!!!

  • Kellen


  • R. Lyn

    Ok its alright– but what is up with everyone saying carrie has great dance moves? She barely moves! Everyone else is dancing– she does like a shoulder roll and maybe a small swivel. Great for her for trying something new but she looks like a Britney Spears wannabe. She needs to get her own style and voice. She is very talented but she doesn’t “own” her videos yet and she needs to work on her dynamics. She’s a one– maybe two volume voice. Normal and really loud.

  • http://aol Cheryl

    I think this song is about the best she has done! It is so catchy. Can’t wait till the album is released on November 3rd. The video is really super too.

  • Garrick

    I wasn’t a country music fan until Carrie came along. Her best video to date!

  • Kay

    That was terrible. I like the song but the video is aweful. Her early videos were much better.

  • rach

    i like the song, the music video is kinda seductive though i think, Carrie has an amazing voice. i think the song has a good message about being careful about who you date or hang out with. Carrie , you are amazing. this is not one of my favorite music videos though

  • #1 fan

    Ok so everyone who said anything bad about carrie underwood or her video….something is wrong with you. She has an amazing voice and she can actually sing unlike many other artists. She is also the most beautiful person in the world. I love this video, the song and ofcourse CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!

  • mr.fluffy pants

    carrie is on the top of her game dude this is my favorite song in the world i love you carrie call me!

  • mr.fluffy pants

    carrie your awsome lady your my life time woman im not a guy plz call me your the greatest i love the song keep it up your biggest fan /friend mr.fluffy pants cant say my namemy parents call me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • mr.fluffy pants

    carrie your awsome lady your my life time woman im not a guy plz call me your the greatest i love the song keep it up your biggest fan /friend mr.fluffy pants cant say my namemy parents call me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • mr.fluffy pants

    carrie your awsome lady your my life time woman im not a guy plz call me your the greatest i love the song keep it up your biggest fan /friend mr.fluffy pants cant say my namemy parents call me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Jenn

    Is it just me or does this video not fit the song? It should have been a brothel in the West, late 1800′s. That would have been perfect!

  • Carenh James

    SHE SUCKS!!!!!1

  • jefficaroline

    i love carrie underwood, loved all her outfit changes. loved her weight loss. she really looks fine.

  • kara lou gunter

    wow!!!! its good ……….. michael jackson is better but he is like soooooo sooooooo sexy!!1 and you are sooooo pretty!!! i guess?? lol im 11 yrs old kara

  • elizabeth

    cowboy casanova is by far the best videothat carrie has made. Her new song is great i hope she writes more songs like this one. She makes the best songs country music has ever seen.

  • elizabeth c

    i love carrie’s new song and video, alot of people say the song and the video do not go together, well they are crazy

  • elizabeth c

    i love carrie’s new song and video, alot of people say the song and the video do not go together, well they are crazy

  • Pokemaniac

    I absolutely LOVE this song (and the music video, too)! <3 It’s definately one of my top three favorite new songs (along with “Hurry Home” by Jason Michael Carrol, and Toby Keith’s “American Ride”).
    I was just wondering if anyone knows who the guy is that plays the role of the cowboy casanova in the music video… It’s hard to tell because he is mostly in the shadows for pretty much the whole thing, but when I manage to catch a brief glimpse of some of his face, all I can think is that he looks vaguely familiar; perhaps another country musician?

  • http://google/carrieunderwood/lyrics

    Carrie is such an awsome singer!!!!!!!!!!!! She is my insperation, my role-model!!!!She is soooooooooooooooo pretty!!!! and, by the way, Halle, you NEED TO SHUT-UP about carrie, she is the best singer out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! your probably no better than my cat!!!!!!! HA! SO SUCK ON THAT!!!!!!!!!!! ML. (MAJOR LOSER) BYE, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

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  • tara

    does anyone know where to get or who makes the stunning black purple and white crystal necklace she is wearing???

  • Julie

    Brett James is a good friend of mine. He used to live in Brentwood, TN in a pretty white house… where I now live. :) good job Brett!

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