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Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: New 'Steady Rain' Stills!

Daniel Craig &  Hugh Jackman: New 'Steady Rain' Stills!

Check out these new pics of Hollywood hunks Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in Keith Huff’s Broadway play, Steady Rain (as captured by‘s Joan Marcus) .

A Steady Rain is a two-man play about two Chicago cops whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when they become involved in a domestic dispute in a poor neighborhood. The play opens officially on Tuesday night at NYC’s Schoenfeld Theatre.

FYI: Hugh has been sporting a fake forearm tattoo for his role as Denny in Steady Rain.

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hugh jackman daniel craig steady rain stills 02
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  • carrie

    please do it they share a kiss together

  • shenanyginz

    i really want to see this but i know tickets are gonna sell for like….. a kagillion bucks

  • Megan Fox JJC

    Wow. Two of the best.

  • Jill

    Sounds like a great play. I wonder if there’s a script anywhere online?

  • Gorgeous soul

    #4, I second that! EWWWWW Daniel Craig looks terribly awful with that mustache. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I hate the mustache and find it horrible on any man ……just eww. But well, I guess he has to sport it for the play. Hugh still expresses his handsome self though =)

  • Uh Oh

    Hugh Jackman YES! Daniel Craig NOPE!

  • Anna

    Hugh Jackman!!!!!!

  • Tom

    Saw it yesterday. Good show.

  • ily

    I LOVE YOU HUGH!!!! And Daniel, you’re not bad looking either!

  • boring…JJ you are cheap

    LOL, so I posted this below on the last Daniel thread and lo and behold, these “new” pics appear! –

    “Plus, isn’t it about time for fresh pictures of Daniel at the stage door instead of having fans post them on here?

    Is JJ saving money buy allowing this?”

  • cheap

    JJ buy some new pics will ya?

  • Jackman looks old

    Jackman looks old without his stubble! And the hair makes him look older as well!

    He’s not aging very well

  • Old Bond

    Wow has DC aged!! Handsome guy but he beginning to look like Bond’s father. Hugh looks great!!

  • dani

    Two great actors in a great play by Chicago Dramatist Keith Huff! Saw it in Chicago and Jackman and Craig are going to be great in it!

  • to TOm

    so we could have met yesterday:-);
    It was great, wasn’t it? No hint of Bond or Wolverine on stage, just two cops struggling with life. Many people who left the theater were talking about the complete metamorphose of these two fine actors.

  • Jen

    both of them are great

  • criss

    I´m a Hugh Jackman fan but please respect Daniel !!! he is doing his job so does Hugh!!
    Stop being beaches!!!

  • criss

    and by the way Hugh is hot as always he is acting he is not posing for a cover magazine !!!!!

  • Dan’s the Man

    Daniel is acting Hugh into the boards and Hugh knows this.

    It seems that Daniel can transform far easier than Hugh can into this role.

    Daniel is the one people are talking about.

  • dan’s the man

    How strange, I have used the name Dan’s the Man in a previous thread and the above quote is definately not from me!
    There appears there are 2 of us. Can you come up with another name so as not to cause confusion?

  • Terry

    19: I hate to disappoint you but the reason why “they are talking about Daniel” is that he is new to Broadway and has to prove himself to Broadway audiences. So the focus is on him. Have you even seen the play? They are both EQUALLY great. It´s very sad that some “fan” of one or the other can´t respect their choices to work together.

  • peggy

    i hope that they are going to be taking this play to london. it’s either that or daniel is going to have to take a look at projects to take the place of james bond. at least for the next couple of years. assuming of course that both daniel and the powers that be are interested in him remaining as bond.

  • chris

    @Dan’s the Man: You are so ignorant. The reason why Daniel gets the attention is because he’s new in Broadway as Terry (#21) just said. Hugh is a Broadway veteran, he thrilled theater goers on 2003 when he starred in the smash musical hit ‘The Boy From Oz’ and won for his incredible performance a Tony Award, a Drama Desk Award and a World Theater Award. He also starred in ‘Carousel’ on Carnegie Hall on 2002, earning raving reviews. It’s really sad to see obsessed Daniel Craig fans trying to make Hugh Jackman seem a less better actor, something that of course is not true. I saw a Steady Rain and they were both terrific. The play would never work if they were not equally great actors. And next time you want to say something nasty about Hugh Jackman, better check the facts before you talk.

  • Jackman looks old

    WAIT, Daniel Craig’s been in theater far longer than Hugh has! If I’m not much mistaken, Daniel was performing in the London Theater when Hugh was making tv shows in Australia.

  • LuckyL

    Um, Craig looks 30x better with that mustache. Maybe it’s because it covers up that unappealing mug of his.

  • chris

    @Jackman looks old: We’re talking about BROADWAY here. Why is it so hard to get what I mean? And Jackman is doing theater since 1995. And he’s a more seasoned theater actor than Daniel Craig.

  • re: 20

    How strange, I have used the name Dan’s the Man in a previous thread and the above quote is definately not from me!
    There appears there are 2 of us. Can you come up with another name so as not to cause confusion?


    Sad to think that is all you have to worry about and that you feel that people know everyone personally who posts on here.

    Who the hell cares?

    Confusion? There will always be confusion on here. LOL!

  • show

    saw the show yesterday. daniel was way better and far more convincing and i am neither a great fan of either actor.
    daniel’s joey came off as far more in touch and deeper than hugh’s denny.
    i hope daniel gets an tony nod for this.

  • Hm

    As much as I like Hugh, I think he looks really bad in these photos. Daniel, on the other hand, looks rather dashing.

  • chris

    @show: That’s because of the characters. Joey is a ‘better’ character though Denny is pretty much a terrible person. In my opinion, there is no point in comparing the two actors cause they play completely different characters. You would be able to compare them only if they were playing the SAME character in different productions of the same play, if you get what I mean.

  • :P

    @Hm: Don’t judge by just a picture. Everyone knows Hugh Jackman is by far more gorgeous than Daniel Craig.

  • hahahahaha

    Speak for yourself. Not EVERYONE thinks Hugh Jackman is more “gorgeous” than Daniel Craig.
    Well at least I don’t. I don’t think Hugh Jackman is ugly, but he always sends off a gay vibe whenever I see him in a movie where he is clean shaven. Craig, on the other hand, is good looking but only without an ugly mustache.

    Just my opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I think

    I think Hugh Jackman is more attractive and likable than Daniel Craig, but Daniel Craig is the better actor out of the two.

  • :P

    @hahahahaha: I’m not talking about what turns you on or not, or who looks more manly. I’m talking about beauty, what means classic beauty. Who in their right mind would call Daniel Craig a classic beauty? On the other hand Jackman IS considered as an example of classic beauty and his possible gayness does not affect that in any way.

  • lol

    @I think: Where did he proved that? In the Bond films? Jackman is a hell of a performer (Oscars, The Boy from Oz, Oklahoma, Tony Awards) and a great drama actor (The Prestige, The Fountain, Erskineville Kings, A Steady Rain which I saw on Tuesday). How can you say Craig is a better actor? Give me the reasons that make you believe that. (I don’t say Craig is not a very good actor but his no way better than Jackman. You’re blind if you can’t see what a talented actor Jackman is)

  • you are a LOSER


    :P – No one gives a shit Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and there’s nothing you can do to change peoples’ minds about someone’s attractiveness.

  • wow

    Why do Hugh and Daniel fans always have to argue about who’s more attractive/talented than the other? They don’t care, so why should you?

  • new york post said…

    “If there’s a Batman to the dynamic duo of Jackman & Craig, it’s Jackman.
    He’s a bona fide Broadway star, having proved his mettle in “The Boy From Oz.”
    Says one producer: “By himself, I don’t think Daniel Craig is that big of a draw. By himself, Hugh Jackman can sell out the Yellow Pages.”

    I don’t think there’s anything to add. The Broadway producer just said who’s the star here (ok, we already knew that ‘A Steady Rain’ would never become that big hit if Jackman’s name wasn’t on the billboard. Jackman did $60 million on B.O. with ‘The Boy from Oz’ five years ago. And Craig still is nothing in USA. I’m sorry fans to hurt your feelings) and I’m sure he knows better than all of you. Here’s the complete article:

    Stars take ‘Rain’ check

    Posted: 4:20 AM, September 16, 2009

    Michael Riedel

    Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are two cops who don’t have to worry about where their next doughnut is coming from.

    The stars of the new police drama “A Steady Rain,” now in previews, are earning nearly $100,000 each a week, according to investment papers obtained by The Post.

    Their base salary is $40,000, on top of which they get a hefty percentage of the box office. Since the show’s selling out each week, their paychecks are crossing into six-figure territory.

    “A Steady Rain” is running for 12 weeks, which means Jackman and Craig each will pocket a cool $1 million by the time the final curtain comes down Dec. 6.

    Only a handful of Broadway stars have earned such princely sums.

    Jackman did it once before as song-and-dance man Peter Allen in “The Boy From Oz,” which was selling a ton of premium-priced seats by the end of its run in 2004.

    Julia Roberts was said to earn more than $150,000 a week a few years ago in “Three Days of Rain.”

    (Note to movie stars: If you’re going to do a Broadway play, pick one with “Rain” in the title.)

    At their height, Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane each made more than $110,000 a week in both “The Producers” and “The Odd Couple.”

    Broderick’s stage career has cooled (“The Philanthropist,” anyone?), but Lane remains a draw, and I predict he’s going to be the king of Broadway again this spring when “The Addams Family” comes to town.

    The other members of the six-figure-a-week club include Will Ferrell, star of last season’s “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George Bush,” and Billy Crystal, who was said to have made close to $10 million during the run of “700 Sundays” a few years ago.

    Broadway money will never be Hollywood money, of course. But with a hit show, a big star can do quite nicely — especially when the lifting, in a production like “A Steady Rain,” isn’t especially heavy.

    “It’s a short play, and they do a couple of monologues,” notes one producer. “They don’t even have to change costumes.”

    “A Steady Rain” won’t open till Sept. 29 but the limited run is pretty well sold out. Sources say advance ticket sales are around $10 million.

    Prices for premium seats on the weekend have hit $375, the highest yet for a nonmusical play.

    If there’s a Batman to the dynamic duo of Jackman & Craig, it’s Jackman.

    He’s a bona fide Broadway star, having proved his mettle in “The Boy From Oz.”

    Says one producer: “By himself, I don’t think Daniel Craig is that big of a draw. By himself, Hugh Jackman can sell out the Yellow Pages.”

    When women in Broadway focus groups are asked to name their favorite male performer, Jackman almost always comes out on top.

    And women buy the vast majority of theater tickets.

    But they like to see their guy singing and dancing, and “A Steady Rain,” although a good play, is a downer. When they figure out that Jackman isn’t wearing leopard pants and shaking his maracas, I think the hype will fade.

    Unless the boys take off their shirts.

  • martha

    @wow: Agree. It’s pointless.

  • @you are a LOSER

    F**K YOU!!

  • Switzerland

    I think Daniel Craig is the better actor than Hugh Jackman. Hugh is “blah” and gives a gay vibe all the time even if he plays X-Man. His sing and dance number is just off if you want to be a sex symbol or a “manly” actor in the big screen. His voice and demeanor is just a little weak and not “hot.” While Daniel is just a “natural” actor. I’ve seen him in some movies where you cannot even tell it was him as he transforms himself to the character. Why is he “James Bond” even if he’s blonde, short and not very handsome? Is it because of how he can transform himself as this debonair Bond that you forget what James Bond should really look like? That’s why! He can portray any role that is thrown at him with ease. His sexy voice alone makes him hot. He doesn’t have your typical “handsome” face but he exudes a certain aura of sexiness that cannot be explained. Daniel is never boring in whaever he does and Hugh is mediocre and just that – a pretty and handsome face. This is just my humble opinion and I like both. I’m more into Robert Pattinson and/or Aaron Eckhart.

  • Mary


    I think reading these posts say a lot about people today. Everyone is so angry and hateful, trying forcing everyone to do what they want and believe what they want. Why is everyone always so angry and mean? Are you all so miserable that you have to pick fights about actors on an annonymous chat group? Every group I’ve ever joined or read has had horrible ridiculous fighting. I don’t get it. I shake my head in shame for you all.

  • to mary

    hey at least daniel’s ugly girlfriend isn’t in any pictures then it would really get even angrier
    wait until sept 29th when she appears with the “wedding band” on!

  • to mary #42

    Get yourself a set of balls Mary, no-one said it was going to be an easy ride on here.

    On that note, Daniel needs to get himself a set too and dump monkey face.

  • ehhh

    Jackman’s usually hot, but not in those photos. He looks like he hasn’t slept in a month. I still <3 him though.

  • to 25

    If you think Daniel’s face is ugly you should see his gf’s face-hideous!!! Love both actors but think Hugh is definitely the bigger draw and bigger talent.

  • to 46

    So even a Hugh fan like yourself thinks Daniel’s g/f is butt ugly?


  • to mary

    first of all, if you don’t like what you read then you can always go to another site. no one is stopping you. this is after all a public forum; anyone can say what they like.

    secondly, if you’re this upset over what you read then just wait. as a previous poster has said on sept 29 there just might be new photos of daniel and satsuki together. everyone will be looking to see if she’s flashing her wedding band. some people think that they are married while others think they’re not. in any case, the knives will be coming out if there’re pictures of satsuki.

  • both men

    Both men have ugly wives.

  • Eva

    I hope they make a DVD of this play. I would love to see it…